A Fine Black Man

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Marie Lowell Jenkins stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. At the age of forty, she stood five feet ten inches tall, a bit chubby but still attractive. Her hair was short and black, and her skin was light brown. She was still a good-looking African-American woman. Times had been tough on her lately but she was a survivor. She looked at the pictures on her nightstand, and sighed. They were pictures of her husband James, back when he’d been a good-looking black athlete, during their college days.

Marie worked as a police officer in the city of Boston. Tonight, her husband James Jenkins was out with his boyfriend, a twenty-something guy named Anthony Blake. They had a certain arrangement. Marie knew what she was getting into when she married James. They met in college. Back then, he was a tall, good-looking black man. He was also openly bisexual and publicly dated both men and women. James was unlike any other man that she knew. He was bold, and didn’t take crap from anyone, man or woman. He stood up for his rights as a same-gender-loving African American male.

In college, Marie had been a bit of an activist. They met while campaigning. James had been a loyal supporter of Michael Landis, an openly gay ex-congressman who was running for mayor of Boston. He had lost, even though Boston was one of the most liberal towns in America. The gay community had been incensed. James had been so disappointed. Marie comforted him. They became friends afterwards. Of course, a relationship with James was a whirlwind. He was sleeping with men and women left and right while they were friends and he had no intention of stopping.

The two of them crossed the line between friends and lovers one night when James was drunk and had gotten kicked out of the dorms at Amherst. A month later, he would drop out of college altogether. He had nowhere to go. Marie offered him a place under her modest roof. He accepted. James had gotten in a fight with some homophobic athletes who didn’t like the fact that he kept bringing his boyfriends to spend the night at the dorm. The building’s resident assistant, a slim older woman who had also once slept with James, had no qualms about kicking out the hunky black stud. The world didn’t like switch-hitters, especially scrappy ones.

Yes, that night, they made love. Even though it was twenty years ago, Marie still remembered. James hadn’t known what to do when he got kicked out. James had a habit of getting kicked out of places for indiscretions. He got kicked off his high school football team because he was caught doing it with another guy. His boss fired him for doing it with one of the kitchen girls…in the bathroom. James fucked a female faculty member out of a deal to improve his grades once. The guy was a stud and his sexual power made him the envy of the world. In those days, he could get away with everything. He was something else.

Marie had welcomed James into her humble abode, and into her heart that rainy Friday night. Her apartment was small and she had no roommate. James had insisted on taking the bed and she had taken the couch. That’s just the kind of man güvenilir bahis he was. At the time, she found his tactlessness and absolute confidence to be quite appealing. He was such a sexy bastard. Still, she wasn’t about to let herself be bossed around in the apartment that she paid for by an arrogant man. She went into the room. Oh, hell. That was just asking for trouble but she stood her ground.

James woke up and looked at her. She told him what she thought of him taking her bed like that and acting all bossy. He looked at her, smiled then did the last thing she could have expected. He kissed her. She hesitated, then kissed him back. Marie, who had been a virgin up until that night, found herself responding to James touch and kisses. The man had skills. He kissed her all over, taking great care as he pleasured her. He seemed to know just what do. He was kissing her lips and moving down to her neck while his hands gently played with her breasts. He suckled on them while his hand went down into her groin. He kissed a path down her belly to her pelvis, then he began to get to the center of her world.

James spread her pussy lips wide open and began to lick her. He slid his fingers inside her, and probed. Marie almost cried out in sheer pleasure. She hadn’t known that such pleasures existed. Oh, she had talked to both boys and girls about sex and also listened to fantasies and experiences. She’d even bought a couple of videos but nothing she had ever seen could prepare her for something like this. He was sucking and licking her like there was no tomorrow. She lay on the bed, writhing in pleasure. When she finally came, he released her and watched as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

A few moments later, she lay in his arms, happy but also surprised. James smirked and pulled her to him. He grabbed her, and flipped her so that she was on her back. She didn’t resist. He put on a condom and looked at her. There was a question in his eyes. She responded. He took her. The first time James big cock went into her, it hurt like hell. He began fucking her, slowly but energetically. Marie gasped. She had never felt anything like it. Not even when she played with her vibrator at night. James pumped his cock into her, giving it to her hard. They fucked and sucked the night away. It was her first time. She would remember how wonderful he had been until the day she died. He had forgotten all about her the next day and taken off before she woke up.

For better or for worse, Marie Lowell had fallen in love with James Jenkins. The next time she saw him, they had a talk. Who in hell did he think he was to take off like that? He told her that he always took off after sex. It didn’t matter who he was fucking, man or woman. He always left. He wasn’t into hugging or anything like that. Oh, well. She asked, didn’t she? Somehow, they remained in each other’s lives. James sometimes needed money or a place to stay. She provided both, out of love. James got kicked out of the University of Massachusetts not long after. He was crestfallen. He really wanted a degree in Political Science because he wanted to work in politics someday. Marie türkçe bahis stood by him.

Marie encouraged him to apply to a different school. James got accepted at Emerson College in downtown Boston. He went there for a couple of years and earned a Bachelors degree in business instead. Marie was so proud of her man. He was a college-educated brother. From then on, things got a little better. James was hired as assistant regional manager for Anderson Enterprises, a fast-growing car dealership. James was a good-looking, charming black male. He got attention from straight women and gay men everywhere he went. And he always took advantage of it. He became the number one dealer at work. He was a natural. The guy could sell sand at the beach!

Marie had earned herself a degree in Criminal Justice. She went to the police academy and started working for the Boston police department. The work was tough but she liked it. One time, she arrested a psycho woman who was beating on her kids and even attacked her husband in his sleep. Marie loved her job. She hated evil-doers. No matter what gender they were. And she loved her man. They got married three years after their college graduation. Life was good. For a while.

Marie was madly in love with James and she knew that he cared for her too but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with men and women left and right. He had sex with an eighteen-year-old Hispanic guy inside the Dunkin Donuts bathroom while she waited in the car, unaware that he was hooking up. in times like these, Marie gritted her teeth and simply tried to ignore her husband’s indiscretions. He continued to pull off even more stunts. One time, he had sex with a nineteen-year-old white girl who worked next door as a pet groomer. Where did they do it? In her own back yard! They had a talk about it. He agreed to limit his sexual encounters to members of his own gender, and to always wear protection.

Marie tried anything to keep her man. She even gave up the booty. It wasn’t easy. She had a lot of fears concerning this type of sexual activity. Yet she loved James and wanted to make him happy. She wondered if he knew how much she loved him. She would never have done this for anybody else. James, who was used to shoving his dicks inside the butt holes of men and women of all races, didn’t seem to care. He fucked his wife in the ass, and moved on. He was however more discrete in his encounters with men and stopped sleeping with other women.

One day, James told her that he had some good news. He had found someone he liked and wanted her to meet him. Marie shocked. Whoever heard of a man wanting his wife to meet his mistress? Well, he wanted his wife to meet his mister! James introduced her to Anthony Blake. Anthony Blake was a tall, good-looking white boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He was a very sexy guy. James had met James at a baseball game and was smitten with the guy. They became an item. At first, Marie thought he was just another notch under James belt. Just another name under the long list of men and women he fucked. But she was wrong. James was in love with Anthony. Marie tried not be jealous. She güvenilir bahis siteleri failed miserably.

Marie simply didn’t get it. She loved James. She supported him and she was loyal. Why couldn’t he be with her and only her? Apparently, he was allergic to monogamy. He liked men and women and there was nothing she could do to change that. Why did he like men? He once told her that a hole’s a hole if he gets horny enough. That’s why she gave up the booty hole. She thought that if she let him fuck her in the ass, that would make him happy and he would stop fucking other people. How wrong she was. James was in love. He had never been in love. That’s when she realized it. Anthony was a threat. He was a menace to her lover in a way no other man or woman had ever been. Every man and woman who has gone to bed with James has always been just a fuck to him.

This time was different. One of Marie’s friends told her that she spotted James walking around Boston Commons with Anthony, kissing him and holding hands with him. Marie seethed with rage. James didn’t even like holding hands with her! How dare he do this to her? She didn’t care if he fucked somebody but holding hands and kissing? Those were her privileges and she wouldn’t let anyone take them away from him. She had let this go on for far too long. Marie slammed her fist into the mirror.

The pain of her hand smashing the glass didn’t seem to register to her. For a moment, she stood there, looking at her hand. It wasn’t bleeding a lot but it hurt like hell. Marie looked at the small droplets of blood as they flowed down her hand and dripped on the floor. Marie smiled. Once more, she looked at her wedding picture. James and her, holding hands as they walked out of the church, surrounded by family and friends. Oh, what a day. Even then, she knew who and what he was and accepted him. Or thought she did. Now, she didn’t know him anymore. How in hell could he fall for another man? She didn’t really care if he fucked a guy. Sure, she’d rather he act like a straight man but he wasn’t. She would have felt more threatened if he was with another woman.

Now, her worst nightmare had come true. He had fallen in love…with a boy. Why? How could this happen? He had repeatedly told her that he loved her and that the men and women he fucked were simply fucks to him. Upon her insistence, he had given up the other women while continuing to fuck other men on the sly. She didn’t feel threatened by any gay man he slept with. She was a woman. She didn’t have a man’s package. She didn’t have whatever he saw in them. But she was determined to be the only woman in his life because she thought he could only love a woman. He fucked many men but loved one woman. That’s what he repeatedly told her. Things had changed. There was now another contender for his heart. A male contender.

Marie put her uniform in her bag and went to work. Tonight, she would go by the detectives division and try to get one of her pals to dig up everything he could come up with it about Anthony Blake, her rival. This boy was trouble. He was a threat to her. More than any other woman or man her husband had taken to bed. Before Blake came along, he only used the word love when describing her. Now, he used it to describe how he felt about someone else. Another man. This meant war. Marie left the house, and stepped into the night.

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