Young James is Seduced

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This story was written as a special treat for Jayne and Jon, a couple with whom I exchange fantasies.


To be honest, I had expected my first time to be a bit different. More romantic, I suppose. A girl my age. In school uniform. With straight brown hair and a shy smile. It would be her first time as well. We would have been dating for months, and she would have gone one step at a time – like they all do – and then, wham. Maybe on my next birthday, when I turn 19, or something. As a special present.

As it was, things turned out a bit different. It happened yesterday. I wanted to write while it was still fresh in my mind, so that I got it all down exactly how it happened without changing any of the facts, or exaggerating – not that I need to- or getting things wrong. Because this was only a few hours ago, I can get it all down just as it was. I can even remember the words, just as they were said.

“Excuse me, can you hold this,” said the woman as she passed me a white towel, which was damp from her sweat. She had been working out for nearly an hour by the look of her. Quite red in the face. She was probably late 30s, with a short bob of blonde hair. I vaguely recognised her as one of the regulars. “Sure,” was all I said, taking the towel from her and looking down at my plimsolls.

Perhaps I should explain what I’m doing at the gym. Because it’s the summer holidays I’ve been working there for the past few weeks. The pay is crap – barely minimum wage – but the hours aren’t so bad. And there are a few perks. Some of the girls who work here are pretty cute. And so are some of the customers.

“My name is Jayne,” said the blonde woman, holding out a hand to shake mine. “Nice to meet you, James.”

I noticed that she was carrying a fine figure under her outfit. She obviously worked out a lot. “How do you know my name,” I asked her, unable to think of anything better to say. “Your name badge, sillly,” she said, reaching up out to touch my lapel.

Her finger rested there, only for a couple of seconds, but for what seemed a long time. I noticed that her breasts looked good and firm under her top.

Jayne laughed, breaking the ice. “Listen, can I ask a favour,” she said. “I’m walking home but don’t have anyone to escort me. It can be a bit scary down along the canal path. Maybeyou could keep me company? You must knock off soon, right?”

I had another 15 minutes before my shift ended and said sure, I would meet her outside the gym at 6pm. I wasn’t even going the same way but something about her made me feel…I dunno…she was fit, in every sense of the word, and I wanted to get to know her. She had showered and her face was no longer so red. She was shorter than me, by about six inches. But then I’m pretty tall and muscular for my age.

We headed off down the street, her chatting away and me trying to keep up with the conversation. She seemed very sophisticated and clever. You know, I’m still at school and I can’t imagine she found it very interesting to hear about my A-levels and what my brother was up to and that sort of stuff. For all I knew though, she was, listening attentively and laughing at the right moments. She said she worked as a nurse in the local hospital.

“Do you think people will look at us and think we’re lovers?” she giggled, as we turned off the high street and headed down a smaller lane towards the canal.

I must have blushed scarlet. I didn’t really say anything.

“Would you like to be my lover?” she continued. “I bet you would.” As she said this she took my right hand in her left hand.

She paused for a few seconds. “I’m not joking.”

“You are,” I said. “You’re taking the piss.”


“You are.”

“No. What would you want with someone my age?”

“Where should I start…young, firm, toned, innocent, ripe for the taking.” As she said this she leaned in towards me and whispered into my hair. I could feel her hot breath against my ear. I was starting to feel hugely turned-on.

“Prove it,” I said.

We had stopped walking and were stood beneath a large oak tree at the end of the lane. She pulled me towards her, and put a hand between my legs. I was already stiff, like wood, and she cupped it with her fingers through my trousers.

Jayne’s blue eyes looked up at mine.

“I’ve been watching you for days, and I’ve chosen you out of all those teenagers at the gym. You can go with the flow, or you can resist, but I think you want this as much as me,” she breathed.

I’d been dreaming of something like this happening but when it came down to it I wasn’t as smooth as I’d have hoped. I felt clumsy as Jayne’s mouth came up and met mine. I felt her surprisingly cool lips against mine, pressing urgently. And then her tongue, hot and warm, slipped into my mouth as we started kissing. I held the back of her blonde hair with my hands as I felt her lean into me.

Her hand was still on my groin, clutching my swollen cock through the material. With her other hand, she took mine and guided it down….to her thigh, and up under her flowery skirt. güvenilir bahis I didn’t need any encouragement. Soon my fingers were pressing against her mound, feeling through her knickers. I could sense how damp she was underneath, and began to stroke her lips. She started to moan, gently.

A man was washing his car, only a hundred yards away.

“We should move away from here, someone will see us,” said Jayne, removing my hand from her pussy and leading me away. We walked for five minutes down towards the canal, holding hands as we went along the towpath. “I know a clearing where no one will find us,” she breathed urgently.

Even on a hot summer’s day the canal looked dark and murky. There was an upturned shopping trolley in the depths.

We passed some allotments and some weeping willows when Jayne stopped.

“Over here,” she nodded. I followed her over a small stone wall and

through some undergrowth. We emerged together into a small grassy clearing,

bounded by a high brick wall. “I found this place by accident, no one else

knows about it,” she said. I could hear the sound of a lawnmower buzzing in

the distance. I could feel my heart thumping inside my ribcage. Truth be

told, I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect.

“Come here silly,” said Jayne, “I want you to take my top off.” She

raisedher hands into the air, and I stepped forward to help her out of her


top. Underneath she was wearing a pink bra which showed off the swell

of her chest. “It’s all yours,” she said.

I stepped back towards her and we began to kiss again, this time with

no inhibitions. There were rooftops beyond the four walls but no one could

see us. She kissed back, greedily, pushing herself up against my body,

rubbing her front against my white shirt. “I like your hair,” she said, running

her hands through my blond spikes as she kissed my neck and ears. “And I

like the feel of this,” she added, bringing her hand back up to my crotch.

“Do I get to unwrap it?”

I nodded dumbly as she felt between my legs, finding the zip of my

jeans and pulling it downwards. I felt her fingers slip inside, searching

past my boxer shorts, feeling for my length. “That feels good and hard,” she

said, breathing into my ear. It was hot. I could hear an airplane

flying overhead.

Jayne got down on to her knees as she pulled my cock out, stroking it

gently with one hand. “I think you’re going to like this,” she said, as

she opened her mouth and began to take my purple head in past her lips. I felt her hot

tongue swirling around the end of my hard, swollen dick. It looked amazing, watching

her blond head bobbing away as she sucked and licked on my flesh. I was

still wearing my jeans. I liked the way i could see the bulge of her tits

under her bra as she felated. God it felt good. At first she was

gentle, taking me in soft slurps, but her mouth began to quicken around me. I

didn’t want to come quickly but I felt the pressure building up inside


Jayne had both hands on my firm arse, holding me as she took me in

deeper and licked ever harder.

I can’t describe how good it felt to be experiencing this; no one had

ever done this to me before. And it was a woman twice my age, who I had

never even met two hours before. That was an incredibly horny thought in itself.

“I think i’m going to come,” I warned her, as I felt an explosion of pleasure building up inside me. I thought she would move her head, but instead she carried on lapping away. With that, I felt myself go, felt the jets of spunk spurting out into her mouth, as she

kept licking and sucking. I held her head tight as I kept coming, maybe six or

seven spurts of goo into her mouth. As I came to a stop, Jayne kept her

mouth there, cleaning me up with her tongue. She then rocked back on to

the heels of her feet and giggled. “Did you enjoy that?,” she asked. I nodded, stupefied

with pleasure.

“Am I better than the girls your age?”

I didn’t say anything.

“You’ve been sucked off before, haven’t you?”

Again, I stayed silent.

“No way,” said Jayne. “Is this really your first time?” I nodded.

“Well, I think we’re both going to really enjoy this,” she said, kissing me one more time on my cock.

“Now it’s your turn to help me,” she demanded. Jayne put her black top on the ground, on the hot grass, and lay back on it. Although it had been raining for months, there was a sudden heatwave, and the ground was quite dry. I ripped off my trousers and pulled off my shirt, so I was down to

my boxers. I knew roughly what to do – I’m 17 after all; I’ve seen the

mags and the internet and everything – but it was still all new to me. What

I did know was that you were meant to take your time. So I sat next to

her, began stroking her ankles and thighs. She was watching my every move,

eyeing up my now shirtless türkçe bahis torso. Slowly, I moved my fingers up her

legs, just brushing lightly against her. Then further up, under her skirt,

hitching it gradually up towards her waist. Now I could see her panties

for the first time. They were pink, matching her bra. She looked so pretty

lying there, waiting for me to explore her. I leant down towards Jayne

and started to kiss her again. Stll running my hand between her legs, up

towards those pretty pink knickers. When my hand reached there I just brushed

gently against her lips, slowly and lightly. Her tongue was now

insistent in my mouth, french kissing me. Her eyes were closed. I began to press

my fingers against her mound, soft at first then with more pressure.

The material felt damp against my hand. As I slid it to one side, I could

feel her flesh underneath. It was incredibly wet. She started to make a

dreamy, moaning noise as I pushed one finger and then two into her wetness.

Soon both fingers were in up to the hilt and I began to thrust in and out

of her. “Good, so good,” she murmured. “By the way, just so you know this, I do have a boyfriend, a partner, so I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Is that okay with you?”

Sure, I said, no problem, whatever. I was too excited by the feel of her pussy lips around my fingers, experiencing that hot wetness on my skin.

“Now I want your tongue,” she ordered.

Jayne undid the front of her skirt and I helped her to pull it down over

her knees, her ankles, until it was a crumpled heap of cloth on the grass.

Now she was lying there in matching pink underwear. I got on my knees and

crouched in front of her, my hands on her thighs, lowering my head

towards her private place. When I reached those damp panties I pulled them to

one side and began to lick in soft strokes agianst her mound. Her pink lips

looked delicious to me, and i licked them for what felt like forever.

“Can you pass me my bag,” she said. “I want to call Jon.”

I stopped for a second, my head still between her legs. “Who’s that?”

“My partner,” she replied. “He likes to listen to me when i’m doing

this with other men.”

Part of me found this very strange. But I was too turned on

to stop now. Infact, there was something even more dirty about the idea

of her man listening to us. I passed the bag, and resumed my duties

between her legs. I worked my tongue along her lips, inside to her hole and across her hard little clitoris.

A few seconds later I could hear her call being answered. Laid on her

back in the grass, her legs splayed, her phone in one hand. “Yes, he’s here,”

she said.

“Not huge, not small, it’s a pretty average cock….yes, I drank his cum….he’s a virgin, believe it or not…I thought he would be when I saw him at the gym….where is he now?…he’s going down on me. Yep, he’s got his tongue buried right in my snatch and he’s

really going for it….how does it feel?..oh! yes…harder, James..incredible…..i’ll call

you back in a minute. Bye Jon.”

By now her legs were wide open and she was pushing herself hard on to

my face. her lips and clit were drenched with juice and my face was now

wet fluids.

“I think I’m close,” she breathed as she held the back of my head hard. I kept licking at her lips and clit as I stroked her hole with two fingers, pushing them deep into her. With that, I felt her spasm and heard her crying out with pleasure…”yes, yes, yes” as she came. I kept up the pressure with my mouth until I felt her come to a standstill.

Jayne was on the grass, her eyes closed, getting her breath back. I lay down next to her, wearing nothing but my boxers, my eyes squinting under the brightness of the sun. There were only a few clouds in the sky.

She had bits of grass and leaf in her blonde hair. Strangely, her bra was still around her chest. But no other clothes. She looked across at me and smiled. “It’s true what they say about teenagers, then” she asked.


“That they can keep going forever. Look at your cock…it’s hard again.”

For sure, while I was licking Jayne out my erection had returned to its full strength. But then, I had had five minutes to recover. She reached down to touch it again. I pulled the boxer shorts off over my feet.

“Yep, it’s back to full strength,” she said. “Want to use it again?”

“You’re going to give me another blowjob?”

She shook her head.

“No. You’re going to fuck me. Hard.”

I gulped. So this was it. No turning back the clock now. Not that I had any doubts about it…that I wanted to become a real man…with Jayne. She looked at me again, coquettishly. “Lie on top of me,” she said.

I straddled her, my legs over her hips, and leant down to kiss her on the mouth again. She had a slight trace of something on her lips…my spunk. “I can taste my pussy on your mouth,” she told me.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri reached down and started to finger her again, easing into her pussy. It felt looser than before. She was obviously very turned on. Her legs eased open and I felt my cock pushing against the fuzzy hair of her groin.

“Take off your bra,” I told her. “I want to taste those tits of yours.” Jayne reached behind her back to unclip the fastening, and helped me slide the pink material off her shoulders. Immediately, I started to lick those big creamy tits. The nipples began to harden as I worked my tongue over and around them. Meanwhile I pressed my cock harder against the mound between her legs.

“Please,” she said, almost a little urgently, “I need you inside me.”

I pushed myself away a fraction so I could look down and put my hand on my cock. Then, I pushed myself against her hole…just against the entrance at first..wet, hot, swollen and waiting. I felt her lips open up and the head of my dick glide into her.

Slowly, I eased myself in until half of my cock was embedded inside her.

“Ohh, yes,” said her voice, just above a whisper. “Put it in… all of it….”

I thrust again, this time going in to the hilt. Jayne groaned gently, looking up into my eyes. Her hands were on my back and my arse, pulling me into her. She finally let out a satisfied sigh, and began to slowly move on my cock.

As I began to fuck her I kissed her neck, nipples and ears. She started to buck, gripping me ever tighter with her legs. I began to move with her, pulling out and then slowly pushing my way back in.

“I need this,” she said in my ear. “God, I so need this.”

I sped up my rhythm, my hands on the grass on either side of her shoulder blades, easing my dick fast in and out of her hole.

“This morning you were a virgin,” she groaned. “How does it feel to be fucking me? Are you enjoying yourself. Tell me how it feels?”

“So good, so fucking good,” was all I could say.

“Use my name.” Her breath was hot on my chest.

“So fucking good Jayne, your body is heavenly, you feel so hot and tight around my cock,” I said, my voice catching as she held me tight.

“Are you going to make me come?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied. “I’m going to make you come all over my cock.”

Jayne’s breath was becoming shallow, and her hips were moving with me, drawing me deeply into her with each thrust. Her breath was becoming faster.

“Wait,” she said. “I want to call Jon again. Can we stop just for a second?”

I withdrew, somewhat reluctantly, and waited as Jayne reached into her handbag and brought out the phone again.

“You still at home? Yes, we’re still here. He’s been fucking me. Good, surprisingly good….he hasn’t come yet….which is a surprise. But I think we’re nearly there….from behind…I want him to ejaculate into me from behind….no, no condom.”

Jayne rolled over on to her front, and got up on to her hands and knees. She raised her arse high in the air. I could see her pink lips, exposed to the sunshine, surrounded by short fuzzy pubes. Her hole looked wide, gaping, from where I had been fucking her. Still with the phone clasped to one ear, she signalled for me to enter her from behind.

I didn’t need any further invite. Kneeling behind her, I held open her buttocks and pushed my cock back in. So this was doggie style! It felt amazing, a whole new sensation, and once I was in deep I started thrusting harder than before.

Jayne seemed to be enjoying it. She was almost ignoring me now, just talking to Jon down the phone. “Yeah, he feels so deep, really stiff, yep he’s right inside me, filling me,” she told her partner. “He’s fucking me so hard and fast.”

I was gripping her buttocks as I took her in deep, rapid thrusts. The end was not far away, I knew.

“Jon, I wish you could be here to watch this,” she continued. “I’ve got his whole length inside me, it feels so fucking good. I’m nearly there. He’s so fucking young, and hot…”

Jayne’s tits swung beneath her as I took her from behind. I reached forward to stroke her nipples, gripping them as I fucked her even harder.

I could feel the beginning tremors inside her, the little waves of her orgasm starting. “James. Come in me…come inside me….”

I felt her take a breath and hold it. I couldn’t see her face, but I imagined her eyes screwed up tight and her mouth open. She dropped the phone on the ground.

I pushed myself into her, as deep as I could, with one last thrust, and I felt her orgasm wash her.

“Oh my god, oh fuck, ohmygod,” she exhaled, groaning with pleasure. It felt like I came forever, shooting my load again and again as I felt her pussy walls grip me tight. I can’t remember what noise I made, whether it was words or just noise, as I shot my spunk into a woman’s pussy for the very first time. I held Jayne for a few seconds, then withdrew, my erection wet and slick with our juices.

She looked at me, still on her hands and knees, her face ecstatic.

“I’m going to have to run,” I told her. “It’s nearly 7.30 and my Mum will be wondering where I’ve got to….” I started to pull my clothes back on.

She laughed. “Here’s my business card,” she said. “I think we’ll be seeing each other again…..very soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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