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I got home from work the other day and all I could think about how much I wanted a nice long hot shower. I stripped my work clothes off and ran down the stairs wearing only a towel since I was heading directly to the shower. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, my father walked through the hall and stopped in front of me. I thought he had already left.

We stood staring at each other for a brief moment and my breath caught.

Daddy is the sexiest man I have ever known. He is confident, sensual and nearly everything he does has an eroticism to it that affects me deeply. Lately, I have been finding he is the centre of most of my masturbatory fantasies which makes being physically close to him very unnerving but even more so when I am nearly naked.

He smiled and I inhaled deeply and smiled back as he wagged his car keys in the air in front of him. “Can’t go far without these,” he said as he walked around me toward the front door. “I’ll be back in a couple hours,” he called over his shoulder.

“See ya!” I called back as I headed to the shower and he closed the door behind him.

I reached into the tub to run the water and saw the wet bottom. Daddy must have showered before he left. I ran the shower and stepped into the hot spray still thinking of him. As the water ran over me my skin prickled at the heat and I thought about how he had just been standing there feeling the water run over his body, soaping and rinsing himself.

I wet the gauze sponge under the spray, squeezed the body wash onto it, and began washing. The texture of the gauze felt almost rough against my sensitized skin and the initial coolness of the body wash heightened the sensation.

By the time I reached my breasts, my nipples were tingling. I swirled the sponge around my breasts and then over my nipples, feeling them tighten against the gauze. I tried to dispel all thoughts of him as I continued to wash but by the time I rinsed I could feel the warm tingle of my labia swelling.

I towelled off and darted up the stairs, my overly warm skin feeling the cold. I hung the towel in my room and thought how nice it would be to masturbate without worry at being overheard. Then I thought about Daddy’s room.

I walked slowly into his room, feeling his presence as if he were there. His bed covers were drawn back as if he had just left the bed and it was too inviting to ignore.

I lay on my back and pulled his covers over me. The coolness of his sheets was a pointed contrast to my body heat and I felt my nipples tighten once more. I lay there with my eyes closed, arms at my sides and thought about how I was lying where Daddy had lain earlier; how my naked body was in the place his naked body had recently been.

The rise and fall of my breathing moved the sheets almost imperceptibly across my nipples and I shuddered at the sensation of the soft touch. I became aware of the feeling of the sheet against my tummy and how it curled down to the delta of my mound; everything the barest of touches. I wondered if that would be how Daddy would touch me; gently, softly, slowly arousing me.

I parted my legs slightly and raised one hand under the covers to my breast and cupped it, slowly squeezing it up to my nipple and gasped at the pleasure in the pressure.

The sheet shifted and cupped my mound almost touching my lips and I tilted my hips up to meet the touch. I thought about how the sheet would cling to Daddy’s body in the same way and my breathing increased as my clit throbbed.

I slowly trailed my other hand down my stomach to my labia and softly stroked them up and down, never touching my clit; never parting my lips but feeling my arousal grow powerfully.

I thought about Daddy lying in this same spot and masturbating. I thought about how his big, powerful hands would look stroking his hard penis. As my fingers slid down my lips I thought about how his breathing would change and his hips would move. I slowly pressed the tip of my middle finger between my lips and into the wetness gathering at my vaginal opening and wondered what he thought about when he masturbated.

I drew my finger up and pressed it gently against my clit. I gasped at the sensation and the covers poker oyna slid to my ribcage, exposing my breasts. I wondered what would happen if Daddy came home and found me like that. I thought about him watching me and then touching me. I circled my finger around my clit slowly; Daddy’s finger. I squeezed my breast to the nipple and felt it harden impossibly; Daddy’s hand. I felt my vaginal walls clench and ached to be filled.

I turned then, to the noise at the door and saw him. For a moment I thought I was imagining him and then he stepped into the room and stopped.

“Daddy,” I gasped and froze.

“You should continue,” he said gently. I didn’t move. “What were you thinking about?”

“I can’t tell you,” I said weakly, embarrassed.

“Continue what you were doing,” he repeated and then waited for me to resume.

I squeezed my nipple gently and pressed my clit.

“What are you thinking about?” he repeated. His tone was… aroused and gently insistent.

“You,” I whispered, shyly

“What about me?” he asked, as he walked very slowly toward the bed.

“I was thinking… I thought…” I stammered, “how exciting it would be to have you find me and…”

“And?” he stood next to the bed and I could then see his arousal; in his eyes as they drank me in the way he does, by the way he leaned slightly over me, and by the outline of his erection. It relaxed me and gave me courage to speak more freely.

“…and how I would like to cum while you watch.”

“What then?”

“Then… I would want you to…” I trailed off, losing courage.

“Tell me” he said, quietly demanding. “Say it.”

“I would want you to clean me up. I want to feel your tongue, your breath, your lips…”

He sighed deeply. My entire body was straining to have contact with him; to touch him and have him touch me, but I don’t move.

His eyes flickered over me again and, as if he could feel the strain, he raised a hand and let it hover over my breast. It was close enough that I could feel the heat as if he were touching me and the incomplete connection made me ache. I shuddered and my nipples and aureoles hardened.

Daddy watched them and then very slowly reached his other hand forward and pulled the covers down the end of the bed. His eyes followed the covers and then travelled back up my body until our gazes locked.

“Spread your lips; show Daddy your hard clit.” His voice was so quiet and measured that it gave me goose bumps. I parted my legs further, lowered my other hand and spread my lips wide for him, feeling my clit extend. His eyes followed my movement and I felt them as if they were his hands.

“That’s it,” he sighed, “Very good.” He lowered his hovering hand and kneaded my breast.

The feel of his hand was exquisite. Coupled with the exposure of my clit and the almost touch of my own fingers my abdomen clenched and I shuddered again.

He squeezed my breast and the pressure in my already erect nipple was pleasurable to the point of pain and I gasped and moaned. I saw his cock jump and my entire focus became fellating him while he teased my nipples until I came.

The thought must have clearly shown in my eyes because he grinned and moved his other hand to his waistband. He undid his pants, let them drop to the floor and placed a knee beside me on the bed to feed me his cock.

I took the head hungrily and swirled my tongue over it, pressing it against my tongue and then the roof of my mouth as I swallowed it. I tightened my lips around the root and then pulled him from my mouth, firmly pressing my tongue against him until I felt the velvety head once again.

He moaned, deeply and I felt the vibration of it in his cock.

One hand squeezing and teasing my nipple, the other in my hair, he pressed his hips toward me and I took his cock in and out of my mouth over and over again, each time pressing his head further and further down my throat.

He murmured to me about how my mouth felt, how aroused he was, how he wanted me to cum for him and how erotic it was that I would cum without either of us touching my pussy.

I placed one hand between his legs, alternating between trailing my fingers over his balls canlı poker oyna and gently rimming him. He moaned loudly and whispered, “Yes, my darling.”

With my other hand I pinched and teased my other nipple. My clit throbbed at the feeling of having Daddy’s cock in my mouth; that I was so obviously pleasuring him. I thought about how he would cum for me and how I would cum for him. I thought about how it would feel to finally be filled with him and how incredible it felt to feel him touch me. I ached to feel more than just his one hand against me but was so incredibly aroused to feel the contact of only his cock and his hand. He pinched my nipple sharply and my hips bucked.

“Yes, my darling, cum for me,” he whispered hoarsely. “Cum for Daddy so I can taste you.”

He moved his hand from my hair and gripped my other breast, squeezing tightly at the nipple.

“Spread yourself for me. I want to watch your pussy cum for me.”

I reached down and spread my lips wide for him, my abdomen clenching at the pressure of my clit extending the hood.

Daddy saw it. “That’s it. Cum for me,” he urged, “cum with my cock in your mouth. I want to feel your climax through my cock.”

My abdomen clenched again and I came with a primal moan and Daddy’s cock deep in my throat.

He stepped back, pulling his hard cock from my mouth and I whimpered at the loss of contact. He smiled as he moved between my legs.

I pulled my knees up and placed my feet flat on the bed as he stretched out between them and lowered his head.

He flattened his tongue and slowly licked my juices from my inner thighs then moved to the crease of my legs, and onto my labia. Long, slow, leisurely licks that were so powerfully erotic I felt my next climax building.

He pointed his tongue and pressed it against my anus, rimming me and lapping up the result of my climax. He then dragged his tongue up my slit to my clit and flicked at it playfully while I arched against him. His tongue trailed slowly up and down the length of my slit getting deeper and deeper between my labia each time until he reached my vagina.

He pressed his thumbs against my lips, opening them to him, and sank his tongue deep into my cunt. Finally the penetration I ached for. My hips bucked involuntarily and Daddy moaned and pulled his head back.

“You taste so damn good!” he exclaimed and then pressed his tongue into me again.

I moaned loudly as he licked and sucked at my cunt, driving me to another orgasm.

“Yes!” I moaned, “Eat my pussy, Daddy. Make me cum for you!”

He dragged his tongue up to my clit and began flicking it up and down; back and forth, until I was grinding against him. I ran my hand down my body and placed it on his head. The realization that my Daddy had his head between my legs was nearly overwhelming.

“Yes Daddy!” I moaned, “Make me cum.”

He sucked my clit into his mouth and I felt his teeth press against it. My legs locked against him and I came, arching and shuddering beneath him.

He flattened his tongue and pressed it against my clit until my orgasm had subsided and then he sat up on the edge of the bed.

I looked at him; my breathing still a little ragged, and wondered what had happened. He was still ragingly hard and I desperately wanted to make him cum.

Before I could speak he did, and quietly enough I could barely hear him.

“Walk over to the desk and stand facing it,” he said in a measured, commanding tone.

I immediately stood and did so.

“Spread your legs.”

I did.

“Now slowly bend over the desk and place your palms on its top.”

I did so and heard him inhale deeply and then quietly moan, “That’s it.”

Those two words from him made me instantly wet.

I heard him rise and walk toward me. I felt his proximity through the heat of his body though not a single touch. I felt his breath on my shoulder as he stood beside me and then he gently caressed my buttock. My skin rippled at the touch and I pressed back physically begging for a firmer touch.

Down his hand slid to the top of my thigh then up and over the curve to my tailbone. Twice he did that and then, on the down stroke internet casino his fingers curled and he cupped my ass and kept moving forward until his finger slipped into my pussy. I arched back and he chuckled but withdrew immediately.

He placed his hand on the curve of my buttock again and slid it down, this time curling his wet finger to press against my anus. I moaned quietly and pressed back.

“That’s it,” he crooned, “let me in.” He pressed harder, his finger sliding slowly into my ass. I pressed back again with a moan and he pushed his finger deeper into me.

When he had buried his finger in my ass his other hand began caressing my buttocks the same as he had before; slowly, gently, up, over the curve and down again.

This time, he raised his hand and brought it down sharply on my left cheek. I yelped and pressed against his finger. Daddy moaned softly and turned his hips to me, his hard cock bobbing near my mouth, precum glistening on the head.

I snaked my tongue out and tasted him eagerly. “You taste so good, too,” I announced as I leaned forward to suck his cockhead into my mouth. His hand glided over my ass again and then another sharp spank. I jumped and took more of his cock into my mouth.

He brought his hand down hard again and I yelped as my pussy clenched then I sucked him deeper into my wet mouth.

He moaned as his head reached the back of my throat and spanked me hard again.

Two more sharp spanks on each cheek had me writhing and pressing against his hand.

“Your ass turns a lovely shade of pink, my dear,” he teased, as he moved behind me, slid his free hand between my labia and spread them wide. “The same shade as your swollen pussy, actually.”

He teased my pussy with his finger and slid it to my engorged clit and I moaned, helplessly.

He placed the head of his cock to my pussy and I arched back.

“Not yet,” he warned and laid his cock between my cheeks below his hand and slid it down until his cockhead was against my pussy and then slid it back up between my cheeks.

The heat from his spanking had spread, making every nerve ending tingle. He continued to press his finger into my ass and then slightly pull out; just enough to feel the friction of it, the change in pressure. Coupled with his finger on my clit and stroking his cock against me I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I begged. “I need to feel your cock.”

He inhaled sharply and I felt his hand slide over me to my hip and his fingers dig into it.

I braced myself and felt Daddy drive his cock deep into me in one hard thrust and then stop, buried deep in my pussy.

I writhed on his cock.

“Right there,” he purred to me, “That’s it.”

Something deep inside me clicked then and lust completely took over.

“Take my pussy, Daddy.” I shouted, “Fuck me hard.”

His fingers tightened on my hip and he thrust into me, pushing me forward on the desk.

He pulled his finger out as he pulled his cock out and then drove both back into me again.

He thrust into me like that over and over again, pounding his hips against me and driving his finger and his cock deeper and deeper into me.

I needed to cum for him with every fibre of my being and I moaned and keened like an animal.

“Cum with me, Daddy, give me your cum.”

He moaned and thrust faster and harder.

“Yes Daddy. Cum for me, fill me with your cum.”

My legs began to shake and suddenly my climax hit me so deeply; so quickly, that I leaned forward on the desk screaming with its power.

Daddy’s fingers dug hard into my hip and he thrust deeply into me, arching his back and moaning loudly as he emptied his load into me, my pussy still clenching his shaft.

We laid there against the desk and regained our breathing. My legs were like rubber and when Daddy moved from atop me I almost slid off the desk. He wrapped an arm around me and guided me to the bed and sat me on the edge. Trembling and weak with satiation I could hardly hold myself upright. Daddy climbed into bed behind me and pulled me next to him where I fell deeply asleep.

When I awoke, I was lying on my back with the covers over me and for a moment I didn’t know where I was. Then I remembered; Daddy’s room. I looked around the room in the fading light. Nothing disturbed; not even the covers next to me, not a sound in the house, and Daddy wasn’t there…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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