Young Lust Ch. 01

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Trust me; this is not going to be just another one of those, What I Did on My Summer Vacation stories. But then, it did get started over the summer between my Junior and senior year. It was the summer I turned eighteen, and my sister Clea was already nineteen and getting ready to go off to College. Anyway, I came home one afternoon, and spotted Clea and her girlfriend Anita soaking up some sun out by the pool. I figured they weren’t expecting me to show up, because they were both topless. Well, I already knew Clea had a great rack; hell, she’d flashed her tits at me often enough. But oh man, her friend Anita had huge melon sized jugs, with these really big jutting nipples. From the den I’d be a whole lot closer to them, so that’s right where I headed. The den was pretty dark, and I figured that they wouldn’t be able to see me scoping them out. Anyway, I sure hoped so, because I already had my dick out.

My sister has a terrific ass, and when she rolled over on to her stomach the way her tiny thong bottom split her ass cheeks sent my hand in to overdrive. Anita got up, and said something to Clea I couldn’t hear. And when she started to push her bikini bottoms down her legs I thought my heart was just going to explode right out of my chest. It was perfect, her back was to me; so when she bent over I collected my first real good look at live pussy. Hey, I’d had my hand down a couple of different girl’s pants, but I’d sure never seen one live and in person. And Anita’s was nearly completely bare, with only a narrow strip of dark pubes running above all that glistening wet pink. She picked up the sun screen, and honestly, I almost blew when she bent over and began sliding her hands up and down her legs. She had them spread a bit, and as she ran her hands up over her ass she spread those gorgeous cheeks even wider apart. Oh man, and I thought I’d had a good look before. But, when her hands spread her ass cheeks, her pussy’s puffy lips parted too, revealing the winking eye of her vagina.

Beats me why; but, Anita was laughing when she bent over and began spreading oil over Clea’s back and shoulders. I could hardly believe how great Anita’s awesome tits looked, hanging their and jiggling while she worked her hands down to Clea’s ass. My poor dick ratcheted up in to a level of hard that was almost scary. No way around it, I just knew, I was going to blow a load. So, I figured I’d use my T-shirt to catch it. But, when I pulled the damn thing over my head, I banged an elbow off the sliding glass door. Luckily, the girls didn’t seem to notice, and just as soon as I could breathe again, my hand was back blasting up and down my dick. You probably don’t want to hear about the huge load of cum that I blasted in to that poor shirt; oops, but I guess you just did. After I shot, I felt a little weird sneaking peeks; so, I headed on up to my room.

Later that evening, after dinner, our folks headed out to play cards with some friends. It wasn’t long after that, and I was stretched out on my bed reading. Clea knocked, and then stuck her head in, asking “Hey bro, can I come in?” I figured she’d just gotten out of the shower, because her hair was wet, and all she had on was a short robe. She plopped down on the foot of my bed, and stretched her long legs out. That damn robe gaped open almost clear to her crotch. And yeah, alright I was staring. Clea giggled and shifted her other leg so that now I could see both of them bare nearly to her pussy.

Sorry; but, I’ve got to interrupt my own story. Some of you won’t like reading this, but Clea is really my step sister. Our folks hooked up when I was three, and Clea and I have been tight right from the first. And believe me; neither of us ever uses that “step” word.

I waited and watched, but when she didn’t say anything, I asked her what was up. She gave me this look, and then said “I know that you were checking out Anita and me this afternoon. And, I’m betting that you, well you know, did it while you were watching.” Shit, I blushed, and then blushed some more because I’d blushed. Clea reached out, patted my bare thigh, and said “Hey, its cool. It didn’t bother me and Anita never even notice.” Her robe gaped open a bit more; and oh wow, suddenly I was staring at one fully bare tit, complete with its pointy pink nipple. Well, Clea’s hand was sort of caressing my thigh, and between that and the sight of her bare legs, and that exposed tit of hers, I was sporting a serious hard-on. So, she sat there grinning, staring at that bulge in my shorts, and told me that she liked having me checking her out.

Honestly, I’ve been checking her out; ever since I stopped thinking girls had cooties. And, I suppose I’ve been whacking-off, and fantasizing about her about that long too. So, I told her “Well yeah sure, Hell sis, you know you’re bod is smoking hot.” I’ve already told you Clea’s pretty hot; she’s bleach blonde with big green eyes and a terrific smile. That summer she was tan, right down to where her bikini’s thong bottom left a tiny bit of white skin. Her tits aren’t anywhere near as big as her friend Anita’s; but, I figured they were still a tasty handful. And right then, the one pink nipple I could see was popped Taksim Escort right out, looking all hard and pointy.

Burying her face in her hands Clea giggled, playfully teasing “Oh my God, my brother thinks I’m a hottie.” And then, she leaned over and stroked her nails up my thigh, under my shorts, and half way to my balls. That move left her robe gaping wide enough to leave me gaping at bare pussy. And never mind that both her firm tits were on full display too. Because, there was just this little triangle of bleached blonde pubes that pointed right to her bare, and I mean a shaved bare pussy. So, while my eyes bounced up and down her nearly naked body, Clea just sat there wearing this shit eating grin. That wandering hand of hers was about to drive me nuts. Her hand was still under my shorts, nails stroking way up high on my inner thigh. And then, with a snort of giggles, she jumped to her feet. Oh God and she looked so smoking hot, standing there with her hands on her hips and her robe hanging wide open. She licked her lips, Shrugs her shoulders, that robe slid to the floor, and she was standing there bare ass naked.

Awesome! I just sat there babbling “oh man, oh man” over and over. And, that was even before she cupped her tits in her hands, and started to tease her nipples. Hey, and I’d been right too; at least in her hands, Clea’s tits were a tasty handful. So, while my very sexy sister watched me watching her, she teased, pinching and rolling a pair of rock hard looking nipples between her fingers. I laid there staring, absolutely not believing my eyes. My amazing sister ran her hands over her body, letting her fingers glide down to her hips. Pausing, she planted one fist on a jutting hip, letting the fingers of her other hand curl, caressing the soft tan skin of her flat belly. That hand slid lower, then lower still, and then she pushed it out of sight between her thighs.

When Clea planted her foot up on the edge of my bed, she managed to do more then just stop my heart cold. For one thing, standing that way left her legs spread just about as wide open as they could be. So, the only thing between my bugged out eyes, and my first real close-up look at a real live pussy was Clea’s hand. And that hand was sliding back and forth between her thighs, giving me only tantalizingly brief glimpses of her glistening wet pussy. Oh sure, I wondered later just where my sister had learned to play so nasty. But just then, I was much too busy being dumbstruck by the sight of her pushing a pair of her fingers in to her vagina. Unbelievably, she started to giggle as she slowly pumped them in and out. OK, and she was still giggling when she yanked her fingers out, and wagged the nearly dripping wet things in my face.

I didn’t move, or say a word, just watched my naked sister crawling on to my bed. She knelt there straddling my legs, and eyed me quizzically. But when she leaned forward bracing her hands on my thighs, I just couldn’t resist the temptation. Right then, I thought her tits were pure perfection. Those beauties barely jiggled, and oh god they were so smooth and round. Her nipples were hard and sticking out, and I reached for them. Playfully, Clea batted my hands away, reaching for the bulge my throbbing hard-on made in my shorts. She started running her fingers over it , and I thought it would just burst right through my shorts,. But, she actually had her fist wrapped around it when she coaxed “I want to see it. Come on Dave, show it to me. You jacked-off watching us today, didn’t you? Sure you did; come on, tell me! I bet you came thinking about fucking Anita too, right?” Oh man, and she was licking her lips and talking in this husky, real sexy voice. I guess she got tired of waiting for me to do something, because she finally just grabbed my shorts with both hands and yanked them down.

Clea didn’t do anything, well except stare at the cock that sprang to rigid attention. And I mean, she stared like maybe she’d never seen a guy’s hard-on before. I figured that sure couldn’t b; Hell, Clea’s real popular, and always had a boyfriend. And whispered or not, you bet I heard her say “Oh my God Dave, its big. I mean wow; total wow, its sure way bigger then my stupid boyfriend’s!” She smacked my leg then, and this time sounded serious when she asked “Come on bro, tell me. Were you playing with that big hard thing and thinking about fucking Anita with it?”

What else could I do, but tell her what I’d been doing? I got as far as “OK yeah, I did it, but it was you I kept thinking about”, before Clea interrupted.

Sounding awfully skeptical, she said “I don’t think so”, before adding “I mean, come on Dave, she got naked, don’t tell me you weren’t staring at her pussy.”

Of course I had to admit “Hell yes I looked”, but that sure wasn’t all I told her. “Anita’s pretty hot I guess. But, I don’t know, like I told you, you’re smoking hot, and super sexy. And even if you are my crazy sister, it was you I was thinking about. Oh Hell, and you might as well know, it sure wasn’t the first time, I’ve pounded one out fantasizing about you either.”

Clea was so excited that she Ümraniye Escort was positively bouncing. And she practically squealed her “Oh shit, that’s just too hot. Oh man, oh man, you really did it thinking about me, fucking total wow, that’s fucking hot.” Gee, if I’d known she’d get all worked up knowing I’d whacked-off to thoughts of her, I’d have told her about doing it a long time ago.

Clea shifted, moving so she was kneeling between my legs. Using that real sexy voice again, she insisted “Please Dave! Come on, do it for me. I jack-off my boyfriend all the time.” I’d pretty much figured that, but what she said next really floored me. “Gosh, actually I really, really like doing it! Sure, and I guess I’ve got a bunch of dates off that way too. But honest, I’ve never gotten to watch a guy doing it. You’ll do it for me won’t you Dave?”

My head was still shaking when she slowly reached out a finger, and lightly stroked my balls. Her hand followed right behind that finger, and wrapped itself around my balls. Her other hand slid around my cock, gripping it in a tight fist. And, she kept that fist slowly pumping up and down, while she wheedled, flattered, and finally sexily whispered an offer I couldn’t refuse. “Please Dave! Do it for your sis. Come on, you’ll do it for me won’t you? Oh Dave, you’re so hard, yeah and it’s so much bigger then my boyfriend’s. Hey, I’ll just bet you’ve had lots of girls doing this for you, right? But, brother dearest, I bet you’ve never seen a girl playing with her own pussy before? What do you say bro, would you like too?” Well, it sounded good alright, even if she had that part about the other girls wrong. Anyway, I barely managed to croak out, “Oh man, seriously, you’d really do that?” But honestly, I was still pretty damn reluctant. By then, with the way her fist was just absolutely blasting up and down my cock; I sort of figured, if I didn’t answer her, well pretty quick it wouldn’t matter anyway.

She was getting real breathy, you know breathing fast while she told me how turned on she was getting, and how much she loved my”Big old red hot monster of a cock.” But then, she let go of it, leaned back with her hands on her hips, and asked “OK so, how about this? Do it for me now and the next time Anita’s over and we’re lying out, I’ll make sure we both get naked. Yeah, and then I’ll make an excuse to come in. I’ll give you the best hand-job you’ve ever even dreamed of! Hey, and you can just go right on scoping her out while I’m doing you too.” I even believed her when she added “And, I’ll like making you cum while you’re thinking about fucking my best girlfriend, yeah, I’ll like that a lot.” OK, she had me, and yeah, she knew it too. So, her how does that sound bro” was hardly necessary.

So, watching her eyes, I reached out and wrapped my right hand around my cock. Oh, and her eyes might just as well have been glued to my slowly pumping fist. “Just so you know”, I told her. “Yeah, if Anita’s lying there naked, I’ll be looking at her alright.” Wanting to make sure she heard what came next, I let go of my cock. I smiled, and leaned back with my hands behind my head, before telling her “Sis, its going to be you I’m fantasizing about.”

I didn’t understand then, or much care either; but for some silly reason, right then anyway, I was obsessed with the thought of watching Dave jacking-off. Earlier that afternoon, I’d known he was hanging out in the den, undoubtedly peering out at Anita and me. Why not, we were lying out topless, while we worked on our tans. And, I just couldn’t stop thinking about him in there, with his big old pecker out, and all thick and hard in his hand. I just knew if he had it out, he’d be playing with it too, well duh., I wanted to be in there, watching his hand fly up and down his cock faster, and faster, until finally it started spurting out streams of cum.

Oh God, and when Anita stood up with her back to Dave, and stripped out of her thong; honestly, I don’t know how I didn’t just laugh my silly head off. I mean, she didn’t have a clue about brother Dave, did she? Oh, and then she bent over and started to rub oil on her legs, and I just knew poor Dave was staring at her bare pussy, and really going to town on his cock. Feeling really dumb, I was too embarrassed to take off my bikini bottoms. I mean it’s not like Anita’s never seen me bare ass naked, but right then, my pussy was dripping wet, and well, I just didn’t want to have to explain why.

Later that evening it was still all I could think about, and that’s what had led me to Dave’s room. So, before long their I was naked showing off more , well all of me, then I’d ever shown any guy, and feeling more exposed then I’d ever felt in my life. And, I liked the feeling. That’s when I realized, just thinking about doing myself right there in front of Dave, actually had me more turned on then those fantasies about watching him jack-off. Hey, not that I wasn’t still on fucking fire to see that. I wanted to be sure, so I said “Hey bro, this is just for fun, right? You know that we’re not going to like fuck or anything like that?”

The poor boy’s eyes never stopped bouncing back and forth between my tits and my pussy, but he did manage to actually speak. “Yeah sure, we’re only playing around. God, you are my sister!” Yeah sure, but this sister’s pussy was on fucking fire; and for sure I’d never been so turned on before.

So far anyway, Dave had only teased me, barely touching and briefly stroking his cock; but, I was positive he would; well, if he kept his eyes on my play anyway. Usually when I’m masturbating, I just reach straight for my clit. OK, sometimes I’d slip in a couple of fingers, and pretend they were some cute guy’s big cock fucking me. That time, I started with one hand spreading my pussy’s lips apart, and the other one flicking a finger out over my clit. Yeah, so I’d gone straight for it, I told you I was on fucking fire, didn’t I? Gosh, I’d been getting myself off since I was about twelve, but none of my boyfriends had ever done it for me. And, I’d sure never done myself in front of one of them either. My first orgasm came on fast, and oh fuck, did I ever love being free to ham it up, and be real loud and nasty. The parents still weren’t home, so there were lots of loud oh my Gods, and a couple of squealed, I’m cuming, I’m cuming. Finally I’d screamed a long drawn out “Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, oh shit, I’m cuming.” Hey, it was the first time I’d ever been able to cut-loose, and really scream my brains out. It really added something, totally piling it on too something that was already pretty seriously intense. Anyway, I sure didn’t fake any part of it, that’s for damn sure.

OK, it had been a struggle, but I’d managed to keep my eyes open. So, I’d been treated to the sweet sight of Dave furiously blasting his fist up and down his lovely cock, while he sat there open mouthed and practically drooling. Gosh, did I forget to mentioned, Dave’s cock is pretty damn big! Well, it’s sure longer, way thicker too, then my boyfriend’s is anyway. Another time we measured it, and it was almost eight inches. That’s pretty big, right? Well, I was still on my knees between his legs; and was thinking, from the look in the guy’s eyes anyway, that if I didn’t slow him down pretty quick, I was going to be the target of an explosion of hot white cum. Still panting and gasping for breath, I shivered with delicious little body tingling rushes. But, they didn’t stop me from reaching out, grabbing hold of Dave’s hands, and putting the brakes on his frenzied pumping.

Not that I expected to get a coherent answer, I went ahead and asked “Did you like that brother dearest?” When all I got was an enthusiastic nod of his head, I teased “What, cat got your tongue? Do you want to see some more?”

Hey! That time, at least he managed a “Yes, oh Hell yes!” Oh, and I figured I knew another fun little way to blow the poor guy’s mind. But first, I decided I’d better do something to keep him from getting himself off, before I was ready that is.

So, I moved his hands to his thighs, and ordered “Don’t move them Dave. I’ll play for you; only, you can’t cum until I say you can!” Well, I’d spotted a gleaming glob of precum smeared over the head of Dave’s cock. And, I didn’t bother waiting for him to say anything either; nope, using the same finger that had just finished working over my clit, I swiped up that glistening white bit of precum, and popped it in to my mouth. It wasn’t exactly my first taste of some guy’s cum, not exactly anyway. Hey, you don’t jack-off a date, without ending up with the stuff smeared all over your fingers, or is that just me? Whatever, so it wasn’t the first finger full of the sticky stuff I’d licked off a finger. But, from the look on Dave’s face it was the first time he’d seen a live girl, not one in some dumb porn, perform that delicious little trick. For sure, I’d have bet it was the first time a girl did it using his cock and his cum. Yup, I felt like one very wicked little bitch!

Leaning back, and pushing my legs even wider apart, I reached both hands between my thighs. Just so Dave didn’t miss anything important; I used one hand to make sure my pussy was nicely exposed. And then, I popped a finger in to my nearly molten vagina. Still playing nice, after I’d stirred that Finger around, I slipped it out and pushed it between Dave’s lips. And, just to fuck with him a bit, I worked up a double finger full for myself. Gosh! The poor guy’s eyes must have been getting awfully tired of bugging out.

Managing a head shaking grin, Dave sat there, leaning back against the headboard of his bed. And, I scrambled around so I was lying on my back between his legs, with my feet braced against the wall on either side of his head. Hey, when I’m doing myself that’s one of my favorite positions, it leaves me real open and feeling deliciously exposed; besides, I like being able to push off against the wall. Honestly, it really intensifies my orgasms! My bed’s headboard has a mirror, but right then I had Dave’s eyes instead, and I really, really liked that. I figured he could tell I was practically on fucking fire, and for sure he could see I was just, well dripping wet. Just in case he hadn’t noticed though, I kept my fingers spreading my labia wide, and swirled two fingers around my very slippery opening. In they went, twisting as I thrust them in just as deep as I could. I really was on fire inside, and my fingers weren’t doing anything likely to cool things down. Dave had grabbed a fistful of cock, but he wasn’t doing anything with it, not yet anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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