Catherine , Thomas Ch. 03

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Note to the readers: To all of you who sent me such positive, encouraging, wonderful, amazing feedback…Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t describe how much it meant to me. I’ll do my utmost to continue providing you with the best writing I have to offer.

If you are encountering Catherine and Thomas for the first time in this chapter, I advise you to read the first two chapters before returning to this one. The story makes more sense that way.



Thomas and I spent the rest of the afternoon making love. We couldn’t get enough of each other. He took me in every room in the apartment and I loved it. Once I made the decision to be with him, the shackles came off and I surrendered fully to the lust raging inside me. I no longer cared that he was my brother. I no longer cared that we would be disgraced if we were found out. None of that mattered anymore. All that mattered was that we were together and that we loved each other.

That evening when we finally left the apartment, I floated home in a haze of happiness and sexual satisfaction. I breezed into the house barely noticing my parents’ greeting and made my way to my bedroom where I crawled into bed and promptly fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion.

The next day was Friday and that evening Thomas was fetching me to spend the weekend with him. I told my parents over breakfast about my new job and they were surprisingly encouraging. My mother took the opportunity to praise Thomas for his generosity in giving me a job though she grudgingly admitted that she was sure I would do well. My father, in his own gentle way, expressed his pleasure over my happiness and wished me good luck. I felt a sudden surge of love for him and impulsively jumped up to give him a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. He laughed and rumpled my hair and we continued with breakfast in a companionable and relaxed atmosphere.

The hours crawled by as I waited for Thomas to arrive. Eventually I went for a run, had a shower and spent about two hours packing and unpacking my bag, changing my mind every five minutes about what clothes to pack. After all that I still had an hour and a half to fill. I wandered into the TV room and settled down to watch a film. Surprisingly I soon found myself engrossed in it and before I knew it I heard Thomas’s voice, greeting our parents. A minute later he sauntered into the room. My heart was hammering in my chest and I took a deep breath to steady myself before speaking.

“Hi Thomas. How are you?” I said as casually as I could.

“Hey Cat. I’m fine, thanks. How’re you doing?” He replied, equally casually.

“Great. Doing well.” I said.

There we were, exchanging inane pleasantries, when what we really wanted to do was tear each other’s clothes off and enjoy one another once again. He looked at me and then slowly, deliberately, his gaze drifted down my body, taking in all of me. My breath caught in my throat as he surveyed me. I knew that he was picturing me naked, the way I was just the day before. He looked up and our eyes met. I tried to convey all my love for him in that one look, though I knew I couldn’t.

The moment was broken when my father walked in. I hurriedly got up, sure that my flustered expression must be a dead giveaway. Thomas, on the other hand, seemed very much in control and merely turned to smile at my father, as he said,

“Typical woman, my sister. Here I am, on time, and she’s lounging around watching TV. She obviously doesn’t know she’s supposed to impress the boss!”

I laughed and threw a cushion at him.

“You’re not my boss until Monday morning Thomas. Until then you’re just my pest of a big brother!”

The last sentence ended in a squeal as he caught the cushion and proceeded to playfully smack me about the head. My father grinned as he watched us. It occurred to me that it had been many years since my father had seen his two children playing and laughing in his home. I felt a sudden stab of guilt at our deception. It wasn’t fair on this kind man that his children were lying to him the way we were. Then I had no more time for reflection as Thomas grabbed me and playfully shoved me towards the door.

“Come on lazy bones! Get upstairs to your room and grab your bags! I have better things to do than stand around waiting for you!

He swatted me on my butt as I ran past him and up to my room. I was in my en-suite bathroom getting the last few toiletries (it’s one of the twisted laws of womanhood that no matter how carefully you pack, no matter how much time you take, there’s always something that, at the last minute, you remember you HAVE to have.).

My back was to the door and I didn’t hear Thomas’s entrance until I felt his arms slip around my waist. I flinched in surprise and instinctively tried to wriggle out of his grasp. I was worried that my parents would walk in on us.

“No Thomas. They might see us.” I hissed at him.

“Don’t worry. They’re in the kitchen. I made sure of that.” He murmured, his lips already caressing poker oyna my neck.

I was still terrified that our parents would walk in unexpectedly but being enfolded in Thomas’s loving embrace felt too good to abandon. I relaxed against him as he continued kissing my neck. He slipped a hand under my t-shirt and cupped my breast.

“Mmmm…I thought about this all day. I couldn’t wait to see you today. You’re lucky mom and dad are home Cat, otherwise I’d take you hard, here and now.” He growled in my ear.

I trembled as I heard his words, spoken in a voice thick with lust. I couldn’t seem to get enough of hearing him say how much he wanted me. I pushed back against him and he groaned softly. Then he pulled away quickly and swatted me on the butt again.

“Stop teasing me woman! Get your things and let’s get out of here. I can’t wait much longer.”

I laughed, grabbed my bags and we hurried downstairs. Once there we had to endure an endless fifteen minutes of parental chat before being released into the warm summer evening. We forced ourselves to stroll casually to the car and wave to our parents as we drove away.

Thomas waited until we’d left our neighbourhood behind before he reached over, lifted up my skirt and plunged his hand between my hot thighs. I hiked my skirt up further and spread my legs wider for him. His hand groped higher until he encountered my pussy. I glanced over at him and saw his eyes widen when he discovered I wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes flicked away from the road and down to my lap. He drew in a ragged breath and then forced his eyes back onto the road.

We hadn’t spoken yet and I had no intention of breaking the silence. It felt oddly exciting to sit in silence while he groped me, out in the open. I adjusted my seat so that I could lean back slightly, allowing his questing fingers easier access. He had to change gears frequently and he did so impatiently, eager to get back to what he really wanted…me.

I lay back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations produced by his talented fingers. He stroked me slowly and deliberately, exploring every part of me he could reach. Occasionally there would be a pause and I’d hear soft sucking sounds as he licked his fingers clean. I didn’t look at him – I didn’t want to be “distracted” by seeing anything. All I wanted to do was feel and hear.

By the time we finally arrived at his house on the lake, there was no question about what we would do first. Without bothering to remove my bags from the car, we ran inside the house. The door was hardly closed before I was pinned against the wall, as we frantically tore at each other’s clothes. Buttons popped off his shirt as I impatiently yanked it open. It would’ve taken too much time to unbutton. I couldn’t wait that long. It seemed to take forever to remove all our clothes but at last we were gloriously naked.

We groped and kissed desperately, clumsily, getting in each other’s way in our desire to get closer. The hallway echoed with our animal sounds – grunting, moaning, wet sucking sounds – as our hands and mouths explored necks, shoulders, soft breasts, hard abdomen, and firm silky butt. I sucked, fondled, licked, bit anything I could reach and so did he. We were heedless of hurting each other. Pain, inflicted intentionally or otherwise, was part of the eroticism of our lovemaking.

Eventually we broke apart and he pulled me into the living room. We knew we’d never make it as far as the bedroom so he simply bent me facedown over the back of the couch and without hesitation, plunged his cock deep into me. I struggled to find a way to brace myself under his onslaught. At times he literally fucked me off my feet as his thrusts threatened to push me over the back of the couch. It couldn’t last long and very soon I heard his harsh loud grunts as he built up to what seemed like a titanic orgasm. He slammed his cock brutally into me. I cried out as his fingers dug painfully into my sides. Then he let out an animal cry as the full force of his orgasm hit. It was all I could do just to hold on as he pounded away at my tender, stretched pussy.

When he finally finished he collapsed onto me and we tumbled over onto the couch. We lay in a heap, chests heaving to suck in as much air as possible, the scent of sex heavy in the air. Apart from the occasional soft groan and heavy breathing, we didn’t make a sound. Then we rearranged ourselves into a more comfortable position and I stroked his hot, sweat-soaked skin, relishing the closeness of him.

He turned my face towards his and kissed me deeply and languorously. I relaxed as his warm wet tongue explored my mouth. As he kissed me, his hand found its way between my legs. He went straight to my clit and began a slow, firm stroking. I uttered soft mewling sounds against his mouth as I thrust my hips against his hand. He kept up his sensuous stroking and within minutes he brought me to my orgasm. It rippled through my body like a warm, heavy, erotic wave and I gave myself over to the rapture. He stopped kissing me and canlı poker oyna I opened my eyes to see him staring intently at me. I held his gaze as I came, as I shared those amazing eternal seconds with him. When it was over he held me close and I was the first to fall asleep. As I drifted off, I thought I heard him murmur in my ear,

“My beautiful girl. You’re mine forever.”

We slept for a couple of hours and woke to an inky black night sky. We clumsily disentangled our limbs and laughed as we tumbled to the floor. He gave me a wet sloppy kiss and then smacked me on my butt, laughingly ignoring my pretend-outrage.

“C’mon sweet thing. I’m famished. Let’s eat.” He said.

We went to the kitchen, only to find he had no food in the fridge. He ordered a take-out pizza and while we waited, Thomas took me back to the couch and we had a quick but very satisfying fuck. We finished just as we heard the deliveryman pull up to the front door. Thomas quickly fetched a large towel from the bathroom and went to answer the door. I stretched out on the couch and listened to Thomas check and pay for the order. It gave me a thrill to be lying there naked while a perfect stranger stood nearby completely unaware that the man he was talking to had just fucked his own sister.

Thomas entered the room carrying a fragrant box and my stomach rumbled loudly in protest. He threw off the towel and strolled to the kitchen to get plates and napkins.

“It’s a warm night. Let’s sit outside.” He said as returned.

“Ok. Let me throw on some clothes.” I replied.

“Don’t bother.” He said. “No one can see us. That’s why I bought this place. It’s totally private.”

We went outside and settled onto the full-length deck chairs. I sighed contentedly as I found a comfortable position and started on my pizza. We ate in silence for several minutes. I hadn’t eaten the entire day and the strenuous workout he gave me that evening meant I felt like a starving animal.

Once we had taken the edge off our hunger, he brought out a bottle of chilled white wine and two glasses. We sipped the cold sweet wine and as I looked up at the clear night sky, I thought that I was the luckiest woman in the world. I was in love with a wonderful man who, by some miracle, was madly in love with me too. I hadn’t realised that Thomas was watching me. When he saw me smile he asked what I was thinking of.

“I was just thinking about how happy I am right now, being here with you.” I said, giving him a fond smile.

He lifted my hand to his lips and softly kissed my palm.

“I’m glad you’re happy, my love. I love seeing your smile light up your face.” He said in reply.

He leaned over and gave me an affectionate kiss on the cheek. I squeezed his hand in answer and we settled back in companionable silence to finish our meal. When we finished eating Thomas left briefly to fetch my bags from the car. Then he returned to snuggle up to me on my deck chair. I lay half on top of him and the steady thump of his heartbeat was soothing and comforting. Neither of us felt the need to talk. Being together was enough. After a while I dozed off.

I was woken some time later by a warm hand between my legs, fingers inserted deep inside me and working their way slowly in and out. I stirred slightly and Thomas tightened his grip on me. I felt him kiss the top of my head and his warm breath stirred my hair. The night was so quiet that I could hear the soft, wet sounds made by his slow, deep probing. His other hand massaged my back and then made its way further down, over my butt. He lingered there for a while, massaging gently first, then more firmly, until he was squeezing painfully.

I was about to move when he removed his hand. I heard a sucking sound and then his hand returned. He had wet his finger and was now carefully inserting it into my asshole. Instinctively I stiffened but then made a conscious effort to relax and let him have his way. He pushed until his finger was embedded all the way inside me. Now I was filled from both ends.

I had to move now. How could I possibly remain still? I rocked back and forth on his fingers. My head was still on his chest and I could feel his heart hammering away frantically. He slid a second finger into my asshole and probed more insistently. Then he spoke for the first time since waking me.

“Make yourself cum for me Cat.” He whispered.

I needed no further prompting and went to work immediately. It was a bit cramped with all those hands bumping into each other but I wasn’t complaining! I knew that I was close to my orgasm any way. My fingers quickly found just the right spot. My pussy was slick, wet and hot – it was like sinking into hot liquid velvet. By now I was moaning quite loudly and the sounds were magnified across the dark lake.

“Do it baby. Do it. Do it for me.” Thomas urged me on through gritted teeth.

I rubbed my clit hard – being gentle is great at first but if I want to cum, hard is the way to do it. I could feel my orgasm building. The tingling warmth internet casino in my groin spread into my belly and from there to the rest of my body. I could feel my body temperature increase. I brought myself to the brink of an orgasm and then lingered there for several agonizingly sweet minutes. I don’t know what it’s like for other women, but for me, those few moments just before I reach my orgasm is almost better than the actual orgasm. I teeter on the edge of a colossal explosion and the tension in my body is nearly unbearable. I don’t want it to end.

I finally tipped over the edge and screamed (yes screamed!) as I came all over his hand. His fingers were still deep inside me and he told me later it felt like they were tightly encased in velvet-covered steel. He withdrew his fingers and held me tightly as I shuddered in the aftermath of what was a tremendous orgasm. He stroked my hair, planting soft kisses on my head. When I finally calmed down I realised how thirsty I was and reached for my wine glass to drink deeply of the still cool wine.

“That was amazing Thomas!” I exclaimed, in between drinking the wine. “You can wake me up like that any time you want!”

Thomas’s rich laugh boomed out into the darkness.

“Oh no! I’ve created a monster!” He crowed. “Somebody help me please!”

“I’ll help you alright.” I said and then proceeded to show him exactly how.

I moved down to straddle his legs and without hesitating I engulfed his cock in my wine-cooled mouth. He was interrupted mid-laugh and let out a strangled gasp.

“Oh…my…God.” He whispered hoarsely.

He was already hard from our previous interlude and badly in need of release. I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long. I sucked him in as far as I could, my tongue bathing his succulent cock as I did so. He pumped his hips, driving himself even deeper into my mouth so that I nearly gagged. I withdrew slightly so that I could comfortably manage him and then resumed doing what I loved so much.

His warm musky scent filled my nostrils and excited me even more. I loved that secret, intimate scent and it excited me as much a touch or a kiss. It was the essence of Thomas and it was all mine. The initial shock he experienced of being inserted into my wine-chilled mouth was soon replaced by enveloping warmth as his hot organ heated my mouth. I used my lips, tongue and my entire mouth to explore every part of his cock.

I can’t understand how any woman could not love doing this. Sucking on a man’s cock, especially that of the man you love, is one of the most erotic experiences a woman can have. There is the exquisite contrast of steely hardness covered by satiny soft skin. He is completely in my power. Taking him to the peak of erotic pleasure is my ultimate aim and the journey there is an intensely pleasurable one for both of us. I reluctantly left Thomas’s cock to pay attention to his undoubtedly aching balls. I licked him lovingly, eliciting louder gasps from Thomas.

“Oh Cat! How…how do you know what feels so….oh God…what feels so good? Please don’t stop…ohhhhh…your mouth…so hot…feels amazing…don’t stop.” He begged, spurring me on even more.

I returned to his cock and licked it all over, alternating between gentle caressing with just the tip of my tongue and harder strokes as if I was licking an ice-cream cone. Whatever I did, he certainly seemed to appreciate it, judging by the noise he was making. Then I took the head into my mouth and resumed sucking strongly, pausing only to plunge my tongue into his hole (something he said he particularly enjoyed).

“I’m cumming Cat. Don’t stop baby. I’m nearly there.”

I had no intention of stopping. I would take him all the way. Using one hand I massaged the shaft of his cock as I continued sucking. I tasted his precum and couldn’t wait for more. I didn’t have to wait long. He grabbed a handful of my hair and tugged painfully, driving his hips up to get more of his cock into my mouth. He cried out and seconds later my mouth was filled with his hot, bittersweet cum. My head bobbed up and down on his cock as he pulsed in my mouth. I swallowed everything he gave me.

His hips continued bucking involuntarily as he came down from his orgasm. I held him in my warm mouth, not sucking or licking, just holding his sensitive cock – I felt it twitch every few seconds. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his chest heaved as he sucked in air. His hands were still entangled in my hair and, cupping my head, he gently pulled me off him. I stretched out on top of him and we lay there for a while, limbs entangled in warm, sweaty, aromatic bliss (I love the smell of sex).

Before we could fall asleep again I dragged myself off him and pulled on his hands until he reluctantly got to his feet. We went inside to the bedroom and curled up under the covers. I held him close as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke to a bright sunny morning. Thomas was still asleep and I took the opportunity to enjoy a long hot shower on my own. When I returned to the bedroom Thomas was just waking up and I noticed that he seemed to reach out instinctively for me before his eyes were even open. He jerked fully awake when he realised I wasn’t there, only relaxing when he saw me watching him, a smile on my face.

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