Wicked Way


Please leave feedback so I can improve my stories. WICKED WAY Marcia lay sleeping in her bed on a hot summer night. It was so hot that she had stripped down to just her panties. She rolled over to lie on her stomach. Her large breasts pressed up against her chest and she shifted them automatically. As she lay sleeping, she never noticed the dark figure that stood silently next to her bed. Oh so slowly and gently he reached out and took hold of her wrist. With careful deliberation, he quickly put a padded cuff to her wrist and slowly drew it tight until he could tie it to her bedpost. He quickly and quietly secured her other wrist the same way and stood back. He continued to watch as she put her legs into the classic “figure 4” and settled back down to sleep again. A low moan escaped his mouth as he continued to watch Marcia. It was easy to tell that she was dreaming, and it was also obvious that it was an erotic dream. Slowly, he reached down and lightly touched her pussy, with just the tip of his finger. Gently, he rubbed up and down through her panties as she slept. The stimulation slowly crept into Marcia’s body and she began to moan softly as dreams of sexual exploits flew through her brain. She started to slowly pump her hips as he continued to softly rub. His fingers were quickly slick as she got wetter. He slipped the tip of his finger around her panties and into her now wet slit and she felt hot and ready. The bulge of his shorts got larger as her heat started to turn him on. Her hips pumped faster and her moans grew louder as she came closer to climaxing. The dark man pulled Sarıyer escort bayan his hand away as Marcia cried out in frustration. She tried to move her hand down to finish it herself, but the soft, padded cuffs prevented her from moving. Marcia moaned with frustration as her orgasm was being denied her. She closed her legs and began to rub her thighs together as her wonderful dream continued. Marcia and Sonja lay on the bed together. Their kiss was deep and long and they moaned together in ecstasy as they explored each other’s bodies with their hands. Sonja pulled away slightly and began to lick and lightly suck at Marcia’s large nipple. It quickly popped out and Sonja brought her fingers up to pinch and play as her tongue moved further south. Sonja’s tongue was very talented as it slid expertly over Marcia’s swollen clit. She sucked and licked and Marcia’s orgasm exploded like a rocket. Sonja held on tightly to Marcia’s bucking body as she sucked the sweet juices that came pouring out of Marcia’s wet, hot pussy…… Marcia’s body began to convulse as her dream orgasm became real. She cried out in her sleep as her body shuddered and a light sheen of sweat broke out over the exposed parts of her skin. The man was breathing heavily now. He put his hand on the bulge of his shorts and rubbed slowly as he watched Marcia writhing on the bed. Slowly he rubbed and after a time his breathing slowed down to a point that he no longer had to worry about waking the sleeping woman on the bed. After ten minutes or so, Marcia shifted her position as much as Silivri escort possible and had moved into a somewhat of a “doggie-style” position. Her hips were high as she rested the rest of her body low to the bed. In her sleep, she didn’t realize that she had been effectively tied to the bed. The man quickly removed his shorts, and his dick jumped out like a jack-in-the-box. It throbbed with every heartbeat and a bead of pre-cum sat like dew on the tip of his rock hard organ. He reached down to the duffel bag he had brought into the room for just this occasion. He pulled out a small, egg-shaped object attached to a long wire with a box at the other end of the wire. He watched as Marcia’s ass swayed from side to side as another dream began to form in her sleeping mind. Her pussy was still hot and wet from her previous orgasm and the juices were slowly sliding down her thighs. The man very slowly and gently got onto the bed behind Marcia and he took the egg shaped object and slid it into his mouth. Slowly he licked and slobbered onto the egg as he continued to watch Marcia’s ass move. His breathing was speeding up again as he thought about what he was about to do. Slowly, he took the egg out of his mouth and he began to gently slide it up and down the wet crack of Marcia’s pussy. Marcia involuntarily pushed her ass back to get more stimulation and with hardly any effort at all, the small egg was inside her. The man fumbled for a moment with the control, and with careful precision he turned it on to the slowest setting. Marcia dreamed of a hotel room with Escort Topkapı three men. Two of the men had securely held her arms down to the side of the bed while the third man began to undress. She remembered that she had had a couple of drinks with the guy earlier that night. She had been really horny, but wasn’t in the mood to be picky. They had gone up to her room and started kissing and playing. Marcia had started to go down on him, but when she had unzipped his pants, she saw that his dick was fairly small. To hide her surprise, and so as not to laugh at him, she had licked and sucked his cock for a minute or two, then got up and told him she was going to take a shower. She had told him to be ready when she came out. Marcia had gotten into the hot shower and used the removable wand to get herself ready. The hot water pounded her clit and she could barely stay standing as the orgasms wracked her body. After twenty minutes of shower she had finally gotten out of the shower. She came out of the tiny hotel bathroom with nothing on, but when she walked into the small room she had noticed that her date had brought company. They stared at her naked body with obvious lust. Her large tits glistened with sweat as she had not bothered to dry off. His two buddies didn’t say a word as they crossed the short room to roughly grab her arms. They had yanked her to the bed and threw her down on it. She landed on her elbows and knees and the two men each grabbed an arm and they held her down. Her date was now naked, and he quickly got in behind her. Clumsily he rammed himself into her wet pussy and he grabbed her hips and pumped harder and harder. The roughness of the experience overwhelmed her initial fear and Marcia screamed out as she came the first time. After a couple of minutes he stopped and pulled out. He hopped off the bed and grabbed one of her arms so his buddy could have a turn.

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