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This is based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the, well, you can’t really say they’re innocent. Let’s just say the names have been changed and leave it at that.


I knew I was in for a long night when my Mistress, Beth, brought out the hood from the depths of the bag that she had brought with her. I shuddered. Not only at the sight of the leather headgear but at the thought of what else was hidden in the blackness of the large satchel sitting there so innocently on the floor. It was at that time I was ordered to strip. The guests would be arriving soon.

We had known about the dinner party that my best friend Leslie was throwing. Hell, I’d even helped come up with the menu. It was one of those “special” parties. Women only. That usually meant that I was the server of drink and hors d’oeuvres. Totally nude, of course. Ten to twelve women, a lot of them lesbians with the rest bisexual, drinking wine and champagne (and some harder stuff) being served by a naked woman makes for an interesting night when you are the one serving.

So, on the day of the party, I went over to Leslie’s house to help clean up and arrange things. Again, this was not unusual. I hadn’t eaten really all day and as the time of the party loomed ever so closer, I couldn’t wait to jump into all the yummy deliciousness that I was laying out on the buffet table. The only odd thing was with the dining room table. Well, two things actually. One was that I knew that there were supposed to be nine women dining and only eight place settings were put out and the second thing was that there was no table decoration. I mean, it’s not like there was anything formal but I know my friend well. She’s a stickler for things poker oyna being a certain way. I figured that it was a bouquet of flowers that was late arriving but Les didn’t seemed that concerned.

That’s when Beth opened the bag and pulled out what turned out to be the only clothing I would be wearing tonight. It really sank in when I was ordered to strip and lay on the table. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was going to be the goddamned centerpiece! I was allowed to run to the restroom to relieve myself before I climbed up on the table and laid down. It turns out that there were restraints in the bag. Well, cuffs and rope that did an admirable job of pinning me down so that I couldn’t move. The hood hadn’t been placed on my head yet so I was able to see the party favors that were in the form of two clothespins placed on each plate. As I lay there, thinking that this was ridiculous, I lifted my head and watched Leslie and Beth put out the dessert table. Bottles of chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a jar of maraschino cherries were laid out with the ice cream left to soften.

At this point, my arms and legs were beginning to tighten and Beth relented somewhat, loosening the bonds so that I had a little movement. It was then that the doorbell rang. A quick kiss from both Beth and Leslie was all I received before my world went black. The leather mask was placed over my head and the zipper covering my mouth was zipped shut. Now I couldn’t see, couldn’t speak, could barely move and could only hear the loudest noises. Like the squeal I heard when whomever had arrived walked in the dining room. Hands belonging to the mystery woman caressed my body from my tits to my toes. My body tensed at the feather canlı poker oyna soft touch as fingers brushed against my pussy. I heard laughter and then the fingers left my body and I relaxed. Then the pattern continued as more guests arrived. Gasps or laughter. Unfamiliar hands caressing me, driving me wild. The more women who arrived, the louder the noise in the dining room. I knew I was surrounded but couldn’t make out any words. Then it all went quiet and I heard the familiar voice of Leslie speaking. When she finished, everyone clapped. That’s when I felt the pinching start. Sixteen clothespins were attached to my body. Tits and nipples, pussy lips and clit, inner thighs and armpits. Anywhere where I was most sensitive was pinched by a clothespin. I guess that was the signal to get food because everyone got up (well, that could) and got a plate of food.

It wasn’t long before someone (probably Leslie) thought it would be funny to use my pussy juice as a special sauce dispenser. Something, I’m pretty sure it was a carrot stick, was pushed inside my hole and then rubbed up my slit to gather my secretions. That started a trend. Someone else poured something cool and creamy onto my tits and then scraped it off. It didn’t take long before all manner of foodstuffs were smeared onto me. A deviled egg coated my mons and then it was licked off. Something else gooey was spread on my toes and then was sucked off each one. That felt weird. I was so damn turned on at that point, I was desperate to cum. A fun new game, see how many different vegetables could fit in my cunt, was played. All the time, those damn clothespins were moved around my body. It was driving me wild. Then came dessert.

After I was cleaned internet casino off, of course. You can’t have vanilla mixed with Hidden Valley ranch, after all. All of the clothespins were removed, thank God. Right after that, a big scoop of ice cream was placed right on my splayed pussy. The shock almost made me orgasm. I still had no idea what was happening or could even prepare my body. Another two scoops went on each tit causing my already hardened nipples to poke out more, if that was possible. The rest of it went on my stomach. Then came the chocolate sauce. And then the whipped cream. Finally, the cherries were added with three shoved up my pussy hole for good measure. I’d become a living ice cream sundae. At least the ladies used spoons. All of the scrapping of the metal against my body felt really weird. Like they were really eating me. Someone then got a cherry with her tongue only to be replaced with someone else. That pushed me over the edge. I clenched down and squirted my juices all over the woman’s face. I heard clapping and hollering and a few laughs as whomever it was kept licking me dry.

Dessert was soon finished and I was released from the table. Still with the hood on, I was led down to the bathroom where it was removed from my head. When I could see again, I saw that Beth had been the one to guide me here. A quick shower to wash me clean and then the hood was replaced. I guess I wasn’t allowed to know all who had come over. Being led to the bedroom, I was laid down on the bed where the zipper was undone so that I could give pleasure to whomever came in. By the time the party was over, my jaw ached from all of the women wanting their pussies eaten out. At least, they reciprocated. I’d never cum so much in one night.

There’s been a couple of times where this little scenario was repeated. Once even without the hood on. To be honest though, I liked it better when I didn’t know what was happening. It added such a degree of sexual tension.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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