A Week With Jill Ch. 01

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I found myself very nervous that Sunday afternoon as I waited for Jill to arrive.

She was a college friend of my daughter Sarah, and although I knew her from a couple of vacation visits she made, now she was coming to stay alone as she had some job interviews in town.

I have lived alone since I divorced Sarah’s mother, done well enough as an architect to work from the home I designed for myself. There was plenty of room for anyone to stay for a week without disrupting each other.

Yet I found myself pacing as I waited for her to arrive. Dinner was essentially ready, her room was well set up, and it is not like I had never had female company before. But there I was walking from room to room, out to the patio, and back.

I was out by the pool when I heard a car pulling into the driveway. I walked over and looked beyond the fence to see Jill getting out of a small SUV. She was about 5 feet 2 inches tall, a sneaky athletic body set off by a light brown pony tail.

“Over here, Jill,” I said, startling her as she grabbed a bag from the SUV. She turned and bumped her head on the open car door. Seeing she was OK, we both started laughing.

As she walked to me, I was treated to the sight of her in khaki shorts and a tight light blue T-shirt cut midway down her pert breasts. I stepped around the gate and took her bag.

“Follow me, madam, your quarters are this way,” I said, walking to the pool house in the back of the yard.

“Oh wow, I get a whole house? I may never leave,” said Jill with a laugh.

I dropped her bag by the diving board. With a sweep of my arm, I gestured around the yard, pointing all the way back to the jacuzzi secluded from view.

“Stick with me kid, this could all be yours,” I said, making the joke before thinking about the implications.

I looked down at her bag as I picked it up and saw the zipper was not fully closed. On top was a frilly pair of green panties that sent my mind spinning in 17 different directions.

Inside the pool house, I set her bag on the bed and pointed out the bathroom, towels and anything else to try and look casual.

As I turned to leave, we collided, my hands caught her tight mid section and my thumb moved over her left breast.

“I’m so sorry. Not much of a bellhop, I guess,” I said. “Anyway, dinner is in about an hour – you are welcome to enjoy the pool.”

“I think I will, it was a long drive. Will you join me?”

“Maybe in a bit,” I said. “Just know you are welcome to anything here.”

I went back to my house feeling like 2 percent klutz and 98 percent dork. I opened a bottle of zinfandel to breathe before dinner and busied myself around the house before coming out to light the grill.

As I brought out our steaks, I nearly dropped the tray. Jill emerged from the pool in a stunning blue and white striped bikini, conservative but form fitting with a triangle top framing the loveliest breasts I had seen in ages.

“I feel like I’m treating you like my servant,” she said as she joined me by the grill. I looked down to see her nipples pushing at her top and beads of water on her arms.

“Oh now, just trying to be a good host,” I said.

“Well, I’m going to get changed for dinner,” Jill said and walked away, her hips rocking and cute ass swaying in the full bottoms of her bikini.

She reappeared in the same shorts and shirt she wore when arriving and I served us steaks and salad. Nothing elaborate, but Jill ate heartily. We talked about interviews, school, her future, my work. We drank wine slowly as night fell over the patio.

“I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality,” Jill said as I carried our plates to the kitchen. She seemed to shimmer in the lamplight, mildly buzzed as she sipped the last of the wine.

“Well, I remember how it is starting out in the world. Interviewing is tough, even with someone as charming as you,” I said. “I need to get to bed shortly, but you can do as you wish – take another swim if you want. The pool stays very warm.”

The thought Jill might be outside swimming made me restless as I settled into bed, but I pushed all naughty thoughts from my head as I tried to get to sleep.

Early the poker oyna next morning, I hit the gym in my garage. I’m not bulked, but try to get an hour in every day before getting to work. I had just set up for bench presses when the door opened and Jill walked in.

With 125 pounds on the bar, I was not too worried about a spotter. I was on my back when she walked over in black running shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt.

“Oh hi,” I said, looking up as she walked over. “You’re up early.”

“I was going to take a run. You shouldn’t do that without a spotter,” she said.

“Nah, it’s OK. You go out on your run,” I said. I gripped the bar while looking up at her exposed tight abs.

She came closer to the bench, standing behind me. I looked up the legs of her shorts to see a rainbow colored pair of lacy panties. The scent of her musk filled my nose, I was lucky not to get hard on the spot.

“OK Mr. He-man, I’ll spot while you do your set. I don’t want my host getting injured.”

I pressed a quick set of 12, focusing on the lift even as small whiffs of Jill wafted over me. She backed up but stood within reach of the bench. As I pressed the last one, she leaned forward and helped me reset the bar.

“That was impressive,” she said running her hands over mine as I tried to let go of the bar. I looked straight up, under her T-shirt at her black sports bra as she leaned in.

“Thanks,” I said. “I don’t do it for show, just like staying fit.”

I got up and added 10 lbs to each side.

“Wow, you are going to do more?” asked Jill, brushing an errant strand of hair from her forehead.

“Two more sets, add 10 pounds each.”

“I better hang around then,” said Jill.

It was all I could do not to reach back and run my hands over her hips. She spotted me twice more, so close on the last set that I could see wisps of her pussy hair poking from her panties.

“Well, that’s kind of it for the show,” I said as I emptied the weight bar. “I do more free weights, but they don’t need spotting.”

“Well, it was quite a show,” Jill said. As I reached for a weight, she caressed my abs with the back of her hand.

“So what are your plans today?” I asked as I began one-handed curls.

“Well, I’m going to run now, then I’m going to relax by the pool a bit.”

“Ahhh, youth,” I said with a smile.

“You should come out and join me. You can do that when you work from home, right? Besides, I still need to tip the bellhop – maybe a massage will do.”

“Well, sometimes I make allowances, but things are a bit crazy lately. Enjoy your run,” I said, trying to focus on the workout.

“Well, you know where to find me,” she said.

I did know where to find her and that was half the problem. I burned my way through the workout and was toweling off when I walked towards the patio doors. I looked across yard to see Jill in a red string bikini, reclined as she read a magazine.

She looked up and saw me, waving as she spread her legs, then got up and turned around to readjust her chair. When she turned around, she patted the chair next to her. I laughed and walked away, then nearly broke into a sprint for the shower.

By the time I hit the shower I could barely contain myself. Working out always makes me horny, and the peek up Jill’s shorts to see her striped panties was etched in my mind even before she went to change for a swim.

I washed first, lathering as the water heated up, and my cock rose without me touching it. I’m no porn star, maybe seven inches long and not really thick, but no woman has ever said she could not feel me inside her.

I found myself as hard as a teenager. I had resisted getting worked up over Jill. Now there was no holding back, even as I stroked slowly with two fingers under my rod and my thumb above it.

Up and down the shaft my hand went, my mind shifting to Jill laying in a lounger in the red bikini with the halter top, and emerging from the pool dripping wet yesterday in the blue and white striped one I had seen her in yesterday.

My cum was surging, it felt like I could have three orgasms. I let go of my cock to pace myself and peripherally saw something canlı poker oyna moving in the bathroom. Even before she opened the shower door, I knew it was Jill.

Her red bikini looked glued to her, and her nipples jutted through the fabric as she smiled at me.

“You don’t have to do that alone,” Jill said, pushing me back into the shower as she stepped in. With one hand, she pulled the door shut. The other found my shaft and gave it a playful tug. “Oh my, this thing is just full of life,” she said.

My knees buckled at her touch, feathery with her fingertips, then stronger as she moved closer to me. By that point, I had reached my hand around her ass and leaned down to kiss her.

Her free hand wrapped around my neck while Jill pulled my mouth to hers. As the tips of our tongues met, I palmed her firm b-cup breast. On the second pass, I pushed the cup down and kissed her nipple.

Jill’s jerking picked up speed as I sucked at her erect nipple. I bit it lightly as she cooed and slipped her fingers over my balls. She pushed my head from her pert tit and traced her tongue over my nipple, then lower.

Water coursed over my back as the tip of Jill’s tongue passed over my stomach and down. She dropped to her knees, now pulling harder on the upper end of my shaft. It throbbed in her hand, as I let out a small squeal.

Holding the base of my dick, Jill began stroking me with her tongue, the tip rippling over my vein from base to head. She set a slow path as she went back and forth. On the third pass, she swirled her tongue around the spot just below the crown.

My hips bucked and the first spurt of cum surprised both of us as it splattered her cheek. The second spurt filled her mouth as she clamped her lips over the head and sucked.

Her head bobbed up and down, taking in half the shaft as I kept shooting my cum. She eased her lips back as my eruption subsided, and kissed the head of my dick before licking it clean.

“Looks like someone was ready for me to help,” she said as she stood up. With a gentle shove, she moved me from the torrent of water to wash my line of cum off her face.

I stepped in behind her as she rinsed, cupping her breasts – one bare, the other still in her top until I flipped it down. As I kissed her neck and let the water splash over her, my left hand roamed over her abs and lower.

First I teased her pussy by rubbing it through her bikini, strumming up and down over her lips. My hand slipped inside, passing over a springy mass of hair to caress swollen pussy lips that were sopping wet before she got in the shower. I pushed a finger inside her tight hole as Jill gasped and pushed herself back against me.

She threw her head back to kiss me, I tasted the last of my cum as our tongues collided. Then I pushed a second finger into her tight, spasming cunt.

I broke our kiss to turn her around. I pushed her against the wall with the water to my back and licked her nipples. My tongue made a trail over the water droplets on her body as she held the back of my head and bucked.

I dabbed my tongue into her belly button, then kissed all around her stomach. As I untied the string to her bottoms, Jill unhooked her bandeau top. As I leaned forward to taste her pussy, Jill dropped the top on my head.

I laughed and shook it loose so it dropped next to her bottoms. Droplets of water stuck like dew on her light brown muff, I captured them as I licked her pussy lips. I pulled my head back and blew on them, then traced them with the tip of my tongue.

I parted the lips with my fingers and pushed my tongue inside her as Jill thrashed against me. I held her pert ass tight in my hands, lapping furiously like I was tasting pussy for the first time. Her gasps became wails as I sought her clit and sucked at it.

She was tight and juicy, and as she clasped my head to her hips, she smeared my face with her wetness. As she pushed my head, she thrust out her hips, it seemed like she wanted to suffocate me as her orgasm built.

As she came, she stretched up on her tiptoes, screaming and gripping my hair. I looked up to see her face wreaked with total pleasure. When she eased back down on her internet casino feet, I pulled my head back.

As soon as I stood up, she pulled me to her for a kiss, aggressively ramming her tongue into my mouth while tugging on my cock again. Behind me, the water was getting chillier. As Jill clung to me, I turned off the shower.

“It was about to get cold,” I said as she pulled me back to her.

“Mmmmm, too bad, I love shower fucking,” said Jill. “Now you’ll just have to fuck me in the hot tub.”

“Ok, but you can’t go outside naked,” I said. “My neighbors do have a view.”

As she leaned over for her bikini, I gave Jill a playful slap on the ass.

“If I put this one again, are you just going to stay here and jerk off?” Jill asked as she tied the bottoms.

“No, but I will fuck you silly in it. Better change to another one if you don’t want cum on it.”

Jill smiled as she finished tying her top. She brushed the shaft again before we stepped out of the shower. “You sure you have any left? I must have swallowed a gallon.”

“Something tells me I have more for you,” I said, already feeling twinges as she paraded into my bedroom.

So what selection of suits do you have?” she asked as she strolled toward my dresser. “If we have to cover Mr. Johnson, I want a say in how he is dressed.”

My taste in suits is basic – no banana hammocks, but when I told her to look in a bottom drawer, Jill pulled out a pair of black board shorts and smiled. She knelt down on the fllor and waved me to her with one finger.

I stepped into the shorts. As she pulled them up, Jill engulfed my cock with her mouth again. She let go and smiled.

“Goodbye for now,” she said before letting the elastic band snap against my stomach.

The sun splashed over us as she took my hand and led me to the tub. I stopped to run on the jets and climbed over the edge. Standing in the middle of the tub, I took Jill’s hand and guided her into the water. She giggled, then stood on tip toe and whispered in my ear.

“Sucking is done, time to fuck,” she said, pulling on my dick through the shorts. I sat in the tub as Jill settled into my lap. As we kissed, I untied her bottoms, and tugged them to the side.

Jill lifted herself up in my lap and pulled at my board shorts. I raised my hips and pushed them past my cock, which was at full attention for her. With our bodies exposed, she settled into my lap, pushing herself down on my rod.

It slowly filled her, pushing up through a silkiness and wetness that covered me as I gasped. I held her hips, guiding her gently at first as she cooed and called my name. Up and down I moved her, holding tight to her hips as our tongues pressed together.

Our movements picked up speed, Jill had strong hips and gripped my shaft with her pussy as I peeled down her top. She held my shoulder as I moved my mouth to her stiff nipples. Her breasts bounced as I licked them, Jill now gasping with every push down on me.

I moved one hand down to find her clit, rubbing it with two fingers as Jill fucked me. I expected her to run out of steam, but she picked up the pace.

“Yeaahhhhhhhohhyeahhhhhhhhyesyesyessss,” she cried out, her head thrown back now. Her fingertips dug into my shoulder blades as she pulled back so her breasts bounced as she squirmed and thrashed.

As her orgasm subsided, Jill slowed down, rocking gently on my cock. I held her tightly, her wet hair draping over my neck as she breathed against me. Then she pulled back to kiss me.

“Fuck me from behind,” she said, rising off my shaft and turning to the opposite edge of the tub. I knew it would not take me long, and I eagerly knelt behind her and pressed my cock at her pussy lips. It went in to the hilt on the first push as she rocked against me and moaned.

Now it was my turn to feel the buildup as I reached around to cup her breasts.

“Give it to me, fill me up,” she said as I panted over her shoulder.

Then it burst, long strains firing from my cock as I held still and let her rock against me. She lifted herself higher in the water, so I pulled out and let the last strings of cum sail over her back.

We reclined in the tub, arms wrapped around each other, panting and sweating.

Jill pushed herself back up over me and looked down, her hair dangling and tickling my chest.

“Will you be available tonight? I might need some pointers on my interviewing skills.”

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