Ashley’s Homecoming Ch. 02

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Note…in the first chapter I mistakenly said we had been together 8 years when in fact it was 2 years. For those of you wondering about Ashley’s son, no I didn’t forget him-his entrance into the story and whereabouts are part of the future story line, I have a plan that will surface as soon as it’s time. Thanks for reading…there is more cumming, don’t worry.


I was just finishing my cigarette when I heard footsteps coming down the basement stairs, I looked over to see who they belonged to and I was treated to the second most beautiful thing I had seen that day. There was Ashley, arms filled with the bed cover I had helped her soak just an hour or so earlier, she seemed not to even notice my eyes glued to her as she reached the bottom of the stairs and made her way to the washing machine. After a few seconds of clanking around she returned to my line of sight, it looked as if she was wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt.

“Mom’s hopping in the shower really quick, she said she wanted to have a soak in the hot tub before bed.” Ashley said while playing absentmindedly with the bottom hem of her shirt. Lifting it just high enough that I could see the small bikini bottom she had on under the giant shirt. “I said I would join her..” She trailed off, gave a slight smile and ran quickly up the stairs.

A nice soak sounded like the perfect solution to soothe my tired body but I was worried about not being able to control where my eyes wandered, or how my cock would react to what they happened to see. After mulling it over for a short time I decided my muscles hurt more than I had originally noticed and the relaxation the tub offered was worth more to me than the worry of being caught ogling my gorgeous step daughter. I ran swiftly up both flights of stairs to our bedroom, grabbed a pair of swimming trunks from my closet and started to put them on.

My dirty mind must have been in overdrive because I stopped and dropped the trunks onto the floor and started digging deeper into my drawers. When I finally found the pair of shorts I was looking for I smiled to myself, pleased with my ingenuity. I quickly pulled them on and took my shirt off and started back down the stairs, stopping at the linen closet to grab a beach towel from the top shelf, wrapping it around my waist in a mock attempt at appearing modest.

I made my way to the back door at the top of the basement stairs and stepped outside onto our covered patio where the hot tub was set up and already bubbling away. Taking a quick look around our privacy fenced back yard I made my way down the stairs and over to the hot tub. Both Lori and Ashley were already in the steaming water, not quite directly across from each other but pretty close, leaving about two thirds of the tub for me to stretch out in. Normally I would sit right next to Lori when we soaked so I could fondle her at will but I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to be able to see both of their scantily clad bodies at the same time so I resigned myself to sit in the area they left open for me.

As I removed my towel the conversation the two ladies were having halted, I looked up and caught Lori giving me quite the look. The trunks I had decided to go with were a thin white material that didn’t have the usual mesh ‘basket’ that most have to help conceal and support the male genitalia. They were a pair that I had gotten before one of our first family vacations and had only worn them on that trip because once wet they didn’t do much to hide what lies beneath them.

I tried not to show I had seen her concern with my choice of trunks as I quickly slid into the water, folding my towel and draping it over wooden bench that encased most of the hot tub.

“Wish we would have had a hot tub when I still lived here” Ashley said breaking the awkward silence that seemed to hold the night hostage.

“If we did I’m sure your son would be much older,” Lori replied “and as many parties that you threw whenever we went out of town, I’m sure more than a couple of your friends may have ended up pregnant.”

“Parties?” Ashley asked in a tone that conveyed a sarcastic shock.

“You don’t think we didn’t notice?” I asked, remembering the many times we came home to the bungalow we lived in before to find beer cans in the garage, cigarette butts all over the yard, and on more than one occasion random pieces of clothing that had been forgotten in some form of drunken passion.

“I never had any parties!” Ashley blurted out, not even able to convince herself she just started giggling, “Well maybe a few.” she smirked.

At that they resumed whatever conversation they had been having when I had first joined them, I was leaning back just enjoying the jets pulsating against my back. Taking in the beautiful scenery, Lori in a skimpy black two piece, large enough to cover everything without fear of incidental exposure, but still much more revealing than a normal bra and panty set. Ashley, on the other poker oyna hand, was wearing what can only be described as three triangles of fabric and some string to attempt to hold them in place. Both of their ample breasts seemed to be being held up by the water, 4 fleshy globes that bobbed on the surface each time the water was disturbed.

I started to feel my dick growing beneath the surface and trying to control my attention I grabbed Lori’s foot and pulled it towards me, slightly spreading her legs and giving me a clear view of her camel toe. I began massaging her right foot as they continued their discussion. My efforts were soon rewarded by her sinking down slightly allowing her foot to now reach my lap, making the foot rub easier, it was also the end to whatever it was they were chatting about.

“Must be nice,” Ashley commented, “I couldn’t get a foot rub out of Trent even when I was still pregnant.”

That statement almost broke my heart, how could anyone not comfort and attend to the needs of the woman who was carrying his child, what a fucking douchebag I thought. Trying not to let the conversation turn into a shit storm about her ex I quickly offered to get a glass of wine for Lori which she took all of one second to agree to. Nonchalantly I touched my cock through the fabric of my trunks checking to make sure I wasn’t rock hard, a little engorged but still pliable I decided it was safe to stand and retrieve the glass I had just offered.

As I stood up, listening to the sound of the jets bubbling, I heard a slight gasp and turned my head back to the two beautiful women still seated in the tub. Not sure which one it came from I proceeded to exit the tub and dry myself off enough to not track too much water inside. As I was doing this I found the cause of the gasp, even though I wasn’t totally erect my large cock was still clearly visible through the thin fabric. The suit being a tad small anyways, on top of very thin, the material appeared to be wrapped tightly around my leg prominently displaying my tool down the left leg of the trunks. I pulled on the front hem of each leg allowing the air to help release the wet fabric that clung to my skin, satisfied I was no longer on display I headed inside.

Just as the screen door was closing behind me I heard Lori holler out “just grab the bottle and bring a couple of glasses out!”. Fine by me, if she was willing to get drunk I was willing to let her, drunk Lori is a good lay if I can keep her emotions in check. I returned to the edge of the tub with two glasses and a large bottle of Lori’s favorite wine, chilled pink moscato. I gingerly stepped into the tub, careful not to drop any of the glass, stepping into the middle of the hot tub I set the uncorked bottle of wine and both glasses down on the built in refreshments tray that was between Lori and her daughter. With my right foot forward my still visible cock was directly in front of Lori’s face as I picked the bottle back up and started to fill one of the glasses, she was staring directly at it, almost as if she was willing my cock to grow.

“Thank you,” she purred and my cock swelled in anticipation “just what I wanted.”

I handed her the first glass and started filling second, looking over my right shoulder and seeing the disappointment in Ashley’s expression as she seemed upset that I had only brought out two glasses. I picked up the second glass and turned around, now facing Ashley and hoping she would enjoy the view, I raised my hand and offered her the remaining glass of wine.

“I’m sure your mom won’t mind if you have little wine,” I said as smoothly as possible “not like you haven’t drank before, and you’re not going anywhere so no danger there.”

As she reached up for the glass her fingers gently grazed the length of my shaft causing it to instantly harden, as soon as she took the glass I plopped down into the water hoping to conceal my obvious attraction to Ashley. Doing so caused the water to suddenly be displaced, sending a large wave away from me. Both women, being short, had their head testing on the rim, feet in the middle of the tub so their bodies were stretched at a sloping angle, breasts floating on the surface slightly lifted from their chests. The wave hit them both at the same time, tits riding the wave as it splashed their faces, the momentum of the sudden movement propelled four buoyant fun bags fairly hard into their owner’s face. It was totally accidental, funnier than shit, and so sexy I didn’t think there was anything in the world that could have topped it.

Anybody who has a basic understanding of physics has heard the phrase ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. What went up was now coming down. Both women looked shocked from the water that washed over them and utterly stunned from being smacked in the face by their own boobs. The downward motion of the breasts was momentarily stopped when the fabric of the tops reached it’s full amount of stretch but continued their canlı poker oyna rebound slipping from beneath straining material treating me to four nipples all sticking fully out. As the water returned the breasts were all raised back up then just as quickly back down, repeating a couple more times as the water settled back down.

“What the fuck” both women screamed and I just couldn’t control my laughter. As hot as the sight was the comedy of the situation was all I could concentrate on. After a few seconds of uncontrollable laughter I was finally able to see through the tears forming in my eyes, Lori and Ashley just say there scowling at me.

“Your a jackass” Lori stated as an observation more than an insult.

“I swear I slipped,” I lied trying not to giggle “I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to do that.”

“Uh huh, likely story.” Lori said as a smile returned to her face. She turned, about to say something to Ashley, when she noticed her daughter’s breasts lightly bobbing with the calming water totally exposed to the cool night air. “Honey, you’re…” she unconsciously licked her lips and lightly moaned “you’re not covered anymore Ash.” she finally choked out.

Taking her eyes off of my smiling face she looked down noticing that indeed her breasts were totally bare and glistening in the light that illuminated the tub from above. Turning to her mother and noticing she was unknowingly in the same boat a mischievous grin formed on her face.

“You’re not very decent either,” Ashley responded, you could almost see the gears in her head spinning “That cheap top was cutting into me pretty bad, since everything is ‘out there’ anyway… Would you mind if I just stayed like this? It’s definitely more comfortable without those strings digging into my skin.”

Lori was a little spacey, just blanket staring at her daughter’s beautiful breasts, she looked down and took in the sight of her own naked boobs floating on the water, her nipples reaching for the stars. First looking back to her young daughters chest, mentally comparing them to her own, then directly into Ashley’s eyes, holding her gaze for a few seconds before finally speaking.

“I know what you mean about the straps I guess, 30 years of wearing bras has definitely taken it’s toll on the tops of my shoulders..” trailing off Lori just set her glass down and grabbed the material now around her degelate lifting it up as she raised her arms and flicked the bikini top onto one of the lounge chairs next to the tub.

Following her mother’s apparent approving gesture Ashley also removed her top, though she reached over here shoulder and slowly pulled the string that was tied behind her. Once the knot was loose she grabbed the string connecting the two pieces in the front and pulled them off with the seductive movement a stripper would use, looking neither of us in the eyes as she did. Letting her head rest on the rim of the tub again she took a large drink of wine and let out a groan of obvious relaxation.

After a couple minutes of silence, I think it was silent anyway, not sure though because I was in a trance watching Ashley’s perky breasts slowly move with the water. Each motion reflecting light from a different part of her pale breasts, filling my mind with fantasies of cuming all over them. Lori finally pulled me back to reality.

“I know it’s been awhile since you’ve seen another woman topless but could you put your eyeballs back in your head for just a minute?”

Fuck, now I am in trouble. I just hope I’m not drooling, I thought bringing an unwanted smile to my face.

“Really you fucking asshole, you’re just going to sit there and grin like an idiot?”

“Sorry,” I stammered quickly trying to get myself out of this mine field “just thinking that must be exactly what you looked like at 20 years old. I mean they are almost identical now so that’s exactly what you would have liked like.”

“Pretty much” Lori responded as I peeled my eyes off of her daughter and looked deep into her eyes, reaching out to grab her hand I tugged her arm towards me. Bringing a smile back to her face she happily slid over the seats and positioned herself against my left side with her feet now propped up in the seat she had just vacated. I hugged her tightly with my left arm, using my right hand I letter her chin so I could give her a passionate kiss which she gladly accepted and returned.

Ashley quickly mimicked her mother’s actions and rotated so she could place her feet on the same seat as Lori had, leaning against the edge she took another drink with her right hand and rested her left arm along the rim towards where I was situated. Lori took a large gulp from her own glass and snuggled deeper into my side. I leaned back as much as I could and stretched my right hand for the pack of smokes that laid just beside my towel. I wasn’t quite able to reach it though, unwilling to disturb Lori I soon gave up on enjoying a cigarette.

“Mom you want a refill?” Ashley internet casino said drawing my attention in her direction.

“Sure honey,” Lori responded downing what remained in her glass, “thanks!”

Ashley took the final drink of her own glass and stood up, leaning closer than necessary she grabbed her mother’s glass and turned around to fill them with the bottle on the refreshment tray. As she bent over the small amount of fabric hiding her most intimate areas was stretched enough that it became almost see through even in the dim light on the patio. I could clearly see the outline of her lips under the thin fabric, her ass looking like two ripe and juicy melons, begging to be squeezed. She stood back up and somehow her cheeks sucked the taught material between them, almost as if her ass was trying to eat the bikini bottom, and turned around to hand her mother the now full glass of wine. I think my heart skipped a beat, Ashley’s camel toe was more prominent than ever. Her lips completely swollen, the swim suit pulled so tight from the wedgie that the sides of her pussy were exposed.

“Could you hand me my cigs, Ash? I don’t want to disturb your mother… She seems very relaxed.”

“No problem Daddy!” She said with a giddy tone. She leaned over the edge of the tub to grab them, pushing her erect nipples into my arm as she did, sending all of my blood pulsing in my raging boner.

She handed me the pack and lighter, took a quick drink from her glass and set it down on the tray. “I gotta pee.” she said as she started climbing out of the water, she quickly dried herself and bounded up the steps and through the door.

“Daddy? When did that start?” Lori questioned.

“Yesterday when we were loading her stuff,” I said “I almost fell over when I heard her say it too! I chalked it up to gratitude for helping her move, but maybe she has finally accepted me as a father figure. ” I pondered more to myself than to Lori.

“Only took 2 years and a pregnancy!” Lori said laughing to herself.

“You know me, I work quickly.” I joked.

Lori closed her eyes and let her body go limp, I continued to hold her tightly as my right hand moved into the water and worked it’s way into the front of suit. She didn’t protest so I quickly started exploring and massaging her nether region. She took a big gulp of wine and spread her legs, dropping her right foot to the depression in the middle of the tub.

“Hurry up, she may be back any second.”

Following orders I started rubbing her clit letting the tip of my middle finger curl and massage the opening of her vagina. She responded quickly by grinding herself into my hand, magnifying her pleasure in hopes of reaching climax before her daughter returned. As moans of ecstasy started escaping her lips I looked up to be able to see when Ashley returned so if needed I could stop before she was able to see what we were doing.

Ashley was already standing in the open door, eyes wide, taking in the sight before her. Looking down quickly I saw Lori had her eyes closed tightly and she started grinding my hand faster. I picked up my pace and leaned my head forward to I could suckle on the skin on her neck just below her ear. A spot I knew was one that could jump start an orgasm, it had the desired effect and she let out a moan. Then another and another, just as her back began to arch-her orgasm starting it’s wave…

“Now that’s hot!” Ashley said very loudly.

Lori was startled by the sudden words from her daughter’s mouth but was unable to stifle the orgasm that was just beginning to rock her convulsing body. Even though i had just the tip of my middle finger inside her, she squeezed it so hard with the muscles of her vagina that it felt like someone has just tightened a clamp on it.

I couldn’t believe Ashley had alerted Lori to her presence, I figured she would just enjoy the show.

Lori’s orgasm seemed to go on for days, water was splashing, arms flailing, her hands looking for something to grab onto, toes curled, nipples more erect and swollen than I had ever seen.

Ashley just stood there and watched, finally raising her glass and taking a drink before she came down the stairs and started to climb back into the hot tub.

Lori was beginning to recover, still in a euphoric post orgasmic state, she leaned her head back searching for my lips. I obliged her needs and gave her a long and sensual kiss.

“More wine?” Ashley asked as she finished topping off her own glass.

“I think I’m good for now.” Lori said breathlessly.

“I bet” Ashley replied with a wink.

“Ash, I’m sorry you had to see that, I was hoping to finish before you returned”

“I’m not mom, it is your house after all. You deserve to enjoy yourself, plus that was pretty hot.”

Not knowing how to respond and still embarrassed Lori announced she was ready for bed and started to stand and exit the tub. That’s when her knees buckled and she dropped like a rock back into her seat, sending another wave across the hot tub. To my delight it had the same effect as when I had done it, a split second after she came to rest in her seat the wave hit Ashley once again sending her boobs upwards to smack her in the face.

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