What a day

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Although the present Administration has overlooked us in many ways here lately, the upper middle class citizen isn’t doing too badly. I live in a very nice house in one of the City’s exclusive neighborhoods with my parents and my older sister, Jackie. My name is Perry and I have just completed my first year at State University. I am home for the summer, and I plan to concentrate on doing a whole lot of nothing for three months.

For example, I am lounging by the pool and thoroughly enjoying my leisure. Then I noticed my tall, slender sister slinking across the deck toward me. She is attractive even if she is my sister, and when she smiles the way she is at this very moment no one can deny that fact. She didn’t slow her glide until she arrived at the edge of the pool where I was lounging.

“Mind if I join you, L. B.,” she purred in her sultry voice. She called me L. B. for little brother mainly because she knew I didn’t care for being the second rung on the family ladder. She had called me this for years now so I was pretty much used to it. In fact, it had become something special between us.

“Are you sure you want to get that bathing suit wet?” There was some friendly sarcasm in my voice, but Jackie knew I meant no malice.

“I could take it off if you like,” she said with a wicked look in her eyes.

“Be nice,” I replied casually. “I’m just a k**, you know.”

“k**, my ass,” Jackie teased as she slipped into the water. Before I knew what was going on I felt her hand cupping my crotch gently. “That’s not the package of a k**, buster.”

“Please,” I begged in a most affected manner. “That thing is loaded.”

“Have you been getting much target practice lately, L. B.?” she asked with that wicked smile still prominent on her lovely face.

“This is not what I would consider a proper conversation between a brother and a sister,” I said. “do you?”

Jackie worked her way closer to me in the pool and d****d her arm over my shoulders. “It depends,” she said thoughtfully. “I’ve noticed especially since you have returned from school that you have developed into quite a young man. I just don’t want it to go to waste.”

“Well, I think my sex life is doing all right, Ma’am,” I said jokingly, “but if I complained about not getting any lately, what would my old maid sister suggest?”

Jackie took my hand closest to her, and moved it in its submerged position over to her crotch. “If you ever get real horny, L. B.,” she was using her sultry voice again, “there’s one wild pussy beneath that patch of fabric.”

“My God, Sis,” I exclaimed, “you’re making me as hard as a rock, and my jock strap is giving my cock a difficult time.”

“Maybe this will help,” she said as she deftly reached inside my briefs and fished out my growing pole. “My, you have grown some here lately.” She squeezed my rod and rubbed her bra against my arm.

My hand was still at her crotch as all of this was happening, and both arousal and reflex caused me to work my fingers behind her panties and into her twitching pussy hole. “I’ve never had one chew on my fingers before,” I admitted in a husky voice. Her pussy lips were actually grappling with my fingers.

“My little kitty will do the same thing to your tongue, L. B.” Her voice was raspy and her breathing was heavy. “My lovers at school call it a snapping pussy. You like?”

“You bet. In fact, a little more nibbling by your kitty and I will shoot all over the place.”

“Let me know when your volcano is going to erupt, and I’ll show you another one of my tricks.”

“Feel my balls,” I groaned. “They are churning up some molten lava as we speak.”

“See ya,” she said as she sunk beneath the water. In seconds I felt her mouth cover my throbbing dick. A couple of seconds later I was pumping my juices into her mouth. She stroked my shaft vigorously, and sucked like she was giving CPR plus. It was a full two minutes before she burst into view again. She was smiling from ear to ear, and still massaging my dwindling cock. “How was that?”

“I think we should go swimming every day,” I said honestly.

She laughed a deep, hearty laugh. “I’m just as good on dry land.”

“I’ll just bet you are,” I said.

Jackie gracefully hoisted herself out of the pool and onto her feet. “I have to go clean up the mess you made,” she said smiley at me sweetly. “By the way, Mom and Dad have some sort of to-do at the club tonight. Come by my room after they leave, and I’ll show you the finer points of eating pussy. I’ll even fix up something digestible for you afterwards if you like.”

There’s nothing like an underwater blowjob to change a young man’s train of thought. Mine, for example, went from nothing in particular to what a nut-cracking blast I would very likely have in Jackie’s room this evening. I’ve always been conscious of the fact that I had one foxy sister, but the thought of romping up and down in her playground had never entered my mind. I headed for my room and a cold shower.

I thought my folks, all decked out in their country club finery, would never leave. Finally, I watched their car ease out of the driveway and onto the street. When it disappeared around the corner, I disappeared up the stairs and suddenly appeared in front of Jackie’s bedroom door. I tapped lightly.

“Come,” the soft voice said.

That’s exactly what I plan to do, I thought to myself hoping my smugness was not reflecting in my expression. I eased open the door and peeked inside. It was difficult to believe that the vision of loveliness lying on top of the covers stark naked was my sister. My cock was totally ignoring kinship of any it. It was fighting to get free from my gym shorts.

“You rang?” was the only dumb thing I could think of to say at the moment. Jackie’s legs were slightly spread giving me a clear view of her womanhood, and if her poolside remark was sincere, my appetizer for the evening.

“I take it they are gone,” she said in a sexy voice that I was not accustomed to from my big sister.

“Up, up, and away,” I replied foolishly. I was taking suave to a new level. Unfortunately, the direction was not upward. “I watched them disappear into the night.”

“Well then,” the voice from the bed said, “make those disappear.” Those, in this instance, was my gym trunks.

Free at last, my cock was seeking higher ground. When Jackie spread her legs wider, I felt my biological after-burner kick in and I was at full attention.


My chest swelled a little.

“Want to kiss my titties before you go muff-diving?” Jackie asked demurely. “We have lots of time.”

And she has lovely boobs, I thought to myself. I will devour them tenderly while my snack is warming up. I crawled up on the bed. Sis reached out and pulled me to her breasts. It was amazing how that tiny morsel of flesh put me in contact with such a wonderful world of excitement.

Her breasts were full, firm, warm and delicious. My mouth covered one boob while my hand gently caressed the other. My throbbing cock was lying across her belly with us in this position. She gripped it firmly with her hand and squeezed gently.

“Let’s take care of this big boy first, L. B.,” she gasped. Her breath was heavy and her lips were brushing my ear. “I can make it behave until it is time for it to play some more.”

I was momentarily confused until she unplugged me from her breasts and maneuvered her beautiful nude body to a position between my legs. Without ceremony she took my cock in between her thumb and forefinger, and guided its bright red head into her mouth. The last time this happened under water at the pool. This time the action was before me, and in living color. I lay back, closed my eyes, and pretended I was in a land of enchantment. Pretended, Hell! I was in paradise, and I wanted to stay here rest of my life.

Jackie’s voice interrupted my dream.

“Perry,” she panted, “let’s come together. Okay?”

Before I could respond, or before I realized what she was suggesting, Jackie swung her body over mine positioning her crotch directly over my face. This was as close as I had ever been to my sister’s pussy. Not bad.

“Eat my pussy, Bro,” she almost demanded in her husky voice. “Show me how wicked your tongue can be. Please.” Her mouth was back on my cock now, and her pussy was undulating enticingly over my face. I had no choice.

She moaned approvingly as my tongue began traveling up and down in her slit. Her animation intensified when my tongue found her vaginal hole, and proceeded to penetrate and withdraw in rhythm with her undulating ass. Then there was a popping sound as her mouth abruptly broke free of my cock. She squealed gleefully, and went back to her cock sucking with renewed intensity.

I had penetrated her asshole with my forefinger and then with my index finger, and pressed them to their limit. Her once undulating ass was now pumping against my face. It was extremely difficult for me to seek out and caress her clit, but when I did her reaction was almost uncontrollable.

In our aroused madness, I had rolled over on top now, and I was pumping away at her mouth like it was a sex-starved pussy. My mouth was now exclusively in contact with her clit, and my fingers had relocated to her pussy hole. Jackie was trying to express her feelings, but my cock was of a size that demanded most of her mouth. Speech was not possible. Just as she was about to break free, my semen made a house call. Jackie regrouped and started sucking my cock like she was trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. She almost succeeded. I was drained.

“Oh God, Perry,” she screamed, “oh shit. Here it is.” She gasped. This is number two. You smart bastard. Correction; you wonderful man.” She lay back and playfully pushed her pussy toward my face. “Can you hear my kitty purring?”

We lay there for a while without saying a word.

“Perry,” she said after a considerable silence, “once you have recovered, I think you should use that probe of yours to explore my cavity to check for damages. I may have blown a gasket or two.”

“Are you still horny?” I asked.

“Absolutely not.” She said adamantly. “Just planning for the future.” With that she snuggled up and asked, “Hungry?”

“I’ve already eaten.”What a dayWhat a day 2

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