Wife And An Old Truck Driver

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Wife And An Old Truck DriverWife And An Old Truck Driver 2Wife And An Old Truck Driver 3

As you already know we’re very kinky about sex and we enjoy trying new things…We had two real encounters and we fantasize about other things that we would wanna try like a beggar, homeless, auto driver, rickshaw puller or any other dirty looking fellow…The though of a dirty homeless man enjoying my wife always turns me on….I and my wife always discuss sex openly. This particular story is based on one of the things we would like to try…

On a Saturday night, we were at home watching a porn, my wife had her hands on my cock and she was slowly jerking me off….I had my hands up her mini skirt and I was feeling her thighs and pussy….On the porno, the scene changed and we saw that the scene featured a dirty looking old truck driver who would be in his 60’s with a beautiful young babe who would be around 18…The girl was on her knees and had the truck drivers small cock in her hands. She was jerking it and then took the whole cock in her mouth….The cock wasn’t big and she had no trouble taking it all in…My wife was staring at the scene intently and I felt her hand jerking me faster…I knew that she loved the idea of the old truck driver….In a minute I came in her hand and looked at her content asking if she liked the idea of it. She loved it and we then started discussing ideas to bring them to fruition. We settled on a plan to go outside the city and pretend car trouble asking for a lift or help. She smiled and we settled on it.

Next weekend we left home around 12 pm and headed towards the highway….My wife was wearing a miniskirt as always to show her toned thighs with high heels….She had a top on and had blue panties on….She has a fabulous figure of 40dd-34-40 and men came in their pants when she wore a miniskirt…Everyone tried to look up her skirt when she stood on the balcony, old, young everyone…Some young k**s even threw balls in the balcony just to get a chance to see her thighs up close….She looks like Neetu Chandra with a much better figure….So on that night we left home and headed out. About 50kms from the city we parked on the side of the road and then turned the blinkers on…I opened the hood and pretended to look….There were many trucks going by but one truck stopped for us….The driver was an old guy, maybe 68 or so, thin, dark skin. He came to me and offered his help…At first, he didn’t notice my wife but when I sent him to the trunk to get tools he managed to get a look at my wife…The first thing he saw was the thighs…The skirt was riding about 10 inches about the knees and offered the old truck driver a view of her upper thighs….

My wife smiled at him and he smiled back realizing he was staring…He got the tools and came back to me….He looked at me and said, “Wow, sir is that your wife or GF”. I told him that this was neither my wife nor my GF but a hooker that I had picked up….His eyes gleamed and he had a smile on his face now….”Sir, do you mind if I just look at her thighs, its been a long time since I have seen anyone’s legs”. I agreed and he came to the window of my wife and said “I know you are a hooker and I have asked sir if I can see your thighs since he’s paying you to have to listen to me” my wife nodded and the truck driver asked her to move her to skirt higher…My wife pulled it about a couple of inches higher…The old truck driver kept staring at her thighs and he had started getting an erection…He took his hand and put it on his cock slowly stroking it….I called out to him asking for his help….He came to me and I could see his erection….I said “So you can get an erection at this age too…Nice” he smiled and said “Sir do you mind doing some stuff to her in front of me, I would like to watch” I smiled and said “Don’t worry you never know I might let you have fun too but you have to do exactly what I say”. He smiled and nodded.

“Okay old man lets have fun” saying this we both came back to the car and I made him sit on the back seat…I told my wife the driver wanted to watch.She smiled and said ok…My wife acted like a slut and raised her mini skirt up to her panties….She wore lace panties and the old truck driver had his head between the seats and was staring at her shamelessly….I had my hand on my cock while looking at my wife and was rubbing it up and down….My wife looked at me, smiled and said “Why are you rubbing it from the inside….Let me help you.”, she said this and took her hands, put them on my zipper, opened it and sprang my cock free….My cock is about 7 inches long….My cock was free and standing proudly in front of the old man and my wife…..The old man smiled and said “That is a good cock sir, nice.Maybe you will let me play with it too…”

I smiled at him and told him to take his cock out too….He was wearing shirt and trousers which were old and dirty…He sat back in the seat, opened his trouser and took his cock out….His cock was small about 5 inches and was very dark in color, almost black, it was thin too….He took it in his hand and started showing it to me and my wife….We both looked at each other and smiled. My wife looked at the old man while he was playing with his cock and then took my cock in her hand stroking me, she kept staring at that old truck driver while she was giving me a handjob….The truck driver smiled and said “Sir, it looks like your girl likes old men, even dirty old men like me…” my wife just smiled and kept acting like the hooker we had said she was….She was moving her hands fast on my cock and I came within five minutes in her hands…..Now the old man really smiled and said “Sir you don’t mind if she gives me a handjob too….Its been a while someone lady touched my cock. I have to jerk myself off every day.”
I just smirked at my wife and she came out and sat with the old truck driver on the back seat….

She told him that she would only touch him after he wore two condoms on his cock….He wasn’t happy but he agreed…He put two condoms on his cock and sat waiting for my wife/hooker….She sat next to him and her thighs were apart so that he could see up her skirt….She has beautiful juicy thighs…..The ugly, old truck driver sat back and motioned her to start….My wife looked at him and took her hands down to his cock and held his cock lightly, the old man almost came as she touched him…..She started stroking the truck drivers cock in front of me and I started getting hard again….I saw my wife in the back seat with an old truck driver and it turned me on….She had her beautiful white hands on his old black cock enjoying it…He had his eyes closed and he was having fun with her…..She was moving her hands up and down on his small black cock while I had started playing with my cock again….Suddenly I heard a grunt and saw that the old man was cumming in the condom but my wife still hadn’t let go and kept pumping his cock….He kept cumming harder and my wife lets go of his cock when he started shriveling again….

I will write the next part of the adventure soon and hope to get your ideas

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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