Yui’s Awakening. Part 8


Yui’s Awakening. Part 8Yui and Dina had hooked up four more times over the last month. Yui was certainly enjoying the attention from this beautiful, exotic woman, and Dina seemed to be enjoying Yui’s willingness to play along with her schoolgirl fantasies. Indeed, Yui was getting more and more interested in role-play through her nights with Dina, and each new night of love making brought her closer to showing Dina how she makes love to herself in front of her mirrors at home. This was something Yui had been wanting to explore with someone, and it seemed like Dina was someone who would certainly appreciate it.On a midweek night, after a softcore lesbian photoshoot with Sana, the two headed to Bar Hers, where Yui had by now become well known for her beauty.After some cocktails and chatting with other friends, an older woman, whom everyone seemed to know had joined their group. She was probably in her 40s, attractive in a very natural way, and very buxom. Sana introduced her to Yui as Midori, and she explained that she was married to an older man who was not interested in sex, and, as she had been bisexual since her 20s, she would often come to Nichome and drink with the girls at the lesbian bars.Sana winked at Yui and turned to Midori.”Please show us your special trick Midori san”.The three other girls in the group all squealed with delight as Midori blushed and tried to change the subject. But their insistence made her get up from the table and motion for everyone to follow her to a more secluded booth. There, they all sat, Yui not knowing what to expect, with Midori at the ‘head’ of the booth’s table. She proceeded to unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra from the front, unveiling her very generous breasts. Yui was blushing, and looked around at the other girls, some of whom were also blushing but mostly excited and giggling. Midori’s breasts were as large as her head, and at 40 something, they were not as ‘old’ as Yui was expecting. In fact, they were lovely, soft, smooth, and shining in the dimly lit booth. Yui was very excited at the sight of her large nipples. The areolae were almost as large as the palm of her hand, and her nipples were becoming quite stiff and enlarged in the air conditioning.The girls squealed quietly, and snuggled up against one another, as Midori slowly and lovingly caressed her large bosom, tweaking those beautiful nipples. Yui could feel her wetness beginning, niğde escort and while at first she felt a little embarrassed at being turned on by this, she quickly realized that all these girls would be too.Soon, Midori lifted her left breast up to her mouth and kissed the lovely smooth expanse of flesh above the nipple. This caused more soft noises from the girls. Then her tongue came and circled that delicious nipple. Soon she was sucking her stiff nipple into her mouth, teasing, licking, sucking, nibbling, all the while her eyes closed and a vision, at least to Yui, of self love.Yui and some of the girls were feeling very flushed in the cheeks, and there were some who were obviously squirming in their seats, enjoying the sensation of stimulating their wet pussies in such wonderful company, and in public.Manami, the bar manager, came over to the booth, announcing that she had closed the bar and they could have one last drink. No one listened.After several minutes of self sucking both her beautiful nipples, Midori leaned back in the booth and sighed as she buttoned up.”Does that turn you on, Midori san?” asked one of the girls.”Of course my dear girl! I have to go home now and masturbate in the bath while my husband sleeps”.The girls filed out of the bar, saying goodnight to each other, and Yui found herself fumbling in her bag for her phone. She had so many thoughts of nipples being sucked, and wet pussies that were going home to be enjoyed by their owners, and she just had to contact Dina.”Oh Yui chan! Thank you for calling, what’s up?””Hello Dina. I was …. wondering if you … if I could come and see you tonight…””Oh… Yui chan, I would love you to … but … I’m not alone, if you know what I mean”.Yui knew exactly what she meant, which did not surprise her at all. She knew that Dina had other sexual partners.”I don’t mind … if your friend doesn’t mind”, she finally said. She now felt so completely turned on, having said that.”Hold on … … ok, I’ll leave the door open for you, see you soon”, Dina whispered.Yui let herself in to Dina’s dark apartment. She headed for the soft light coming from the bedroom, butterflies in her stomach at having no idea what she was going to be greeted with.There, on the bed, lying on her back was Dina, with a young looking Japanese girl sitting above her. The Japanese girl had her long hair in two pony tails on either side of her head. Her escort niğde body was thin, lean, and she seemed to be quite flat-chested. As Yui got closer she noticed that one of Dina’s long legs was stretched out on the bed, while the other was splayed out. The girl had one leg under Dina’s splayed leg, and it was then that Yui noticed that they were rubbing their wet pussies together.”Oh, Yui chan. Good timing”, said Dina. The girl said nothing, but continued to grind her pussy against Dina’s.Yui was naked within seconds, and climbed onto the bed, straddling Dina’s outstretched leg. She immediately started rubbing her soaking pussy against Dina’s lovely thigh, while caressing the young girl’s shoulders. Yui was so caught up in her lust and the utter naughtiness of this situation. She lovingly caressed this sexy little stranger’s shoulders and arms as she ground her pussy against Dina’s. Her body was tight. Yui’s hands explored her tight little body all over. She reached around to feel her stomach. It was as tight as a drum. Yui’s fingers caressed and bounced over this lovely, smooth and tight stomach, eventually working their way up to explore her chest. In complete contrast to what Yui had previously seen in the bar, and that had made her so horny, this girl’s breasts were very small. They were pert, tight, and her nipples were so so hard. Yui moved up Dina’s thigh a little, so that her body was now making contact with the tight little body that was still gyrating and grinding away at Dina’s pussy. Yui wanted to get closer to this intriguing girl with the tight stomach and tiny breasts and pony tails. She imagined the foreplay that must have taken place here before she called. How Dina must have had her dress up in the school uniform. How Dina must have seduced this ‘schoolgirl’. This made Yui’s fingers clamp around those hard nipples, pinching and squeezing them, while grinding her pussy against Dina’s leg and grinding her body against this young girl’s.With Yui’s fingers making love to her nipples in this way, the girl leaned back against Yui. Yui could feel the heat and lust coming from her gorgeous little body. She pushed her own breasts against this girl’s back while still working on this rock hard nipples.Within seconds of this, both the girl and Dina announced they were going to orgasm.Yui buried her face into the girl’s neck, under one of the ponytails, sucking the hot sweaty niğde escort bayan flesh into her mouth, while pulling and squeezing her nipples. Her grinding paused slightly before intensifying into a shaking orgasm. Dina too, pushed her pussy up as if to enter the young girl’s own pussy, as she too came in a bed shaking orgasm.Soon, the girl lay limply against Yui, who caressed the now soft, warm body in her lap. For the first time, Yui could see her face clearly, and she loved how cute and innocent she seemed.After catching her breath, Dina introduced her as Emi. Emi was a dancer – that explained her tight dancer’s body!Yui explained that she had watched Midori sucking her own nipples at the bar, and Dina immediately knew why Yui was so horny.”Well, I guess it’s your turn Yui chan…” she whispered, motioning Yui to lie on the bed.The long and slender Dina lay to her right, while the short, tight Emi lay on her left. Each girl snuggled into Yui’s warm softness, and Yui closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head, to surrender her body wholly to these two beautiful girls.They kissed Yui’s beautiful body all over. They licked her soft, shining skin all over. They nibbled her and sucked her, they bit and licked… Yui was in heaven.”I really need you to make love to my nipples”, she whispered.The two girls quickly began to lick, suck, nibble, pull, squeeze, tease, pinch and flick Yui’s gorgeous and erect nipples as Dina nestled her strong thigh between Yui’s legs. Yui ground her soaking pussy into Dina’s thigh with a fierce and wild abandon, as if she was desperate to orgasm. She was. She had been so turned on by watching Midori make love to her own nipples, and then to walk in on this hot scene with Dina and Emi, and then to have these two amazing girls making love to her nipples. It was only a matter of minutes before she almost screamed that she was coming.Her arms still above her head, her lovely bottom lifting off the bed so that her wet pussy could fully grind against Dina’s thigh, her nipples being pulled and sucked so hard by these two girls, and their hands all over her luscious body, sent her into a shaking, quivering, quaking orgasm that seemed to last a long time.”Well, that was my first time with two beautiful, sexy, gorgeous Japanese girls”, said Dina finally. Her long arms reached out to the two spent bodies lying on either side of her and she hugged them close to her body.”Let’s do it again sometime…?” asked Emi. Yui looked at her tight little body in dim light, and thought that she would really like to explore some time alone with her.”Mmmm… yes, let’s”, Yui said before they fell asleep.

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