Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 07


When I awoke I was lying on my back. I don’t even remember going to sleep. I felt better than I had in months, refreshed and alive and totally rested as though I had spent the entire night in the deepest state of dreamless sleep. I turned my head and saw Mitra with her arms still wrapped around Suvarna. I thought at first they were still asleep but as I watched I saw Mitra gently kissing her neck and face. Suvarna looked like a cat nursing her kittens as Mitra’s mouth slid almost imperceptibly over her skin stopping briefly to plant a gentle kiss on it.

I slipped quietly out of the bed and headed for the bathroom to pee. When I returned Suvarna was on her back and Mitra’s mouth had found its way to one of her breasts. Her lips encircled the nipple and softly sucked it and licked it. Mitra looked at me and said, “Prem she has two of these you know, would you like to join me?” I lay down next to Suvarna on her other side and began to tenderly nurse her. She was breathing peacefully and deeply. Each exhalation was accompanied by a soft audible sigh. After a few minutes of having both her breasts pleasured by our mouths Suvarna moaned.

“I’ve never felt anything as wonderful as what you two are doing to me and if you continue doing it you’re going to make me cum.”

“That sounds like a very good idea Suvarna. You go right ahead and do it. I’m sure Prem and I can find a way to assist you. Prem keep your mouth on her breast and give me your right hand. I reached my hand out and she held it with her left hand and placed both of them on Suvarna’s forehead. “Now give me your left hand.” She took my left hand in her right hand. “Suvarna spread your legs and bend your knees.” As soon as she did this Mitra placed our hands on Suvarna’s pussy and returned her mouth to her breast. It felt like some sort of circuit had been formed between all of us and in a few seconds Suvarna’s hips thrust up arching her back off the bed and she breathed in deeply. Her whole body tensed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

She collapsed back onto the bed and lay motionless. Mitra removed our hands from where they had been placed and I took my mouth off her breast.

Mitra moved her mouth to Suvarna’s and kissed her. “Was that what you had in mind my love.”

“That was fabulous. I had no idea I could cum just from having my tits sucked. I’m going to want to do this again…. a lot.”

“Well if you enjoyed the foreplay that much you’re really going to like it when we get started with the Tantric postures.”

“Foreplay? You call that foreplay? I saw stars.”

“I think it’s time for all of us to go into that lovely spa of yours and bathe. Then we will go up to the garden and do some gentle Yoga to stretch our muscles and after that we can come back here and make love to each other.”

“That sounds good to me. What time is it?”

“Prem that’s the last time I want to hear you ask that question. We have the luxury, thanks to Suvarna’s business expertise, to be unconcerned with clock time. That is a rare privilege indeed and we should enjoy it. We will let our hearts and bodies tell us what we need to do and not worry about a schedule. When we are hungry, we will eat. When we are sleepy, we will sleep. The remainder of our days will be devoted to love and meditation.”

“That is a program I can wholeheartedly support Mitra.”

We headed to the spa and leisurely bathed each other. Each of us took a turn being washed and caressed by the other two. I knew immediately I never wanted to take another bath any other way. It’s impossible for me to convey how pleasurable an experience it is to have two beautiful, sexy women who love you wash and caress your body. Mitra hadn’t even been here a full day and already we were all ecstatically in love with each other. We were surrounded by something like an electro-magnetic field within which only love existed. No fear. No doubt. No jealousy. No deceitfulness.

I was beginning to understand what Mitra had meant when she said I was transitioning from human love to spiritual love. I was now totally in love with three women and not in an egotistical way. These women were not my harem. They were equal partners in my life. I cared for them deeply and respected them. I was genuinely concerned for their well being and their needs. I was supremely happy just to be with them.

Suddenly I realized that Mitra was here as much for me as for Suvarna. It was a manifestation of the law of mutual causation. Each of us was simultaneously helping the others and being helped by them. Even Sandy was a part of this and now so was Victoria, who wouldn’t even exist if Anne hadn’t made that phone call. It was obvious to me now why I couldn’t have refused to do this for her. The key to all of this was love. If you can learn to always relate to others with love these bonds form by themselves. Like hydrogen and oxygen combining to make water you become a part of something greater than you could ever be by yourself.

Mitra must have sensed what I was thinking. She cebeci escort put her arms around me and looked deeply into my eyes. I couldn’t have resisted her even if I had wanted to. I let her gaze penetrate me to my soul. Then she kissed me in a way that I had never been kissed before. It was a kiss of gratitude and recognition and confirmation and pure love. I had never felt this close to another person in my life. This insight that Mitra had sanctified with her kiss stopped my mind completely. All I could do was look into her eyes and like I had done when my head was on her lap, tears began to flow down her cheeks.

I don’t know what Suvarna was doing while Mitra and I were in this solemn communion but she did nothing to interfere with it. I have no idea how long it lasted and as she had said, it didn’t matter. We would do what our hearts told us to do and mine was telling me to love Mitra with every fiber of my being. Then I remembered that she had told us, that her name meant loving-kindness and that’s what she was pouring into me, flooding my very being with it.

I knelt down and bowed to her and kissed her feet and washed them with my tears. Now I knew what surrender meant. It was a realization that existing as a separate entity was merely an illusion. It was not to give up but to acknowledge that she and I were now one.

I stood up and she said to me, “My beloved Prem I told you it would be soon didn’t I? Now you are no longer a disciple. You have become a devotee. This is a wondrous and momentous occasion, one that must be celebrated. We must return now to the bed and make love. The Yoga will have to wait.”

When we got back to the bed Mitra lay on her back and spread her legs and held out her arms. “Come my beloved, join with me now and let our beings celebrate our union.” I crawled slowly up and knelt between her legs. I had been completely oblivious to the fact that my cock was as rigid as a steel rail. Without saying a word I placed the tip at her entrance and pushed forward until I was buried inside her.

I lowered myself down onto her chest and felt her full soft breasts press and spread against me. Her arms encircled me and her hands slid softly over my back. All I remember after that was kissing her. Instantly I experienced the golden light flowing into me through her breasts and swirling around in me until it streamed out of my cock and back into her.

Whatever was happening wasn’t sex. In a few minutes I felt myself dissolving into her. I was aware of our beings doing what she had said, celebrating our union. I could feel every part of her and of me simultaneously. I felt her warmth and her breath and her heart beating in unison with mine. I was aware of her essential fragrance; I heard her secret song as her body sang it to me. Our movements were so in synch with each other that I couldn’t tell what we were actually doing. We were in pure bliss.

Eventually we returned to this world and I rolled over on my side. Suvarna was sitting next to me on her haunches with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Prem that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. You two have been making love for over two hours. I sat beside you and felt the love radiating from both of you and it just blew me away. I mean that literally, I felt like you both pulled me into your loving and took me with you to wherever we were. It was so beautiful.”

Mitra said, “My beloveds, you have just experienced your first Tantric meditation. I underestimated how far you have both come in your capacity to love and your receptivity to these techniques. It took me over a month to get to the place we just were when I first did this in India. Remember when I told you that my guru said I had to discover why I should become his disciple? It’s because if you don’t love your guru totally and unconditionally it’s virtually impossible to drop your resistance completely. I could tell from the way you love each other that you would love me this way.

Prem what we did is known as circulating the light. You were able to do it spontaneously the first time. That is extraordinarily rare and shows you let go of your resistance completely. Suvarna it will be your turn to do this next but first we should take a pee break and drink some water.”

“Is anybody else hungry?” I asked.

“These meditations are best done on an empty stomach but we used up a lot of energy in our coupling so it would be best if we had something to eat and return to this later.”

This was Anthony’s day off so we all went down to the kitchen to see if we could cobble together a macrobiotic brunch. Mitra found fresh fruit, grains, nuts and some herbal tea. We all helped get it ready and sat in the breakfast room to eat it. We hadn’t bothered to put clothes on but it seemed quite natural to have brunch in the nude. Melissa was the only other person in the house and she’d seen us naked enough to not be bothered by it.

“Suvarna why did you remove your pubic çukurambar escort hair?”

“I had a little medical procedure done recently. They were going to shave me but Prem asked me to have it waxed off because my naked pussy turns him on so I’m going to keep it this way for him.”

“I like the way it looks. I want to have mine done too, then Prem can be doubly turned on by two naked pussies. I like being naked and this is being totally naked.”

“I like being naked too and I love the way it feels to not have hair on my twat. I’ll call and make you an appointment tomorrow and while you’re having it done Prem and I can have a massage.”

“That’s what we can do for each other now while we’re digesting our meal.”

“Yes that’s a wonderful suggestion. I’ll bet you’re good at it aren’t you Mitra.”

“Actually I am. We did it for each other in India every day and I do it for my clients because they lie in bed a lot and it makes them feel so much better. It’s a very good meditation to massage someone. Let’s go up to the roof so we can be in the garden. Do you have a table?”

“No I don’t but I’ll get one tomorrow. In the meantime I think there’s an inflatable mattress in the storage room in the garage. I’ll ask Melissa to find it for us and bring it up.”

We put the dishes in the dishwasher and headed up to the roof with a stop at the spa to get towels and massage oil. When we got to the roof Melissa was already there, inflating the mattress.

“Melissa you remember Julia don’t you?”

“Yes I drove her home the last time she was here. It’s good to see you again.”

“It is good to see you again too Melissa. Would you allow me to return the favor of taking me home by giving you a massage? You don’t mind if Melissa joins us do you Anne?”

“The more the merrier I say. Would you like to join us Melissa?”

“I’d like that very much. It’s very kind of you to ask me.”

“In that case Melissa why don’t you go get undressed and put on a robe and we’ll finish filling the mattress?”

Melissa stood up and headed for the elevator. In a few minutes the mattress was filled and we covered it with a flannel sheet that Melissa had brought up. Just as we got everything ready Melissa returned and Mitra said she should have the honor of going first. When Melissa took off her robe it did not go unnoticed that her pubic hair was all but non-existent.

“Melissa does your boyfriend like the clean pubes look too?” Mitra asked.

Melissa’s eyes darted towards me then quickly shifted back as she answered, “Oh yes, it really turns him on.”

I tried to remain as non-committal as I could but it was impossible to put anything by Mitra, but whatever she was thinking her stoical demeanor let nothing show. I also knew her well enough by now to know that she did not pry into things that did not concern her, a trait I admired tremendously and would make an effort to adopt.

“OK Melissa you lie face down and we’ll get started. Are you comfortable being touched by women?”

“Very comfortable Julia.”

“Are there any parts of your body you don’t want touched?”


“Then just relax and enjoy. Carl you start at the top and massage her shoulders and arms and Anne and I will start with her feet and legs.”

I knelt on a towel at the top of the mattress and poured some oil in my hand. Seeing Melissa’s beautiful naked body caused me to think of our session at the doctor and I wondered if I could do this without feeling uncomfortable. Then I remembered Mitra saying that massaging someone could be a good meditation so I closed my eyes, rubbed my hands together and placed them on her upper back near her shoulders. She felt warm and soft as I began to rub her.

“Anne you just watch me and do what I do. Start with her foot. Most women love having their feet massaged.”

“Oh yes they do!” Melissa said.

“Close your eyes Anne and feel what you’re doing. Put as much love into her as you can. That’s much more important than technique.”

I decided to follow Mitra’s advice. After all, I already loved three women, why not four? As soon as I started consciously trying to massage her as lovingly as I could the whole gestalt changed. I began to feel the way I had felt when Mitra and I were making love. I didn’t just feel Melissa’s back and shoulders I felt her. She responded immediately and I felt her muscles soften and relax. She began to softly moan and her breathing slowed. My hands moved down from her shoulders to the sides of her chest and rubbed the sides of her breasts. I was not going to allow anything to get in the way of showing her that I was not intimidated to touch her lovingly anywhere on her body. I was sure she heard what my hands were telling her.

Anne and Mitra were working on her calves and lower thighs now. Mitra pulled Melissa’s legs apart then straddled her calf so her pussy came in contact with it. She looked at Anne and said; “Go ahead, this should demetevler escort feel especially nice to both of you to have your bare pussy rub her leg. I can’t wait to get mine done.”

Anne straddled Melissa’s other leg and began to slide her oily crotch up and down her calf as she used her hands to rub her thigh.

“Melissa how does that feel to have your calves rubbed by our naked pussies?”

“Absolutely marvelous. And you can keep right on going up my thighs.”

I moved to Melissa’s side so I could reach her lower back more easily. I poured some more oil on her and started rubbing in circles near the top of her butt. Anne and Julia were inching up her legs as their hands got closer to her ass. Soon they were taking turns sliding their hands up the inside of her thighs to touch her bare pussy then moving up and over her ass cheeks. Melissa was moaning and cooing constantly under the touch of three people lovingly massaging and caressing her ass.

“I think it’s time you turned over so we can do your front side Melissa.”

She turned over on her back and we started on her again from the same positions. I rubbed her neck and shoulders then started on her hand and worked my way up her arm and moved around to do her other arm. I took a deep breath and slid my hands down her chest until they covered her breasts. They were warm and soft and beautiful. I fondled and caressed them gently cupping my hands under them and lifting them up to slide my thumb and finger over her nipples to softly pinch them. I could tell it was having the same effect that sucking on Anne’s breasts earlier had on her. It was also having an effect on me.

By now Julia and Anne had progressed up her legs in the same way they had done earlier by sliding their oiled pussies along her calves while massaging her thighs with their hands. When they reached the top of her legs their hands alternately slid slowly up the lips of her pussy to the top of her thighs. Without saying a word, Anne’s hand moved to cover the little blonde tuft of hair on her mons then she began to rub her thumb gently on her clitoris in little circles. Julia’s fingers lovingly stroked her slit and insinuated themselves between her labia to caress them between her thumb and finger.

Her breathing deepened and she was moaning contentedly as we all conspired to induce her inevitable climax. Her nipples were hard and erect as I continued to roll them between my thumb and finger. Finally her stomach contracted and she gasped sharply then succumbed to her orgasm with a long, “Ohhhhhhh, Godddddd, Yesssss.”

Julia slid up the mattress and lay beside Melissa. Her hand began to caress her breast. “I’m glad you enjoyed that. It was a pleasure to do it for you.”

“The pleasure was all mine I assure you.”

Anne slid up to lay next to her on her other side and began caressing her other breast. “Melissa we’re going to start doing this every day so if you want to we would love to have you join us.”

“I can’t think of anything I’d like better. Thank you for the invitation. This is such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. It makes me very happy to see you in such good spirits and having such a good time. I’m so glad you have Carl and now Julia here to bring you joy. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed hearing you and Carl playing in the car while I drive you home. You deserve as much happiness as you can get and I’m thrilled that you’ve asked me to join in some of it. I love you, you know.”

“Oh Melissa my wonderful beautiful friend, yes, I do know. And I love you. I’m so glad we’ve finally admitted it. I’m never going to allow anything to keep me from loving or expressing that love again. It was Anne that couldn’t tell you she loved you but I’m not Anne anymore. Anne Cordet is already dead. She died last night when I surrendered to Mitra and I was reborn. From this moment on I am Suvarna and I’m determined to live my remaining days in love. I will be with the ones I love and I will show them that love in every way I can.”

Suvarna turned and took Melissa in her arms and kissed her. Melissa turned toward her and pulled her close as she responded to the kiss. “Ohhhhhh Suvarna, I’ve wanted this for so long. You in my arms feels even better than I imagined.”

Mitra looked at me and said, “Well, it looks like I have another disciple. I get the feeling you’re not going to mind one bit.”

I moved over to the side of the mattress and lay down next to Mitra and took her in my arms. “I’m never going to mind anything that happens with you my love. I’m only going to Be…. Here…. Now.”

“My sweet innocent Prem, we are indeed soul mates now. We were destined to be together. All our stars have aligned and we are right where we need to be; in each other’s arms; in each other’s hearts. You have risen to be with me in a higher dimension of love and soon, together we will ascend even higher. Oh my beloved, you are the one I have been waiting for so I could take the next step.”

I moved my lips toward hers and as soon as they touched I immediately started falling into her. She gently pushed me away and said, “Not now my love, I’ve given hundreds of massages and it’s time I got one.”

“Yes it is. Bathing you this morning was such a joy that I would never say no to an opportunity to touch your gorgeous body. Suvarna, Melissa, are you ready to massage Mitra?”

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