Wrestling with My Sister’s Friend Ch. 02


Seeing his sister standing in the doorway to the living room while he lay on top of her friend freaked Mike out. He stammered, “Kimberly this isn’t what it looks like we uh…”

“Oh shut the fuck up Mike!” Kimberly shouted in playful anger, “I know you just fucked the shit out of my friend! How did it feel Ashley? Looks like you enjoyed it just as much as Mike.”

Blushing, Ashley replied, “I’m not gonna lie Kimberly…your brother’s cock feels amazing! You gotta try it!”

Mike gasped at Ashley’s words and looked up at his sister, surprised when he saw the shit eating grin on her face. He thought she would be grossed out, but she obviously was considering it. He hadn’t really thought of his sister sexually before but she was pretty hot. Kimberly was also 19 and her body was similar to Ashley’s, tall and thin with a nice curvy body but with larger tits that formed a nice D cup and blond hair instead of light brown. He always marveled at how her eyes were the same shade of blue as his. Mike snapped out of his gaze as Kimberly replied to her friend,

“I dunno Ashley…I mean he is my brother…fantasy is one thing but acting on it is another.”

Ashley blurted out, “Oh come on Kimberly! You always drone on about you how you want Mike’s cock! So rather than peek in on him while he’s in the shower and play with yourself later why not try the real thing?”

Mike gasped at Ashley’s words, shocked that his sexy sister actually fantasied about him and spied on him.

With a gasp Kimberly replied to Ashley, “Fuck Ashley you weren’t supposed to tell anyone about that…Mike…I uh…”

Cutting her off, Ashley looked into Mike’s eyes and hissed, “Oh and Mike…Kimberly and I even play together sometimes…wanna Etiler Escort come play with us…”

Mike’s jaw dropped so fast he thought it was gonna fall off. His cock quickly swelling against Ashley’s stomach to the thought of his hot sister and Ashley together, Mike was speechless.

Giggling Ashley continued, “So Kimberly…wanna play? Cause from what I can feel Mike definitely wants to!”

As she dropped her purse, Kimberly replied, “You’re right Ashley, it’s about time I made my fantasy a reality!”

Mike’s eyes were locked on his sister’s body as she quickly stripped off her clothes. She raised her shirt over her head and tossed it off to the side, revealing her sexy red bra, flat toned stomach, and the perfectly shaped curves of her hips. Ashley rolled Mike over to his side and got up off the floor, walking over to Kimberly. She started kissing Kimberly’s neck and shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her to unsnap her bra. As it fell to the floor, Mike’s eyes were glued to his sister’s perfectly shaped D cups that hung free from her chest.

As Ashley pulled Kimberly down to couch on top of her, their lips met in a sexy and passionate kiss. Kimberly propped herself up on her knees and elbows, their breasts smashed together as their hands explored each others soft skin. Consumed with lust, Mike got behind his sister and unsnapped her jeans, pulling them down to her ankles and tossing them aside to reveal her cute red thong. Tearing it off her body, Kimberly broke the kiss with Ashley and turned to face Mike.

She cried out, “Hey! Those were my favorite…”

Ashley cut her off by shouting out, “Oh fuck them Kimberly! Why don’t Fatih Escort you go down on me and lick your brother’s hot cum out of my cunt!”

Kimberly smiled and giggled, “Oh you dirty little slut! hehehe, you know me too well Ashley!” She slowly crawled down to Ashley’s cunt, excited to finally taste her brother’s seed. Ashley moaned with pleasure as Kimberly began to slowly lick her cunt and enjoy the taste of their combined fluids. As his sister took care of her friend, Mike lowered his mouth to his her pussy and began to slowly lick her juicy cunt lips. Kimberly groaned into Ashley’s pussy as she reveled in the feeling of her brother’s tongue.

As time went on, Ashley couldn’t take any more of Kimberly’s ministrations with her skilled tongue. She screamed out “Ohhhh fuck Kimberly! I’m gonna…fucking…CUM! Don’t stop! ahhhhh shiiiitttt!”

As Ashley’s cunt flooded his sister’s face with cum, Mike stood up behind his sister’s pussy and placed his left hand on Kimberly’s smooth, shapely ass as he grabbed his cock with his right. He slowly guided it to his sister’s cunt lips, teasing her wet folds with his cock head. As Ashley came down from her orgasm, clearly finished from the 2 massive orgasms, his sister whipped her head around and with a smile cried out, “Come on Mike! Looks like it’s just you and me now…hehehe….stick that fat cock inside me! Incest is best bro! Time to put your sister to the test! Hehehehe!”

Grinning with anticipation, Mike placed his cock head in Kimberly’s pussy lips and leaned over her, cupping her tits in his hands as he slammed his cock deep into his sister’s cunt. The siblings both groaned as they reveled in the feeling Halkalı Escort of each other finally coming together. Mike loved the feeling of his sister’s hot and tight cunt wrapped around his cock. It felt like wet molten silk was tightly wrapped around his cock, slowly pulsating around him. Kimberly cried out as she felt his huge cock sawing in and out of her tight cunt.

As the siblings got lost in their incestuous mating, Ashley recovered from her orgasm and smiled at the sight before her. Both the siblings faces were contorted with pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open, and crying out with the beautiful sounds of pleasure. Mike thrusting hard into his sister as his hands cupped her perfect breasts. Ashley laughed as she could clearly see they were both enjoying their coupling.

The sheer eroticism was too much for Mike and Kimberly, and they felt their orgasms quickly approach. Kimberly cried out,

“Oh shit Mike! Feels so fucking good! I’m gonna cum bro! Cum with me Mike! Fill up your slutty little sister with your hot load!!!”

Mike could only let out a guttural moan as he tightly squeezed Kimberly’s perfect tits and thrusted his cock balls deep into his sister’s cunt. Ashley looked on giggling as the siblings held on to each other tight throughout their orgasms. Mike shouting out with pleasure as his he felt his cock shooting a huge load of his fertile cum deep within his own sister’s cunt. Kimberly letting out a sexy and breathy moan as she felt her orgasming cunt milk every drop of his seed deep into her womb.

As the siblings came down from their orgasms, they broke apart, Mike’s softening cock leaving his sister cunt with a squelching noise. All three of them lie together on the couch, their limbs entangled and panting with pleasure as they kissed and caressed each other.

Suddenly Mike jumped up and shouted,

“OH FUCK! I FORGOT! ASHLEY! KIMBERLEY! Are you two on the pill?!”

The girls looked at each other in horror and said simultaneously,

“FUCK! We could be pregnant!”

Stay tuned for part 3 😉

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