Addison: Mature Southern Belle

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Letter from the author: This is a story of an older unfaithful promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. If you don’t like this or have a moral issue with this, please move on to another story.

This story is dedicated to………well you know who you are. Thank you for the inspiration of this story with your many e-mails which I read with cock in hand. If you are for real I would like to be your Jared. .


“Tell me what a filthy whore you are for my big fat cock.” Kyle demanded as he drove around town with his cock stuffed in Addison’s mouth.

Addison lifted her head from his lap and looked up at him, “I am, I am a dirty, filthy whore for your cock.” Then she returned to her duty.

Addison was a 58 year old civil engineer for a prominent firm in Chattanooga Tennessee. Kyle was her boss’ roommate, and he was only 23.

Her head bobbed up and down on Kyle’s rigid pole enticing the cum from his balls. Kyle’s hand moved down her back and over her ass until he reached the hem of her short skirt. He lifted it up exposing her ass. He moved her g-string to one side and buried his middle finger in her ass.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Addie moaned, still bobbing on his cock. She pushed her ass up toward the intrusion. She didn’t care if someone could see as they drove by. Kyle was usually careful where he drove on these lunchtime jaunts around town, but occasionally someone would drive past and get quite an eyeful.

Kyle’s finger was sliding in and out of Addie’s ass almost as fast as his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, and she was about to cum all over her sexy silk panties. Her right hand accompanied her mouth on his cock and her left hand was rubbing her clit through her panties at the same time.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Kyle groaned and his balls exploded a huge hot load of cum into Addie’s mouth.

She took every ounce down her throat enjoying the taste immensely. The excitement triggered her own orgasm a moment later and her body shook uncontrollably as she finished drinking Kyle’s love juice. He never removed his finger the whole time she was cumming.

When it was over, he pulled his finger free and she sat up in the passenger’s seat to recover. Kyle offered her his finger and Addie gladly sucked it clean. They drove around for a few more minutes, and Kyle’s cock lay exposed on his slacks through the unzipped fly and unbuttoned waistband. Addie leaned against the door with her legs spread. Her skirt was hiked up, exposing her sexy panties and thigh high stockings.

Kyle stared at Addison. Her body was incredible for a woman her age. Sure she had done quite a bit of work on it: tummy tucks, face lifts and of course the boob job, but she did work out and it showed. He stared at her beautiful tits as they strained against the buttons of her tight blouse. Addie noticed and began to fondle them through her clothes.

“You like my big tits baby?” She asked. “If I play with them will that magnificent cock get hard again so I can suck it?”

“You know it will.” He answered. “Tell me what you will do when it gets hard again.”

Addie unbuttoned her top presenting her perfectly round tits in her silky red bra. She squeezed them together and pinched her already hard nipples.

“When it gets hard again, I am going to swallow that big hard cock like a 20 dollar prostitute. I am going to suck it in and play with your balls. I’m going to slide it down my throat until it makes my eyes water. I’m gonna lick the head and suck the tip. I’m gonna lick it like a melting ice cream cone. Then I am going to bob up and down on it until it erupts down my throat. Then I am going to drink your cum again.” She told him, the whole time she was molesting her tits through her bra.

Kyle’s cock was pretty aroused by now and Addie did everything she said she was going to do. Her firm tits bounced on his thigh the whole time, and that along with her hungry mouth brought on his orgasm within minutes. As he grunted with pleasure, Addison delivered on her promise, gulping down his second load without leaking a drop.

She rose up from his lap and tucked his cock poker oyna away. She straightened up her clothing, and a few moments later Kyle dropped her in front of her office. She exited his car without a word and returned to her respectable position in the office.

“How was lunch?” her boss asked as he passed her office.

“Filling.” Addie replied.

Addison performed her job tasks like nothing had happened at lunch. When it was almost time to go, she opened up the locked cabinet behind her desk and pulled out some sexy lingerie. She went to the ladies room and put it on. It was Tuesday night. That meant she would be meeting Brock at the Holiday Inn out on the highway for fun and games.

Her husband believed she would be at her weekly bible study. Well, that is what she told him. She really didn’t care what he thought. He had lost interest in her many years ago, and she had found young men to be a great substitute for their boring pathetic sex life.

She pulled her knee length coat over her undergarments and buttoned it up so some cleavage showed. She placed her skirt, blouse, and red panties and bra in a bag and left the restroom to go meet her beau.

“Hi Mrs. Cameron.” Jared said excitedly, almost bumping into Addie as she exited the ladies room.

“Addie, call me Addie please.” She corrected him.

“Going home for the evening?” Jared asked, staring at her exposed cleavage the whole time.

“No, I have bible group tonight.” She retorted.

“Holy Shit! I wish I belonged to that bible group.” Jared said to himself, wondering why she would be dressed that way if she was going to a church. He didn’t think southern ladies dressed like that to go to church. But if they did, he wanted to go to church. His eyes never left her tit flesh as he told her he would see her tomorrow.

“Ok hun, see you then.” Addie replied and she walked out the door.

Jared stared the whole time as she walked away from him. He noticed her high heels and the seam that run up her stockings until it disappeared under her coat. His cock stirred in his pants and he hurried to the bathroom.

Jared was a 38 year old project manager who had moved from Southern California just two months ago to accept a job with the firm where Addison worked. He was married with two kids, and although his loved his wife and sex with her was fantastic, she was stingy with it and this made him resentful and horny as hell all the time. He was a sucker for older woman and big tits. So Addie was a wet dream to him. He had lusted after her since the first day he walked into the office. Her tits were always on display and her short skirts, dresses and high heels seemed to say, “Fuck me now.” Little did he know that is exactly what they said to many men, many young men. Her confidence was intoxicating, and he fantasized about her constantly. However, she was way out of his league, so he just admired her from afar.

Addie chuckled to herself about how Jared acted around her. She knew when a man was smitten with her, but Jared was too docile and nice. She was not attracted to those kinds of men, but it was always a boost to her ego when she encountered him. She got into her car and headed out to meet Brock.

Jared opened the stall in the bathroom, walked in, then closed it and locked it behind him. He pulled his thin, growing 4 ½ inch dick from his slacks and stroked it furiously as he remembered what Addison was wearing just moments before. He imagined what it would be like to see her naked. He could only imagine what those tits looked like. He wanted to squeeze them, suck them, cum all over them. He wanted to kneel in front of her and worship her pussy. He was sure it was sweet to taste. He wanted to stick his tongue in it and feel how velvety smooth it was. He wanted to suck her clit, nibble on it, show what a great pussy eater he was. He wanted to fuck her cunt with his face until she came all over it. His hand was a blur as he stroked his feeble little cock while dreaming of Addison. His thoughts moved to that perfect pear shaped ass. He had watched her walk away from him so many times in those short tight skirts canlı poker oyna and dresses, admiring it, dreaming of sticking his tongue all the way up it, bathing it with his tongue.

His cock exploded and he spilled his seed into the toilet grunting under his breath as his orgasm consumed him. He wiped the cum from his wilting prick, stuffed it back in his pants and headed to his home, where he was sure he would not get any sex tonight, after all it was not Saturday.

Juices leaked from Addison’s pussy as she got nearer to the Holiday Inn. She couldn’t wait to get in the room so Brock could fuck her and treat her like the nasty old slut she was. She parked the car and walked through the lobby to the elevator to get to the room number Brock had texted her. She stood in the elevator as it rose to the sixth floor, and she could not help opening her coat with her hand and fondling her dripping pussy. She parted the lips with her finger and rubbed the slick fluid all over her clit, sending wonderful sensations throughout her body. Her knees got a bit weak and a shiver coursed through her. Without thinking where she was she slid her hand down and inserted two fingers into her sweltering cunt. She was fingering herself pretty hard when the elevator dinged and the door opened on the fourth floor. A man that looked to be in his late thirties was standing there, and entered the elevator with a stunned look on his face. Addie slowly removed her fingers from her pussy and smoothed out her coat. She opened her mouth and licked her fingers clean as the bewildered man looked on. The door chime rang and the door opened on the sixth floor. Addie gave him a sexy smile and walked out.

She knocked on the door of room 609 and waited for an answer. The door opened and Brock invited her in. She walked in, reached the bed, spun around on her heels and dropped the coat to the floor. She was wearing a black lace push-up bra, matching g-string and garter belt, black seamed stockings and her 5 inch “come fuck me” heels.

Brock approached her and ordered her to her knees. He pulled his swelling cock out and offered it to her. Addie opened her mouth and enveloped it with one motion. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth. Brock’s was different than the cock she had in her mouth earlier, but it didn’t matter, they all turned her on. She energetically, sucked Brock’s cock and fingered her own pussy at the same time. Brock grabbed her head and forcefully guided her head on and off of his cock.

“Yea, suck my big hard cock. I want to cum down your throat.” He told her.

Addie soaked it all up. She loved being controlled, and Brock was the nastiest, most forceful stud in her stable of young men. He was also Addie’s daughter’s former fiancé. (more about that in a later chapter too.)

“That’s it you horny slut, take it all.” He said to her as he slowly forced his cock down her throat until her nose was buried in his thick curly pubic hair.

Addison just opened her throat and took it all. Her hand was now rubbing her clit hard and fast. Her pussy was leaking down her thigh and she couldn’t wait for Brock to put his cock in it.

Brock pulled her off his cock and then forced it down her throat again. He repeated this again and again for several minutes. Addie’s orgasm was building from the excitement of his dominance, not to mention the vigorous massage she was giving her clit.

Brock pulled her off his cock again and began to move faster and faster. He was holding her head and fucking her face hard and fast now.

“You like it when I fuck your face hard don’t you slut?” He asked.

Addie just moaned.

“Here it comes you cum sucking whore.” He told her.

His cock erupted in her mouth and he grunted out loudly. Then he pulled her off his cock and pushed her back on hard and deep, holding her there as his cock spasmed and emptied his thick hot cum down her throat.

The force of his orgasm and the amount of cum blasting down her throat caused Addison to gag a bit. Her eyes watered and her mascara ran down her cheeks. Her own orgasm was not forthcoming, and she had to concentrate internet casino on not letting his seed spill from her mouth.

Brock’s orgasm settled down and he fell back on the bed. Addie remained on her knees savoring the taste of his cum and wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Get yourself cleaned up bitch.” Brock told her, “I aint done with you.”

Addison rose to her feet and exited into the bathroom. She wiped her face with a damp cloth and returned to the bedroom. She lay next to Brock on the bed for a few moments before he ordered her to get his cock hard again. This was not a tough task since he was only 28 years old, but even if it had been tough, Addie would have loved every minute of it.

She leaned over and began to suck the life back in his cock. When he was nice and hard he pulled his cock from her mouth, spread his legs wide and as he began to masturbate, ordered her to lick his asshole. Addison loved this. She had learned how much she loved it some 21 years ago when she had her first young stud. (More about that in a later chapter) She moved between his legs and lowered her mouth to his hairy pungent asshole and plunged her tongue deep inside.

“Oh yea you nasty tramp. Clean my asshole.” He ordered.

Addie did exactly that. She licked and licked his sweaty hairy ass and again started to finger her own pussy. Brock was stroking his big fat young cock the whole time and Addison watched him as she devoured his rear end. The vision of his hand sliding up and down his shaft, plus the taste of his ass and the fingering of her clit sent Addison over the top. She screamed moans of ecstasy into Brocks ass while never slowing the efforts of her tongue on his ass.

A couple minutes later he ordered her to her feet. She stood and he positioned himself behind her and pushed her over so she was hunched over the bed. He plunged his cock into her sopping cunt and she screamed with pleasure. Brock only pumped her pussy a few times before he pulled it out, causing a whimper from Addison.

“Spread your ass cheeks.” He demanded. “I’m gonna split that ass like a piece of fire wood.”

Addie reached back and did as she was told. Brock placed his cock at her rear entrance and buried it to his balls.

Addie moaned approvingly.

“You love that don’t you?” Brock asked.

“Oh yea!” Addison groaned.

“All good filthy whores love it in the ass.” He scolded her.

“You are a filthy whore aren’t you?” he teased.

“Yes, I am a filthy whore.” Addie returned. She knew how to answer; they had been through this many times. It did excite her when he talked like that, and she liked doing it too.

Brock proceeded to pound her ass for the next 15 minutes without reprieve. Addie came twice in that time. Her tits jiggled below her and she masturbated her pussy too. She could feel his balls slapping her pussy and she loved the feeling.

Finally, Brock announced his orgasm, burying his cock deep in her and blowing cum deep into her bowels. The last of it would still be soiling her panties well into the next day. He collapsed on the bed beside her and ordered her to clean his cock. Addie loved this part too. It always seemed the dirtiest nastiest things made her the hottest. As she licked his cum and the taste of her own ass from his cock, she fingered herself to another orgasm. She always had to fend for her own orgasms with most of her young bucks, especially Brock, as none of them really paid any attention to her needs or pleasure. They just used her as a fuck toy and a way to get themselves off.

When she was finished, the two of them would order room service and eat before doing it one more time. Addie would mount him and ride him until he shot the last of his cum in her pussy. Then she would dress and return home to her inattentive husband for the evening. Two men and 5 loads of cum in her in one day were quite satisfying to her. She would sleep well.

Later that night, Jared lay in his bed with a hard-on remembering Addie’s outfit. He wanted to again jack his cock off, but his wife was lying next to him. He knew it was useless, but he rolled over and tried to entice his wife into sex. After she shot him down, he lay there for an hour with a stiff cock dreaming of doing things to the sexy fifty-something year old in the office next to his.

to be continued………

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