Added Heat Ch. 01

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Thanks so much for all the feedback and responses that were made to my previous story! I really appreciate it all! Now, I also want to apologize for not putting any stories out there since then. I have had a lot of stuff going on in my life. Hope to get myself right back on track though. I have a lot of ideas I want to put forth.

Once again I hope you enjoy this story and I would really appreciate any kind of feedback.

This story is going to use the same characters that were used in my previous story, but this is no sort of follow up. They are completely separate stories.

All Characters are 18 years old or older. Another heads up, this story is completely unrealistic.


Ryan’s cell phone rang early one blazingly hot August morning, which woke Ryan up with a jolt. When he came out of his slight daze he realized he was covered in sweat, which was odd since their house had central air conditioning. The phone rang loudly again and he quickly reached over to get it and picked it up.

Ryan wasn’t exactly a very charming guy. He was tall and skinny with dark brown hair that was usually somewhat messy. He was still very socially awkward, as he didn’t have many friends and wasn’t very smooth with the ladies.

“Hello?” came Ryan’s raspy and groggy voice.

“Hey Ryan! It’s Zac. I was just talking to the guys and a couple of them said that their air conditioning was out so they were stuck in their house sweating. Is it ok if we go over to your house to spend the day in the pool? It would really save our day from being ruined.” said Zac in what seemed like a single breathe.

Ryan was still attempting to come out of his post-sleep daze and strained to process everything that Zac had just said. After a few moments of thought and processing, Ryan replied “Let me ask my mom really quick just to make sure it’s ok with her and I will call you back to let you know what she said.”

“Ok, sounds good Ryan! Talk to you soon!” said Zac before hanging up.

Ryan sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes a bit, still processing things. His friends were always calling him up completely out of the blue to see if they could spend some time at his house, whether it was to be in his awesomely equipped basement or the pool in the yard. Ryan was the only one amongst the group of five friends that had a pool. His basement consisted of a pool table, a large flat-screen TV that was mounted up on the wall, and many video games, which are what took up most of Ryan’s time.

Ryan finally got up off the bed after a couple more stretches and went to look for his mother. He looked at the clock, which read 9:38. His mother was normally doing her daily morning exercise at this time on their exercise machines, which were also located in their basement. He figured it was too hot to be doing exercise so she must be in the living room or fixing up some breakfast in the kitchen.

When Ryan arrived into their large, open living room, he found that his mother wasn’t there. He went into the kitchen and didn’t find his mother there either. He did find a nice plate of eggs, bacon, and a muffin waiting for him on the counter though. He smiled at the sight of it but still wondered where his mother could be. Then, he heard the noise of the exercise machines echoing through the basement door just a few feet away from him.

“How could she be doing exercise in this heat?” Ryan blurted out loud to himself.

He immediately charged over to the basement door and went through and down the stairs. When he got to the bottom, he looked over to his mother, Sherry Davis that was facing mostly away from him and quickly took notice at what she was wearing. Her tall 5′ 10″ figure was covered with just a very large pink sports bra that were miraculously capable of containing her 36DDD breasts, black spandex shorts that extended only a few inches down her thighs, and white exercise shoes. Her long dark brown hair was tied up in a nice ponytail that would bounce with every step she took on the treadmill. Her beautiful face was mostly facing away from Ryan. He forgot that he was only wearing boxers and his cock began to stiffen at the sighting of his beautiful 38-year-old mother.

He didn’t expect to see this when he came down there, but after a bit of effort, he snapped out of his trance and walked over to talk to her.

“How could you be doing this in these conditions mom?” said Ryan as he tapped her shoulder.

Sherry jumped when he spoke and quickly turned off the exercise machine.

“Geez Ryan! You really scared me! I didn’t expect you to come down here so early!” she said to him with just a hint of irritation in her voice.

“I’m sorry mom. But how could you be doing exercise in this incredible heat? Isn’t that dangerous? Oh, and another thing, what happened to our air conditioning?” he asked his mother.

“You know I can’t go through my day without doing a bit of exercise Ryan. And the central air conditioning poker oyna system crashed last night. It must have overpowered or something but I spoke to the company and they said they couldn’t get a technician out here until sometime next week. We are going to have to deal with this heat for a few days.” she said to her son with obvious annoyance in her voice.

Mr. Davis worked as an airline pilot. His work schedule consisted of four straight days flying around the world and being away from home, and then four days to stay at home with his wife and only child, Ryan. Because of this work schedule of his, Sherry and Ryan spent a lot of time together, especially now that Ryan was on his summer vacation from school and Sherry quit her job because her husband made enough money to keep them living very comfortably. But with the central air conditioning system down, things were not so comfortable.

Ryan again took notice of what his mother was wearing. He looked at the massive sports bra she had on which did a good job of containing her mammoth tits. She still had quite a generous amount of cleavage showing over the top, which called Ryan’s name. He looked deeply into her cleavage and saw a thin layer of sweat glistening with the basement lights. She also had some sweat glistening along her flat and bare midriff.

“I know I’m really sweaty. I have to go take a cool shower now.” she told her son, which snapped him out of his trance. She stepped down from the treadmill and began to walk over to the stairs that lead up to her kitchen. Ryan followed, keeping his eyes firmly locked on her nice, tight behind that was amazingly shaped by the spandex shorts she was wearing. They reached the kitchen and Ryan grabbed his plate of food that was left there and sat down to eat.

“Oh yeah! Mom! I almost forgot. Zac called me up and asked if the guys could come over to hang out in the pool for a while since I’m the only one that has a pool. Is that ok?” asked Ryan.

“Well sure I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem.” she replied to her son. She had gotten used to Ryan having his group of friends come over occasionally to play video games or get into the pool

Ryan only had a small group of friends. Sherry knew all of them for quite some time now. They always hung out with each other.

Ryan ate his breakfast quickly and went up to his room. He grabbed his cell phone and gave his friend Zac a call.

“Hey Ryan!” answered Zac.

“Hey Zac! My mom said its ok for you guys to come on over to the pool. When are you guys going to be coming over?”

“Probably around 12. Would that be ok?” asked Zac.

“Yeah, that’s fine. See you guys soon!” Ryan replied cheerfully. He hung up his cell phone and looked at the time. It read 10:02. That gave him just about 2 hours to get some things done.

He began to fix up his bed and he heard his mother coming up the stairs. He looked over to his door as she walked into his room.

“Did you talk to Zac?” she asked him.

“Yup. He said they will be over at around 12.” Responded Zac as he continued going about his organization.

“Ok. Well I’m going to take a long cool shower and put on a bikini so I don’t catch fire in this heat.” she laughed as she walked out the door and towards the shower. As she walked away, Ryan again admired the figure of her rear and her nice long legs. Ryan finished working around his room and laid on top of his bed in relaxation.

While lying there, he wondered if his mom planned on going in the pool with him and his friends or if she wanted to just lay out in the sun. His four friends were always talking about how his mother was so hot and sexy. He enjoyed them all admiring his mom the same way he admired her, but wondered if them seeing her in a bikini would be too much.

After a little while, Ryan heard the shower shut off and looked over at the clock. It now read 10:57. His friends would be arriving in about an hour or so. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and Ryan looked to his door. He watched as he saw his mother pass by covered only by a towel, which went from the top of her boobs to the bottom of her butt cheeks. His cock grew stiff once again, not only from the sighting of his mother, but also in anticipation of seeing her in a bikini. She went straight into her bedroom and shut the door.

A few minutes later, Sherry came out of her room. Ryan sat up on his bed and looked on excitedly. She appeared at his bedroom door and Ryan had to struggle to not let his jaw drop down to the floor in shock at what his mother was wearing. She wore bikinis in front of him all the time, but none like this one. This was the first time he had seen this one.

Two white triangles were covering her nipples and leaving an unbelievable amount of tit flesh bare and visible on all sides. The string holding them together seemed to be stretched out and straining to keep together. It looked like it would break apart any second. The matching white bottom covered canlı poker oyna over her pussy nicely.

Ryan’s face began to boil. He could feel himself turning beet red.

“Do you like my new bathing suit Ryan?” she asked her son completely clueless to what she was doing to him. His cock got stiff as a board.

“Uhh.. I.. umm yy.. uhh it..” he stammered before giving up. He was unable to say anything.

“I will take that as a yes.” laughed Sherry. “Maybe it is a little too revealing though,” she said as she looked down to her tits. She took her hands and ran them both nicely in between her big smooth tits and then on the sides of them, pushing them together checking how much flesh was visible. Ryan stayed quiet, watching as if he were hypnotized.

“What do you think Ryan?” she asked looking back at him again. The first thing she immediately noticed was the tent that was very clearly visible in Ryan’s boxers. She was surprised that she could have this kind of effect on her son but even more surprised and actually quite proud that at her age, she could still have that kind of effect on a younger boy of 18. She decided not to mention his boner.

“I’m sorry Ryan.” she said to him as she walked over to where he was sitting. She bent down and gave her son a consoling kiss on the check as she rubbed her massive tits against her son’s bare chest. Ryan strained to not groan out loud in pleasure. His mother stood back up again and turned around to walk back out again. Ryan’s jaw did drop down this time when his eyes saw both of his mother’s sexy, firm, bare ass cheeks rise and fall with every step she took. He could see the white string of the thong deep in between the globes of her behind.

Ryan stayed there without moving for quite a bit as he heard his mother go back into her bedroom. He assumed she went in there to change into something less revealing. He could not even begin to fathom what just happened. His mother was in his room wearing the tinniest bikini he had ever seen in his life, she gave him a kiss on the cheek while rubbing her tits on his chest, and he was treated with the fantastic sighting of her bare ass cheeks as she walked away. He thought about whipping his cock out to relieve himself but decided it was too risky since his mom would be out of the room any minute.

Sherry’s mind was processing a lot of things all at once too. She also couldn’t believe what just happened. She knew that bikini was very revealing, but didn’t really realize just how revealing it was until she looked down at herself and saw the extreme majority of her tits showing on all sides of the small centered triangles. She felt her tits being slammed down against her son’s chest as she kissed him, and she felt his eyes burning into her ass cheeks in her thong as she walked away. She knew he was staring at them. She also decided that it was right for her to change into something that covered up a little bit more. She decided to wear a light blue bikini that has much bigger bra cups and did not have thong style bottoms. It was the only other bikini that she had available for her use because all the other ones were down in the laundry room waiting to be washed. She threw the white ones onto the bed and decided to go out and pretend that incident never happened.

“I’m going to be outside if you need anything Ryan.” she said as she walked passed his room. She decided not to mention what happened earlier.

Ryan’s cock started to soften down a bit thinking about how his friends would be there soon. He noticed his mother changed into a more conservative bikini which relieved him quite a bit since he knew his friends would go crazy over the other one she had on. Attempting to shake the thought of his sexy mother’s body out of his head, he got up to pick out some swimming trunks and put them on. He then went downstairs into the kitchen and looked out the large, glass, sliding doors to the backyard where he saw his mother rubbing tanning oil onto her smooth skin. She had one leg up on a lounging chair and was spreading the oil over her smooth firm legs, working her way up her thighs. She put that leg back down and put the other one up on the chair and repeated the process. Ryan found himself admiring his beautiful mother once again and getting a hard on. A loud and echoing doorbell snapped him out of his deep trance and back to reality.

He walked over to the front door and swung it open to see his four friends standing there. Zac, Erik, Oliver, and Jim all had their swimming shorts on with t-shirts, and carrying gym bags.

“What’s up guys?” asked Ryan who was quite happy to be with his friends.

“Nothing much Ryan, just this crazy heat. Thanks for letting us come over! You’re a life saver!” said Erik as they all walked into the house and placed their bags on the living room couch.

“No problem!” replied Ryan. “That pool is saving my life too since the air conditioning crashed last night. But let’s head on out guys! internet casino My mom is out there I hope you don’t mind that.” he said as he escorted them through the living room and into the kitchen.

Ryan’s friends all gave each other looks when they found out the amazing Sherry Davis was going to be out there. They all loved being around her and had all fantasized about her. However, none of them had ever seen her in a bathing suit before so all their jaws dropped when they looked out into the yard and saw her rubbing tanning oil on her chest and on her tits. The guys all had a side view of her but it still looked really hot to all of them watching her rub her massive, natural jugs. She moved on to her arms while the five eighteen year olds stood frozen in the kitchen.

Ryan walked over to the sliding glass doors that led into the yard and opened it, which brought his four friends out of their entrancing gaze. They all walked outside and into the beating sun towards the gorgeous mother that stood before them.

“Hello boys!” said Sherry Davis rather cheerfully.

“Hello Mrs. Davis” said the boys shyly.

The boys walked slowly towards an empty lounge chair trying to hide their erections that can be easily seen through their swimming shorts. They all stripped off their shirts and placed them on the chair. They then took off their shoes as well and they all made their way into the pool.

Sherry was starting to feel a lot more relaxed after what happened in Ryan’s room and was actually beginning to feel quite playful and cheerful. She decided to go into the pool for a quick dip and lounge in the sun for a bit afterwards.

“Hope you guys don’t mind me joining you for a quick dip!” she said running towards the pool. She jumped out over the water and splashed in. She stayed under water for some seconds, enjoying the refreshingly cool water. Above the surface, the five boys were all sort of smiling at each other at the actions of Ryan’s mother.

Sherry Davis was also enjoying being with her son and his posse. With her husband away for quite a significant amount of time, she was quite sexually frustrated at times. She inevitably found herself looking at her son’s friends in more than just a normal, parental kind of way. Zac was short, but Sherry thought he was really cute with his short brown hair all fixed up. Erik was slightly shorter than Ryan, tan, and quite muscular, which Sherry really liked. Oliver had longer head that would cover up his forehead and a girlish face. Sherry thought he was adorable. Jim was just slightly overweight and had short, curly, brown hair.

Sherry came back up out of the water after a few seconds and took a few deep breaths. “Oh my! I really needed this. So refreshing!” She brushed her hair back and wiped her eyes a bit before opening them. The bright, beaming sun made her squint. She made her way over to the stairs on the side of the pool and got out.

All five of the boys watched in amazement and admiration as more and more of the gorgeous woman’s body came into view above the surface of the water. They continued to gaze as she made her way over to a lounging chair and lay down on her back to tan for a while. Her breasts were pointing straight up towards the cloudless sky, and her legs seemed incredibly smooth throughout their entire length.

Ryan and his friends started chatting and playing around in the pool. They kept on taking glances to the woman who they still could not believe was so sexily dressed in front of them, including Ryan.

After they spent quite some time in the pool, Ryan started to feel a bit thirsty and decided to go grab some cans of soda for everybody. “I’ll be right back with some drinks guys!” he announced.

He stepped out of the pool and began walking towards the house. His gleaming mother suddenly began moving and Ryan nearly came to a sudden stop, but instead moved very slowly as he watched his mother flip over onto her stomach so she could tan her back. Her breasts were pressed to her sides as she lay on top of them. Her legs seemed incredibly long and her ass was extraordinary.

Sherry looked over and saw her son looking at her. “Oh, Ryan honey, I don’t want to have any tan lines on my back. Can you just untie this top for me please?”

Ryan was in shock at the request. She would very nearly be completely topless. “Ummm. Sure mom.” he replied nervously.

He walked over to her and began to tug on the strings that were on the top of her back towards her neck. He tugged on them a bit and the strings came loose. He then moved on to the strings that were about mid-back. He untied the knot that was there and placed the strings on either side of his radiantly gorgeous mother. He was shocked at just how much of her tits were showing at her sides. There was an incredible amount of side boob. He looked back at his friends in the pool to see if they were watching. Sure enough, they were staring at the woman before them as well. They were also in shock at her breasts. Ryan snapped out of it thinking his mother would get annoyed if he stood there staring at her. He went into the house quickly when he realized his cock was stiffening at an alarming rate.

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