4-5-1 Salamandy’s Pad – May Day

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This isn’t like those other stories where once the guy starts up some weird non-spoken agreement between him and his dame, he has unlimited access to her and her cache like a bearded pirate with a rather handsome parrot on his shoulder plundering broad and treasure chest what’s found buried on a desert island somewhere. I don’t even have a parrot.

“Get up, Gains,” Mandy said from the doorway. “You don’t even have a parrot. We need to talk.” Know how I know it was her? She’s the only one that calls me that. Very matter-of-fact, my fiancée. Not that “we need to talk” is ever good, but you don’t choke on the thick farts of the elephant in the room no one wants to acknowledge is there. I hear that’s why she doesn’t have a mother: no one wanted to talk about her heritage for so long, she ended up buried under elephant dung.

I got up, put some boxers on, and followed her to the bathroom where she was doing bathroom stuff. While she rambles on, allow me to bring you up to speed: It’s Janurish. At Christmastime, Salamandy and I shared a rather intimate moment in some kind of maneuver on her part to keep me in the back of her mind while I went on to some dance with a waifish girl (and ended up taking her and a large handful of cheerleaders to bed) I was quite affectionate with. Then I fucked Bill’s sister on Christmas morning, bringing things to a head between us.

Over the next several days, I recounted my luck and where my life was heading. I decided Mandy (only when you’re on terms with her do you get to call her that) was the girl for me. At a party at her house (here), she made a move on some guy right in front of me two seconds after welcoming me. I fucked two of her roommates, and she and I got into a spat. She doesn’t care if I fuck other girls yet she doesn’t want me bothering her if she wants to fuck other guys. Why does any of this matter? Because there be a connection between us nothing like this charade I was doing with her sister. We were a couple, and that fight was what made us both realize it.

So when she caught me in bed with her roommates, she… no, I’m missing something. I proposed to her shortly after and Bill kicked me out, citing irreconcilable differences or some shit. Something to do with me fucking his sister on Christmas and him getting shot down by mine. So I moved in with Salamandy. Her roommates are quite nubile, and once in a while I fall into one of their beds when I come home drunk. “But Derrick, why? She loves you.” Because she won’t let me fuck her, that’s why. “I have a headache” or some nonsense. Or have I proposed to her at this point?

“We’re having a party tonight. Don’t tell my brother, okay?” No ring on her finger. Now I remember. “Sally knows better than to just marry anyone; all her sisters know that with the father they got.” “So what do I do?” asks I. “Maybe if the two of you live together for a while, you’ll really know.” “But we did.” “Not like that, the real world. No ‘united we fall in love’.”

“I don’t get it with you bitches,” I said to her, and such I called them since they were utilizers of crude language and I didn’t want to insist on a language barrier, “you throw a party and all five of you invite like five other girlfriends, and hardly like half a dozen guys show up.”

“Think about it,” Mandy said, looking me seriously in the eye, “At least five girls for every guy. Do you really want more there?”

“Hardly,” I agreed, “but this is your party where you would want plenty of cock. Why not saturate it to your needs instead of mine?”

Spring came in then, awoken with the coming noon and looking to pee. “Where’s my good-morning kiss?” she demanded of me with a grin. Yeah, I got to kiss her in front of Mandy. Okay, maybe it is a little bit “like that” around here. The five girls will go around the house wearing next to nothing, especially in the morning when little boxers or towels are the norm. Asses get slapped and nipples get pinched.

Since falling under the impression that Mandy and I belong together to a degree, she saw as how it made sense if we lived together. Since she didn’t ask her roommates, they decided unofficially that they were within their rights to apply tax to the only cock under their roof (the dog died). Mandy didn’t argue, but she didn’t put out. Kissing? Yes. Making out? Heavy and frequent. Maybe she was in the mood to suck me off once in a while. But those few times, they were kept rather sacred in my memory. Every night I spent dry with her made my loins burn, and her pals were there to ease the pain.

Spring is the bombshell that falls under the trap of popularity. She’s an all-around hottie, making her a high-priority target for high school boys of high school social status. When she graduated high school, she quickly went through the college boys until the only scratch left she would consider dating were high school boys. She’s currently majoring in liberal studies because she thought college would work exactly like high school and she had to choose a güvenilir bahis major or get left behind.

Marissa is a bookworm to Spring in the sense that she actually got good grades in high school and cared about them. Her exposure to and subsequent competition with Spring gave her a certain worldliness (or for those who have never left the borders of Rotterdale, girl-about-townliness) that got her sticking her nose into the other side of living. In other words, she got infected by Rotterdale Sickness. She’s currently majoring in liberal studies.

Lorna is the man-eater. She swept up Sam right in the middle of the first real battle for him between Spring and Marissa, and strangely disappeared five or six months later for a few months more when it was time to start college. The change left her somewhat disoriented and behind in her studies, so she’s majoring in liberal studies.

Kimberly represents one girl’s transition into more moderate lifestyle that doesn’t boast of topcream status. Never an overachiever, Kim would just as soon stay home with a gram of dank as study or go out and get laid. She was there for Spring when Lorna disappeared to parts unknown, and she introduced the recently-reorganized group to the clepto Salamandy who had a car and therefore high intrinsic value. Having been caught smoking pot in a very compromising situation, she lost whatever scholarship she had and now works to support a basic education plan of liberal studies.

Then there’s Salamandy. A tall, bronze goddess with full perky tits and lean muscle where other girls chubbed and grew embarrassing hair. The eldest daughter of a man whose sperm never went bad en-utero. She’s the youngest of the bunch, still finishing high school when the rest were in college. Yet she already has her bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and she drives a car when they all take the trolley. She draws attention from the gamey Spring and the loose Lorna, yet she out-thinks the mindful Marissa and out-tokes the cool Kimberly.

And none of them have boyfriends. Except the last, apparently. They prefer to throw their own limited-guest parties at their own house and take their pick of the male flesh for the evening, never to see the owner’s face again usually. So why am I so lucky?

“This one’s special,” Mandy had said when I showed up with a duffle bag or two. Most of my stuff’s still at Reo’s. Lorna had cornered me my very first night there, inviting herself right into the bathroom to personally welcome me over. “Hope you like it here, special one,” were her parting words as she left me alone in the shower some five minutes later. Just a tease, that. It was a week or something later when we were both drunk that she found out my true powers.

Marissa and Spring had found out first-hand, so it wasn’t a long grapevine for Kimberly to find out that everyone else was putting hands on me at their whims. She was the cool one that kept her distance, preferring to hang out as part of a group of cereal-eating or film-watching. I think it was during “Young Drunk Cheerleaders 56” that she started jerking me off under the covers. That may have been the longest blowjob of my life.

“Bored now,” were famous last words around here now that Kimberly saw fit to write in permanent marker on her shining white bedroom walls. They were Lorna’s words, and Lorna no longer repeated them thereafter.

“Cards?” I suggested. Usually what my boys and me do, and I’m all for chilling with my new flatmates.

“Stakes?” Spring grinned at me.

“Usually we just play for cash,” I shrugged. “Winner has four times as much to ass around with in a month; I usually get a chick and a room or something.”

“Lame,” Spring said.

“Wanna play Slave?” Lorna said with sly intent.

“Slave?” inquired I.

“Loser gives, winner takes,” Salamandy explained. “I got handicapped when I stopped losing, then we started playing a game that doesn’t have anything to do with actual skill.”

“I’m game,” I said.


Two weeks ago, I played a strange game with these five girls, and won. My prize was complete ownership of their private lives, guaranteed six hours’ worth on workdays and all of days off. I hadn’t gone a day without sex since I got here, so that worked out. But Salamandy didn’t seem interested in holding up her part. Wheres the other girls jumped at the chance to do what I told them, she hardly looked up from whatever she would be reading.

Too bad. She didn’t tell me to stop, and she still let me sleep in her bed. I kept fucking her roommates.

Except Spring. She seemed the popular party girl that was above sharing herself for free. The less she hung around me, the less I felt secure in inviting her to bed. That left Marissa, Lorna, and Kim to my fancies.

The three of them were always fun, though. On a given morning, I’ll run into many of them in the bathroom for first teeth-brushing and such. Marissa were there with such a tool in her mouth. Lorna, the girl that looked for türkçe bahis my suggestion the most, showed up moments after I did, grinning knowingly at me but going about her business as normal.

These girls, they all work out together and tan together. They all have these hard bodies that are best displayed in little shorts or panties that is the majority of what they wear in the morning. Not wanting to fall too far behind Salamandy, probably. Marissa was in such shorts, her ass wagging here and there with the motion of her teethbrushing. I deigned to give her a slap on her hot ass without any fear of rebuttal.

She took it with a little grunt and kept on brushing. I gave her another much harder spank that got her to yelp. But still she kept brushing. Then I pulled her shorts down to expose her ass, and gave her one more spank where she was already turning red. She only stuck her ass out more.

With a gesture from me, Lorna scrambled over to spank Marissa as well, this time on the other cheek. I was having quite a bit of fun and looking forward to more. I grabbed Lorna by the hair and pulled her to her knees behind Marissa, and spread the latter’s cheeks. Lorna leaned forward and shoved her tongue up her roommate’s asshole without delay.

“Ohmygod,” Marissa gasped around her toothbrush when her roommate invaded her privacy. She let go of her toothbrush at last and gripped the counter to keep from falling. I snatched the toothbrush right out of her mouth and handed it to Lorna. Lorna squeezed the bristled and sudsy head right up Marissa’s bottom.

As she slid it in and out of Marissa like one of them newfangled dildoing devices, I pulled her again to her feet and made her kiss Marissa since Marissa was especially fun to play tongue hockey with after tonguing her asshole.

It was about this time that Salamandy walked in, wearing her usual black panties. I smiled at her as she walked in and she smiled back and got to her business like there was nothing usual going on. I stared at her open breasts when she leaned forward over the counter, wanting to grab them out of nowhere. Somehow I didn’t feel that vibe from her. Instead, rubbing my cock, I got up behind Marissa.

Lorna pulled the toothbrush out of Marissa’s ass as I approached and put it back in her mouth to finish her teethbrushing. I watched in the mirror Lorna painting her roommate’s extended tongue with it, scraping the bristles over it and rubbing the backside along as well. I pushed my cock into her wet and somewhat soapy asshole with not too much difficulty.

Salamandy watched with mild curiosity, but it didn’t distract her from brushing her own teeth or using the toilet. Lorna was enjoying the crap out of herself, and Marissa was helplessly moaning as I took her and she tasted herself on her toothbrush.

I groaned and thrust and all that shit, enjoying my hardness in the tightness for just a few minutes. Since it was someone’s ass, I didn’t worry about holding back my cum. I just filled up Marissa’s backside with it, then left her collapsed on the counter, putting my cock away and getting to my own bathroom duties.

I missed Spring. Usually she’s in the bathroom at some point or another, but no joy. I walked here and there a bit, and found her at the front door, talking to…


“Oh, hey, D. Peeping in on my sister?”

“He lives here,” Spring said with a scowl. She moved in close to me right under my wing like she belonged to me. More importantly, like she didn’t belong to Sam. He had been leaning a bit over her from his perch in the doorway where I guessed he hadn’t been invited.

“Oh, no shit?” he said with his careless attitude. “Billyum said you’d moved on.”

“Is that what he said?” I replied, rolling my eyes.

Sam shared a bit of a laugh with me at Bill’s expense for not being as reliable a story-teller. He pressed on with his purpose, “So babe, go get dressed.”

“I told you, I’m not going out with you!”

Uh oh. People with a past? No future, that’s for sure. Suddenly I feel stuck in the middle. Sam’s my boy, but I live with Spring.

“I don’t need you now that I have Derrick every day,” Spring goaded.

“Psh, bullshit,” Sam laughed.

Spring was already on her knees in front of me, pulling my cock out of my pajamas. “Mm, smells like asshole,” she moaned as she smelled it, then took a lick from base to crown.

“Remember how we never let you fuck any of us in the ass?” she asked Sam sweetly, then sucking me off.

“Whatever,” Sam said in his usual non-committal form. He left without shutting the door.

“Thanks, Derrick,” Spring said as she got up to close the door.

“That’s my friend,” I growled angrily.

“Aww… I’m sorry, what can I do to make it up to you?” she said, again on her knees and staring straight up at me with tricksy eyes, slowly swallowing every bit of my cock like none of the other girls in the house could do.

I didn’t feel like arguing or bartering. “I think güvenilir bahis siteleri it’s best if we sort something out here and now,” I said in my residual anger.

She furled her eyebrows up at me submissively, making her look childish. When you know a girl isn’t childish, you know she’s just playing with you. “If you like having me around so much more than him, I think you’d better hand over that butthole that you’ve been flashing for the past who-knows-how-long.”

“This butthole?” she asked in her childish voice, turning onto her hands and knees facing away from me and pulling her panties down just enough to uncover her back door. She sucked on a finger, then pressed it deep up her asshole with a satisfied moan. I got on my knees behind her and took her by her hips, letting my cock fall against her widened crack.

“Be gentle,” she said timidly.

“No,” I said a bit more resolutely.

One by one, the rest of the girls trickled into the front room to see what all the noise was about. Since Spring had always refused to take it up the ass, they all found it to be rather fascinating. They lined up to drink my cum from her ass when I was done except for Salamandy who dragged me by the hand back to the back of the house.

“What’s up?” I asked curiously.

“I haven’t taken a shower yet,” she said. I gulped a little and just about praised my good luck at this tasty turn of events. The rest of the girls were just about mine to do whatever I wished to, but the statuesque raven was choosy and rare. I let her pull me into the shower pajamas-free, including a delicious view of her bending smack-dab in half to slide her panties down.

“The apple must not fall too far from the tree,” I commented as the water got moving and us with it.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing.” She and her brother Sam were a bit comparable in their behavior. Sam showing up, thinking he can pull bitches away whenever he feels like it; Mandy leading me around by the cock despite giving me access to as many women as I like. She shrugged it off and pulled me in for some rather heavy kissing.

Like with Sam, I wasn’t going to hold my perceived shortcomings of my girlfriend-for-the-moment because I’m a good friend (or boyfriend, take your pick). That she was holding me tight in lieu of making a move for the soap was helping her case, too. We felt each other’s bodies with hasty groping, down to her reaching for my cock as I cradled her heavy breasts.

Despite the hot water, I could still smell Spring in the air, and I could picture my girlfriend dropping to her knees and running her lips along my cock like her fingers were doing. But she pushed me to my knees instead moments after I slid my fingers along her pussy.

I eagerly knelt before her and accepted her pushing her cunt right over my open mouth. It was like a gift under a tree that only came once a year compared to the check in the mail every two weeks that her four roommates were. I appreciated her body more than I ever could theirs, enjoying her sweet syrup, tonguing her for much longer than I would bother fucking any of them. There’s also that part where she gets crazy-tight as she gets more turned on. Ain’t no other girls I’ve been with were like that.

I stroked my cock in preparation of things to come and squeezed her ass as she thrust her pussy against my mouth. My fingers inched in further, reigning in my excitement. But she stopped me, pulling my hand away. “Not there,” she said. I kept on eating her pussy, and she kept on moaning and cradling my face with her leg.

What I love about this woman is the way she tastes when she’s about to come. A cracked pepper taste to her, which is strangely inviting, sort of a peppered-chocolate taste. I can always tell when she’s going to come, and I always get more excited and eat her harder. It makes her quiver and grip my head to stay afloat, then she comes with a little gush that I’m always ready to drink down.

When she relaxes down into her heavy-breathing stage, I pull her ass apart again and lean a bit to lick at her asshole. It’s new and delicious and I could come just from feeling it wincing under my tongue, but she pulls my head back and plants her pussy back on my mouth once again.

I ached, tongue and cock, feasting on her. I grew frustrated, needing more, but being held between her legs so fast that I had no room for maneuvering. I don’t know how long she held me there, only that Marissa and Spring came tramping in with something about “my ass aches” from one and “stop hogging all the hot water” from another. They piled into the large shower (five girls and just one shower? It’s big), neither having reclaimed what I’d taken off of them earlier, and divided us into two groups.

Spring got on her knees beside me and started kissing every bit of wetness on my face where she smelled Mandy. Marissa pushed Mandy up against the wall and stroked her with her more gentle hand and kissed her softly. She gently caressed the taller girl from head to hip, stopping only shortly on her breast and avoiding her pussy altogether. Mandy likewise touched softly but with more urgency since she had gotten off so recently and was ready for more direct stimulation.

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