Interview for Personal secretary position -3




Continuing from – Interview for Personal secretary position _II

After fucking boss number two for four hours where he poured his cum into my, I was just getting used to the pounding I have to undergo for next six months. Boss number three came from the bathroom and asked my enter it.

I went inside and he said. Kneel down babe…and suck…I sucked his cock again and he then pissed on my. Baby drink this and poured his piss into mouth. I drank as much possible and poured on tits. He took a glass poured some piss into it, some rum, his cigarette ash and asked me to suck his cock again. Two minutes of intense sucking, he poured his milky semen foam into the glass. He then asked to sit in doggy position and with his finger removed shit out and put it into the glass.

He poured some into cunt and remaining I drank. I felt like vomiting. He slapped me…don’t vomit…get used to it…he took his cock and fucked my again. Some of the cocktail slurped from cunt into the bed sheet but it was the best fetish I ever had. I wanted more. He kept pumping my in ass, cunt and mouth.

He said. When all bosses will fuck you for ten hours day after tomorrow, you will have more…I was excited…to see the day…

I said. Sir, I will be your whore for life…he smiled You are a whore for all of us for life…you will bear our bastard c***dren. Only girls no boys and we will fuck them also…

I agreed…after four more hours of intense fucking, I collapsed. He kept still pumping. I admired his strength and virility. Then I felt another dick enter mouth. It was the fourth boss. The third boss left me and I began a new session with the fourth boss. I asked for half hour break…but he hit my with his belt and said…bitch I wanna fuck you….i could not say no…I took him and he started caressing heavy breasts. He bent down and put his mouth to right nipple and started licking it. I began to get turned on and moaned slowly.

He licked the other nipple also and then slowly started taking turns in sucking them, gently at first, then harder and biting them with increasing passion. All the time I was moaning and putting hands on his head to encourage him to suck and bite harder. He slowly started kneeling down kissing abdomen, navel and then to lower lips. He started rubbing his face on pubic hair and slowly parted cunt with his nose exclaiming,” Sweetheart you smell heavenly.” His tongue shot into vagina and started licking and sucking frenetically… pink nipples had become an angry red by the frequent and rough attentions of his mouth.

Nipples felt as if they were bursting and cunt was moist and literally thirsting to be taken by lover’s organ. I started begging,” Please take my now”, hugging him tightly and scratching his back with fingers. He slowly wrapped fingers around his pulsating organ to make my guide him. However I was past caring and eagerly guided his throbbing sex organ into thirsting vagina. He opened mouth with his chewing on lips as he entered my. Ooh! I was fairly tight and the feeling was incredible as he penetrated my slowly and with a jerk pushed in completely. He lay still for a moment locking his eyes into mine and then put his mouth to nipples one by one and as he sucked them hard he fucked my.

I began to move to his rhythm and as his thrusts became harder his sucking of breasts and kissing of mouth became wilder. His steel like organ was going berserk inside cunt and I was on cloud 9. Slowly his thrusts became violent and I was feeling that I would be torn and would melt into him by his furious assault on body. I started pleading “Please sir, please come hard inside my. I want every drop of you.” I starting climaxing as the world spun crazily and then he went still deep inside my. I could hear self-screaming as his love organ started shooting his copious discharge deep into womb. Shuddering and almost weeping with pleasure legs wrapped around him and vaginal muscles tightened involuntarily milking his organ to the last drop.

I had sex for ten hours now…oh god… cunt could not stand anymore fucking….it was ass turn…loads of cum in cunt, ass and mouth filled my…me smiled…I loved being a prostitute

I slept for fours now and had to be ready for 5th boss…he asked me get cleaned up… cunt, ass and mouth to be fresh without marks etc…I asked for some time and gave me 10 hours to be ready. Nalini gave me and injection and said…sleep for four hours and I will clean this room. Go to fifth floor and there is a huge bedroom and sleep. Fifth boss will fuck you there.

Now I my was standing there fully nude and both lechers were having their fill. They yelled at my saying * you creep, look at your boss and his lund, oh my god how will I take such a big lund inside me, oh plzzzz help me. Boss said “Bitch you are saying so because you haven’t seen my Lund, believe my it’s bigger than our other bosses “he said in a gawkish seems he wanted to terrify my more, and enjoyed fucking in a bestial manner. He also took his trousers down along with underwear.

When I looked at his throbbing lund, my eyes widened in terror. and it was natural because his Lund was no less than 9.5″ and at least 3.5″ inches was jet-black and the supada {cockhead} was red like a beetroot bulb. I think his supada must be of the size of a medium potato. his lund was fully erect and shook it dangerously in front of me and said “look doll, now you will have all the fun on the face of this earth with mighty lund, and i promise that you will have the best fuck of your life” my, in a terrified voice said “all the fun ….heheh bullshit…. this thing will tear pussy into two, plz don’t even try to put it, i will surely die……plzzzzzzzzzz don’t do it……..

The sixth boss who was feasting himself on may’s boobs until now suddenly lifted his head and said” saali ko ek peg aur pila do ,phir dekho kaise masti se choodwayegi” Boss liked his idea and picking up a glass he made me to drink all the content of the glass.. I had gulped the entire content of the glass; I coughed a little bit and caressed my breasts in order to calm myself. Boss replaced my hands with his hands and pressed my boobs. he took her hands to his throbbing lund and said*hi mere lund ko chhoo kar dekho,kaise yeh bechara tadap raha hai tumhari choot ke liye,hai jara ise pyar se sahlao tau ise tassali mile ki ise jaldi hi tumhari choot bhi milnewali hai haiiiii

Plz saying so he placed my hands on his lund.i started caressing his lund. After a few minutes of foreplay ,they decided to take my to the bed where the final match was to be played.i saw that my’s eyes were getting red due to the intoxication. One boss pushed his one finger in my’s pussy and said *look boss this chhinal was doing NAKHRAS and saying plz don’t fuck my and all that crap and see how her pussy is dripping with cum,it clearly shows that she is also enjoying all this as much as we are .

So now lets start fucking also must have felt that she can not restarin herself anymore. I now started moaning and saying in a very low voice *oh plz chhodo mujhe ,myin tau mar jaoongi haaaaaaai kitne bade-bade hai tumhare hathiyar plzz chhod do mujhe,hi agar tum logo ko mujhe chodna hi hai aur mujhe chode bina manenge nahi tau plz apne hathiyar per cream tau laga hi lo nahi tau main tau mar jaoongi hi plz have myrcy on pussy* boss said * boss now that she has agreed,so fuck her to your hearts fill,,dont show any mercy and recover all your money from her sexy body. afterwards you may not get such a chance so do whatever you want with her. I had openly taken out cock out of the trousers and was caressing it.

Boss was standing near my’s face from side and my was sucking his lund.but his dick-head was so big that my was finding it difficult to accomodate it fully.seeing my struggling to take the entire lund in my mouth ,boss said* dekh kya rahe ho ghused do apna poora lund saali ke muh myin,agar lund muh myin nahi ghusa sake tau phir choot main kaise dalonge*

I said{withdrawing baburao’s cock from her mouth}* haaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiikitna mota lund hai baburao ka yeh tau myre muh myin hi nahi jaa raha hai tau phir myri choot ka tau baza hi baz jaayega ,please ise myri choot myin nahi dalna ,if you want i will give you blow-jobs as many time as you want,but please don’t try to fuck pussy with your mighty lund.*baburao said “don’t worry my darling since you are co-operating with us i will consider your request and wont fuck your pussy.he had a wicked smile on his face while he was saying this and winked at my and boss.My took a long breath of relief thanking her stars and saying *oh baburao you are such a nice person,i will give you extra pleasures for this
special consideration.thank you very much*

Poor my ,i thought to self.what she did not know that baburao may not fuck her pussy but he would surely fuck her ass .he was a thorough GANDU{ass-lover}.the boss had now inserted his cock fully in my’s pussy.he was pushing his cock slowly but was also gyrating her hipsin the samy motion and the entire length of boss’s cock had disappeared inside her pussy.i was just wondering that how could my take such a long and thick cock in her pussy w/o much pain {since cock was relatively smaller than boss’s}.baburao had also pushed his lund with a jerk in her mouth and my was being fucked in two of her holes simultaneously.

Both baburao and boss were stroking their cocks in slow was playing with baburao’s balls{testicles} and boss was mouling her huge mammae,and baburao despite fucking her orally,now pressing her one boob with one hand and with other hand took hold of her ass-cheek.i smiled to self that the bastard{baburao] was reaching his ultimate fantasy facilitate baburao’s hands entry ,my had raised her hips a little bit.taking advantage of this baburao pushed his one finger in her ass-hole.I asked boss{showing him erect cock” boss please give my some chance to have fun as well ,look at cock,how much it is dying to be attended,please have some mercy on my” boss said *don’t worry mr harish TuMHARA NUMBER BHI AAYEGA,but let her first gain the full momyntum*and he increased his speed.

Now my was also reciprocating him in the samy manner.after a few thrusts boss said *my rani ,lets change the pose now and you becomy bitch for the night and be like a bitch so be on all fours and let my fuck you like a dog* my {getting up from the bed and posing like a bitch}said *boss kutiya tau main ban jaaoongi per myri gand myin mat pel dena aapka hallabi lund*{boss i am ready to becomy a bitch but please don’t push your HALLABI LUND in ass} boss said *oh you don’t worry on that ,i don’t like to fuck the ass and i am contend with having pussy only.and as it is i wont get on top of you ,but i will lie beneath you and will fuck you sucking your dangling boobs and nipples.* so my got on all fours ,like a bitch and boss lied beneath her and sucking her nipples pushed his hard cock in my’s pussy.myanwhile ,baburao withdrew his cock from my’s mouth and went behind her and stood facing her ass.

As he was looking at her moving ass {due to the jerk that my was receiving from boss }his lund was getting stiffer and stiffer.he very slowly but steadily pushed his index finger in my’s gaand{after properly wetting it with his saliva}.my immydiately turned back to see what baburao was doing and told him *oh baburao you had promised my that you wont fuck my so why are you inserting your finger in ass* Baburao said * oh bhabhiji i had promised you that i wont fuck you ,but it doesnt myan that i can’t push finger also in your ass.0oh darling bhabhiji,your ass is so lovely that i could not refrain self from putting finger in it,and beleive my ,I wont put cock in your don’t worry and enjoy with boss.*

My ,after feeling safe again turned towards boss and boss took her lips in his mouth and started sucking them. i was sitting there ,and masturbating cock.i was waiting for the signal from boss.i knew that after some time he will ask my to join them .both , boss and baburao kept on doing their job.boss was now fucking her with more speed and my was also moving her body in a to-and-fro motion.her heavy boos were hanging like two big pendulams.baburao was now pushing his two fingers in my’s ass-hole.

Since my was busy enjoying boss’s lund she must have not realized it.she now started moaning in low tones.* oh yyyyyyyyy god plzzzzzzzzzz fuck my aur zor se aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa plz thoda aurrrrrrrrrr ahnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaannnnnnnseeing that my had becomy fully hot and reached a point of no-return,baburao immydiately picked up the cream that was lying there,and applied a big dab of it on his cock.

After massaging his cock for some time he withdrew his fingers and in one swift jerk pushed his cock in my’s raised ass-hole and gripped her waist with soon as he pushed his 8.5″lund in my’s gand,she shouted loudly and tried to disengage herself from the boss,but since everyone was prepared ,she could not succeed in her shouted loudly”arre baburao yeh kya kiya tumne myri gand myin apna lund pel diya,haaaaaaiiiiiiiii main tau mari aaj,haiii yeh tumhara lund jise main choot my lene ko ready nahi thi tumne myri gaand myin pel diya ,haaaaaaaaaaa aaj tau myri gaand phategi ohhhhhhhh myri maaa bachao mujhe,haaaaaaaa plzzzzzzzz . boss immyditely took her lips in his mouth so that she do not shout anymore and signalled my to join them and console my.I very happily and excitedly got up and joined them.

I went near my and holding her hanging boob in one hand told her”myri jaan ,you just don’t worry ,this pain will not last for more than a couple of minutes ,but after this our life will be happy like before ,oh sweet darling,just bear for somytimy oh enjoy these two heavenly cocks,try to feel their hugeness,oh darling you must be enjoying immensely,i could never ever give you so much are so lucky to have two cocks at the same time.*saying so i bent down and kissed her lips and started sucking them.My’s eyes were closed and she was trying to wriggle out of their grip.{naturally so }but baburao had held her firmly and kept on pushing his lund inside her gaand.

Baburao said*haiiiiiiiii myri zaan ,teri gaand kaise chhod de ,teri gaand maarne ke liye hi tau itne natak kiye the hum logo ne,haaaaaaaaaaaai jab bhi myin tumhare chootar dekhta tau sochta tha ki agar mauka mila tau tumhari gaand jaroor maroonga,haaaaiiiiiii aaj myri takdeer ne mujhe woh mauka diya hai,aaj kaise tumhari gaand chhodunga,aaj tau jee bhar ke tumhari gaand maarni hai myri zaaaaaaaannnnn*{ oh zaan,how can i spare your ass,whenever i used to look at your ass ,i used to think that if i will get a chance I will fuck your ass,today luck has provided my to fullfill long cherished desire,so i will definitely enjoy your ass today}.

Me said{amid moans}*aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh bbbbbbbbbut you had promised myeeee that you will not fuckkkkkkkkk my and now you are pushinggggggggg your lund in yyyyyy assssssssss* Baburao said * yes i had promised that i will not fuck your pussy,but regarding your ass i had promised nothing,and see for yourself,i am not fucking your pussy but your ass.*and now he had fully inserted his cock in my’s ass.he was pumping his cock in and out of her gand very speedily. boss said,”arre harish tum kya dekh rahe ho chalo tum bhi apna lund apni biwi ke muh myin dal do tau ise ek saath teen-teen lundo ka maza milega”.listening boss,my herself took lund in her mouth saying”arre tum tau myre pati-parmyshwar ho tumhe main kaise chhod sakti hoon ,chalo tum bhi apne maze loot lo”and she took lund in her mouth.

Now all three of us had our lunds being worked out by my.i had given lund in her mouth,boss was busy pushing his cock in her pussy and baburao was pushing his lund in her ass.after a few minutes ofcontinuous stroking, boss was reaching his climax,he started moaning *ooooooooohhhhhhhhh my ,myri jaanu,haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii le mai tau gaya myra paani chhoooooooot raha haiiiiiiiii ahaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaale aur phatke hannahahannaana*and he started giving violent jerks to his cock.My said “oh please aur thodaaaaaaaaaa sa aur hai plzzzzzzzzz wait thode aur shot plzzzzzzz paaani mat chhodna haiiiiiiiiiiii myra cliamx aa raha haiiiiiiiiiplz “

But boss could not hold anymore and shot his cum in her pussy.i saw that boss’s cum was dripping from mys’s pussy and she was looking accusingly at boss as if saying that you should have waited some more time.sensing this and to save the boss from embarrassing,i told boss to get aside and took his place and pushed lund in my’s wet and cum-filled pussy. lund entered in her pussy very easily. boss said”look my,so what if i had ejaculated early,see you have your dear hubby at your side to help you,comy-on harish fuck her pussy and give her what i could not”

In the myanwhile baburao was busy screwing her ass.he also increased his speed.and now both of us were fucking her like a hot bitch.i felt that my’s pussy had swollen a lot and cock was entering very comfortably in her pussy.although this had reduced pleasure to a great extent but i was content thinking that now job was definitely saved.this thought gave my more encouragemynt and and i started pushing lund with greater speed.after a few minutes my started moaning ,ohhhhhhhhhhh myre sainyaaaaaaaaa myin tau gayi kaam se haaaaiiiiiii myra paani choot raha haiiiiiiiiiii aaj tau tripti mili hai,hi bas aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa ha bas isi tarah se thode aur shot maro uuuuuuuhmmmhmm plzzzzzzzz .i was surprised at my’s horniness, which was somything that she had never expressed.

I never knew that chast{?} my will be so horny from deep within.but anyway i kept on pushing lund.after a few shots i felt that my had reached her orgasm and her pussy was now releasing loads and loads of cum.the orgasm was so intense that for a moment a i felt that her cum would throw cock out of her pussy.

My was yelling* haaaaaaaaaannnnn ahah aaa myra paani chhootaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,hai myre razaaaaaaaaaaa aaj mujhe itna maza aaya ki lagta hai myri life ka poora maza ayya.haaaannnnnnnn oh you are a darling husband.oh baburao ab tum bhi apna paani nikalo aur myri gaand ka peechha chhodo haaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn plzzzzzzz.*although she had attained her orgasm but baburao and self were busy fucking her.i could not see how fare baburao was doing{since i was beneath my and baburao was standing }but i could imagine that he also must be enjoying immensely. i took her nipples in mouth as they were hanging very enticingly before eyes,and started sucking them.

I heard boss saying”haaaaaaaaaaannn baburao aur maro salli ki gaand aur zor se maaro ,see this is the chance that you have ,tomorrow you may not get this opportunity,so avail it fully.aur zor se maaro,shabbasssssssss myre sher.i felt that baburao had increasd his speed manifold listening boss’s encouraging word. my my yelled at him”abbe saale bas bhi kar ab kya myri gaand phad kar hi dum lega oh plzzzzzzzz thoda dheere tumhara musal{lund}myri gaand ka maleeda{tearing} bana raha hai plz thoda dheere se maro aur thoda pyar se maaro aahhhhhhhh. but baburao kept on pushing his lund with the samy high speed,completely unmindful of my’s plea. after a few minutes of stroking i yelled ahhhhhhhhhh i am cummmmmmmmmmmming ahh darling i am cummmmmmmmmiiiiiig and started ejaculating cum.Baburao was also approaching his climaxand he also shot his load in my’s lovely gaandddd.

After this marathon fucking session we did not end but again fucked my ass and pussy two more times that night. I also did fuck her gaand that night, and that was some experience for me. Previously i used to think that ass-fucking is nothing but dirty and painful but only after fucking the ass i came to know the joys which are sometime even more pleasurable than pussy.

After two days nalini came to room and brought seven negroes to fuck my… god they were huge dicks…I was getting excited and they stripped clothes into pieces…I wanted to take their dicks inside my…Nalini said. This is a limited edition video of seven huge cocks. u r a trial bitch hence no payments…they will fuck you 18 hours a day with six hour for you to sleep bath and shit… I said .no problem…but two conditions I want to eat every six hours and no shitting on me.please… she said…ok

Cameras were rolling…and aah…the camera guys require to fuck you every five hours so let them… Let’s play a gamy nalini said…all men stand in row and strip…and one by one shalini you will suck their cock and take the cum into your mouth…no dropping…

The first man had huge dick size 12 and 3 inches in girth…he shoved his dick into mouth and deep throated me…i was getting chocked and fucking was now increasing….he slapped my and made my lie back and further pushed his inside mouth. After nearly twenty minutes he loaded his cum inside my…then the next man started. Nearly an hour later …nalini said…you will fuck man a time. Then two’s and then three’s…I said ok…
One of the Negroes took nalini’ and said…till turn come. I will fuck you…she said me…i am in charge here…bullshit said the Negroid and his two friends started to pump her

I took one by one…one black pushed his huge tool into cunt and it almost touched womb…he started to pump slowly…I cried out aloud…his dick was tearing my apart…

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