Biker Boy

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“Hop on!” Tank is holding out his hand to me. I’ve had a secret crush on my friend since we met. His beauty goes deeper than the physical reason we all call him ‘Tank’. I get tongue-tied when he’s in the room, let alone this close to me.

“I’ve never…” He smiles and flicks back his hair.

“Just hop on. You’ll love it! My bike is my freedom.” I reach for his hand and lock eyes with him. His eyes twinkle in the sunlight. And with my heart racing, I do as he says, and find myself siting right behind him.

“Here.” He hands me a helmet.

“Where’s yours?”

“Nah. I like to feel the breeze!” Wish I had more time to analyze all of this. Are we safe? I have jeans on, and a pullover. But Tank is only wearing cutoffs and sneakers. Awkward does not begin to tell what I am feeling. Where do I put my feet? My hands? The day is very warm and there’s a wonderful springtime scent in the air. I would be happy to just sit like this all day. Me and Tank.

“Ready?” He’s turned, and looks at me. The bike roars to life.

“NO!” He laughs.

“Sure you are.” Tank motions his head downward. “Feet on the pedals.” His long hair brushes by my face. I hope he didn’t hear me take in such a deep breath. “Shirt off! It’s too nice out. Get the sun like me.” I peel it off, and tuck it into my belt.

“What do I do with my hands?” On goes the helmet. My eyes are darting everywhere hoping to find a handle, or a…something to grab onto. He’s now got my left hand in his, and as he swings both toward his belly, I catch my breath, real quick and hard.

“Other one, too!” His gaze is straight ahead, like he’s about to take off. Just as my right hand feels his skin, I’m suddenly thrust backward into the short sissy bar at my rear. I quickly rebound out of fear; and as my hands had slipped to his flanks, they now are sliding quickly back to his abs. Kind of like…okay, it IS a bear hug!

“You okay?” His hair is whipping into my face. We took off like a rocket, and though I trust Tank completely, I suddenly realize his question has a lot to do with the fact that I’m squeezing his body like a vise. I loosen my grip – just a little – and in response, Tank throttles the bike back – just a little. I like this.

“We’ll take it easy and ride over to get some beers.” He has to shout so I can hear him, but my face is so close to his ear that I am certain my normal tone of voice is working.

“Okay.” I say it. He nods. Good, he heard me. Taking in the countryside now, and it sure is nice. Warm, even relaxing. With any fear all gone, I can focus on…other things.

“Damn! Tank jerks a bit to the right. I tighten my grip on his body. He turns toward his right shoulder.

“They hit hard with no shirt on!” There’s a bug glued to his skin. I instinctively reach up and flick it off, not sure now what to do with my hand.


I feel the warmth of the sun on my body, drink in the fragrance of the meadows we pass, and melt a bit with each time a plume of his hair teases my face in the wind. My free hand moves to his side. Both slide down a bit, and rest on Tank’s hips. I feel relaxed enough this way, and he seems to get the message. Taking his right hand off the handlebars, I watch in slow motion as it moves down and back toward my leg. The pat and slide he just gave me sends a bolt up my spine, and reminds me that my chest is still free spin pretty much glued to his back. Can he feel my heart beating? I can.

“You did good. Wind dries me out. Ready for a brew?” We’re in the lot of the Country Cabin, the only store out here. I dismount onto only slightly shaky legs, helmet goes over the sissy bar, and I head for the store.

“My buy. What’ll it be?” Tank dismounts, and checks out his bike.

“Just a brew, thanks.”

“Nice and cold, Tank.” He reaches up and takes it from my hand. On the bench outside in the shade, Tank reminds me of every crush I have ever had on any and all hot guys. I am so worked up just looking at him – broad and full shoulders, muscular chest and arms, kick-ass abs…poster boy perfection. I sit next to him on the bench. Before I know it, Tank pulls my beer from my hand, and is pressing it into my crotch!

“Gotta cool this off, Tommy!” I look up with a dumbfounded stare at Tank, who looks back at me with a perfectly disarming smirk. He knows he is the only one of our friends who can get away with calling me ‘Tommy’. I let everyone know, including Tank, that I prefer ‘Tom’. He knows.

“Kinda felt your ‘Little Tommy’ on the ride up. Wanna talk about it?”

“No.” I could have grabbed the brew to push it off my junk, but took him by the hand, instead, and moved both away very, very slowly. I was just scared.”

“Scared at first, yeah, I felt that bear hug. But then you got into it and relaxed. Even set your mitts onto my hips where they belong. That’s when I felt it.” He’s right. I knew I was getting hard, but had no idea he knew it, too. Crap. How could he not feel it? My crotch was pressed hard against his butt. Caught.

“You into guys, Tommy?” I turn to look at him, not sure if my embarrassment will prevent me from seizing the moment. He slowly moves his hair behind his ears. I try to read his expression. Relaxed. Open. Waiting for the right answer. Hoping for it? His mouth is wet with the cold beer, lips are parted and shiny. Not sure whether to throw up or kiss him…

“I am!” And with that, the crush of my current life moves in and places a soft and speedy kiss right on my breathless lips.

Part 2Tank moves back a few inches, and as my eyes open, I see his wondering look. I get a quick brain message that this is no time to hesitate, lean in and give Tank what he just gave me – only a little firmer, and a little longer. His smile speaks volumes. He raises himself from the bench, crotch at my face. Can’t help but see the fullness in his tight shorts. I am standing now. His arm is over my shoulder. We walk to his bike without saying a word. We’re out on a lonely country road. No traffic. I feel emboldened.

“Can I take her for a spin? Just a block up and back?” He looks a bit pensive. “I’ll go slow.” I may have screwed up. Tank’s bike is his baby. If I fuck it up…

“No.” My heart sinks, head falls, and I feel kinda sick. So by now it is obvious that I am a very emotional guy. “You have to go fast! And for more than a block – go a mile up the road and back. It’s easy!” Like a light switched on, I perk up and beam.

“Here.” Tank takes me by the hand(s), his arms moving around my body as he explains what to do and how. His bike is small, but very fast. Tank is my height. Faster than me!

“Helmet on, cause if you ditch my bike I will bonus veren siteler kill you; and if you hurt yourself I will kill me.” Can I fucking smile any broader?

As I pull away to the street, I quickly look back, and Tank is already heading for the bench. He trusts me. That’s my signal. I go ‘pedal to the metal’ to see what his baby can do…and I am not disappointed. My balance is real good. The bike launches into the distance, leaving my yell of pure joy drifting in its wake. I am alive! This shy and too needy boy is alive!

“You look like it belongs under you!” I pull up close to the bench. Beaming. I leave the motor running.

“I found a nice spot by the river a few miles up. Lots of privacy.” He smiles at me. “Hop on.” Did I say that I get bold sometimes, too bold for my own good? This is not one of those times.

“Oh sure, you just want me to be behind you.” Tank mounts the bike. “Where I belong” I see and feel his strong arms encircle and embrace me. His kiss on my neck as we head for the road is just about the best feeling I have ever yet had.

“When did you know?” He is asking a question of me that is too broad.

“Know what?

“That you were into guys?” Tank and I are making our way to the secluded field I had spotted from the road. We leave the bike just inside the treeline, where it can’t be seen. I turn to him with my answer.

“A coupe years back, before I turned 18. You?” He’s hesitating.

“I’m not too sure. I’m nineteen now, but it’s been on my mind for a while. You ever…you know…”

“Not yet. But I want to. With you, I mean. Is that okay?”

“I know I come across hard sometimes, Tommy. It’s just my way of keeping myself in balance. Like riding my bike. I have to feel in control, you know?” I nod. “You’re kind and gentle all of the time…even when you’re mad. Something about you, Tommy. I just…I really want to you to be my first.” Oh. I get it. The gentle and ‘easy’ kid who will take it and not make a fuss. What the fuck. I’ll settle for a quick first time hookup if that’s all he wants.

“What’s wrong?” Can he read me that good?

“You said ‘first’, like I’m to be the first in a long line of…” DAMN!

Part 3Weighing in at about twenty pounds more than me, Tank has me pinned to the ground, on a bunch of soft underbrush, my hands stretched out over my head, his hips crushing mine into the earth. No kiss has ever been more gentle and loving. His body now fully draped over mine, his hands sweetly cupping my head, I get to roam my own hands over his body while we kiss and make out like…oh, we ARE still teenagers! Yeah, we both have that surge of hormones pushing away anymore unnecessary talk at this moment.

“Come on!” Tank is running backward toward the river bank. His glance is on me and me alone. I get up and race to be with him. We hold hands and flop down in some tall grass where the ground just starts to slope towards the water, before the rocks and sand.

“Wait” I pull my tee from where its been riding inside my belt, and spread in down on the grass. We both start to undo our belts. In no time, shorts are kicked aside, and as Tank lowers me beneath him, all that separates us are two pair of bikini briefs. Mine are red. His are black.

“I carry this for good luck” He holds a condom that was in his shorts pocket. “No lube, though.”

“Kiss deneme bonusu veren siteler me. We’ll make our own lube!” And do we ever. Our mouths play tongue games; and soon we are both drooling wet. I just reached down and slipped of his briefs. He is doing the same to me, and I lift my hips to help.

“This’ll do.” We use our spit to lube up the condom. Just so you know, Tank is about an inch longer than me. I an a hard six, maybe six and a half on a good day. Today is a good day.

“Your body is real nice.” I am smiling at Tank. and nod at his compliment. I can not even begin to tell him how hot he is, but giving myself to him is a good start. As I start to pull my legs up, he grabs them and they soon rest on his bulging shoulders. The man is jacked. My view of him is totally amazing. I mean, this hunk of human perfection is hovering over me with a puppy dog look on his face; and fire in his eyes.

“We’ll go slow. If it hurts…”

“I’ll be fine, Tank.” We are both hard. My dick kind of points down a bit – not like Tank’s which is what I call a ‘belly slapper’. So I lift mine out of the way, and Tank fists his and aims it at his target – me.

“Here goes.” I draw in a breath. His dick-head is pushing at my hole. Harder. Harder. We look over at each other. I nod. Tank gives himself a bigger push, and…

“Uhahhh. Unhh.” He drops to his hands. His look is pensive. I nod that it’s okay. He presses inward. I feel the thickness of his meat as he invades my guts. There is no pain, just a warm and wonderful fullness that advances into me with each inch of his dick that slides up my chute. I have a man inside of me, and I love it! Not just any man, either, It’s Tank.

“Tom. Hey Tom. Say something.” I hear him. My haze and daze are too enveloping for me to respond right now, so I just nod. Tank and I are kissing now. he is moving inside of me. His ‘touch’ – cock to channel – is overwhelmingly wonderful. I get this notion that bottoming is something I’ll now be doing a lot of!

“I’m gonna cum soon!” I nod. “You’ve gone soft. We can’t have that.” I am soft because all of my needs are being met by his dick in my ass! And seeing his body meld with mine. And feeling the way we kiss. And him taking my dick into his hand and pumping me.

“Let’s go for cumming together.” I nod. He has me hard now. Tank keeps pumping away at my dick, spitting down the shaft to lube me. Now he’s rising upward. His fuck pace is quicker. My belly is on fire. I can’t tell whether it is because of his fuck has sped up, or because by nut is approaching. It all feels the same. It all feels good. No time to ponder.

“Fuck. I’m there! Tom. TOM. TOMMIEEE!!” The bull at my loins is bucking, his head thrown back, just after I catch a glimpse of his eyes – wide and wild and wet with tears of joy. His last thrust into me is deep; and he holds there as his balls unload all of the cream that a nineteen year old stud is capable of making. I have been fixated on watching his body go through the throws of his orgasm – all the virile muscles contracting and tensing, only to fully release as he gasps and collapses toward me. That’s when I see it.

“Holly crap!” That was intense.” He bends down and kisses me. He is still deep inside my body, and I want him to stay there forever. As he lowers himself fully onto my body, we both see ‘it’ languidly seeping all over my belly.

“You came too. With me. Nice.” Now time can go fuck itself. I have what I want. I want this forever. The rest of our day together was spent on the ride back, showering, and dinner out. I’d like to tell you more about us…yeah there is an ‘us’, if it’s okay with you?

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