A Pair to Draw to.

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I was just a crazy kid at the time, old enough to know better but too young and all of that.

I had partnered up with my butthead brother and bought a gas station, some of you older folks may remember those deals that used to be available on every street corner in America.

The oil companies would find some young hard working folks, feed them a line about being “independent businessmen”. For a small monthly rent this allowed them to stand out in the rain and cold for 16 hours a day selling gas for just enough money to pay the light bill.

But it wasn’t so bad, two reasonably good looking young guys got to meet lots and lots of available women.

By selling a tire or battery, (purchased from the company at retail plus 20% of course) it was possible to get by and eat once in awhile.

That is what I was doing when I met Diane. She had pulled on the lot for gas, I spotted the big bulge on the side of her right front tire.

I told her about it, it was easy to talk her into the lube bay and hang a new tire on there for her. Somehow that made me her hero, she thanked me profusely for “saving her from an accident” as I finished the job up thinking about the $15 I had just made.

I really didn’t pay much attention to her, Diane was about my age, but she was one of those gals that seemed to make every possible effort to find clothes that made her look heavier, hair exactly wrong for her face, and glasses with heavy black frames.

Just a girl, nothing that would ever get my attention at all. Except for that smile, it never left her face.

We chatted, no idea at all what about, I had to leave her every few minutes to run out front as a car would pull up and ding the bell for fuel.

I finally got a little time free from the gas pumps, she handed me her oil company credit card, now I knew her name at least. In my best saleman’s manner I thanked her and called her “Ms…..”.

“Diane, you can call me Diane.”

That same smile, hard to not notice. Her best feature, I think she knew that.

I smiled back. “Dan.”

She left, seemingly a little reluctant, I forgot all about her, went back to pumping gas.

My shift ended at 7, it was about 6 when the phone rang. We didn’t get a heck of a lot of phone calls, my brother called out from the office that it was for me and got up off his dead ass to go cover the islands while I was on the phone.

It was Diane, instantly it popped in my head that the damned tire had gone flat or failed, just what I needed to finish off the day.

But she was inviting me to dinner, something about a “reward” for her “hero!”. I will concede that it didn’t take a lot of effort to get me to go eat, anywhere and about anything.

I thought about the two hot dogs and quart of milk in my fridge at the apartment and said sure. She seemed excited, I was too, I was hungry.

My apartment was 6 miles the wrong way, I mentioned I needed to go home and clean up, she told me to just drop by and I could use her shower. That was even better, my place had a ratty tub that could use some scrubbing, I knew damned well the heat wasn’t on and odds were high there was no hot water again, too.

AND I just happened to have a nice change of clothes in my trunk. In those days I always carried a change, toothbrush, shaving gear, different shoes.

Seems I never knew where I might end up staying overnight.

I rolled up to Diane’s apartment complex, my little 1966 Nova with the dual straight pipes signalling my arrival. I looked around, the place was a bit upper end, nice. Her number was on the second floor, I looked down at the neat swimming pool, thinking of my cold and crappy one room hovel that didn’t even have pavement on the road out front.

Diane answered the door, same bright smile. Best description I can come up with is your puppy greeting you when you get home, I was liking this.

She showed me to her bathroom, it was bigger than my living room. I love single women’s bathrooms, there is no dirt on anything normally. The dirt doesn’t ever seem to appear until after we say, “I do.”

I peeled off my company uniform, looked around for somewhere to put it that wouldn’t get dirty. At home I just dumped them on the floor, nothing could hurt my floor at my place.

Diane knocked on the door. “Give me your work clothes, I will take care of them.”

I cracked the door, conscious of being stark naked. She caught a glimpse of my nude side through the crack in the door as I handed her my clothes, giggled and shut the door.

I washed and scrubbed, poker oyna no reason to hurry, hot water! Dang. Luxury. I was just finishing up shaving and brushing my teeth when I heard voices. Two of them. Female. Now what?

Pulling up my slacks with the neat and in style flared legs, I buttoned up my snug soft shirt with the little colored swirls all over it. I decided against the dab of jel to keep my hair swept back, I didn’t figure on doing any dancing.

I looked presentable in the mirror if I did have to say so myself, I opened the door with one thing on my mind.


I could smell it, fresh bread, damned if it wasn’t oven baked. Something about fresh baked bread just gets to a man.

There was another girl sitting on the couch, Diane introduced her as Carol, her roommate. I smiled and we shook hands. She was a bit of a chunk, now Diane wasn’t thin, she was heavy in the hips and thick waisted, this other gal was big. Not the fat kind of big, she had curves in all the right places, just big curves.

I bellied right up to the table, Diane set a plate of steaks, a platter of baked potatoes, a tossed green salad with a half dozen different kinds of dressings. The steaks were tenderloins I guess, I know a fork cut them like butter.

Perfect! I was ready to move right in.

Later, we sat on the couch, Diane put on some soft music and the three of us chatted away while I did my very best to not belch.

Somewhere in there Carol drifted away to her room, leaving Diane and I alone, I never really noticed that.

I finally looked at my watch, it was coming up on midnight and I had the 6 AM shift the next day, so I started to offer my goodbyes.

“Please. Stay with me.”

I looked at her and understood, why the hell not? Sure, she wasn’t my type, I preferred the skinny gals myself.

But I was also reasonably sure I could handle the situation, besides….FOOD!

I suppose that sounds a little cold but I was single and usually broke.

So I reached out, she scooted sideways towards me and I kissed her. I was getting kissed right back, too, eagerly. Didn’t take me long and I had my hands on her tits, I could feel the lumps of her bra, realized there was lots more in there than just her. Her expression changed a little bit at my hesitation, but I covered nicely by letting out a moan and rubbing her ample behind a bit.

“Let’s go.” she suddenly stood up.

I got the picture, she led me through the door into her bedroom. We sat on the edge of the bed, necked some more. I was starting to undo the buttons of her blouse when she stood up again.


I waited, she went over and turned off the lights, plunging the room into total blackness. Then she sat down on the bed next to me again.

Bashful, I realized that too.

I went back to work, getting her blouse off, she helped me all the way. Off came the bra, I felt the padding in the darkness, half of her was padding, it seemed. I ran my right hand up and fondled her breast, oddly small for her rather big size. But she was young, nothing had really headed off in different directions yet.

And I was young, too, a tit is a tit, in no time I was licking and sucking away at them, kinda fun, actually. I was getting some pretty good moans out of her, she seemed to be enjoying it.

Somehow I managed to get out of my shirt and pants, my nice little 7 incher was as solid as a mid twenties cock can be. I felt her hand reach down, touch me, explore. Then she grasped me firmly, let out a shudder. I knew what that was, she had a small orgasm just from touching me, hot lady!

I peeled her pants off, felt around and found an overly large set of what I would have bet was white cotton panties except it was so damned dark.

Got them off, too, she rolled her hips up first one way, then the other to help. I stripped them down her legs, slid my hands back up, slowly. She orgasmed again just as my fingers touched her between her legs. I felt the mass of pubic hair, let my index finger slip between, felt dampness.

I wasn’t as orally inclined back then as I am now, but somehow it felt just right. I leaned down, pressed her legs apart, licked her slit from bottom to top as she started to let out squeals and squeaks that would wake the dead.

Her taste was clean and sweet, this was nice pussy, all puffed up and damp from her excitement. I worked the fleshy part of her between my lips, then sucked as much as I could inside my mouth, repeating over and over as her body smacked away at my face. She was bouncing her hips canlı poker oyna up and down so hard I was having trouble staying in place, then she thrust upwards and held herself there.

Waves blasted through her as she orgasmed over and over. I had seen women climax before but this was amazing, my hands were on her stomach just above her pubic hair and it felt like an earthquake!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself. It was time. I slipped upwards, placed the end of my penis at her now soaked entrance, pushed.

It didn’t want to go. I felt her body take on an odd stiffness, like she braced or something. I pushed again, felt a firmness, then something tear and I was inside her.

Too late. Way too late.


It popped in my mind to stop, I knew damned good and well what that meant, but the stiffness I had felt go through her body vanished and she started that wild crazy thrusting at me. What the hell. I started thrusting back, meeting her. It wasn’t long, she was as tight as a drum, I blasted away stronger than I could remember as she did that lift of her hips and stop again, loud noises coming out of her in no language known to man.

I withdrew, lay back exhausted. Diane got up and went into the bathroom. I saw the light come on under the closed door, then she shut off the light and emerged a few minutes later.

“I need to change the bedding.”

“OH, Ok.”

I hopped up, went into the bathroom, I looked down, I was pretty bloody. I washed up, waited. I could hear her rustling around out there, finally her soft voice.


I went back out, into pitch blackness again. She was in the bed, I climbed in, we lay there quietly for quite awhile.

“I am sorry, I didn’t realize..”

“Oh, no! It’s all right, I wanted you too!”

I let out a small sigh, snuggled up to her, slept.

The next morning she woke me at 5 AM, handed me my work clothes, all washed and neatly folded. I dressed and came out to Bacon, Eggs, some Cantaloupe, Coffee. Hard to top the last 24 hours.

Good food and good sex. A man doesn’t really need much more. Well, maybe a fast car but I also had one of those.

She kissed me at the door, straightened my shirt.

“Come by tonight?” There was a curious quiver to her lips, I realized she was afraid I would say no.


I went off to work, thinking. Not my type, not my type at all, what the hell was I doing?

There was a bunch more similar sessions, I more or less moved in. And I have to say I really didn’t want to. The few times over the next couple of months that I actually did go back to my apartment was always met with a pout.

I found out Diane had a good job working for the County, some kind of analyst whatever the hell that meant. Nice salary and benefits, she made it a point to let me know about her “investments” etc. I realized she was using everything at her disposal to try and interest me. I didn’t help at all by being nice to her all the time.

The sex was great, the food was great, I liked her apartment. I even liked her roommate, Carol.

Carol was always discrete and somehow slipped away when it began to look like Diane and I were going to have sex or something. Just once she came out as I had Diane down on her back, my bare ass hopping up and down as we went at it on the couch.

She just said “excuse me” and went back to her bedroom. But there could be no missing what we were doing, Diane was loud!

And I was slowly but surely being trapped. I know, all I had to do was turn into an asshole, tell her I didn’t like her, and leave her with a broken heart.

No problem for some guys, I didn’t have it in me. But I was also making it worse by not ending things early.

Yep. Trapped. No way out that I could see. I was already missing hitting the dance bars and doing a little of the predator bit, no problem with loving and leaving most of the gals I met there, they were used to it. Some of them were predators, too.

Diane was a nice lady.

The one day I stopped by her apartment, she was still at work. Some government project was in the works, she had to stay and work on that. Carol opened the door, big smile at the sight of me.

“Hey, let’s go get chinese food!” she said.

That sounded fine with me, it was only a few blocks down to a local place, the three of us had already been there a few times. So off we went.

I had never really paid any attention to Carol if that makes sense, she was just…well…around. Nice, friendly, but just there.

We sat internet casino there waiting for our Shrimp and Chow Mein, just chatting about everything under the sun.

“So how is it with you and Diane?”

Exactly the subject I didn’t want to talk about.

“Oh, ok I guess.” I answered, lamely.

“Not really going anywhere, is it?”

I had to be honest.

“Well, no.”

“I thought so.”

Her voice went quiet.

“I hear you guys sometimes.”

No shit.

“Oh, sorry.”

“Don’t be, it is exciting.”

Oh oh.

“Exciting?” I suddenly had a vision of her masturbating to the sounds of Diane and I going at it.

“Yes. I don’t get much sex, because I am..” Her eyes went downcast, she blushed.


I just looked at her, no comment fit right then. Then her eyes were on me, I realized I was looking at a woman struggling with her courage.

“I was thinking that maybe you and me…we could…please?”

Her cheeks went bright pink.

There was only one possible answer, dammit.

“Sure, I would like that!”

Carol actually clapped her hands together, tickled, big smile.

We finished the meal, hopped in my car. We didn’t dare go back to the apartment, sure as hell Diane would come home smack in the middle of everything.

My head was a whirl, never in my life had I had a female come on to me like that. Usually they were pretending to be hard to catch and I was supposed to encourage them, seduce them.

Carol wanted to fuck me and that was it, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

I drove down to an area where there was a string of Motels, rented one.

We were no more than inside, she was in my arms. Her body was large, solid, this was not the slender type I preferred at all. She was big, strong, firm everywhere. In no time at all we were both naked, her breasts were round and her skin was white as snow, not a blemish or mark on her, I checked.

Something popped in my head, I had to ask.

“Have you ever?”

“Once.” she actually blushed. Then we were at each other.

Good lord that woman bounced me around the room, she was rubbing me and sucking on me, eager, her hands exploring me and I explored her. Normally a heavier woman has a vagina that is just a crease, not Carol. Her labia were even larger than Diane’s, who also had a nice full puffy pussy. Carol’s were spectacular, I spread her legs and dove right in. I could have gobbled away at her for hours, did for a long time.

Then I laid her back and fucked her as solidly as I could, she went into murmurs, over and over. It felt strange to feel her large body under me, her big breasts rubbing, mashing into my chest.

I worked hard to keep from coming until I was sure she had. Then I could not hold back, I allowed myself to release which got some more murmurs from her.

We lay there together for a few minutes. The whole situation was so crazy, so erotic, it was only a bit before I was up and hard again, Carol looked down, saw me. She got the biggest grin anyone could possibly get, opened her legs for me and lay back.

We went at it a second time, finally there was no more left.

We dressed, she thanked me, believe that or not. Hell, it was my pleasure, she was fun to fuck. I already knew we would do it some more, too.

But the hard part was ahead, we had to face Diane. Diane was sitting on the couch when we walked in, saying something lame about having gone to dinner.

I think she knew.

Later, Diane and I were laying in bed, she wanted to talk, I could tell.

“Dan, I have to tell you something.”

I braced.

“I cheated on you.”

I just looked at her.

“My Boss and I…We…We weren’t working.”


“He is talking about getting married.”

“Oh.” I managed to keep a straight face.

“I was with Carol this afternoon.”

“I thought so.”

“What now?”

She thought about it for a moment.


I cringed.

Carol came in, housecoat pulled snug around herself, nervous expression on her face.

Diane reached across me, pulled the covers back, smiled. Carol smiled, hopped into bed.

I smiled, too.

“I am not married yet!” Diane said, reached for my cock.

{An aside. 14 years later, my wife and I were running a little nightclub, a familiar looking woman walked in and looked around. It took me a moment, I realized it was Diane. She was married, two kids. She had somehow found out where I was, drove over 600 miles to see me. We had a long chat, then I walked her to her car and sent her home with a kiss. Her last words to me were, “I have always loved you.” I realized that in my own way, I loved her too. So I told her so. True story this time.


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