A Tasty Treat

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Lying in bed, naked, next to Barbara was a great place to be. As far as Jon was concerned, she was the sexiest woman in the world. He couldn’t ever really stop thinking about her. She of course was lovely and kind and nice and smart and all of those great things. But when she was naked, he never could really think about any of that. When she was naked, he pretty much only though about her…naked. She was naked, he was naked, they were in bed. He was gently rubbing her back and they were chatting about something or other. He was horny and he knew she was horny.

Rubbing her back was great, but that of course was not what either of them really wanted. He moved his hands down her back, grabbed her cute little ass for a quick squeeze and kept his hands moving down and around until he found what he wanted…her pussy. What an amazing and sweet thing it was. He loved her pussy and touching it made him happy and horny, but what it did to her made him even happier. He loved giving her orgasms. Knowing how great it made her feel excited him. And giving her orgasms made him feel great too.

If it was up to him, she’d have an orgasm every day. Actually, that’s a lie. She’d have several every day. Massaging around her pussy and sliding his fingers inside, he felt her muscles tense. As much fun as this was, without a doubt, his favorite way to ensure her orgasm was with his mouth. Jon’s tongue, Barbara’s pussy; it was a perfect match, and that’s what he was thinking about now.

Continuing to finger her pussy, he started to shift his body and move his head a little lower in the bed. She touched his head and shoulders as he moved lower and lower. Barbara may look cute and innocent, but it was obvious that she knew what Jon was planning. And he knew that she loved it. But just as his mouth almost reached her pussy she grabbed his head and said, “Stop.”

He was confused. Why should he stop? Did he do something wrong? No. She followed up with, “I want to make love to you…now.”

Well, he couldn’t argue with that. Moving up in bed he kissed her stomach, then her chest, then each supple breast, then each supple breast again. It was hard to stop sucking on her nipples, but as great as sucking on her nipples was, making love was even better. As he let a nipple slide from his mouth, she pushed him aside and onto his back. Just as quickly she straddled him, one leg on each side. Kneeling above him, her pussy hovered just above his dick. He couldn’t help but stare at this beautiful girl, naked and on top of him. He was surely the casino siteleri luckiest man alive. And right about now, it also seemed that his dick was the hardest dick alive. Leaning forward to kiss him with her breasts pressing into his chest, she reached one hand down and deftly guided his dick inside of her.

Warm and wet, her pussy welcomed his dick. Deep inside of her, he felt his dick grow. As hard as his dick was just seconds ago, it hardened even more. As she sat straight up, her muscles contracted and squeezed his dick. His hips thrust up while hers thrust down. Together, their movements worked in unison to guide his dick deeper and deeper inside of her. He now sat up so he could hold her. His arms hugged her tight as he penetrated her. Up and down, and up and down, she bounced on top of him. Each of her movements was matched by one of his. Her pelvis grinded into his groin and his thrust into hers. Each movement increased their mutual pleasure. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. Inside of her, he felt his dick throb; he knew his orgasm was not far off. Holding her tight and pressing her pelvis into his, with one powerful thrust, pleasure enveloped his body and cum exploded from his dick. As they continued their rhythmic motions, his dick continued to pulsate with pleasure and her pussy continued to fill with his semen.

Their movements continued for some time, but eventually started to slow. Sex was amazing and his orgasm was complete. His dicks main goal in life, to fill his wife’s pussy with hot and sticky cum, was accomplished. He knew he felt great and he knew she felt pretty damn good too. But he also knew that while his orgasm was amazing, she had not had one. He realized that this less than ideal situation actually presented a great opportunity. She had surprised him earlier when she told him to stop and so now it was his turn to surprise her. They were hugging and kissing and he could tell that she was about to move away from straddling him. As she shifted her weight slightly onto one of her knees, he said, “Stop.”

Surprised she looked at him. “Where are you going?” he asked.

Barbara answered, “I thought we we’re done, I was going to lie down next to you.”

“You might be done, but I’m not,” Jon replied.

She didn’t know exactly how to reply. While she thought of what to say, he laid back down and took her hands to guide her to him. “What do you want me to do?” she finally asked.

“Nothing,” he replied, “well, nothing much.” Lying on his back, she was still straddling him, slot oyna his dick still in her pussy. Staring up at her, this gorgeous naked girl to whom he’d just made love; it was a beautiful site. He let go of her hands and stretched to reach around her and grab her ass. Squeezing her ass was always fun and so he did. He kept both hands firmly attached to her ass and pulled her towards him. She rose slowly and his now less than hard dick slid out of her pussy. He continued to move her body higher in the bed and closer to his face. Her pussy inched its way up, first hovering over his abdomen and then his chest. As she moved, he could feel a few small drops of their combined love juices fall onto his body. A small portion of each drop was hers but most was his. Each little drop that fell onto him excited him. He felt blood begin to flow back into his dick. Just moments ago it was mostly soft, but now it firmed.

He was still lying on his back and now her knees where on each side of his shoulders. Her thighs pressed into his chest and he could feel the warmth of her body. Her pussy was inches from his chin and in the dim light he could faintly see it – pink and wet and still mostly full with his cum; just the way a pussy should be. Firmly grabbing her ass, he said, “I think it’s time that I finally lick your pussy.” Not waiting for any response or even for it to sink in, he quickly pulled her to him, or more accurately he pulled her pussy to his lips.

Before he even opened his mouth, he felt a drop hit his lips. Licking them, his pulse quickened. Lifting his head slightly, he pressed his lips against her pussy, planting a little kiss and taking a little taste. He knew the taste of her pussy well, and in fact it was his favorite flavor in the world. But despite the hundreds of times he’d tasted her, this was new. Not once had he tasted her after sex; not once had he tasted her pussy filled with his cum. It was different, it was a little odd, and it drove him crazy.

Her pussy was always wet when his mouth was near, but it wasn’t simply wet now, it was flooded. He opened his mouth wide and engulfed her pussy. Cum that had been dripping from her pussy now flowed into his mouth. Cum bathed his tongue as he extended it to reach her clitoris. His tongue on her clitoris of course made her moan and shiver. Licking and sucking her clit only caused more cum to ooze from her. His mouth was now overflowing with cum. His nose, his chin, his face, his neck – all covered in cum from her pussy. He had to pause a second just to swallow so canlı casino siteleri he wouldn’t drown.

Yesterday he would have said that he did not enjoy the taste of cum. Yesterday he would never have thought about drinking his own cum. Today he couldn’t get enough. Swallowing his first mouthful, he opened again and more cum immediately flowed into his mouth. Opening wide, he again extended his tongue to her clit. Licking and flicking her clit with his tongue, he felt her muscles tense and heard her moans increase. He loved her clitoris and usually his tongue never drifted far away. But today was a little different. His tongue wandered a little south of her clit into her pussy. Not onto her pussy but into it. He extended it as far as he could. Penetrating her pussy, he dug as deep inside her as he could reach. A little sweet and a little sour, it was the perfect combination.

But he couldn’t linger inside for too long. He knew where his tongue really belonged…and it wasn’t here. So again he slid his tongue onto her clitoris. And almost immediately, he again felt her muscles tense. Soft and then hard and then soft again – he licked and lapped and licked. His lips enveloped her clit and squeezed ever so gently. As her moans increased, so did the pressure he applied. Tongue flicking, lips squeezing, and mouth sucking; he could feel her climax nearing.

Firmly grasping her ass with his hands, he pulled her closer still. Pressing her pussy into his face, his lips grabbed her clit. Kissing and squeezing and now even pulling and tugging. She no longer moaned, but screamed. He felt her entire body shiver with excitement. Pussy in mouth, hands on ass, he had to hold on tight to control her convulsions. Finally, everything broke loose in orgasms unlike any she had previously enjoyed. Every muscle in her body contracted and relaxed and contracted again in unison. With each muscle in her pussy participating as well, a flood of cum flowed into his mouth. Swallowing another load, he used his tongue to guide every last ounce into his mouth. He was amazed at how much cum she had. He had no idea that her pussy could hold this much. He had no idea that his dick could produce this much. He had no idea that he could eat this much. He was hornier than ever.

With her pussy empty and her orgasm complete, she moved from on top of him and rolled onto her side next to him. Looking into his eyes, she smiled and spoke, “That was amazing. I hope you enjoyed it too.”

He smiled back and replied, “Of course I did, but there is one problem.”

With a slightly worried look, she asked, “A problem, what is it?”

Trying not to grin too widely, he answered, “I loved your pussy. I always do. But the problem is…that now it’s empty. Maybe I can fill it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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