Aunt Alice

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I had closed the door behind me as I went in the room. There was no lock on the door, but I thought I could hear any one approaching the room as they had to climb some stairs and a few of the stair boards creaked. It was my aunt Alice’s room and I was going to go through her hamper in search of some soiled panties. Her room adjoined a Jack ‘n Jill bathroom that was adjoined to the guest room that I was using. I had closed her door to give myself a few extra seconds to escape should she come upstairs.

Yes, I was sneaky. And, yes, I guess it is a bit perverted, but aunt Alice was just about the sexiest woman I had ever encountered. About five feet seven with a nice bust (she wore a 34 C bra and size six panty) she exuded sexuality, and as I was a 21-year-old male full of testosterone and barely past my horney puberty stage of life, this 40-year-old female just lit up my brain, and other body parts, with lust and desire.

I was staying with her for the summer and serving as an intern for a start up company located in San Francisco where she lived. Aunt Alice is my mother’s younger sister, and I have had a crush on her for a long time. She knew it and teased poker oyna me in good fun. We got along very well and enjoyed bike rides, dinners and TV shows and movies. And the age difference didn’t seem important.

I had played with her panties and bras before, but today was somehow different. She was home and had just taken a shower and changed. I wanted the panties she had just worn.

When I opened the hamper top I saw a pair of panties, Ecru in color, with the gusset facing up showing a slightly yellowish residue. As soon as my hand touched the material and felt the warmth still there I knew these were the panties I was lusting after. And right next to the panties was a matching bra. I liked bras for what they were; the representation of female breasts those most female of body parts. And most visible. My aunt had teased me sometimes by brushing her breasts against my arm at times. Though it seemed accidental, she obviously knew I liked it, and I often wondered just how “accidental” those incidents really were. A woman can do these things and not be chastised, but if a man were to accidentally brush his hard penis against a woman it would be called harassment. Or canlı poker oyna worse.

I picked up the bra first and sniffed it, catching that ever-enticing scent of the perfume she wore. Oh, it was so enticing, so very Alice and just that sniff made my already stiff penis get even harder.

Then I picked up the panties, feeling both the warmth and softness of the silky material. Not silk, nylon, but oh so soft, silky and feminine. My thumb rubbed against the crusty spot in the gusset registering both the warmth and wetness on aunt Alice’s most private of parts, sending signals of pure sexual energy through my whole body.

As I brought them to my nose the feelings of lust and sexual excitement heightened my senses as I became aware of the perfume and, even more exciting, the faint aroma of Alice herself. Her whisper of sex in the secretions left in her panties. My whole body started to tremble, my legs becoming a bit wobbly, my heart beat increasing as my arms and chest became aware of a soft breeze, just cooling my body as the light sheen of perspiration evaporated. Oh, the chill was so very delicious, adding to my already heightened sexual condition. I was internet casino in such a state, one of the most exciting I have ever felt, and all these sensations were icing on the cake of desire for release. I had been lightly holding the bra against my turgid penis as I brought the panties to my face. My trembling body and shaking hands were rubbing the bra and I just had to squeeze my penis in the cup of the bra as I started cumming. I fell back against the wall, my whole body now becoming rigid, yet still convulsing as I spurted more sperm with each contraction, my breath coming in gasps, eyes dilated, but closed, as my whole being reveled in the very culmination of all the pent-up desire I had created. As my body began to recover from the almost violent ejaculation I slumped to the floor, still holding the bra against my penis and the panties to my face.

My breathing, ragged and shallow, now became deep and satisfying. I felt totally spent, satiated, and content. My desire quenched, for now. Even as I sat, slumped against the wall, I knew I would have to do this again. I also wondered if the next time would or could, be even half of what I had just experienced. I recognized just how special this episode had been.

I sat, I breathed, I wondered why I felt an even stronger breeze as no doors or windows were open.

Or were they?

“Hello, Jason,” I heard my aunt Alice say. “Did you have fun, dear?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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