Sluts: Sabi, Eva and The Biker guys


To kick things off, I’ll explain a little about me first then get straight in to what occurred on the night in question.
My name is Szabyna, but everyone calls me Sabi. In fact everyone calls me Sabi the slut.
A name I am very proud to bear as I know I certainly earned it. I’m of Polish descent with a slight accent, that most men find very sexy. Top that off with my pretty little face, huge firm breasts, small waist, toned legs, tight firm ass and the smoothest shaved pussy, which I do like to reveal to hot guys whenever I get the opportunity. I get more than my fair share of cock, in fact I probably get other girls share of hard cock, being the slut that I am.
I have one friend who has slut ambitions and wishes to follow in my footsteps. She has asked if I would guide her through the slut life and introduce her to the world of hot guys, hard cocks and raunchy sex! How could I say no to such a request!
Some of my regular fucks think that Eva is very hot and have hinted ümraniye escort at the prospect of a nasty threesome with her. If she handles the slut life ok, which I’m sure she will, then I’ll introduce her to the pleasures of the threesome.
The story starts with Eva and I having lunch and me telling Eva about my latest conquest, a guy from Texas with an enormous cock. I was telling Eva about how deep he fucked me, how I was almost a slave to his huge cock, then I regaled to her the unbelievable pleasure of having a cock that big stretch my asshole while I rode him wearing only thigh length boots.
“You’re getting me all wet and excited! Why the thigh length boots?” Eva enquired.
“I met him in a Biker bar and all of the guys in there, like their sluts all leathered up!” I smiled “That particular night I wore a tight black leather mini, a skin-tight black turtle neck top that was almost as shiny as the leather skirt!”
Eva giggled.
“I had a pair of fishnet stockings with a garter belt, and tavukcuyolu escort finished my slut outfit with a pair of black leather thigh length boots!” I grinned, enjoying the shocked and aroused look on Eva’s face.
“Jesus Sabi, you must have drove the guys wild dressed like that!” Eva whispered.
“Not as much as you think as most of the biker chicks that go there dress just as outrageous!” I stated.
“But I bet they don’t have your body!” şerifali escort She exclaimed.
“There are some hot chicks that frequent the place. You should come with me tomorrow night. I can lend you some tight slut clothes and we can rile a few guys up and get fucked dizzy!” I laughed.
“I’d fucking love that!” Eva said, her eyes wide with delight.
I looked closely at my friend Eva. Her eyes were wide and her pupils dilated. Her cheek and throat were flushed with a deep pink colour. She was seriously aroused with no way of being able to disguise the sexual need she was experiencing.
As I looked at Eva, my own state of arousal increased. I remembered how exciting my introduction to the slut life was. I was excited to realise I would be present when my friend Eva becomes the slut she so craves to be. I could see her squeezing her thighs together as her mind drifted off, imagining all the depraved acts she would like to partake in.
“Let’s go back to my apartment and I’ll show you how to dress like a slut!” I giggled, taking my glass of wine to my lips.
“Yes please!’ she said excitedly.
We walked the two blocks to my apartment building, entering through the lobby and climbing the one flight of stairs. Opening my door, I ushered Eva into my expansive uptown apartment.
“How do you afford a place like this?” Eva queried.
“A lot of hard cock!” I smiled, hinting at my part time escort lifestyle.
“Guys pay you?” she asked hesitantly.
“Some guys, but mostly older guys!” I smiled “Dressing like a slut, costs honey! And its good to have the odd benefactor!”
“Sabi you’re naughtier than I ever thought possible!” Eva smiled, looking at me with admiration.
“Just wait till we get you dressed like a slut and the biker boys see you!” I grinned.
Eva and I walked into my bedroom as I made my way over to my floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes. Eva was staring at my four poster bed with the red silk duvet and cushions.
“Before you ask I do like to get tied to those posts and yes I’ve tied one or two gentlemen friends to them on occasion!” I beamed enjoying the shocked look on Eva’s face.
“I’ve often fantasised about being tied up and have someone pleasure me!” Eva said catching her breath.
I noticed she never revealed the sex of the person giving her pleasure, so being the slut that I am I charged in.
“Would you like to be tied to the bed while I pleasure you with vibrators, dildos, my fingers and tongue?” I smiled licking my lips slowly with the tip of my tongue.
Eva squirmed and bit her lips nervously. Her head nodded approvingly as I walked over to her and began to unbutton her blouse. Eva unzipped her skirt, revealing a pair of high cut black lace panties. As I unbuttoned the last button her firm breasts were exposed. She was braless, stand facing me in only her sexy black panties and high heeled shoes.
“Remove your panties!” I ordered, as Eva slid the black lace down her thighs.
Revealing her pussy to me, I noticed a very thin Brazilian strand above her shaved slit.
“You’ll need to remove that for tomorrow! The biker boys like their sluts shaved!” I smiled as she stepped out of her panties.
I placed my hands on her breasts, easing her toward the bed, as she climbed on to the red satin duvet. I grabbed her arms, placing them above her head and began to tie them to the bedpost. Her breasts looked magnificent with her arms above her head. I opened her legs wide and began to tie each leg to the bed post at the foot of the bed. Her breathing began to quicken and her moans were becoming audible. I opened the drawer of my bedside cabinet and removed a ten inch black life like dildo. Eva’s eyes widened when she saw the phallic toy. Next I pulled out an eight inch rabbit vibrator then a small bottle of massage oil. Eva’s eyes were half closed with sexual desire as I opened the bottle and gently poured it on her perfect breasts. She moans as my fingers worked the oil in to her sensual flesh.
I moved the oil down her flat stomach, just stopping above her slit. I worked around her pussy, oiling her outer and inner thighs. As I slowly stroked her inner thighs, she began to pant softly. Her hips were rising and falling as though she was being fucked by a ghost. I moved my fingertips up her inner thighs until they delicately grazed her excited labia. She let out a strong powerful moan as her hips thrashed faster, trying to lure my hands to her pussy. I leant over her and gently kissed her naval, moving my head slowly toward her pussy, nibbling the smooth flesh on my journey. Her breathing was almost frantic as my lips and teeth gently grazed her aroused flesh.
“Yes!” she panted loudly as my lips kissed her exposed clitoris.
I slithered my tongue between her labia and licked the opening to her pussy as she experienced her first orgasm of the day. Her hips were thrusting slowly into my face as I lapped away at her pussy. Once her orgasm had subsided, I climbed off the bed and removed my clothes.
I rejoined Eva on the bed, straddling her face as I planted my smooth shaved pussy on her face.
“Lick my pussy slut!” I ordered “The boys will like watching you do this to me tomorrow night!”
Eva’s long tongue licked my shaved slit then slid inside my excited pussy. I moaned loudly then placed my tongue back inside her delicious pussy. Her cum tasted like ambrosia from the gods. Her pussy was sweet, delicious and very tight. I took the black dildo and began to ease it between her pussylips. The head of the black mambo slid inside her extremely wet pussy effortlessly as she moaned a deep throaty moan of delight. I began to slide the black cock in and out of Eva’s tight hole watching her stretched labia sliding in and out with the cock. Her hips were thrusting, matching the efforts of the black cock as she whispered.
“Fuck me!”
I was spellbound watching this delicate flower begin her journey into the life of a slut. Unexpectedly her tongue pushed deeper inside my pussy, making me squirm with pleasure as her lips kissed my pussylips with her tongue deep inside my hole. Eva must have done this before as the level of expertise that I was being pleasured was absolutely first class. I decided to take things up a notch. With the palms of my hands on Eva’s butt cheeks, I began to spread them until the pink puckered ring of her asshole was being stretched. I ran my saliva coated tongue up her tight slit and began to run my tongue around the edges of her rosebud.
Eva’s hips began to rock slowly as my tongue circled her asshole. With no warning, I pushed my tongue inside her asshole, feeling her tight sphincter grip the tip of my tongue.
“Tongue my ass bitch!” Eva breathed in a very hoarse throaty tone.
My little trainee slut was far more experienced than I realised. My tongue was worming it’s way in and out of Eva’s asshole as I slid two fingers inside her pussy, pushing the fingertips onto the front wall of her very tight pussy. Once my fingers made contact the spongy flesh of her Gspot, I began to press firmly on the erogenous flesh, moving my fingers back and forth at rapid speed. My finger blasting was certainly pleasuring Eva as she squirmed on my fingers and tongue.
“Make me squirt whore!” Eva screamed as a gush of female ejaculate sprayed from her tight pussy. My face was coated liberally in the liquid of her exploding orgasm.
I was delighted to find that my trainee slut was a deviant sex doll. I released Eva’s hands and legs from their bondage. Eva moved away from my tongue and fingers, repositioning her body so she was face to face with me. Her long silky tongue began to lick her orgasm off my face and neck, as her hand ventured to my pussy to repay her sexual debt. Eva’s fingers pushed inside my pussy as she nibbled gently on my clitoris. The squelching sound from her fingers was so erotic as she worked to bring me to orgasm.
“Come for me slut!” Eva sighed as she licked my clitoris magnificently.
I wrapped my long legs around her neck, sliding my pussy up and down her tongue as my orgasm overpowered me.
“Tongue my cunt whore!” I panted as Eva obediently licked my pussy to a mind blowing orgasm.
Licking every drop of orgasmic fluid from my pussy, Eva moved up toward my face once more, kissing my full lips with her pussy drenched lips.
We lay tenderly kissing and licking each other, basking in the afterglow of our sensational orgasms.
“Teach me!” Eva smiled as she stroked my erect nipples.
“First let’s get your slut outfit sorted!” I smiled as we both climbed off the bed. We were both looking at each others naked bodies. Eva’s breasts were not as large as mine, but they were equally magnificent. Her waist was trim and athletic with long slender legs. She had the look of a well toned dancer with enough curves to keep the biker boys interested.
“Would you like to try on some sexy clothes?” I enquired.
“Dress me like a slut! A slut who guys will want to fuck!” she smiled, her soft polish accent coming through.
“I’ll dress you in soft PVC lingerie, silky black stockings, sexy high heeled shoes and a leather mini skirt to emphasis those long legs. I think on top we’ll put a see-through or fishnet top, to give the guys a sneak preview of the goods!” I grinned as Eva smiled wide eyed.
We walked over to my closet, opened the full length mirrored door as Eva’s jaw dropped at the array of sexy and kinky clothing all arranged neatly. Eva stretched her hand out and began to touch a soft PVC Waspie. Thrilled at the feel of the soft kinky material, she looked over at me with a huge grin and said.
“I would love to be fucked wearing this!”
I giggled at her excellent choice, nodding toward her to take the Waspie out of the closet.
“Here is a soft PVC bra to match. There is a thong that matches, but I think we’ll forego the thong!” I smiled, handing the bra to Eva. Although my breasts are larger than Eva’s, the fact that I wear the bra two sizes too small for effect, meant it would fit snugly on Eva’s firm pert breasts.
The bra and Waspie lay on my bed, waiting to joined by other garments of a sexual nature.
“I have a fishnet mini dress which we could use as a top and we’ll match that up with a nice PVC mini skirt!” I suggested “Probably wear some fishnet stockings and a pair of black thigh length boots, top that off with some long black gloves and should complete the dirty slut look!” I stated, imparting my slut fashion expertise.
Eva sniggered nervously as she saw the sexy collection strewn on my bed.
“What will you be wearing?” she enquired.
I pulled out from my closet a black catsuit in a thin soft faux black leather. The crotch zipped all the way from the ass to the mound of my pussy. I’ve worn this on one or two occasions and have been ceremoniously fucked every time. The last time I wore it, I was bouncing on one cock, straddling the guys thighs as his friend nestled behind me and slid his cock in my ass. Both guys took turns in playing with my huge tits d****d in the soft tight faux leather. I lost count of how many loads these guys dumped inside me, suffice to say that both my ass and pussy were dripping cum for some time after. When the catsuit is is in position, there is nothing on the planet that makes my pussy look so sexy. The material clings to my shaved pussy like a second skin, detailing my shaved slit delightfully.
“I’ll wear my red leather ankle boots with the catsuit tomorrow night! Come back here for around seven and we’ll get shaved, changed and apply your slut make up, then head off to be fucked by the biker boys!” I smiled, then kissed Eva on her full lips.
“I can’t wait to be fucked by these horny biker guys!” Eva giggled.
“I think we’ll both wear leather collars tomorrow!” I smiled with a naughty twinkle in my eye.
“Why leather collars? Eva genuinely enquired.
“That’s the signal to guys that you are available for anal!” I smiled watching Eva’s eyes widen with sheer delight.
Eva tried the clothes on, taking great delight in slipping the soft sexy PVC over her dancer body. When she had completed dressing her new slut body, she turned to me with a very wicked grin.
“Do you think lots of cocks will want to fuck me?” She giggled excitedly.
“Every cock will want to fuck you, and most probably will during your initiation to the slut life!” I grinned knowingly.
I took a few photographs of Eva on my iPhone, with Eva pouting and posing seductively. She bent over at one point, rolling the tight PVC mini skirt over her buttocks, revealing her tight slit and pink asshole to the camera. She placed her gloved hands on her ass and spread her cheeks wide. She turned her head back to face the camera lens and giggled.
“I will show this to the guys tomorrow night!” I smiled “Then I’ll take the same photo afterwards and show you how much your pussy and ass will be destroyed after all of the cock you will devour!”
Eva smiled with her eyes half closed, dreaming of what lay ahead.
“I can’t wait for tomorrow night!” She whispered.

We removed all of the slut clothing and returned to our normal clothing. Eva left my apartment around five thirty, with a cheery disposition.
“Don’t be late! Be here for Seven sharp!” I said sternly, closing the door as Eva skipped out of my apartment.
I spent the rest of the evening bathing my body in a warm oily bath, ensuring the smooth oils were absorbed by my skin, leaving a sexy shiny glow to my flesh. My pussy was shaved smooth, leaving my lips and mound completely hairless. Knowing that the next night, I would be fucking guys with no inhibitions whatsoever, giving up every hole to any hard cock that approached me, I gave my clitoris a gentle orgasmic rub and drifted off to sleep.
I awoke quite late on the morning of my cockfest, enjoying a hearty brunch, to set me up for the rest of the day. At about four o clock I started drinking vodka red bulls, well more sipping than drinking, to ensure my inhibitions would be totally removed for Eva’s slut initiation.
Eva arrived at my apartment at six forty-five, nice and early. I let her into my building and heard her high heels clip clopping up the stairs. As she turned the corner to my apartment, I was waiting in the door frame absolutely naked. The subdued lighting of the hallway, cascaded off my shiny skin, emphasising my erotic curves delectably. Eva had enjoyed a glass or two of wine before she arrived and seemed very merry as she entered the apartment.
“Tonights the night!” she giggled removing her long coat to reveal a totally naked body.
“You’ve walked her like that?” I laughed, surprised at her actions.
Placing a large gym bag on the floor she smiled and said.
“I’ve flashed my new shaved pussy to a couple of homeless guys!” she giggled, holding her pussylips open, showing me her wetness.
“It bodes well that your pussy is wet, as you’ll need all the lubrication you can get with all of the hard cocks that are going to fuck you!” I grinned, knowing Eva was about to have the best night of sex in her entire life.
I knelt in front of Eva as she held her pussy wide open. My tongue flicked out, licking her inner pussylips then delving into her excited quim. Eva moaned ecstatically as my tongue wriggled inside her. She quivered as my tongue rolled around inside. Her state of arousal was incredibly high as she whispered.
“Lick my cunt bitch!”
This pleased me immensely, that my slut in training was demanding her pleasure.
I placed my thumb over her enlarged clitoris and pressed firmly. She let out a loud moan indicating to me that she approved. I rubbed my thumb frantically on her clitoris as my langue tongue wriggled inside her squirming honeypot. A gush of female ejaculate burst from her pussy, coating my face with her orgasmic secretion. I moved up from her pussy, kissing her firm stomach, then paying attention to her hard erect nipples. Eva was sighing with sexual pleasure as I eventually made my way to her full sexy lips. She began to lick all of her orgasmic fluid off my face and neck. Her soft tongue removing the cum tenderly and slowly. I could feel my shaved pussy throbbing with excitement with every delicate lick. When she was satisfied thar all of her orgasm had been cleaned up, she grazed her lips softly on mine. Her tongue slid between my lips and sought out my own tongue as they slithered together like mating snakes. I broke free from the kiss and said rather sternly.
“We will need to get dressed and get to the biker bar. We don’t want to keep these cocks waiting!”
Eva walked over to the bed, picking up the soft PVC Waspie and matching quarter cup bra. Holding the Waspie around her waist, I fastened the hook and eyes on the tightest possible. Her trim waist was now cinched, giving her a very sexy waspish look. She placed the bra under her breasts as I fastened at the back. Her breasts were spilling out of the bra, with her nipples jutting forward incredibly erect. She picked up the stockings and slid them up her legs and fastening them to the garter straps of the Waspie. Stepping in to the spike heeled ankle straps, she was now looking like a very sexy slut. I fastened the ankle straps with the tiny decorative silver bondage locks, which matched the silver spikes of the high heeled shoes. I handed her the tiny fishnet mini dress which would act as a sexy top tonight. She pulled the tight garment over her lingerie clad body then smiled.
“How the hell did you wear something so tight with your huge tits!” She giggled.
“A lot of the time I didn’t have it on for long, but there were some kinky guys who liked to fuck me while I wore it!” I smiled as much at the memory as the response.
“I will wear it like this one day!” She smiled “But tonight I must do as you say, and wear the PVC Mini skirt!”
She picked up the PVC mini skirt and undid the zip. Stepping in to the skirt, she pulled the shiny tight garment over his stockinged thighs and rested the skirt just above her pussy. She zipped the skirt up which was incredibly tight, clinging to her fabulous figure like a second skin. The shiny black mini was nothing more than a pussy pelmet. Her shaved slit was clearly visible as the hem of the skirt nestled just above her delicious slit. She looked the perfect slut in the outfit I had chosen and I knew full well that biker guys would be on Eva like a rash.
“You look like you’re begging be to fucked!” I grinned as I pulled my black faux leather catsuit out of my wardrobe. The faux leather was incredibly and remarkably stretchy. I stepped into the suit, pulling the tight material up my legs as it clung to me like a shiny black second skin. Slipping my arms into the sleeves, I manoeuvred the catsuit onto my body, pulling the zip over my stomach and positioning my large breast for optimum effect. I left the zip open at my cleavage, giving the impression that my large breasts would spill out at any minute. I turned around to hear Eva gasp.
“Your ass looks unbelievable in that catsuit. Your cheeks are separated, show me the front!” She squealed excitedly.
Her eyes widened when she saw how detailed my camel toe was in this catsuit.
Placing her finger on the slit of my camel toe, she rubbed my pussy slowly.
“Fucking hell Sabi, you look and feel awesome!” She smiled as her finger pushed the skintight material into my slit.
I stepped into my red stiletto ankle boots, crouching down with my legs open, Eva’s finger still playing with my leather clad slit as I zipped my ankle boots.r
“Come on lets go!” I said “I want cock tonight! Tomorrow I think we’ll spend the evening kissing each other’s pussy better!”
Heading out of my apartment we hailed a cab on the street, and headed to the biker bar to get as much cock inside of us as we possibly can.

We climbed inside the taxi, giving the driver opulent views of our breasts and pussies. The taxi driver was in his early fifties and grinned like a Cheshire Cat, as we continued displaying our sexuality like two sluts in heat.
“Where too ladies?” He smiled, half turning to look at us. Eva stroked her exposed slit, smiling at the driver as I told him our destination.
The taxi driver smiled knowingly.
“That’s the biker guys bar!” He smiled “They sure do like their ladies sexy and in leather. I’m sure you gals are going to have the time of your life!”
I smiled back at the driver giving him a saucy wink in return.
“Yeah I’ve had the privilege of visiting there a few times!” I drawled sexily “And you’re correct, they do like their ladies in leather. Tonight is Eva’s first visit and as you can see she is very excited!”
The driver and I both looked at Eva who was dipping a finger in and out of her shaved slot. Her head was back with her mouth open, as she frigged herself in the back of the taxi without a care who was watching.
“You join in or get your tits out and the cab fare is on me!” The taxi driver chuckled.
I looked into his rear view mirror with the most salacious grin and slowly unzipped the front of my catsuit as my large breasts spilled out. The drivers eyes widened with delight as he looked back and forth between my exposed breasts and Eva’s masturbation show, as though he was watching a tennis game.
“If you pick us up at the end of the night, I’ll let you suck and play with my tits while you finger Eva’s pussy. Eva will give you a blowjob and swallow your cum!” I smiled, holding my huge firm breasts as the driver nodded in agreement.
The taxi sped off in the direction of the Biker Bar as Eva continued fingering her pussy whilst I contentedly played with my nipples for the taxi drivers enjoyment.
As we pulled up outside the biker bar, the taxi driver handed me a card with his cell phone number.
“Call me when you want picked up!” He winked as I placed the card in my purse.
Eva leant forward and gave the driver a very passionate kiss with lots of tongue action. Zipping my catsuit up a little, I climbed out of the cab, tapping Eva on the shoulder to come along. Eva broke her kiss with the driver and began to giggle as she climbed out of the cab. We both walked up to the cowboy saloon type swing doors as the bouncer looked us both up and down, with a huge grin stretching across his rugged face. Motorhead’s Ace of Spades was blaring out of the sound system as we walked into the expansive dimly lit bar. I estimated that there were approximately forty guys in the bar and somewhere in the region of twenty outlandishly dressed sluts. I could confidently announce that not one of the sluts could match Eva and I for outright sex appeal and outright slut appearance. One or two jealous glances were cast in our direction as we both worked the room. As we approached the bar, two guys wearing tight black leather jeans with black skin-tight T-shirts, showing off their rippling muscles, cut us off and said.
“Looking very good ladies! Could we buy you a drink?” The one with the shaved head said, looking me up and down almost licking his lips at the thought of what he would like to do to me. My pussy began to tingle excitedly at the way he was looking at me carnally. His pony tailed friend moved close to Eva, slipping his hand around her waist pulling her closer.
“Sure, we’d both like a neat Tequila!” I smiled, placing my hand on the broad chest of the shaven headed guy.
“I’m Mac and this here is Billy!” He smiled confidently.
Smiling back at him, I grazed my long nails across his rock pecs, raising my eyebrows approvingly.
“I’m Sabi and my friend is Eva!” I drawled sexily.
“You girls look like you’ve come to party!” Billy smiled placing his hand on Eva’s ass.
Eva looked into his eyes and grinned.
“We’ve come to party and fuck!” She blurted out, making our gentleman friends smile salaciously.
“You’ve definitely come to the right place and I hope me and Billy can help you girls out in your search for sexual enlightenment!” Mac smiled placing his hand around my tiny waist. As his fingertips touched the faux leather of my catsuit, I could see his pupils widen with sexual excitement. My pussy continued to tingle as my large breasts pushed in to the rock hard chest of my soon to be lover. I turned to my left to find Eva locking lips with Billy, his hand squeezing her ass, but surprisingly, her hand rubbing the crotch of his leather jeans. Eva was most definitely on a sexual mission, moaning into Billy’s mouth as her tongue delved deep inside, exploring his tongue. Mac took this the green light to place is hand on my leather clad ass and squeeze my buttock deliciously. My eyebrows raised approvingly as his other hand ran up the side of my catsuit, resting on my left side boob. I smiled encouragingly, giving Mac the green light to continue. His large manly hand cupped my left breast as he began to gently squeeze my huge firm breast. I moaned voluntarily as he pleasured my breast, gently coaxing my nipple to full erectness. He nodded at the barman as a bottle of Tequila and four shot glasses was placed on the bar.
“Lets get a booth and better acquainted!” Mac said still squeezing my left breast as the fingers of his left hand explored the leather groove between my ass cheeks. His finger wormed its way to my leather clad asshole and began to circle my puckered rosebud, pushing the leather against my eager asshole. Mac looked into my half closed eyes and grinned arrogantly as he pushed the leather coated finger into my sphincter. I squirmed pushing my tight camel toe into the crotch of his well packed leather jeans. I felt his hard cock twitch against my shaved leather clad pussy. My stomach flipped with excitement as my pussy fizzed, raptured at the thrills his leather clad cock were providing.
I glanced over at Eva, who was still stroking the leather covered cock of Billy, who was now openly fingering her pussy in full view of the rest of the customers. Some guys were watching the free floorshow and some were enjoying there own antics, as the other girls were now trying to out slut each other. Mac picked up the bottle of Tequila and nodded for me to bring the glasses. Billy removed his fingers from Eva’s shaved slot, placing his wet fingertips in her mouth as she hungrily licked her pussy juice from his rather larger digits. Billy’s fingers were incredibly large and thick. I’ve been fucked by cocks smaller and I could see by Eva’s flushed face that she had indeed enjoyed those large fingers fucking her insatiable cunt.
Mac led us through to the back of the bar where two pool tables were occupied by two groups of very dangerous looking leather clad hell’s angel types. All of the guys respectfully nodded at Mac and Billy as we all crowded into a tabled booth, Mac and I on one side, Eva and Billy on the other.
Mac poured the tequila in to the four glasses as we raised the shot glass and toasted each other.
“To sexy sluts!” Mac said and chinked his glass to mine.
“To big cocks!” Eva retorted, swallowing the contents of the glass in one huge gulp.
“You swallowed that quickly!” Billy laughed at Eva’s eagerness.
“That’s not all I swallow quickly!” Eva smiled nodding toward the glass for Mac to refill.
Billy, Mac and I swallowed our tequilas rapidly.
Mac refilled the glasses and smiled knowingly.
“Maybe later you girls can enjoy some pussy slammers!” Billy grinned.
“What’s a pussy slammer?” Eva queried “They sound very interesting.
“We fill your pussies with tequila and drink it out with a straw!” Mac smiled.
“And if you’re into it, you can drink the tequila out of each other’s pussies!” Billy smiled, picking his glass of tequila off the table.
I squirmed excitedly at the thought of tequila being poured into our shaved pussies and then drank out with a straw. The idea of drinking the Tequila out of each other’s pussies was very exciting indeed.
“You have to do it laying back on the pool table with your pussy in the air and your legs wide open!” Mac smiled “ Then all of the other guys can taste the tequila out of your sweet slut pussies!”
“That means they will see our shaved pussies!” Eva smiled excited at the prospect of showing her now very wet pussy to all of the horny guys in the bar.
“If you can get through that ordeal, then me and all of the boys will fuck every hole you have!” Billy said squeezing Eva’s erect nipple. I smiled at both guys having been through this ritual on numerous occasions, and tonight Eva would be initiated into the thrilling world of the gangbang!
Eva moaned loudly then planted her full lips on Billy’s, flicking her tongue in around his mouth.
“I want to fucked and treat like a slut!” Eva snarled “I want a cock in every hole making me come like a dirty slut!” She finished, stroking Billy’s cock through his tight leather jeans. I saw that his swollen crotch was displaying an absolutely huge package of man meat. I glanced at Mac who was adjusting his own leather clad bulge, to find his package as big, if not bigger. My eyes widened and my eyebrows raised at the prospect of having Macs huge cock pleasuring all of my tight holes. I instinctively placed my hand on his throbbing bulge, leaning closer to him I whispered.
“All of my holes are here for your pleasure!” Then licked his ear gently, breathing my warm breath into his ear and on his neck as he shuddered with sexual excitement.
“I’m gonna fuck you the way a slut wants to be fucked!” Mac smiled then placed both of his hands on my large firm, catsuit covered breasts.
He squeezed my breasts with just enough power to still be a pleasurable experience. I moaned open mouthed as he squeezed and excited my breasts and nipples.
His left hand moved down the skin-tight leather catsuit, stroking my flat stomach, causing me to squirm with the tickling sensation, then the palm of his hand smoothed over my leather covered camel toe. He pushed the thin material into my shaved mound, rubbing his hand back and forth on my pulsating pussy. I opened my legs wider like a good slut as he pushed his index finger into my sexually agitated slit. There was something exciting, perverse and downright fabulous about the way his tending to my sexual opening. I stared at him with smouldering eyes, entrenched in the sexual gratification he was providing. My sexual concentration was broken when I heard the sound of Eva panting frantically.
“Finger fuck my pussy!” She moaned rather vocally. She was bent over a bar stool with her legs parted as Billy pushed three fingers deep inside her wet shaved cunt.
“You’re loving this aren’t you slut?” Billy questioned as two other guys moved over to watch Eva’s performance. The audience members were dressed much the same as Billy and Mac. Tight leather jeans and tight t-shirts revealing rippling muscles covered in tattoos.
“Give it to the bitch!” One of the guys said, looking salaciously at Eva’s stretched shaved pussy with three fingers sliding in and out of her squelching pussy.
“I want you to suck my buddy’s cock!” Billy ordered.
Eva looked around to see the guy unzipping his leather jeans revealing an absolutely huge cock. There was no way this b**st would fit in her mouth and it was dubious if her pussy could cope with such a monster, but her eyes lit up when she saw the massive erect cock heading toward her lips. Opening her mouth she shrouded the domed head of the monstrous cock as she began to lick and suck the throbbing glans. Delighted with her slut antics, she began to put on a perfect sex show, sucking the cock with avid passion. Her eyes opened wide as Billy slipped his fingers from her pussy and burying them deep inside her tight asshole. With a mouth full of huge cock, all Eva could do was moan excitedly as Billy’s fingers abused her tight hole.
“I’m going to fuck your pussy now!” Billy said sternly. Eva nodded her head in agreement and continued sucking the monster cock.
I was staring at Eva as Billy slid his huge cock deep inside her pussy, sliding his shiny cock in and out slowly, ensuring Eva felt every inch of his rock hard cock. His fingers were still deep in her ass, causing her to squirm and moan with absolute pleasure. I was so entranced with Eva’s display I was unaware the Mac had slid my catsuit zip down to the mound of my shaved pussy. My large firm breasts were on display to the bar as Mac bent over and sucked my right nipple like a hungry new born. He slid his hand between my mound and the material of the catsuit, stroking my shaved pussy, sending electric sexual shocks through my body.
Mac nodded at the other watching guy to join in. The guy stood behind me and slid the catsuit over my shoulders revaluing my naked torso. He knelt at my feet and began to unzip the catsuit at the ankles as I stepped out of the suit completely. I was now completely naked apart from my red stiletto ankle boots. Eva was now being fucked frantically by Billy. The guy getting his huge cock sucked groaned loudly.
“These two are the best sluts that have ever been in here!” Billy nodded in agreement as the guy behind me, bent me over and ran his finger along my wet shaved slit. I trembled with excitement as Mac unzipped his cock offering it to my mouth. I leant forward and slid my full lips down the shaft of Macs rock hard cock. As my lips made contact with soft downy pubic hair, my eyes were widened as the guy behind slid what felt like a huge cock between my pussylips and plunged his length deep inside me.
I came instantly, looking around the bar to find that a few other guys had moved closer to Eva and I, to watch the two sluts getting fucked by the biker guys.
I looked out of the corner of my eye to find that all of the outer clothing Eva wore was now strewn across the bar room floor. Billy had climbed on to the bar stool, with his cock wedged inside Eva’s tight pussy as she straddled, bucking slowly on his hard cock. The other guy was spitting on his rampant erection, preparing himself to slide his huge cock in Eva’s ass. Eva was in sexual heaven, but still had a concerned look on her face at the prospect of this huge cock stretching her sphincter.
“I’m going to rip you a new asshole!” He said spitting on his cock as he nudged at the puckered ring of Eva’s asshole. To the complete surprise of everyone present, his cock slid effortlessly into Eva’s pink asshole. The moan she emitted was the horniest sound I’ve ever known. No matter how painful this was to her it was far outweighed by how much pleasure she was receiving. Both cocks stayed perfectly still as Eva began to grind her hips, working both cocks into a sexual frenzy. My eyes were rolling watching Eva’s obvious pleasure and enjoying the unbelievable fucking I was receiving from the perfect stranger.
“Lets swap ends. You get your cock sucked. I want to fuck her ass!” Mac ordered.
This is exactly how wanted and needed to treat. A complete sex slut for men to enjoy. As the guy removed his cock from my pussy a little gush of female ejaculate spurted from my pussy. Mac smiled and said in a loud voice.
“We have a gusher!”
Eva was now in her own sexual world but somehow managed to hear Mac. Instantly, she herself produced a gush of ejaculate as the two cocks continued to plunder her tight holes.
“I want spunk!” She screamed as her orgasm continued.
Mac was sliding his cock inside my tight asshole as the guy slapped my face with his meaty cock. As Mac slid past my tight sphincter I wrapped my lips around the shaft of the stranger. My pussyjuice had saturated his cock, which I took great delight in licking off. I could see that the guys watching were unzipping their cocks and I realised that Eva and I were going to have the pleasure of everyone of them. Glancing at the display of erect cocks, I was mesmerised to find that every guy in the bar was incredibly well hung.
The guy in my mouth was the first to come. Not saying anything he unleashed a forceful load into the back of my throat, leaving me no other option than to swallow his orgasm in its entirety. Billy and the guy double penetrating Eva snarled in unison.
”Where do you want our come?”
Eva panted loudly.
“In my mouth. Come in my mouth!”
Both guys removed there cocks as Eva slid onto the floor, kneeling before the two huge cocks. Billy was the first to place his cock into her open mouth as what appeared to be gallons of cum spurted in to Eva’s mouth. Not a drop was spilled as the other guy stepped forward.
“Ass to mouth slut!” He said mockingly as he emptied his own copious amount down the throat of Eva. Her tongue was licking the ass juice off his cock as she swallowed every drop of cum he had just produced.
Mac looked over at this, as he emptied his own load deep inside my asshole. Grunting and thrusting he snarled.
“Take my cum slut!” As he twitched his huge cock deep in my asshole. Sliding his emptying cock in and out of tight slut sphincter, I moaned deeply, enjoying the carnal pleasures of Macs enormous erupting cock. He withdrew his cock slowly, as his spunk began to dribble out of me. He handed me a towel from the bar to wipe his come from my ass and smiled.
“You girls are gonna be very busy tonight!” He said looking at the crowd of guys approaching Eva and I, holding their huge exposed rock hard cocks.
This was going to be a very good night!

The guys escorted us through to the back of the bar where two pools occupied the space. Eva was being relieved of her mini skirt and fishnet top on the short walk through the bar. Hands and fingers were all over her body as she stared wildly and excitedly as every inch of her body was being explored and probed by numerous guys. Two guys were easing my tight catsuit over my ankle boots, leaving me naked. They handed the catsuit to the barman, who hung the suit on a coat hook behind the bar. Eva’s skirt and top were already hanging on a hook as she was guided to one pool table. She stood on the table in her garters, stockings and shoes as she sensually gyrated her hips. Her glistening shaved pussy rotated slowly exciting the watching male eyes. One guy leant forward and slipped his middle finger inside her tight wet pussy. Eva began to fuck the finger, slamming her pussy onto the invading digit, throwing her head back as the pleasure from the finger encapsulated every sexual urge she possessed. The guy hooked his finger forward, rubbing the spongy excited flesh of her Gspot. She placed both hands on the guys shoulders and began to grind her pussy on his finger. Her panting was audible to every guy in the room as she screamed.
“Fuck me!”
The guy moved his finger rapidly, titillating her cunt with his frantic action.
A gush of female ejaculation burst from her pussy as the watching guys clapped and cheers as she rode the finger to multiple orgasm. The guy removed his finger as Eva knelt on the table.
“I need cock!” She panted, laying back on the pool table, opening her legs wide, revealing her glistening smooth pussy to the watching crowd. I was being bent over the other pool table as I felt a huge cock slip between my soft smooth pussylips, sliding effortlessly deep inside my soaking cunt. My eyes widened as the cock banged at my cervix. A guy climbed on to the pool table, holding his hard cock in front of me, aiming his weapon at my mouth. I smiled at the guy and slowly slid my full lips over the shiny head of his rampant cock. My lips eased down the shaft as I maintained eye contact with the guy, flicking my tongue around the shaft as I slurped on the impressive cock. The inside me was fucking me slowly enjoying all that my pussy had to offer and the outrageous sex scenes being played out in the bar.
I heard a loud moan come from Eva as I looked over to see that Eva had straddled one guy who was enjoying her grinding pussy as a guy was behind her sliding his cock in and out of her tight asshole. Her moaning had ceased due to the huge occupying her hungry mouth. The view was sensational watching Eva being gang-banged and sent me over the edge as a powerful orgasm surged through me, making my whole body erogenous. Guys were all stroking their hard cocks watching Eva and I sexually perform. I was enthralled at the pleasure the two cocks were providing me, but Eva was in a different sexual plain. She was grinding her pussy on the cock, giving unbelievable pleasure to the guy fucking her pussy. The inside her asshole was also enjoying the slow intimate thrusts, all the time watching Eva’s full lips milk the cum from the guy in her mouth. The guy fucking me lifted me on the table as I knelt with my legs wide open and my back arched. He removed his cock from my pussy and slammed it forcefully in my asshole. I caught my breath as his cock began to thrust majestically in and out of my tight sphincter. His hands reached underneath me and cupped my large firm breasts, yanking on my nipples as my pain pleasure ratio fused into one fantastic erotic moment. Eva was a woman possessed letting the biker guys do anything they wanted to her. I noticed a few camera phones were out, recording the sexual antics of Eva and I as we gave our bodies to the rough tough guys, to use as they saw fit. And they were certainly using them in the most pleasurable way. The three guys that were sexually gratifying themselves with Eva had all discharged their come, every single drop of it in Eva’s mouth. Each load she took a cheer went up in the bar. As the third guy emptied his load into her mouth, she was whisked away to the gents restroom where a handful of guys followed. I later found out that Eva was bent over a toilet cistern as one after another, the guys systematically fucked her ass to completion and every one of the guys coming in Eva’s cock hungry mouth. I was enjoying a nice double penetration when Eva stumbled back in to the bar. Climbing on the pool table, she knelt with her legs wide open. Bending over and arching her back she looked over and winked at me, pure lust showing in her wild eyes. A guy stood behind her and began to slide a pool cue, handle first into her shaved slot. Eva began to fuck the pool as the two guys double penetrating me, withdrew their cocks and spunked all over my huge tits. Rubbing their cream into my breasts, I watched transfixed as Eva fucked the pool cue, enjoying lots of orgasms in the process. The guy holding the pool cue nodded over to the barman. The barman came over to the table and climbed on it behind Eva. Unleashing his cock he slowly fed it into Eva’s well fucked asshole. I heard Eva scream, unaware of what caused this, when her mouth opened and she squealed.
“That is the biggest cock ever! Fuck my ass!” She cried out in pain and obvious pleasure. The Barman it turns out was incredibly gifted in the cock department, being the proud possessor of a twelve inch cock, which was sliding in and out of Eva’s asshole, giving her endless anal orgasms. As the barman pounded Eva’s ass, I climbed on to the pool table and said to Mac.
“I’m ready for my pussy slammer!”
Mac smiled at me then picked up a bottle of Tequila.
I lay on my back with my legs wide open, as Mac raised my ass off the pool table, pushing my body towards my chest. My legs were almost in the splits position, high in the air as Mac opened my shaved pussy and poured Tequila inside my excited cunt. The cold liquid was rather soothing, then the tingle of the alcohol kicked in, making my pussy excited at the sexual tingling sensation. Mac placed a straw inside my pussy and began to sip Tequila from my cunt through a straw. I looked at the straw sticking out from my shaved pussy as Mac slurped the Tequila out of my cunt. Mac left the straw inside as another guy took a sip from my Tequila filled pussy. Eva saw the guys drinking Tequila from my pussy and shrilled.
“I want you to do that to me!” She said to the guy pushing the pool cue inside her. The barman gave her asshole one last deep thrust as he emptied his load inside her ass. I could hear the squelching of his come and Eva’s tight asshole as he snarled his way through his orgasm.
He withdrew his spent cock, which still looked huge as the Pool cue guy tilted Eva into the same position as me. The guy held her pussylips open as the barman began to pour the Tequila into her cunt. The cool liquid made her shudder sexually as the first tingling sensation of the alcohol swept over her. The barman placed two straws in her shaved pussy and shouted.
“Bars open!” As two biker guys took a straw each and began to suck the Tequila from Eva’s cunt.
Eva and I looked across at each other, our eyes half closed with lust and pure sexual pleasure, as Tequila was drank from our pussies. There were so many guys there, that our cunts were refilled a couple of times, but we never complained as this was incredibly pleasurable.
By the time the evening was over I had enjoyed the pleasure and spunk from eleven different cocks, giving countless orgasm and a few gushing ones along the way. Eva however totally outfucked me that night. She enjoyed the meat of twenty three cocks, tasting the spunk of twenty two, and as a grand finale, one of the other sluts was placed over Eva’s face as she licked the sluts pussy to orgasm.
The guys began to drift away, signalling the end of a very erotic slit filled evening. The barman handed us our clothes as we re-dressed, finishing off our Tequila as we did so. I rang our driver as arranged and thanked Mac, Billy and the barman. I made sure I got the barman’s number so he and I could have a sexy slut session with him using his huge cock on me. We gave the guys a goodbye kiss then headed into our cab for what would be a very eventful journey home.

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