Work Related Ch. 04


“Details, girlfriend! I told you I wanted details.”

I laughed at the irrepressible voice on the phone. Betty Craig was one of a kind. She had introduced me to a new and delightful side of myself recently. Far from being at all jealous that I had gone from her arms to first those of my ex-husband, and then to another woman, she seemed excited.

“For a woman that only a few weeks ago was astounded at the idea of being on a date with another female, you certainly have come out of your shell, Sherry Andersen!” she exclaimed. “We’ll discuss your little office experience another time, but right now I want to hear about you and Peter.”

I had been regaling her with the description of catching Peter unaware in the shower and the fantastic sex we had, both in the shower and when he caught up to me in his bedroom. She had been hanging on each word, supplying eager comments that seemed to indicate she was enjoying listening as much as I was enjoying retelling the night.

“He pulled the towel off me just as I came through the doorway. His had disappeared somewhere down the hall. When he drew me in and kissed me, I threw my arms around his neck and then my legs around his waist as he grabbed my thighs. One heave up and then he just dropped me right down on his cock.”

“Woooohooooooo,” Betty whooped. “Is it big Sherry? Did it fill you up.”

“God did it ever, Betty. Every step he took towards the bed bounced me up and down. I was pulling myself up each time so my breast rubbed over his face and then letting myself fall back on him. Peter would flick my nipple each time with his tongue. I would twist my body so each time he tongue the other breast.”

The realization struck me that Betty’s breathing in my ear was rapid and heavy. Her sentences were mumbled and becoming more of moans than words. In fact, I could have sworn…

“Betty! Are you, I mean are we, I mean,” my voice faltered.

“Do you mean are we having phone sex, lover?” I could all but see Betty’s grin. “I’m sitting at my desk with my skirt up around my hips, the phone cradled on my shoulder and my fingers between my legs. So talk to me Sherry. Tell me about Peter’s cock in you. Let me imagine he’s fucking me.”

I was in the kitchen talking on the portable phone. As I continued my recitation I all but sprinted down the hallway to the bedroom. I flopped on my back on the bed, one hand opening my slacks and diving under my panties.

“Mmmm, you’d like him fucking you Betty. He dropped me on the bed and fell right on top of me without losing a stroke. He hooked his toes under the foot rail and proceeded to pound the hell out of me.” My slacks slid down my hips and my fingers plunged inside of my pussy. “Think of him fucking me, then suddenly switching and fucking you.” A strangled gasp from the other end of the phone told me she was indeed imagining it.

“Think of him slamming that big cock in you. Hard and deep. You can’t talk because I’m sitting on your face. Your pussy is filled and you’re filling mine with your tongue. You’re trying to scream, to beg him to hammer you but you can’t because you mouth in closed onto my clit. You’re sucking it and fingering me and then you hear him cry out and ram all the way up inside you, the head hitting your spot. He cries out like you do and then a rush of hot cum fills your pussy and my juices pour into your mouth.”

“Oh fuckkkkk,” came over the phone. “My god, Sherry I’m coming.”

“Me too,” I groaned. And I was. Spasms ran through my body as my mind pictured Betty’s fingers where mine were and her squealing into me from Peter fucking her.

A minute or two of silence was followed by a giggle, broken somewhat as Betty tried to catch her breath. “Damn you give good phone Sherry.” Now I’m even more eager to see you when I get down there. Please tell me you’ll find time enough to at least have dinner with me the weekend after next.

As we discussed the details of her projected visit, a thought kept returning to my mind. I wondered if somehow I could turn our phone fantasy into reality?

Over the next 10 days I continued to think about that. I spoke to Betty a of couple times but never quite could bring the subject up. I saw Peter almost every day. Several of those days I saw him first thing in the morning when I opened my eyes. Our relationship had continued to grow back together. Who would have thought after a bitter divorce that we would find ourselves so close again?

My feelings were that Betty, delightful creature that she was, would probably need no convincing at all. It was Peter I wondered about. I knew how much he had changed, but I didn’t know if he had changed that much.

It was silly in a way. I never stopped to think about how much I myself had changed over just the space dikmen escort of six weeks. Not that I had stayed celibate since Peter and I had parted ways. But until I met Betty I had never entertained fantasies about other women. Twice in the space of a month I had made love with a woman and enjoyed it immensely. A lucky accident had reawakened Peter’s and my sex life and it was at a high it had never reached during our marriage.

Still though, I wanted to have some idea that his old stuffy self wouldn’t suddenly reappear if I carried out my idea. I came up with a solution. We had once or twice watched some soft porn while lazing around his condo. The night before Betty was due to arrive I slipped in a disc that contained two Male/Female/Female scenes. Then I snuggled against him and waited for the reaction.

I figured I would make my judgment based on the size of the bulge in his slacks. The first girl/guy scene was quite satisfactory. The first MFF scene began with a seduction of one woman by the other. I found I was getting quite excited and my mind was putting the faces of Betty and I or Angela and I on the actresses. In fact, I was turned on to the point I had to wrench my attention back to Peter.

Yum. His erection was really getting big. How he was keeping his hands off it I don’t know. Hell, how I was keeping MY hands off it I wasn’t sure, except that I had to see how he reacted as the scene went on.

I turned my eyes, one of them anyway, back to the screen. The guy had made his appearance. Like most porn stars he had a huge cock. Although appealing in itself, it ain’t the size of the wand after all. He did demonstrate he was good at using it though, plunging immediately past one girl’s lips into the pussy she had been licking.

Damn, that was hot. Then Peter took my hand and put it on his stiff cock. Holy cow, it was huge. Well, I hoped that had answered that question. In the meantime I hastily unzipped his slacks and pulled that hardon out. I wasn’t going to waste it on my hand, so I leaned over and smothered it in my mouth.

Peter pulled my halfway into his lap while I sucked his cock. It seemed I must have already been busy myself, for his hand traveled over my ass, pulling my shorts and panties down. I must have already opened the top of my shorts without knowing it. I could already feel him swelling as my lips slid all the way down over him and locked when his balls hit my chin. His fingers slid inside my wet pussy.

We were both turned on so much that it took no time at all. He fingered me to a lovely climax, aided and abetted by the load his cock delivered down my throat.

Well, that answered THAT.

Saturday night I ushered Peter into the bedroom at my place. I told him I had a surprise, undoing the top of my short black dress. He grinned and reached for me.

“Nonononono, please.” I skipped back. I took his hand and led him to the bed. I let my dress fall to my ankles, showing I had nothing on under it. His eyes widened.

“You’ve been like that all night? At the restaurant?”

“Yes. Like it?” his response was what I wanted. It looked like he had a flagpole between his legs. I unfasten his trousers and managed to work them and his shorts over his down his legs, while he fought his way out of his shirt. I resisted the urge to take him in my mouth once he was nude. Instead, I touched him, my fingers caressing the head. “Lay down on the bed babe and close your eyes.”

“Please, honey. No peeking,” I whispered to Peter as he carefully stretched out on the bed. MY fingers continued to slide along his shaft, sinking down it length to the wrinkled ball sack. I kissed him, while I waved with my other hand to where the closet door was cracked.

Betty appeared in the corner of my eye, moving slowly and carefully. Her eyes were shinning in anticipation and she was already rubbing herself. She stood right beside me, ready for the next stage. I brought my face up from Peter’s and winked at her. I couldn’t resist it. I planted a quick kiss between her legs before I stood up.

In one quick motion Betty swung herself onto the bed. She knelt over Peter, facing the foot of the bed. She caught up his hands and put them on her breasts as she settled herself down on top of his face.

He responded instantly. His face turned up a bit under her and he began to lick her pussy, alternating long strokes of his tongue with quick, short jabs. Betty was already starting to bounce slightly up and down. Her hands covered his and directed the motion of his palms against her nipples. I leaned in to make sure my voice was in the right place.

“Oh yes, Peter,” I took a deep audible breath, making it almost a gasp. “Please darling, eat my pussy. emek escort You sweet man, I love what you’re doing.” I turned my head and darted my own tongue inside Betty’s ear. She stiffened even more and as I slipped away to move down the bed she mouthed “I’ll get you”.

I managed to muffle a giggle. I watched Betty enjoy the actions of Peter’s tongue and fingers. Damn, it really was hot, watching my sexy ex-husband eating the same pussy that I had munched on only weeks ago and that I planned to be licking again before the night was over. Peter’s cock stood straight up in the air. My fingers were already rubbing my wide open slit.

I moved closer, my mouth dry, my heart hammering. Betty was uttering soft moans as Peter’s tongue ran up and down her pussy. I knew any moment he might realize her voice was not mine, much less tha fact that Betty’s breasts were smaller and perkier than mine. I was dripping from the sight. I knelt on the bed. The shifting of the weight made Peter jerk. Before he could react I swung my leg over him. Grasping his cock I positioned it and dropped myself right on top of him.

“Holy SHIT!” Peter yelled in shock. His eyes popped open, tried to focus on Betty’s open pussy right over him and finally landed on me. He flailed about on the bed, adding to my enjoyment of the situation. Betty seemed to appreciate his gyrations too, as she firmly mashed her pussy down on his face.

“Don’t stop now for God’s sake,” she yelled. She reached behind herself, bracing her hands on her tight little ass and wiggled wildly. Peter, not knowing what the hell was going on but willing to do his part of whatever it was, was back in action. From my position facing the two of them I could see his mouth cover her sparsely furred pussy. How he was managing to bob his head with her right down on top of him I didn’t know, but he was. From when he did me in that fashion I knew his tongue was flying up and down her pussy.

Speaking of bobbing, I started riding up and down on Peter’s cock. Since my legs were doing all the work I wanted my hands to be busy. I reached out and took one of Betty’s breasts in each hand. My fingers gently stroked the small firm globes while my thumbs immediately began to roll her stiff nipples in rapid little circles.

Betty groaned again and all but grabbed my own larger breasts in return. She firmly grasped my nipples between her fingers and started pinching them. At first she was barely squeezing, but as the three of us all built towards our orgasms her grasp grew tighter and tighter. She gave one of her patented yells to announce her cumming and mashed my nipples flat between her fingers. That and the first explosion of Peter’s seed inside me was more than enough to push me over the edge.

When the shaking and shuddering let up enough for conscious thought I discovered that Betty and I had ended up in each other’s arms, with Peter pretty much holding both of us. Our faces were all close enough for me to kiss them both, so I did.

I giggled aloud at the dazed expression on Peter’s face. “Peter, this is Betty.” I ran my fingers down over her side and then between her legs.” She jumped and then laughed. “Now we have something new in common Peter.” He raised his eyebrows in question and I continued. “Now we’ve both eaten Betty’s pussy.”

It shouldn’t have surprised me at all, but the new Peter just gave a shit-eating grin. “Well then,” he said. “Betty, I’m Peter, Sherry’s ex and I’m very glad to have ‘et you’.” Then he yelped as both Betty and I smacked him. “What?” he mocked complained.

“Speaking of eating.” I suddenly pushed Betty on to her back. “My turn damn it. I hope you left enough for me Peter.” Betty grinned and pulled a pillow under her hips and opened her legs, bending her knees and planting her feet. I lowered my head to her. She took my ears in a gentle grip and guided me in.

“Right there, baby,” she sighed happily. “Let’s see who is better.”

I gave it my best shot. I ran my hands over her hips and then up her flat belly to her breasts. They had felt wonderful in my hands before and they did again. Her pussy lips were already puffed from Peter’s tongue and mouth. I carefully nibbled them, knowing how sensitive they would be. Betty’s moan of delight, and the force she used to pull my face into her assured me they were.

I was rubbing Betty’s nipples with the palms of my hands, moving them around and around in circles. Her pussy was already soaked from Peter, and I strove to lick up all the traces of wetness left by her first orgasm.

I was wondering where Peter was when his hands began to run over my hips and ass. I was flat on my tummy with my face immersed in Betty’s sweet pussy. He pulled me up to my knees eryaman escort and then settled in behind me. His hands started at my shoulders, firmly massaging inch by inch down my back. He bent over me from his position behind me and whispered.

“My, my, my. Look at my beautiful ex-wife eat pussy. Aren’t you the sexiest woman I’ve ever known.”

Well I couldn’t and wouldn’t disagree with that statement. I could feel his cock was hard again. His hands reached my ass and then one left my body to guide the head of his cock down between my ass cheeks. For just a moment he pushed against my dark hole, then he moved on to wiggle the tip up and down my still soaked pussy.

“Ahh, yes,” He moaned as he gave one long thrust with his hips and his cock slid back inside me. I was sucking on Betty’s labia at the moment and could only moan in agreement. Then he grasped my hips and began to fuck me with long, deep, slow strokes.

He moved slowly in me, I moved faster in Betty. I wiggled my tongue against her pee hole and then pushed inside her. Her hips punched up to me, just as mine where rocking back to Peter. I abandoned her breasts to thrust two fingers inside her and moved to swirl my tongue over and around her clit. Her hips lifted from the bed as I kissed her hard nubbin and then began to run my tongue back and forth over it.

All three of us were picking up speed. Peter’s groin slapped against my ass with a force that made him grunt each time he bottomed in me. Betty wildly ground herself on my face and tried to clamp down on my fingers and hold them in her. I shoved a third one in her and spread them open while I continued to pump my hand back and forth. My own body was shaking all the way from my toes up.

“Sherry!” Betty screamed. Moments later Peter uttered a deep bellow, locked his hands on my hips and gave one huge heave. He arched, holding his cock all the way in me and flooded my already drenched pussy with even more cum than he had the first time. All I could do was spasm all through my body as the orgasms of my two lovers all but swamped my own, as powerful as it was.

Once the thrashing had calmed and breathing returned to near normal levels, we all curled up together. As befitted the guest, Peter and I snuggled Betty between us. Amid murmured endearments and tired kisses we all fell asleep.

The next morning I staggered to the kitchen, following the scent of coffee. Betty was already dressed and sipping on a cup. She kissed me and poured me a mugful. We drank in comfortable silence. Peter appeared, yawning and tying his robe around himself. Sherry wordlessly handed him a third cup. He gulped and smiled.

Betty finished her coffee, stretched and looked at the clock.

“I’m afraid I have to be going. Peter,” she walked over to him and kissed him. “Its been a pleasure, in more ways than one. You be good to Sherry.” She turned and smiled at me. “You be good to him also, lover. This was wonderful.” She picked up her pocketbook and started for the door.

“Betty?” At the sound of Peter’s voice she turned. “Don’t stay away. Regardless of what happens, Sherry and I want you to know that you’re always welcome in our lives. You’re welcome in our house, or houses.” His eyes twinkled. “You’re definitely always welcome in any of our bedrooms.”

I walked over to her and kissed her again, with deep feeling. “You betcha Betty. Never be a stranger.”

She hugged me, blew a happy kiss to Peter, and was gone.

Two weeks after the marvelous night with Betty, Peter and I were snuggled together in his bed again. In fact, we had pretty much been together in that bed every night for those two weeks. I didn’t see any end to it and I really didn’t want to.

I was running a short speech through my mind for the umpteenth time when Peter interrupted my thoughts.


“Hmmmm?” I replied.

“Sherry,” he tipped my head up from where it was resting on his chest to look in my eyes. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately.”

I rolled onto my side and propped my head up on my hand. “Me too. Peter, I have something to tell you.”

“Wait.” He sat up, a look of concern on his face. “I need to go first. Then you can tell me.” I nodded and he continued. “Sherry, these last weeks have reminded me of why we fell in love the first time. Its happened again. This time though, I think we understand each other. I think we understand ourselves. Sherry, I love you. I don’t want you to ever go away again.” He took a deep breath. “Sherry Andersen, will you marry me?”

I burst into tears. Happy tears. “Yes Peter, I will marry you. This time its going to be for keeps. I know it.”

He pulled me to him and we rocked together for long silent moments. He smiled at me and asked, “Now, then, what was your news?”

I told him. Two short words. Then I sat there in complete disbelief. What ever am I going to do with a husband who faints just because he’s found out he’s going to be a father?

(The End)

(As always, thanks to my bestest friend and editor Marian for all her corrections and encouragement. You are wonderful.)

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