What To Do With A Dick


I was home thinking, thinking about dick. No, sorry guys, girls just don’t site at home dreaming about dicks all the time. So let me explain why I was sitting at home thinking about dick. My husband sometimes works on Saturdays, and often when he does, I take time to go out with my girlfriends. And that’s what it did this morning. You know what girls do when they get together…they shop. Oh, and they talk. And no, we don’t always talk about guys, but today we did.

While two of my girlfriends and I were walking out of a store, we passed an absolutely gorgeous guy, tall, but not too tall, muscular, but not a crazy body builder, just simply hot. One of my girlfriends mentioned that as soon as she saw him, she was already envisioning him naked. At the time, I wasn’t but upon hearing this, I must admit that I did the same…and it was quite a nice vision. But my other girlfriend mentioned that she just didn’t see what was attractive about a naked man. She was definitely straight (and as more than a few men could verify) certainly liked sex, but she made it clear she didn’t like naked men. So that started a debate.

I stayed mostly silent as my girlfriends debated the pros and cons of naked men. I initially paid attention, but must admit that in a very short while I found myself thinking of naked men. I thought of the gorgeous guy that passed us, I thought of a couple actors, but ultimately I thought about my husband. I thought about them all naked and I liked it. Oh, there was a lot that I liked about naked men, but it all kept coming back to their dick. I can’t say why, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Of course I loved feeling of it in my pussy, but that’s not what my mind was stuck on. And despite what some people say about blowjobs being for men only, I loved them too. I loved the feeling of a throbbing dick in my mouth, I love the noises that I could induce in my husband, I loved the spasms that his body would make, and I loved his hot and sticky cum in my mouth. But no, my mind wasn’t thinking about that either.

Driving home and arriving at the house, all I could think about was looking at his dick. I realized that in actuality, I almost never saw his dick. Yes, I saw my husband naked all the time, but seeing your naked husband walk out almanbahis of the shower doesn’t really count. I almost never saw his dick hard. I’d certainly felt it hard, and sucked it hard, and fucked it hard, but I hadn’t really seen it hard.

Just about then, I heard his car pull into the driveway. Needless to say, I was super horny and I was definitely going to get some dick. I greeted him and the door and gave him a big hug and kiss. He knew something was up when I gave him the kiss as it wasn’t the typical “welcome home” kiss. He asked how my day was and I told him I went shopping with a few friends. Right then, an idea popped into my mind and I told him to put his bag away and then come into the bedroom and I’d show him the clothes I bought. (I hadn’t bought anything, and so that’s exactly what I would show him – nothing.) I ran into the bedroom, stripped off my clothes, and waited for him to come in. I was standing naked next to the bathroom door when he entered. His eyes grew wide when he saw me and simply muttered, “um”.

“Well babe, I didn’t buy any clothes today, so I have nothing to wear.”

As he approached, I decided it was time to make sure I got what I wanted, so I told him to stop. Five feet from me, with a somewhat puzzled look on his face, he stopped. “If you want to come any closer, you’re going to have to get naked too.” He quickly obeyed as I knew he would.

I looked him over a bit, but my eyes focused on his dick. It was clearly bigger than it had been a few minutes ago, but it certainly wasn’t hard. He took another step towards me, but I stopped him again (it was time to have a little fun with him). “I thought you’d be happy to see me.”

When he replied that he was, I pointed at his dick and countered, “Really? Because it looks here that you’re only somewhat happy to see me.”

His dick immediately bounced a bit as blood pulsed into it. Watching that made me happy. He knew that I had something up as I never really acted like this before. I decided that I’d tease him a little first, so informed him, “You know we’re not going to have sex.”

Again, the puzzled look returned to his face. I approached him slowly before suddenly grabbing his dick with my left hand. I wrapped my thumb and fingers around the shaft almanbahis adres and felt it harden some more then added, “So if we’re not going to fuck, what should I do with this?”

I’m not sure if he was trying to think of a response or just trying to figure out what had gotten into me, but either way he stood there speechless. I adjusted my hand on his dick while he thought. He started with, “Well…” but then trailed off. Even with the slight movement of my fingers, I could feel his dick continue to grow. I knew why he wasn’t speaking – he didn’t need to. Why should he speak when he had a naked girl holding his dick in her hands?

“Well, I guess I could suck it.” As his eyes widened at this obviously pleasurable suggestion, I felt his dick pulsate as more blood flowed into it. Suddenly, I squeezed it tightly and added, “No, I don’t think I’m really in the mood to suck it.”

Again, the confusion struck him. Who knew what was going through his mind? I certainly didn’t, but I did know what was going through mine. With a firm grasp on his shaft, I walked him over to the bed and lay down. He crawled into bed after me and started to lay on top when I had to remind him that we weren’t going to have sex. Finally, he managed a coherent sentence, “So what are we going to do?”

“Well,” I started as I dragged him into bed. Never letting go of his cock, I guided him over me so that while I was lying on my back with my head propped against a pillow, he was kneeling over me, one leg on each side. I tugged him up towards me so that his dick was right above my breasts, a little less than a foot from my face. I continued, “Well, you’re not going to do anything…” with that, I finally let my right hand join the party and with both hands on his dick, I looked him in the eyes and added, “but I’m going to make you cum.”

Already I had noticed that his dick was leaking some of that oh so sweet clear and sticky juice, but certainly with that last sentence, I felt a little more ooze out. My right hand drifted to his balls and began gently massaging them between its fingers. I took my left hand off for a second so I could get a better look at what I was dealing with. Circling my right thumb and index finger around his sac, I gently squeezed and almanbahis giriş pulled down a little bit so I could get a better view.

There floating erect about my nipples was a beautiful site. Long and hard, it stood there waiting for me. I used just the index finger of my left hand to oh so lightly touch the very tip of that structure. In tiny little circular motions, I rubbed my index finger over the mouth of his cock. I watched his dick pulse and throb with each circle. As my right hand squeezed ever so tighter around his balls, I traced my left finger from the tip down the shaft. As my finger glided down his dick it left a glistening trail of sweet pre-cum.

Looking up at his face for a moment, I noticed that his eyes were closed. I smiled, as I knew that meant that he was doing just fine. When I moved my finger back up the length of his shaft to that ever so sensitive frenulum, I felt the strongest pulsation yet course through his cock and I smiled again, as I knew that as much fun as he was having, I was having even more. I watched his veins engorge with blood and the rock in my hands hardened even further, if that was even possible.

I squeezed and stroked and heard a moan. And then I realized that it wasn’t really his dick that I so wanted to see, it was his orgasm. I wanted his cum and I wanted it now! I tensed my fingers and rubbed his slippery juices firmly into his dick. I made a fist around his dick and squeezed as hard as I could. I watched as a trickle of more clear fluid escaped. But I didn’t want a trickle of clear fluid; I wanted an explosion of semem. I slid my fingers up and down and up and down over the front of his dick. As his moans grew louder, so my anticipation grew.

His muscle began to contract and I knew the moment was soon. Without thinking, I screamed, “Give it to me.” His eyes opened and looked down at me while I grabbed and tugged and squeezed and rubbed. And just then it happened. I felt his dick throb as a wave of warmth surged through it and exploded. As if in slow motion, I stared as his hot and thick wad of cum shot up into the air. His dick was pointing straight towards the ceiling and so I watched his sperm fly up above my chest. But even as I watched, more cum erupted from his dick. I watched as his cum shot landed on my chest, directly between my breasts. I kept squeezing and massaging his dick while more thickness cascaded over my fingers.

My hands were a thick and sticky mess and I loved it. The best part was that I knew the night was just beginning…

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