Wife’s diary – 16 April 20XX Part 2


I sucked Jan’s cock a bit longer, slowly running my finger and thumb the whole length of his dick to squeeze out every bit of cum. His cock still felt big but it was getting softer. I got excited when I held it round its base and it curved gently down, still long and full. I wanted to keep sucking it until it was rock hard again. I looked up at him but he was looking at Gerard and I think they were talking but I don’t know and then Gerard grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him. He used the sheet to wipe my face a bit and then kissed me and told me how sexy I was and how he wanted to fuck me. But first, he said, he was going to do something for me.He told me to get on all fours and show him my ass. So I did.

I knelt down with my head on the bed and my ass facing him and I used both my hands to pull apart my ass cheeks. I got excited straight away and felt my pussy tingle. I could feel my ass squeezing involuntarily as he got closer and then he dived into my pussy, licking and sucking and tonguing me. It was amazing, and all the time I was holding my ass and grinding gently back into his face.

Jan lay down in front of me and started stroking his long cock in front of my face. He watched me with my mouth open making little shudders as Gerard sucked my pussy. I was so turned on and I ached inside where I just wanted to be filled up. Jan’s cock looked so good. I didn’t want to let go of my ass cheeks so I kept on holding them apart as I lifted myself up to try to suck Jan’s dick. But he pushed my head down to his ballsack so I got a mouthful of his balls. I licked and sucked him as he let my head slip down to the bed, pushing his ass towards my mouth. At the same time, I ground my ass back into Gerard and this time, there was his mouth, and I felt his tongue huge and soft on my arsehole, licking round and round. I squeezed my mouth into Jan’s arse crack, licking his sweaty, metallic arsehole and then got lost doing to Jan whatever Gerard did to me, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper into his ass, and wanking his cock until he was rock hard again while Gerard finger fucked my pussy and used the juice to slowly push a finger into my ass.

Jan got up onto his knees and then picked me up so I could suck his dick. It felt so big as I stretched my mouth round it and took it into my mouth. With his cock pushed into my mouth, he stayed very still and then leant over me to grab my ass. Gerard grabbed the other and they pulled apart my ass cheeks, which really got me going. I felt a splash of something cold on my ass, which must have been lube, and then Jan slid his fingers into my ass. As he pushed his fingers deeper, he slowly pushed his cock further into my mouth at the same time. I gasped as his fingers went all the way in and then slowly out and in again. As his fingers moved faster and faster so did his cock and so I just had to stay as still as I could with my mouth open while he fucked my mouth and fingered my ass.

Taking one last, extra deep plunge into my mouth and jamming his fingers as far up my ass as he could reach, Jan stopped and I tried to get my breath. I still had a deep aching in my pussy. Gerard put his hand gently on my head and stroked me, pushing his finger slightly into my mouth as his hand moved over my face. He squirted more lube into my ass and grabbed my hips. I felt the tip of his cock nudge my asshole and then the swollen head of his dick slowly stretch it wider as slowly eased it in. Jan was wanking his cock next to my face. I made a weird moan as the head of Gerard’s cock slipped through my asshole and started stretching the walls of my ass as it went further in, feeling soft and rock hard at the same time and filing that ache in my pussy. He pulled out almost all the way, and slowly went in and out just around the opening. It was too much, and I groaned and let my head fall onto the bed. I tried not to cum as he pushed his dick deeper into my ass. It strained to get past the widest point and then just slid all the way in. He moved in and out, slowly getting smoother and faster. I felt so full and so perfectly stretched. I was in heaven.

With his cock still buried in my ass, we changed position so Gerard was almost lying down and I was on top of him, facing away with my knees up. He kissed my neck, hot and warm and wet, and squeezed and pulled on my tits as he fucked my ass. I thought about the other girls who liked him – the girls who men usually fancied instead of me. What would they do to be where I was now? To have Gerard inside them? And not just Gerard, but Jan too. They wanted me. They couldn’t keep their hands off me. They couldn’t stop fucking me.

I looked up at Jan. He was watching me and stroking his dick. My mouth was wide open and I was panting as Gerard fucked me. I stared at Jan’s cock as he wanked over me, then looked into his eyes and let my tongue hang out of my open mouth so he knew I wanted him too. Gerard suddenly reached forward, put his arms under my legs and lifted them into the air. I had to use both my arms to hold myself up and my pussy and ass were spread wide open. Jan climbed onto the bed, staring at my gaping pussy and Gerard’s cock fucking my ass. I felt so exposed and so fucking hot.
Gerard slowed down as Jan started rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. I saw his cock touching Gerard’s. Jan leaned forward to kiss me, letting his dick fall and press up against Gerard’s cock and balls. I couldn’t take my eyes off their cocks touching. Then he grabbed his dick and slowly pushed it into my pussy. Even though I was already full of Gerard’s cock, Jan’s fat hard cock slid smoothly in, stretching me out until I had both their cocks inside me. It felt incredible, better than anything I’d ever experienced. Jan started fucking me while Gerard held my legs in the air and soon they were both fucking me, filling me totally, their dicks and balls squeezing and sliding over each other.

Jan stopped fucking me and got up, stepped over my legs and stuck his dick in my mouth. It tasted of dick and pussy and fucking. He pushed me so far back I had to grab his legs to keep my balance. Then I just had to hold on while he fucked me in the mouth and Gerard fucked my ass and blew my mind.

Then Gerard said he wanted to fuck my pussy. Jan said I should clean his dick because it had been in my ass. I was so excited and turned on I just rolled off him and started slurping on his dick. I felt so dirty – which just made me want to suck every inch of it clean.

I sucked his dick for a bit and then started kissing his stomach and moving up his body. Even though I’d been fucking him and Jan all night, and he’d fucked me everywhere except my pussy, I still wanted this to be special – our special moment. As I licked his neck and was about to kiss him, he lifted me up, reached between my legs and stuck his cock in my pussy. Then Jan spread my ass cheeks and pushed his cock into my ass. I moaned as Jan’s dick stretched my ass wide. He was so hard. I felt perfectly stretched and completely filled. They fucked me harder and harder, my tits swinging over Gerard’s face. His tongue flicked at my nipples then he’d stuff them into his mouth. I felt Gerard stiffen beneath me. He closed his eyes and moaned and I felt his cock flexing inside me. I came in a huge orgasm with Jan pulling my head back by my hair, Gerard shooting his load in my pussy and both of them fucking me deep and hard.

We carried on for a bit and then I let Gerard roll out from under me and lay face down on the bed exhausted while Jan fucked me in the ass, pushing down onto me, his balls slapping against my pussy, Gerard’s cum dribbling onto the bed sheets, and Jan knocking the breath out of me every time he pushed his cock down into my ass. Hnnh… Hnnh… Hnnh…

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