Christmas at Grandma’s

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Roger Calkins turned the red Corvette off the rural highway onto the gravel road leading to his grandparents’ house, his wife Anita seated beside him. He was looking forward to spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with his family, however Anita was not. Oh, everyone was pleasant enough and glad to see her, but she missed her own family in the Czech Republic. She had met Roger at a café in Paris where she was studying Art History at the Sorbonne and he was working at the United States Embassy in Paris.

The café was crowded, and since they were both alone, they agreed to share a table. They chatted during lunch and Roger asked her if she would care to go to dinner and see a play with him that weekend. She liked what she saw and agreed. There was chemistry between them, so they started dating, then as the months rolled by became lovers and finally were married.

When Roger was told he was being transferred back to Washington, D.C., they visited her family one last time, and then relocated to the United States. The transition went smoothly at first, but as time went on, Anita became increasingly homesick. She had flown home a few times, but the days had passed quickly and in no time at all she was leaving again.

Missing her family was especially bad during the holiday season, but she had convinced herself to make the best of things and try to have fun. She liked Roger’s family; especially his younger sister who was a senior at the state college and Anita hoped she’d be there. Penny was an Art major too and they had a lot in common.


Penny (she seldom used her given name, Penelope) Calkins, towed her roll-on suitcase into a second floor guest room of her grandparent’s house, opened the windows to let the musty smell escape and sat disconsolately on the bed. Her college friends were going on a skiing trip over the holidays, including two boys she’d dated, and had invited her along. She felt guilty knowing how her parents and grandparents enjoyed having the family around for the holidays, so she begged off. It was always nice to be with family, but she’d much rather be with her friends. Oh well, she did know her brother Roger and his wife Anita would be coming and that cheered her. She and Anita got along great and always had fun together.


Roger tooted the horn as they rolled up to the weathered Victorian and his family rushed out onto the covered porch and down the stairs to greet them. Anita’s face broke into a broad grin as Penny ran to her and held out her arms crying “Anita, How are you?” They embraced and held each other close. Anita impulsively kissed Penny full on the lips which the young girl returned with equal fervor and their tongues met briefly. They stepped back, holding hands and looking at each other in bewilderment thinking ‘What was that?’ as new feelings for each other swept over them. They looked around, suddenly embarrassed, but in the flurry of “How are you?” and “So glad you could make it'” no one seemed to have noticed.

The greetings among the family members continued as Anita and Roger removed their gifts from the Corvette’s trunk, carried them into the house and placed them on the growing pile under the Christmas tree. Drinks were served and the group sat about in the living room catching up on one another’s lives. Penny saw Anita staring at her, arose from the rocker where she was sitting and squeezed next to the older woman in the overstuffed chair. Their thighs and shoulders were pressed together and Anita felt a sudden warmth sweep over her. Penny blushed and smiled and Anita knew she felt it as well. Whatever was going on?

Conversation paused when dinner was served and then continued over the delicious food. Penny and Anita were seated across from each other, joining in the conversations, but stealing glances at one another and smiling shyly as the hubbub at the table washed over them. Anita offered to wash the dishes and Penny said she would dry, then they were alone in the kitchen.

They worked in silence for a few minutes, staring intently at what they were doing until Anita said “How are you progressing in school?”

“Not too badly,” was the reply. “I bagged an ‘A’ in two of my classes, then two ‘B’s’ and one ‘C’.” Penny made a face, “I’ll never understand Geometry. I don’t know why an Art major has to take higher math anyway.”

“That’s part of what is referred to as a well-rounded education,” Anita laughed. “At the Sorbonne we were required to take Calculus as part of the core curriculum.” She paused, “I received a low grade in that as well.”

“Something else we have in common,” Penny replied. “You know, Anita, I didn’t want to come this year. I had a chance to go skiing with my friends, but I didn’t want to disappoint my parents and grandma and grandpa. Besides, I knew you’d be here,” she finished, blushing profusely.

“I wished to be at home with my family,” Anita sighed. “I miss them very much, especially during Christmas and New Year’s. I hated to disappoint Roger as I know how much he enjoys this.” She kissed poker oyna Penny’s cheek softly, “Besides, I assumed you would be here and that made me happy.”

Their eyes met for several seconds, and then their conversation continued. When the dishes were finished and put away, they rejoined the family in the living room.


Roger and Anita made love in their guest room bed, the worn springs in the mattress squeaking in protest as his stiff cock drove deep into her gripping pussy, finally sending her over the edge as he spurted inside her. They kissed and hugged until Roger finally rolled over and went to sleep.

Anita lay beside him, her body still quivering from her orgasm, staring at the shadows on the wall from the moon outside their windows. She had tried to sleep and failed, finally deciding to go downstairs and fix a glass of warm milk; maybe that would make her sleepy. She wrapped her dressing gown around her naked body, slid her feet into scuff slippers and padded downstairs.


Penny was restless and a little bored. Everybody went to bed so early around here. She kicked the comforter off and let the night breeze blow over her. She usually slept nude, but since she was here in the house she wore panties and a thin t-shirt. The cool wind was making her nipples hard and she suddenly had the urge to masturbate, but decided against it. Maybe she could go in the living room and watch TV for a while with the sound on low. Barefoot, she eased her way down the stairs and saw a light on in the kitchen.


Anita sat at the kitchen table, sipping her milk, thinking of home. She should have defied Roger and gone to be with her family. He would have gotten over it. She felt so incredibly sad, tears trickled from her eyes and she began to cry softly.

“Anita, what’s the matter?”

She turned and saw Penny standing in the doorway, a look of concern on her pretty face. The young girl’s long brown hair was tousled from lying in bed; the nipples on her pert breasts were visible against the white t-shirt, her long legs were bare and she looked absolutely adorable. Anita suddenly felt very warm and her pussy moistened.

Penny drew a chair up next to Anita and put her arm over the older woman’s shoulders. Anita’s body felt so warm and soft and Penny shivered despite the kitchens warmth.

Anita turned her tear streaked face to Penny, saying “I’ll be alright in a minute, don’t worry. I was just feeling sad. I miss my family so much. I guess I’m just an old crybaby.”

“Let it out if you need to,” Penny replied, shifting her arm to Anita’s waist and pulling her close, the body contact making her tingle.

Anita snuggled against Penny, suddenly having the urge to kiss her. Instead she said “You’re very sweet, but I’m okay now. Would you like some milk, it’s still warm.”

Penny nodded and Anita stood up to prepare her a glass. Penny’s heart lurched as Anita’s lush body was revealed by the kitchen light shining through the thin dressing gown; her full breasts, slim waist and shapely ass on glorious display. She felt herself getting wet and the urge to jill off returned even stronger.

Anita turned from the stove after pouring the milk into a glass from the warming pan to see Penny staring at her with a hungry look. The young girl’s legs were parted and Anita could see a dark spot growing in the crotch of her panties. Her breath caught in her throat as she said “Why don’t we go in the parlor and be more comfortable.”

Penny turned on a reading lamp by the large overstuffed couch and they sat down, sipping their milk in silence, their minds churning at the rush of unaccustomed feelings stirring in them.

‘Why do I feel like this? She’s my husband’s sister. Why can’t I think straight? She’s a child, but oh, God she’s so beautiful. I can’t help it, I want her.’

‘She’s your brother’s wife, you horndog. No one has ever made me feel this way before. I can’t stand it; I have to kiss her.’

Penny slid closer, leaned to kiss Anita and was met halfway by the other woman’s moist lips. They kissed tentatively at first; then embraced as their kisses became more passionate, their tongues dueling in each other’s mouths, their stiff nipples rubbing together.

Anita lay back on the sofa cushions, drawing Penny on top of her. The young girl moaned and pushed a leg between Anita’s. They began to caress one another, thrilling to the touch of the other’s soft hands stroking and exploring their bodies.

Penny began rubbing her aroused pussy on Anita’s thigh and Anita did the same to Penny. They hugged each other tightly, tongues writhing in open mouthed kisses, rubbing slowly at first, then harder and faster as their orgasms rose in waves of heat until they were jerking and humping and screaming into each other’s mouths as the shocks and thrills went on and on until they slumped back, breathing in gasps.

Penny playfully licked Anita’s nose as the woman smiled and said “Mmmmmm…” as if she’d finished a gourmet dinner.

Penny sat up, pulled the canlı poker oyna t-shirt over her head and shimmied out of her panties. Anita shrugged the dressing gown from her shoulders and welcomed Penny’s silky body between her thighs. Penny began suckling Anita’s stiff nipples as she began kneading the young girl’s firm ass.

“I want to lick your pussy,” Anita breathed into Penny’s ear, making the girl gasp and shiver in anticipation. They changed positions on the couch, Penny sitting upright on the edge of the cushion and her legs spread; Anita kneeling on the floor in front of her. She brought her face close to Penny’s cunt, inhaled deeply of the scent of a freshly fucked woman and began to lick the engorged petals so wantonly displayed for her.

Nothing in Penny’s young life had ever prepared her for the unbridled ecstasy of Anita’s mouth on her pussy. She stiffened, moaning “Oh, oh, oh,” as Anita’s tongue explored between the rosy pink walls. Anita had never tasted anything this wonderful as she gathered mouthfuls of Penny’s warm juices with her tongue, swallowing them eagerly. She thought she could stay here between Penny’s thighs forever.

Her tongue found Penny’s throbbing clit and began circling it.

“Oh, yessss,” Penny hissed between clenched teeth, “Suck my clit, pleeease.”

Anita drew the hard bud of flesh between her lips, licking and nipping softly, loving Penny’s throaty moans, her hands tangled in Anita’s red hair, pulling her closer. She could feel the girl’s body shuddering and knew she was close to orgasm. Anita pushed two fingers into Penny’s sopping cunt and twisted them around.

Penny exploded in a violent orgasm, biting her lip to contain her scream of delight, smashing Anita’s face into her pulsing crotch and almost smothering the older woman. Anita continued to suck on the gooey folds until Penny fell back on the couch, mewing softly. Anita licked girl cum from her lips and joined Penny on the couch, cradling the young woman in her arms until she recovered.

“That was absolutely fantastic, Anita,” Penny said, “I thought I was going to explode. You about drove me crazy.”

“It would seem you like it when I drive you crazy,” Anita purred. “You appeared to be enjoying it, so I kept on.”

“Now I want to lick you,” Penny replied, sitting up. “I want to drive you crazy.”

“My pussy belongs to you, dear,” Anita replied sitting on the cushion’s edge and spreading her legs wide.

Kneeling between the older woman’s thighs, Penny licked tentatively at the thick pussy lips, then between them. It smelled and tasted so good it made her mouth water. Feeling mischievous, Penny began kissing up and down Anita’s inner thighs as she whimpered and moaned, head tossing about on the back cushion. When she felt she had teased her lover enough, she placed her mouth over the pulsing slit and began to lick and suck.

“Ahhhh, God yes, eat me,” Anita moaned as Penny’s lips and tongue made her shudder and her pussy gush warm nectar that Penny swallowed greedily. She had been eaten out before, but it felt nothing like this. She wrapped her legs around Penny’s back, drawing her closer, urging her to make her cum and cum.

Penny was lost in the sensation of eating Anita, rubbing her face on the woman’s slick cunt, licking as far into the pink slit as she could reach. Remembering how good it felt when Anita finger fucked her, she did the same to her lover as she sucked her firm clit.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard,” Anita said in a strangled voice, “Fuck me, I’m gonna cum.”

Penny’s fingers were a blur in Anita’s gushing pussy as she worried the pebbled clit between her teeth until Anita’s back arched and she ground her pussy into Penny’s face, her mouth open in a soundless scream of unbridled joy. Penny continued fucking Anita until she had a second orgasm and lay whimpering and panting on the sofa. Penny snuggled up to her until her breathing returned to normal.

Penny gazed into Anita’s eyes, “I love you, Anita.”

“And I love you too, Penny dear,” was the reply.

“Will you come back to bed with me?”

“Yes, for a while. I don’t want Roger to awaken and find me gone.”

They gathered up their clothes, walked carefully up the stairs and into Penny’s room where they fell into bed and began making love again. As dawn was breaking Anita left Penny dozing and made her way back to her room. She slid carefully into bed, being careful not to awaken Roger and went to sleep with Penny’s cum drying on her face.


The rays of the morning sun awakened Penny and she stretched and yawned. She was tired, but happy and she inhaled deeply of her lover’s scent that still clung to the wrinkled sheets. She and Anita had enjoyed eating and fingering each other into deliciously thrilling orgasms. They could not seem to get enough of each other. She used the bathroom, slipped into shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs for breakfast.


Roger awakened first, kissed Anita who still lay apparently asleep and went downstairs. When he internet casino was gone, she threw back the covers squeezed her ample breasts and rubbed her clit. Last night with Penny was fantastic. She had never experienced such orgasms in a long time. She knew they would have to talk about where this was going, if at all, but all she could think about was having the young girl in her arms again. She had a mild, but satisfying orgasm, then washed up and went down for breakfast.


The family chattered busily about Christmas, oblivious to the women smiling and flirting with each other, rubbing bare feet under the table. Roger’s older brother had come home on leave from the Army and was telling of his experiences in Afghanistan. When the subject of grocery shopping in town came up, Anita volunteered and Penny said she’d go along to help.

Grandfather insisted they take his massive pickup truck since it had four wheel drive and they were expecting snow. After being shown how to shift into the different gear ranges, the women drove away. When they were out of sight of the house, Penny slid over against Anita and put her head on her shoulder.

“It was wonderful last night,” she sighed. “You were so fuckin’ hot.”

Anita rubbed her cheek against Penny’s silky hair, “You were pretty damn hot yourself. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“You were my first,”was the reply. “I just did what I thought you’d like. You sure knew what to do.”

Anita sighed, “Before your brother and I met, I had a female lover in college. She was an instructor and she seduced me. We were together for three months, and then she took a professorship in Sweden. I was brokenhearted, but after a while I met Roger and fell in love with him.”

“I’ve slept with two different guys,” Penny replied. “It was great, but nothing like this.” She paused, “I never knew you felt this way about me.”

“Neither did I, or you about me for that matter. I’ve always enjoyed being with you …”

“And I’ve enjoyed being with you,” Penny interjected.

“… but I never thought of you in a sexual way. You were like a little sister to me.”

“I always thought you were so pretty,” Penny said, “You seemed so sophisticated and I loved your accent. I was so proud when you paid attention to me. You were like my big sister, but not mean like most of them are.”

Anita laughed, “Where did you get that idea?”

“The girls at school say how their older sisters were mean to them. I guess that’s part of growing up. Roger and Larry wouldn’t play dolls with me, but they were never mean.”

As the truck sped on to town, knobbed tires humming on the road, the women sat silently, enjoying each other’s company. Neither fully understood their sudden attraction to each other; it was as if a dam had broken and their mutual desires had come pouring out. They decided to enjoy each other and deal with the rest later.


After spending two hours in the megamart, commenting on the other shoppers in whispers then laughing in snorts and giggles, they filled three shopping carts, loaded the truck and turned towards home. Penny snuggled up to Anita caressing her breast and Anita stroked the young girl’s thighs.

Penny said “Damn, you make me feel so sexy. I wish it was evening so we could fuck again.”

“On the way out, I thought I saw a trail off the road going into some woods,” Anita replied. “Maybe we should see where it goes.” “Sounds like a plan,” Penny said, stroking Anita’s thigh. Arriving at the turn off, Anita engaged the four wheel drive and the truck lumbered down the trail through the thick woods, finally emerging into a clearing on the shore of a lake.

“Oooh, it’s beautiful,” Penny exclaimed. “This must be used for fishing in the summertime.”

Anita maneuvered the truck around until it was pointing the way they came in, set the brake and they climbed out; the scent of pines filling the air around them. The air was cool, but it was warm in the sun.

They walked along the lakeshore holding hands, then returned to the truck, took blankets from the rear seats and spread them on the ground. They kissed and hugged, then lovingly undressed each other. When they saw that neither of them had worn bras or panties, they laughed and accused the other of being horny.

Anita eased Penny onto her back, straddled her thighs and began sucking and licking her rock hard nipples. Penny moaned in delight, running her hands up and down Anita’s back. Anita then worked her way down her lover’s body, licking the silky flesh of her rounded tummy and down to her smooth mons.

Penny was whimpering with desire as Anita’s tongue gave her long, lingering licks from her asshole to her clit and back again. She raised her hips, offering her wet pussy to her lover’s busy mouth and gave a little shriek when her clit was sucked and then licked rapidly.

Cupping Penny’s ass cheeks in her hands, Anita ate her bare pussy like a starving man finding food. Her mouth overflowed with love juices which she gulped down as Penny jerked and moaned; overwhelmed by the sensations. She flicked Penny’s clit with her nose, licked harder, and then sucked the pink bud between her lips again as her thrusting fingers found Penny’s spongy G-spot.

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