Working Overtime


They were closing the theater late night. The last show came and went, the concessions were sold, and the parking lot was filled and emptied. All that remained was the cleaning.

It was just the two of them, Morgan and Robert. She—a curvy, petite vixen of nineteen, and he—a slim, eighteen year old full of energy, were the typical closing crew every Saturday night. This night, however, would be anything but typical.

Damn! Robert Bret Davidson thought to himself as he observed his partner sweeping, I’ve liked her for so long! I wonder if she’s noticed?

Thus it had been for a year and a half for Robert, lusting and looking from afar while she contented herself with light flirtation and glances. He craved every part of her—a smell of her perfume, a light touch, a smile—but what he loved best were those rare glimpses of thong under her normally conservative, tasteful outfits.

It was a lucky night for Robert already then, because her jeans had been just a little too low all night. He stared at her ample but proportioned tits and taut, firm ass constantly anyway, but tonight he had been rewarded every time she bent to get candy. He could see it now, too, as she squatted to sweep trash into the dustpan in the lobby he was mopping. She had chosen well: a dark blue, lacy thong with a black bow in the back and black polka dots on the little triangle over her ass. He loved the way the bow peeked out at him from the tan gloves of her ass over her tight jeans. Sadly, she finished sweeping all too quickly and stood, dustpan full in her hand, thong safely hidden. She turned and gave him a smile of familiarity, sympathizing with their weekly situation, staring into his eyes for just a split second before walking to the trash can. He stared back at her, first at her eyes then at her ass, before continuing to mop, working around the aching bulge in his jeans.

Damn! Morgan Robertson thought to herself as she stood by the trash can in the corner and watched her partner mopping, He doesn’t hide a boner well! I wonder if he’s noticed my thong?

Thus it had been for about three months for Morgan, finally noticing Robert’s attraction to her and liking it. Still, she didn’t know how to approach him. She knew he would never make a move, for not only was he chronically uncertain about relationships, but she never went past a casual flirt with him. Hell, she barely knew how to act around men anymore. Ever since her recent breakup with her last guy she had been different. She was shyer and more reluctant around boys, especially when it came to Robert. It was like ever since she noticed his desire for her, she had felt a strange sexual tension every time they talked. She relieved it with smiles and polite conversation, but all she could really notice was his athletic build and that constant strain in his pants. She hadn’t so much as touched her pussy in three months and it seemed like every guy she passed smelled sexy and had a hard-on, let alone the guy she spent every Saturday night working with. She stared at his back as he mopped, laughing quietly as he pulled his pants up every five minutes, and sighed.

They worked in near silence for the next half hour, cleaning slowly. They swept and mopped both the lobby and concession area and cleaned the popcorn and soda machines together. She would periodically trade a close smile and a slip of the thong for a closer moment to him and a longer gaze at his crotch. She played him, smiling to get him near then bending over at just the right moments to “clean,” keeping him rock hard. She loved the way she could feel his eyes on her lower back, and there wasn’t a single time she faced him that he didn’t look at her chest before her eyes. This was the most voyeuristic she had ever been, and she was getting hornier by the minute. Her desperate cleverness overpowered his lustful masculine ignorance by a mile, and all she had to do was pick a time in which to reel him in.

Unfortunately for Morgan, it seemed, her playful sexuality almost cost her all of Robert’s sexual desire. While she was playing coy, arousing herself by showing him her thong, she was also painfully arousing him. He reached a point of desperation by the time they were finished in the concession area that he knew would drive him to either grope her ass or explode. He took the first opportunity he could find and dismissed himself to sweep the cinemas. Sweeping, however, was last on his mind.

As fast as he could, he pulled a tall trash can and a broom into the nearest cinema and yanked it to about halfway up the stairs by the rows of seats. He let the can rest on a big step by a row of seats in the upper middle part of the cinema, and took one step up behind it. There, back to the door below him and to the projector window, he finally unzipped his confining jeans.

Parting the hole in the front of his boxer-briefs, Robert let his pants slide to mid-thigh level and pulled his cock out. It made a nice handful flaccid, and he quickly massaged it to full şişli escort hardness, pointing straight at the back edge of the trash can below him. Rob was right at average height and weight, and his dick was no exception. It pointed straight out at a solid six inches hard, and sat above two perfectly symmetrical, fuzzy chestnuts that were his balls. His hand worked quickly over his smooth, pale shaft, running from a taut red helmet of a head to his freshly shorn mound. He was achingly sensitive, so he used a looser three-fingered grip designed to pull his skin up over the head without using lube, and he screwed his eyes shut as he went to town. Images of Morgan’s thong ran across his mind, always just slightly revealing that perfect ass he craved.

He quickened his speed, grunting slightly each time his fingers rubbed across the crown of his head and his sensitive glans. His free left hand made good time between his tightening nuts and his already tightened nipples, pulling and squeezing lightly on them all. He could imagine it was Morgan, naked but for her cheerleading skirt, giving him so much pleasure. He fucked her in his mind, kneeling behind her doggy-style and pushing her skirt up above her pussy. He timed his jerking hand with his mental thrusts and got into it, leaning over the trash can for support. He could hear his nuts slap the side of the can over his grunts, and knew he was ready to cum in her mentally and in the trash can physically. Just as he felt his nuts clamp to his stomach and his dick stiffen in readiness, however, he heard a cough to his left.

Robert jumped three feet in the air, eyes wide, and wheeled to face the noise. His mind was rudely taken from his intense fantasy and his eyes probed the dim seats for his intruder. He stuffed his rapidly softening penis back into his underwear, leaking pre-cum like crazy, and pulled his pants up, eyes never leaving the seats around him.

After about ten seconds of nervous tension, Morgan rose from behind one of the seats behind and to the left of Robert. He saw her immediately and turned beet red. He didn’t know what to say that would explain his actions to her that wouldn’t freak her out. He just stood there, head down, ruefully watching her approach. Even embarrassed, he couldn’t help but admire the fluidity of her movements, her smooth gait, and her easy smile. He also noticed the free swing of her supple breasts and her visibly protruding nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra! His cheated cock twitched in his loose jeans at this realization, but that just reminded him of what he had been caught doing in the first place.

She finally reached the stairs and stayed her step above him, looking him in the eyes. The whole walk over she had been stifling laughter at his obvious embarrassment and conflicting arousal. Not that her own arousal didn’t show, of course: her nipples were rocks on her chest and her thong was soaked through under her jeans. She had watched him from the beginning, having slipped into the cinema behind him and found a good vantage point from which to peep. She had watched past boyfriends jack off before, and had even participated in a few, but none of them had Robert’s passion! He grunted and thrusted against his hand like it was the last opportunity he would ever have, and it got her horny as hell. She had watched him go from half-mast to full blast in five minutes and it was the most arousing sight she had ever seen! Her last boyfriend was an asshole and hung like a field mouse to boot, so next to him her newfound crush was extremely nice to watch. She had rubbed her clit against the seam of her jeans constantly, trying to keep her moans of pleasure quiet. She had almost succeeded too! Damn that cough! If she had kept it quiet another second she could have seen him come. Once his moment was ruined, however, Morgan realized it was time to pull him in and fix his problems herself.

Robert had started stammering an explanation as soon as Morgan got within an arm’s length of him. It was lame to begin with, something about the desperation of male desire, and it wasn’t words she was after in the first place. She let him blither on for a few seconds, amused at his ruffled pride, mortification, and aroused confusion. Before he got completely turned off, however, she halted his words with one finger on his lips. He jumped at her sudden touch, and his eyes opened wide as his mouth shut.

Morgan stared deeply into his confused eyes and said one sentence: “I don’t care.” Then she slid her finger off his warm lips and kissed him. She was at the perfect height, standing up just tall enough on her step to make her lips sit right in front of his, and the kiss was good. He stiffened in shock at first, astounded at what was happening, but he quickly warmed under the pressure of her lips on his, and decided it wasn’t a dream and he’d better participate.

It was a slow, wet, languid embrace, meant to translate every hidden sexual feeling and sexual tension into tangible desire, and it worked. His lips were smooth and dry, hers slightly dampened and tasting of mint, but together they were perfect. Wordlessly, he expressed over a year of pent up desire, which met with her novel lust to send electricity down both their spines. They worked silently for a full minute and a half, just feeling each other’s lips closemouthed, before breaking in a gasping frenzy of elated pleasure. They stood for a moment just staring at each other, making sure they were both thinking the same, and then clashed together again, mouths working like mad.

This time they opened up, sucking at each other’s tongues and lips, rapidly exploring the recesses of each other’s mouths. Their tongues danced an entwining dance for which their bodies had longed for months. Once he was familiar with the taste of her mouth he moved to the nape of her neck, working his way from collar to ear with short, soft kisses. His hands ran to the small of her back and pulled her to him, pushing her head back and chest forward, revealing more of her neck and breasts. Their lips met again, breaths panting out between their kisses, as her hands slipped under the back of his shirt and slid across his tensed muscles.

They worked like this for a full five minutes before stopping, each eager and seeking approval to move on. He stared at her face, mere inches from his, and felt her hard nipples through his shirt and her hands on his back. She could feel his hands pressing her to him, and she was well aware of the growing heat at the junction of their legs.

“Are you—?” he asked cautiously, getting cut off by her rapid

“On birth control? Yes.”

He chuckled, “Well I was going to ask if you were okay with where this is going, but I guess that answers that! God, I’ve wanted you for so long.”

She smiled, lips tingling. “I know. I hope a theater was where you imagined you’d first be with a woman, because I don’t think I can let you walk out of here without taking me.”

“It could be in a gutter and I would take you gladly.” Robert beamed at the thought of being able to cum inside her, and at the thought of finally becoming a man. “You’re so hot.”

Morgan took that as her cue, and slowly stepped to the back of her step. Silently, but with a sly smile, she carefully raised her shirt over her head. Her hair fell free, framing her cute face and slender neck, which led to her newly freed tits.

They were beautiful, perfect twin D-cup mounds, sitting heavily on her light frame. Pink nipples topped them, sitting amid pale silver dollar-sized areolas crinkled in arousal. Had her form not been so curved, her chest would have seemed too big, but with her curves they were perfectly in proportion. No line was visible between her arms and tits, and Robert drooled at the thought of Morgan sunning topless. She just stood there, watching his emotional reaction as his cock jumped back to life in his pants.

She noticed his twitching bulge and became both pleased and angry. Never before had she hardened a man just by flashing her tits, but she was mad that she wouldn’t get to feel his dick grow. Determined to remedy her loss, she tossed her head back, chest heaving, and kneeled in front of his standing form. She was short enough that the elevation given to her by her extra step put her face right at his crotch. She looked up at him then, and gazed deeply into his mesmerized eyes.

Robert gulped, nervous at the thought of letting someone else, especially a girl he had coveted for years, see his cock. Not that his cock paid any attention, of course, because his nervousness made it throb with more force, which only made Morgan more determined.

“Please, Rob, don’t you want me?” she said looking up at him. “I want to feel your cock, to taste it.”

Robert was jolted into action, “No! No, I want you it’s just I….”

“I know you’re nervous!” she finished for him, “but I’m so ready for you. Let me be your first.” Then she smiled, squirming in anticipation on her step, bathed in the dim theater lights. She squeezed and pulled her nipples, desperate for some form of sexual release. She knew if he didn’t consent, for whatever reason, she would have to force him.

There would be no force necessary, however. Robert watched her squirm and beg for him in amazement, and after her nipple-teasing episode there was no way he’d turn her down. Setting his jaw against his anxiety, he unzipped his pants for the second time on that step. “You’ve always been my first.”

Her face lit up as his cock tented his boxers away from his jeans and she sat up off her heels, moving her hands from her breasts to his waist. Her pussy left a damp spot through her pants where it had rested between her ankles, and her juices now ran freely down her thighs in preparation for what she would take from him

Like a cat on a mouse, Morgan lunged for Robert’s crotch. She yanked his pants down to his ankles just as her face hit his cotton-clad cock. He stumbled back half a step, gasping aloud at her voraciousness and at the feel of her mouth and breath on his brief-covered manhood. She inhaled him, bathing her face in the musk for which she had worked forever. He smelled of cologne, jizz, and sweat and it turned her on. Her thong was dripping her heat in her jeans and her nipples were knots on her chest. It was all she could do to keep from purring in sexual excitement. She moved from mouthing his shaft to mouthing his balls, applying light pressure with her lips to turn him on. It worked like a charm, and before long he was shoving his cock against her face and moaning in effort not to explode. She licked at the wet spot of precum spreading at the tip of his underwear tent and liked the taste so much she abandoned her efforts on his clothed nuts for something a little closer.

With a devilish grin, Morgan leaned forward and grasped the elastic of Robert’s boxers in her teeth. Pressing her breasts together with her hands, kneading them like dough, she slowly pulled his underwear down. He groaned as the cotton ran over his swollen cockhead, and smiled in relief and pride when it finally sprang up and away from the confining clothes. She followed it, licking her lips and panting from the work her hands were doing on her nipples. She rocked her hips back and forth slightly, rubbing her clit against the seam of her jeans to keep herself wet. Wet she stayed, too, as she slowly sucked the head of Robert’s penis into her warm mouth, feeling and hearing his groan of pleasure at his first blow job.

Robert was in heaven. He stared down into her upturned eyes as she began to bob her head up and down his shaft. Her tongue worked like mad on his nerve-packed glans, and she tugged on his velvety nuts with one hand while tugging on her hard nipples with the other. It was a visual and physical show for Robert, who adored the feel of his first blow job, but also loved the way her ruby lips looked wrapped around his pulsating manhood. He had never felt such a combination of pleasures on his dick and balls. She was giving an enthusiastic but basic blow job, and he had never felt better. His nuts threatened to rise and shoot his fiery liquid seed down her throat every minute, and she seemed determined to suck it out of him like soda through a straw. He resisted, however, with help from her hand pulling his nuts down, and lasted for five full minutes of her eager slurping on his cock and balls. Then she began to deep throat.

Morgan tried her best to get him to cum with her normal blow job routine, but after five minutes it was evident he could last much longer. She had never tried deep throat, but his cock wasn’t uncomfortably long or thick and she had practiced on suckers and popsicles before. In one swift motion, she interrupted their rhythmic sucking and thrusting, sharply pulling his balls and completely inhaling his slick cock. He groaned loudly, amazed at the way her throat milked his head while her tongue worked his shaft over. Her nose smashed itself against the shaven surface of his mound and stayed there as she pumped him for all he was worth. After fifteen seconds or so she pulled off, gagging, leaving long strings of saliva running down his shaft and sac. Her hands never left her tits or his nuts, even though she was desperate to let her hands wander down the front of her pants. She was determined to see him come before she even thought about letting herself get off. Like a flash she was back on his cock, rubbing tonsils with his cockhead. She was prepared to go longer this time, and settled comfortably with her chin on his nuts for about ten seconds. Then he moved.

While Morgan was absorbed in sinking Robert’s cock down her throat, he was absorbed in the ecstasy of her efforts. The cum boiled in his nuts, held back only by her firm pulls downward on his sac, and his back arched in strain. The more she worked her throat and tongue, the more desperate he got, and his eyes rolled back as he completely abandoned all his stamina. She achieved her goal, though he didn’t know that was her intent. With a primal groan, he grabbed the back of her head, wrapping her silky hair around his long fingers. She mewed, the only sound she could make with a dick down her throat, and her brow wrinkled in curiosity, but one look at his knotted jaw and grimacing lips and she knew she had conquered his self-control. As he began to thrust she knew he would come, and was scared he wouldn’t let her up for air, but when his nuts pulled violently out of her grasp toward his stomach she knew it wouldn’t be long.

Morgan completely opened her throat as he began to thrust, and moved both hands to her heaving tits, leaving her mouth to be defiled. And defiled it was, for there was no holding back from Robert’s primitive instincts. He completely disregarded her comfort and used her hair as a handle, pushing and pulling her throat around his throbbing member. Her wet mouth was a vise on his shaft, and even as her nose mashed to his pubic mound Morgan was happy. She could feel his impending orgasm as acutely as he, and was rapidly approaching one herself.

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