Casey , Samantha

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Huge Dildo

I will get right to the point: I wanted to fuck her brains out! I had watched her for years, my fantasies of how I would fuck her. Now, she was eighteen and no longer a child. I didn’t want to hold back my desires for her. I was her older sister, by nearly four years but her sister nonetheless. I had thought that she never gave my lustful glances a second thought. I was to find out I was mistaken.

It was Samantha’s eighteenth birthday and she had come home from college for the special occasion. We decided to spend the day at our brother’s secluded cabin. He was out of town for the week so he left me the key and I got started with the preparations. I stocked the cabin with food, sodas, beer, wine, scented candles, and bubble bath…all the things I thought we would need for the things I had planned.

I had seen her petite body naked before. I had seen her small rounded breasts and her pert little pink nipples. I had seen her shaven pussy and the round cheeks of her tiny ass. I had seen her red curls cover her slender, freckled shoulders. I had seen her bright blue eyes framed with long red lashes. I had seen her small, straight nose freckled from the sun. I had seen her full lips and been wanting to feel them on my breasts…on my pussy…all over me.

Saturday morning came and I heard a key unlocking the door. I knew it was Samantha. I ran to the door to greet her.

‘Why didn’t you let me pick you up?’

Samantha laughed. ‘It wasn’t that far, Casey.’

‘I didn’t want you to think I was an ungracious hostess.’

Samantha laughed. She walked over to me and gave me a big hug. She never took a second thought about me kissing her on the lips. To my surprise, she returned the kiss.

‘You want me, don’t you?’ she blurted out.

I couldn’t speak. I was expecting to seduce her and now she was turning the tables on me. She must be teasing, I thought. She was always teasing. Always wearing short, cut-offs around the house and tops that showed her flat belly. poker oyna She was always touching me when she spoke. She bounced around the house like nothing was wrong, so carefree. She had no idea what she was doing to me.

I was mistaken.

Samantha started to slip off her jeans. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was smooth. She stepped out of her jeans and kicked them aside. Then I watched as she slowly unbuttoned her blue blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra either and her nipples were erect. I wanted to suck them. I wanted to take her right now and devour her sweet juices. There she was: my little sister, standing naked in front of me. All this time I wanted to seduce her and it appeared that she was now seducing me. I reached out to touch her breasts and she took my hand in hers. She put my index finger in her mouth and began sucking on it. Her mouth was warm and wet, as I was sure her pussy was also. I took this to mean that her pussy would feel the same way.

‘Where did you learn all this?’ I asked, getting horny from her finger sucking.

She smiled. ‘From you.’

‘Me?’ I asked, puzzled.

She took my hand and guided it down to her breasts. I was right, they were soft and firm. She pressed my hand against them, making the nipples hard under my touch.

‘I used to watch you fuck them. Gary Robbins, Mike McGrath, Rick Carter, Cheryl Lansing, Sue James, Kathy Myers…all of them. You looked like you were having more fun with the girls than the guys. I want to have some fun too. I want you to fuck me. I’ve waited all this time for you. I have wanted it for a long time.’

I was horny and needed a release. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I knew in the back of my mind that incest was wrong. This was my little sister. She watched me, she said. How?’

‘I even saw you and Austin and even with Daddy. I want to know what it feels like. I know you want it, I have noticed the way you look at me.’

She had a point. I did fuck my own brother canlı poker oyna and my father. Actually, it was more the other way around. I had first walked in on my brother cybering some girl over the Internet. He was pulling hard on his eight-inch rod. My father, on the other hand, walked in on me while I was showering. I had never before seen a cock so big. He liked the feeling of a tight ass and since mom didn’t care for it, he came to me to get it.


She whispered that she had watched through the windows then she kissed me deeply and pressed her tiny body against mine. My hands moved down her back, feeling the smoothness of her skin. I returned the passionate kiss as I squeezed her ass cheeks. I really don’t remember how I got undressed. I was having too much fun to notice. Incest or not, I wanted to fuck her brains out. My little sister was a peeping Tom.

As she lay on her back in front of the fireplace, I began to kiss her all the way down her body. I pressed my hands on her small breasts and played with the pink fleshy bulbs. She made little sighs and moans of pleasure as I licked and sucked her tits. I moved down her body, first with my hands and then with my mouth. The next place I stopped at was her pussy. Smooth, round and pink, it smelled like berries. No doubt from her body wash, I thought. She opened her legs and grabbed a hold of part of my golden mane. I moved her legs further apart so that I could get a good look at her magnificent little pussy. I took my finger and ran it up and down the outside and then I started rubbing her clit. Her breathing became heavier and she grabbed frantically at my hair as I finger-fucked her. I first used one finger, then I put in two. Her hips were starting to buck a little when I started to fuck her with three fingers and rub my thumb hard against her clit. I then got bold and stuck a finger up her ass. She moaned at the sensation. She was starting to cum while I was fucking her. Her whole body was covered in internet casino sweat and there was no fire in the fireplace. We were making our own heat and she was in her own little world.

‘Fuck me!’ she shouted as her body was thrusting against my hands, trying to move me in deeper. ‘Fuck me harder! I NEED IT!’

I moved into the ’69’ position. I held her legs far apart with my arms. I took my fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with my mouth. My mouth engulfed her tiny pussy and I sucked her hard. My body moved up and down against hers as I was eating her. As I tongue-fucked her, my pussy was rubbing her face. She lapped up my juices as I was devouring hers. She moved the stud from her pierced tongue hard against my blood-engorged clit. She was driving me to orgasm and she was driving it hard.

I had always considered myself to be a lustful lover to men as well as women, but Samantha was wearing me out. No matter what I gave, she wanted more. ‘Fuck me!’ she screamed, and I would go faster. She was the Domme today and I was her sub. Her every wish was my command.

I mounted her and rode her for dear life. I was riding my bucking bronco in this incestuous rodeo. My size-C tits bouncing. I slowed down a little just before reaching a climax and, grabbing my tits, she sat up and started to suck on them. I flung my head back and moaned loudly as she sucked hard on my pink nipples. She sucked so hard that milk began to squirt out. I had never fucked anyone before that ever did that. I had lovers that would suck my tits, but none that sucked them so hard that milk came out of them. I thought I was going to explode. My mind was spinning faster than my pussy was pounding against her. Clit scraping against clit, spurring us both on to ecstasy.

When we were both satisfied, I kissed her lips and rolled off her. We lay together in each other’s arms and fell into a contented sleep.

When I awoke the room was dark and she had gone. Her suitcase was gone as well. I walked to the kitchen where I found a note on the table from her thanking me for the best birthday present she had ever gotten. She also mentioned that she would like to pick up where we left off when she returned in the summer.

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