Aren’t I Sexy Daddy?

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This story ties in with “Best Friend’s Brother” but is written as a stand-alone story so don’t worry which way round you read them. I am very keen to improve as a writer and would appreciate any constructive criticism you have to offer.

Honeysuckle Jones (Honey to her friends) was masturbating furiously as she watched her fathers dick slide in and out of the girls pussy. The young blonde fuck-toy, a girl Honey recognised from her class, was moaning furiously as her father squeezed the girls silicon-enhanced titties. Honey had been to her eighteenth birthday party last year. A discarded cheerleaders uniform lay on the floor of the bedroom.

She knew she shouldn’t be watching, this was her father after all, but she couldn’t take her eyes off him. He looked so masterful as he fucked her. His dick was so much bigger than her boyfriends and thicker too. To her alarm she found herself imagining it was her cunt he was fucking but she carried on masturbating. With her free hand she reached up and squeezed one of her full, heavy breasts. She could sense her father was getting close now and began to finger herself all the more vigorously. Honey bit her lip as she orgasmed almost simultaneously with her father.

Quickly coming to her senses Honey smoothed down her dress, slipped downstairs and crept out the silently-swinging back door. Giving them enough time to recover Honey re-entered the house through the front door, making a point to slam it shut. She giggled to herself as she heard desperate shuffling noises upstairs. A slightly dishevelled but otherwise descent pair appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Thanks for your donation Mr Jones. We’ll soon have enough money for our new uniforms. Oh, Hi Honey. Love to stay and chat but I have a lot more houses to visit”

I’ll bet you do, Honey thought!

“What are you doing home Honeysuckle? I thought you had a doctors appointment?”

“It got cancelled.”

“That’s cool. You want some lunch?”

“Sure daddy.”

There was a notable tone of relief in her fathers voice. He obviously thought he had finished in the nick of time. Instead he had planted an image in his not-so-innocent daughters head that would fester there for the rest of the day. Every time she looked at him she saw him naked, pounding that tight blonde pussy.

She lived with her mother and saw her father one weekend a month. She had to admit he was good looking for a man in his mid-forties. His rich brown hair had kept its colour and thickness through the years. She knew he worked out so his body had kept in shape. Above all she kept coming back to the sheer size of that cock! By the time she settled down in bed she had decided that she had to have him. With that sorted in her mind she fingered herself to sleep thinking about his big, meaty dick.

She rose late in the morning and moved across to the dressing table. She paid special attention to her appearance today. If she was going to seduce her father then she really ought to look her best. She brushed her short bob of hair which was, appropriately enough, honey-blonde. She had a cute face with a button nose, little brown eyes and naturally rosy cheeks. She was a good head shorter than most of her friends. Her boobs were a good D-cup which suited her well and her butt was tight and irresistibly squeezable.

She pulled on her favourite pink mini-dress. She decided on reflection poker oyna to forgo her bra and panties. Her firm, perky boobs filled the dress nicely. She applied a good amount of make-up but not to much. She didn’t want to give the game away too early. She took a deep breath, took one last confidence-boosting look in the mirror and headed downstairs.

“Morning daddy”

Her father was still in his pyjamas having also risen late. He was sat on the sofa with a log-fire to drive away the winter chill. She wandered over to him and took a deep breath. No time like the present.

“Can I sit with you daddy?”

“Of course you can Honeysuckle”

Honey slid onto her fathers lap, making an exaggerated effort to get comfortable as she rubbed her little ass into her fathers laps. She could hear his breathing getting fast she she cuddled up to him, her breast pressing into his chest. Wrapping her arms around him she looked into his eyes and smiled. Thanks to the thin fabric of his pyjama bottoms the erection pressing into her told her all she needed to know.

“How you feeling daddy?”


“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course you can?”

“Why is you dick getting hard?”

“Er…well the thing is, when a man loves a woman…”

“Daddy I’m nineteen! I know all about the birds and the bees. What I want to know is why YOUR dick is getting hard?”

Honey wiggled her ass in her daddy’s lap as she spoke. His face had gone bright red and his breathing had got very short.

“Well your a young woman now…oh god…a very beautiful young woman and…”

“And you want to have sex with me?”

“Er…well you see a guys penis can have a mind of his own…”

“So your penis wants to have sex with me?”


“But you don’t?”

“No…I don’t.”

“Why don’t you want to have sex with me? Aren’t I sexy?”

“Of course not. Your very sexy! It’s just that there are certain rules about what a father can and can’t do with his daughter.”

“So if I wasn’t your daughter you’d want to have sex with me?”

“Yes!…hypothetically that is.”

“Oh goody!”

Honey slid off her fathers lap to lie next to him on the sofa. Quick as a flash she whipped his dick out and slipped it between her lips. Her little head began to bob up and down in his lap. Almost immediately her father pulled her off.

“What are you doing?!”

“I’m hypothetically sucking your dick daddy!”

“That makes no sense!”

“I guess I don’t know what hypothetically means! Silly me. Oh well, I’ve started now.”

Wriggling her head free of her fathers hands she resumed her incestuous blow-job. Her delicate fingers stroked the base of his cock as her tongue massaged the rest. Her little mouth could only take so much of his massive dick but she more than made up for this with her enthusiasm. She felt her fathers fingers on her head and was afraid he would pull her off again. Instead he began to stroke her head sensually.

“This is a joke! I’m dreaming! This isn’t real! Oh that feels so good…no…your my daughter! You can’t be sucking my penis!”

Honey wasn’t listening. She was too busy enjoying the tasty dick between her lips. Her little red lips were relentless as they caressed her daddy’s cock. She looked up to see the look on her daddy’s face as his expression changed from horror to arousal. canlı poker oyna

“Oh suck it Honeysuckle. Suck my dick good! I am so going to hell for this but that feels do damn good! I never could deny you what you wanted!”

Hearing that admission of defeat sent a flush of pride through Honey’s body. She redoubled her efforts, determined to show her daddy he had made the right decision. His moans drove her to suck faster and harder. As his moans grew deeper she prepared herself for her coming reward.

“I going to cum Honeysuckle! I can’t hold back any longer!”

Honey pulled back and opened her mouth. Her hand slid up and down his throbbing member. With a cry his body shuddered as his cum shot upward. She caught every blast of warm, sticky spunk in her mouth, determined not to waste a drop. When her father finally finished she looked up at him and smiled playfully, just a little drop of cum dribbling from her now-smeared red lips.

“Did you enjoy that daddy?”

“I’m sorry Honeysuckle! I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me!”

“Oh stop being so up-tight daddy! I didn’t hear you complaining when that cheerleader was fucking you yesterday!”

“You saw that?! That was different! Daddy is a man and men have needs…”

Honey lay back on the sofa and spread her legs. Her father could smell the arousal emanating from her hot, wet pussy. She smiled playfully at him as she slipped her hand between her thighs and began to rub her moist lips. Her father was paralysed with shock as his only daughter presented her sweet pussy to him.

“Women have needs too. They need their pussies eaten. Can you eat my pussy now daddy?”

“You don’t know what your saying!”

“Of course I do daddy. I want my daddy to take his big, strong tongue and run it all over my sweet little cunt!”

It was at this moment that the father of Honeysuckle Jones finally succumbed. Perhaps he accepted her genuine desire to seduce him? Perhaps he wanted to satisfy his beloved daughter? Perhaps it was plain and simple lust as he drank in the musky smell of her pussy? It is not important. What is important is that he hooked his arms under her legs, pulled her towards him and leant in to savour the arousing scent of her pussy. Honey looked down to meet her fathers gaze and smiled proudly as he melted at the sight of those light-brown, puppy-dog eyes filled with lust.

“Is daddy going to eat my pussy all up?”

“Yes, God help me! I’m going to!”

Honey let out a delighted little squeal as her fathers big tongue plunged into her little twat. He licked her slowly at first; long, heavy licks that made her whole body shudder. She ran her fingers through his soft hair as he devoured her. She moaned softly with pleasure.

“Oh daddy! Your making your little girl feel so good!”

Spurred on her father quickened the pace. He plunged in and out, fucking her cunt with his tongue. Honey’s moans grew ever louder and shorter. She looked down at her fathers head between her thighs and stared into his lust-filled eyes. Then with one powerful thrust he brought her to orgasm.


For a while they said nothing. Honey snuggled up to her father and he wrapped his arms around her. She leaned up and kissed him; the long, lingering kiss of new lovers. She could taste herself on his lips. She slid her hand down to his once internet casino more rock-hard dick and began to gently stroke it. Pulling out of the kiss she looked at him with a mixture of longing, love and lust.

“Your hard again daddy. Are you going to fuck me now?”

“I guess there’s not point protesting. Once you set your mind on something you never could let it go. Is this you first time?”

“No daddy. I’m not a virgin. Does that make me a bad girl?”

“I think we past ‘bad’ a while back Honeysuckle!”

Her father held her slender thighs in his strong hands as he guided her towards the head of his dick. She was grinning from ear to ear in anticipation.

“Do it daddy! Stick your meaty dick into my soft, wet cunt!”

“Anything for you my beautiful Honeysuckle.”

Honey squealed with pleasure as he entered her. If his dick had looked big then it felt huge. She felt filled, contented and completed in a way she had never experienced before. For a time she didn’t even move, she just sat on her fathers cock savouring the feeling. He was so big she couldn’t take all of him right then but instead slowly teased his cock. Two, three then four inches slipped in and out of her wet cunt. Her father let out a soft moan that filled her with pride.

“Oh yes! Oh daddy! Does it feel good? Does it feel good penetrating your own little girl?”

“God help me it feels amazing!”

They were in no hurry. They savoured each moment of their union. Honey slid up and down her fathers dick with a rhythmic passion. Her father reached up to squeeze her meaty little titties. Honey let out a moan of approval. He pulled her in towards him and sucked each erect nipple in turn. More moans of approval.

She was mentally preparing herself. His dick was bigger than anything she had ever taken before. Finally she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Fuck me harder daddy! Fuck me harder!”

“Anything for you Honeysuckle! Anything for you!”

“I want all of it daddy! I want all of it now!”

“Are you sure Honeysuckle? Your so tight and I’m a little oversized…”


Her daddy did as she commanded. Swiftly he slipped an arm under each thigh and stood upright, his muscled arms easily lifting the slender young woman. He let gravity drive her down onto his dick, feeling his entire length slip past her soft, wet pussy lips. Then he span round, lay her back on the sofa and proceeded to fuck her. Like a man possessed he powered in and out of her tight little twat. Honey cried tears of joy, such was the pleasure of fucking her father. None of the boys she had fucked before him could compare to her fathers powerful yet sensitive thrusts.

“Oh that’s so good daddy! Oh daddy! Oh daddy!”

Honey’s little body shuddered in her fathers powerful arms as she experienced the strongest orgasm of her young life. Still her father fucked her until she felt his own orgasm building.

“Does daddy want to come? Mummy put me on the pill so you can fill my pussy with your hot cum if you want to. Would daddy like that?”

“Oh yes Honeysuckle! Daddy would like that very much!”

She felt her father cum hard and fast. She felt herself being filled to the brim with more cum than she had ever thought possible. By the time his dick slipped from her well-fucked pussy she felt well and truly filled to capacity. She slipped her finger down to catch any escaping dribbles of cum and savoured the taste as it mixed with her own juices. A little shell-shocked her father mumbled something about breakfast and left the room. Honey just lay there feeling more content that at any other point in her life.

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