Audrey’s Awakening Pt. 02

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The next morning, as Mom and I sat down to coffee and bagels, she asked if I would be available later that afternoon to help her move some heavy boxes from her bedroom to her car. She had decided to go through her clothes closet and box up a few things for the Goodwill store. Her closet, she admitted with a sheepish laugh, was burgeoning at the seams and was long overdue for a cleanout.

I readily agreed to help. The band had scheduled an early session to learn some new material and, if things went as expected, I should be completely at liberty by early afternoon and I offered my services for anything she might need. “Excellent,” she said, smiling happily. “It’ll be nice to have the company too.”

The band practice broke up around one o’clock and, instead of joining the guys for the usual celebratory pizza and beer, I begged off, having promised Audrey I would be there to help her that afternoon.

I opened the front door to find Audrey in the act of setting a large box down on top of another one already on the floor in the foyer. She smiled as I entered and rose up with a groan, arching her back. She was out of breath from her exertions, and idly blew an errant strand of hair out of her face. She was dressed more casually than I had ever seen her, in a rather large, ill-fitting t-shirt emblazoned with a large comic book image of Spiderman, a rather brief pair of white shorts and a casual pair of canvas deck shoes. Her hair was pulled back, held somewhat haphazardly in place with a large barrette at the back of her head.

Compared to the stylish clothing she usually wore, I’m quite certain that Audrey probably felt this afternoon’s ultra-casual manner of dress to be rather unsightly and good for nothing other than messy menial chores. But all the models in the Victoria’s Secret catalog, in thongs and skimpy teddies and peek-a-boo bras, collectively possessed a mere fraction of the erotic allure Audrey managed to display in her tight white shorts and Spiderman top.

“Hey,” I smiled. “I like your t-shirt.”

Audrey laughed and rolled her eyes, “A Mother’s Day gift from one of my daughters many years ago,” she explained. “And perfect for doing all manner of dirty housework or muddy gardening jobs.”

She sighed heavily and moved another strand of hair back behind her ear, “Are you ready?” She asked, looking at me hopefully.

I nodded and smiled, “Lead on, Ms. Spiderman. I’m right behind you.”

I followed her up the stairs to her bedroom, admiring her broad, shapely derriere in her tight white shorts, the muscles of her buttocks flexing provocatively with each step she took. Her legs, completely bared to the very top of her thighs, glinted in the light, looking almost glass smooth with a milky white consistency giving ample evidence that her plush thighs had not seen the sun in quite a long time.

In her bedroom, I could see she had already been very busy, with several boxes in various stages of being filled. She stood at her dresser and handed me item after item and specifying which box for me to place it in. We completed two boxes of dresser items, sweaters, blouses, several skirts, and other casual items. I taped up the boxes, labeled them as to their contents and trundled them down the stairs, one after another, to place near the other boxes already in the foyer by the front door.

With the dresser sufficiently cleared to her satisfaction, Audrey turned her attention to the large walk-in closet which, I could readily see, was replete with an overabundance of all manner of clothing on hangers and also on a long shelving unit against one wall.

As had been done previously, she handed me several armfuls of things that I folded and placed into boxes, taping them when full and running them down the stairs to join all the other boxes.

She was making quite a nice bit of headway, and her closet was actually beginning to show some semblance of uncluttered order when we stopped for lunch. She ordered pizza and, when it arrived, brought it upstairs to her room with a bottle of wine.

We sat cross-legged on the floor eating the pizza while sipping wine from paper cups. We chatted amiably about anything and everything and it struck me how easy it was to talk to her. We never seemed to have any uncomfortable pauses where one of us had to think of something to say or talk about. I thought that rather telling as I found none of that particular compatibility with my wife.

With the pizza consumed and the entire bottle of wine a fleeting memory, we resumed the closet clean-up. It was a much more enjoyable experience for both of us having just emptied a bottle of wine, and Mom and I laughed a great deal as we worked to clear out the things she no longer needed.

I was toting the latest box down the stairs when I discovered the wine had made me a little unsteady on my feet, and I giggled as I almost went ass over teakettle down the stairs. I made my way back upstairs without incident and entered the closet to poker oyna see what more she had set aside for the boxes.

Audrey was bent over rummaging through a large box of shoes as I entered and I was, once again, captivated by the stunning view of her derriere. Bent over as she was, her shorts were pulled up to expose her lower buttocks cheeks, a view I found to be distinctly pleasurable. I stood idly by, waiting for her direction and looked around. A dress had been set aside separately from all her other dresses, and it caught my attention.

“What about this one here?” I asked lifting it and holding it up to the light to admire it. “Wow, this is really pretty.”

It was a cocktail style, party dress and a very attractively styled as well. A dark shade of charcoal with a myriad of tiny glittery sparkles throughout that caught the light and made the material shimmer. It looked very much like something Laura might wear out to a nightclub. It was a backless, halter-style dress with a rather daring bodice that would plunge almost to the wearer’s navel. Wow, I thought as it suddenly occurred to me how any woman in this dress would likely leave very little to anyone’s imagination.

“Mom? This isn’t one of your dresses, is it?” I asked, thinking that surely it must belong to Laura or Susan. It certainly wasn’t the kind of dress I could ever imagine Audrey wearing, it was just too daringly revealing for her conservative taste in clothing.

Audrey smiled, turning at my question and her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the dress I was holding.

“Oh, that,” she said, abruptly losing her smile as bright spots of color rose to her cheeks. She immediately stepped forward to take the dress from me, almost snatching it from my hands, as she smiled self-consciously, and her face flushed even more. “Yes…um, I’m afraid it IS mine.”

“It’s beautiful,” I offered with a smile, taken completely aback to know it actually belonged to Audrey.

She smiled somewhat tentatively, holding the dress to her bosom almost lovingly. “It IS, isn’t it, she said. “I fell in love with it from the first moment I saw it in the shop window. I thought it was just about the loveliest dress I had ever seen.” She laughed almost girlishly. “I’m afraid I purchased it rather impulsively, even though I knew I’d never have the nerve to ever wear it.”

“Wait,” I asked in confusion, “This looks like a fairly expensive dress. Are you saying you’ve never actually worn it?”

“Well, I suppose I DID actually wear it once,” she responded with a smile. “But only in the shop’s dressing room when I tried it on, and never out in public where anyone might possibly see me wearing it.”

I shook my head, astonished to imagine how Audrey might look in such a revealing dress, and it boggled my mind. “It’s such a pretty dress, Mom,” I said, “I can only imagine how fabulous it must have looked on you when you tried it on that first time.”

Audrey laughed aloud and her face flushed again, “Fabulous? I’m afraid fabulous wasn’t one of the words that immediately came to mind when I saw my reflection in the dressing room mirror,” she said. “Words more like vulgar and… indecent came mostly to mind.”

“Seriously? That’s it? Nothing about sensual, or sexy?” I offered with a smile.

She laughed again and tossed her head. “Yes, well, I think that’s pretty much the look I was hoping for when I tried it on,” she said with a shrug. “But…for as much as I might have hoped it might be, all I could think of when I saw myself in the mirror was how much I looked like some kind of overweight, middle-aged woman trying to regain her look of youth by dressing the part, and only managing to look cheap and slutty instead.”

“Well, look,” I smiled and shrugged. “If I might offer my humble opinion as a card-carrying member of the masculine persuasion, I firmly contend that this dress would not only look beautiful on you, but also that you would look stunning wearing it.”

Audrey smiled, “Thank you. It’s really sweet of you to say so. But in all honesty, you weren’t there. If you had been there to see me in this dress, I’m sure that even you would have to admit that a woman my age looked ridiculous wearing such a sexy dress.”

Ridiculous? My imagination did a complete backflip. To my mind, a far better adjective than ridiculous would be ‘astonishing’ or ‘incredible’. I stared at the dress and attempted to imagine Mom wearing it. The sheer, filmy fabric would, most definitely, cling revealingly to every sensual curve of her body, leaving absolutely nothing to anyone’s imagination about her full, voluptuous figure. Her breasts would not only fill out the confines of the daring bodice, but the plunging neckline would also explicitly reveal an extremely generous amount of her ample cleavage, baring her chest from her neck to her navel. As well, the hemline would be short enough to also reveal a great deal of her shapely legs.

I cleared my throat self-consciously. “With canlı poker oyna all due respect, Mom, I really have to disagree with your characterization. I don’t think you’d look ridiculous at all. You keep mentioning your age as if age it might have anything at all to do with a woman wanting to dress to make herself look desirable. Seriously, Mom, for a mature woman with three grown children, you’ve managed to maintain a figure that most women your age would kill for.”

She smiled self-consciously at my compliment as she continued to hold the dress up to catch the light.

“The real shame in this whole thing,” I said, “Is that you seem to have spent quite a lot of money on a dress that you never intended to wear.”

Audrey looked at me and grinned broadly, “Oh? You think that’s the worst of it?” She asked with a sad smile. “I even went so far as to buy a special pair of shoes to go with the dress too.” She handed the dress back to me and turned away to look through several shoeboxes before finding the shoes in question and showing them to me. They were Jimmy Choos and likely extremely expensive. Black strappy sandals with a four-inch stiletto heel.

“Wow, very nice,” I nodded in approval. “They’d definitely go perfectly with the dress too.”

Audrey laughed aloud, “Well…it’s certainly not the kind of dress to be worn with flats or even a low heel,” she said, lifting a shoe to admire the symmetry. “It would literally ruin the entire look. Don’t you think?”

“Wait…let me get this straight,” I said, giving her a somewhat confused smile. “You bought this dress knowing full well that you would probably never wear it, and then…”

“I know…I know,” she said interrupting me with a laugh. “And then I bought an even more expensive pair of shoes to go with the dress that I also had no intention of ever wearing. Right?”

I laughed and shrugged, “I suppose it makes very little sense economically,” I offered.

“Oh, my god, yes. I’m ashamed to tell you how expensive they were. Ken was livid when the bills came due, and still gives me grief to this very day whenever he sees the dress in my closet.”

I smiled and leaned back against the doorframe, crossing my arms over my chest, “If you don’t mind me asking the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question here, I’m curious as to why you bought the dress at all.”

Audrey sighed heavily and shrugged, “I have no idea, really. I suppose some psychologist somewhere might venture to say it had a lot to do with my repressed, conservative childhood. And maybe there’s something to that. I think also I’ve always been a little jealous and envious of my daughters, watching them get all dolled up to go out in their skimpy little outfits and wishing I could do the same. I’ve probably kept that fantasy in the back of my mind for several years, and maybe it was because of that fantasy that I just couldn’t say no to the dress. Does that make sense?”

I nodded thoughtfully, it certainly made sense to me.

“I suppose the overwhelming appeal in the dress itself is just purely the fantasy of wearing it. But you see, if I had never bought the dress, the fantasy of wearing it wouldn’t exist either. But, by owning it, having it in my possession and hanging in my closet, it gives a sense of reality to the entire fantasy. If I left the dress in the shop, wearing it would be impossible, as would be the fantasy. But here it is, I can look at it and feel it. It’s real, and so is the fantasy of possibly wearing it. And, it’s the same with the shoes. Without the shoes to wear with the dress, it would also ruin the possible reality of the fantasy.”

She paused momentarily and then giggled almost girlishly, “I’m just rambling on and on, aren’t I? Did anything I said make any sense at all?”

I nodded enthusiastically. “You know what, Mom, it does. It absolutely makes perfect sense. I’m curious though. Did you ever envision any scenario or occasion that might prompt you to wear the dress?”

She frowned and shook her head, “Not really. It was just the fantasy of being out in public dressed so shamelessly provocative.” She laughed, “Although, wearing the dress in public, where no-one knows me, is infinitely more acceptable to me than being out in public among people I know and who know me. God, if that ever happened, I’d be so mortified I’d want to crawl into a hole and die.”

I laughed, “What on earth is so terrible about people you know seeing you looking sexy? Are you worried they would be judgmental or somehow think less of you?”

Audrey looked thoughtful for a moment, “Sure…I mean…yes, I suppose that’s probably it exactly.”

“Listen, Mom,” I began, choosing my words judiciously. “Do you trust me?”

“What?” She responded, looking surprised by the question. “Yes, of course I do. Probably more than I trust my own kids,” she added with a laugh. “Why?”

“Because I’d like you to try on the dress and let me see how you look in it.”

Her face paled and she averted internet casino her eyes as she shook her head, “No…I…I couldn’t,” she stammered.

“Listen,” I continued, speaking slowly and confidently. “If it’s all about the uncertainty of how your friends and family might perceive you, maybe I can help. If you can trust me to be honest, Mom, and if you’d be willing to put on the dress, I’ll give you my complete and honest evaluation. Good, or bad, I’ll be totally honest with you. And, at the very least, you’ll be able to say you’ve at least worn it once…kind of in public.”

She smiled tentatively, reaching out to caress the material of the dress. “I don’t know.”

I smiled. Deep down inside, I could tell she wanted to do it, I could see the hesitation in her eyes and the expression on her face as her thoughts wavered.

I reached out to place my hand affectionately on her shoulder. “Do you trust me enough to do that for you?”

Audrey frowned and pursed her lips thoughtfully for a moment, “I honestly think you’re probably the only one who would give me an honest opinion.” She looked up at me sternly, “But, if I thought for one second that you were flattering me, or saying complimentary things just to keep from hurting my feelings…”

“Absolutely not,” I interrupted, shaking my head vehemently. “I’m serious, Mom. If you want an absolutely honest opinion of how you look in that dress, then I’m your guy.”

She bit her lip again thoughtfully. I reached out and took the dress from her, looking it over my forearm and then reaching to take the shoebox from her hands as well. “Come on,” I said, reaching out with my free hand to gently take her upper arm and lead her out of the closet. “Go and change, I’ll wait right here,” I said, handing her the shoes and the dress and sitting on the edge of her bed.

She stood tentatively, biting her lip in thought as she struggled with her inhibitions. I remained quiet, allowing her to make up her mind. Finally, she lifted her chin and smiled, “You know what? Maybe it’s the wine talking, but…why the hell not?”

With that, she turned and made her way into the attached bathroom and closed the door. I smiled to myself, having maneuvered her into trying on the dress and looking forward to the reveal. I had not a worry in the world that I would have anything uncomplimentary to say when I saw her.

“Are you ready?” She called several minutes later.

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded. “Ready and waiting.”

The bathroom door opened slightly, and she peeked her head around, smiling tentatively. “I’m glad YOU’RE ready, I’m not so sure about me,” she said, her voice trembling slightly. The door opened wider and she stepped through into the bedroom, her Jimmy Choo stilettos clicking on the hardwood flooring. Her hair was no longer in an unkempt ponytail but combed out to cover her ears.

I struggled to maintain a calm composure as Audrey entered the room and my breath caught in my throat. I gaped in complete astonishment as my eyes nearly had a heart attack. Audrey stood before me, a little smile of embarrassment on her lips with her cheeks a bright hue of crimson. She turned slowly in a circle to allow me to see her in the dress from every angle and I was stunned speechless.

As she moved, even the slightest little gesture of taking a step, every part of her body moved, shifted…announced itself quietly. The sensual curve of her legs…the soft shift of her plush thighs beneath the skin-tight material…the sensual swell of her lower belly, it was as if I were seeing her all over again for the very first time and I couldn’t help but gasp in my unabashed appreciation. Her breasts shifted beneath the bodice of her dress, revealing a stunning view of deep cleavage beneath. The sensuality radiated from her body with even the most modest of movements. The dress clung to every curve of her body as if painted on, revealing to my complete astonishment that she wore absolutely nothing beneath the dress.

While I had had a reasonably good idea that Audrey would look absolutely amazing in her dress, I had no idea that the word ‘amazing’ would be so monumentally inadequate. Amazing even seemed hardly within the realm of acceptable synonyms. She was, in complete honesty, a veritable goddess of sensuality.

Her black, strappy Jimmy Choo sandals with the stiletto heels gave the appearance of lengthening her legs and shaped her calves beautifully. The short length of her dress revealed her gorgeous legs to perfection, the hem flaring delicately just slightly above the middle of her thighs. The dress clung to her body revealingly from mid-thigh to her waist, conforming to her buttocks so intimately that even the tiniest blemish on her skin would have been clearly discernible.

Forming tightly to her broad, fleshy hips, the dress emphasized and enhanced the sensual flare from her waist and accentuated the softly rounded swell of her lower belly beneath her navel. Her back was bare from her buttocks to her neck where the loop of her halter-style bodice resided. Her breasts seemed only loosely contained beneath the dress’s halter, swaying and bouncing provocatively beneath the sheer material as she moved.

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