Cum and Kiss Me

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I love waking up to a nice, sexy text message. There is nothing better than rolling over in my hotel bed after my phone beeps, and seeing a message from you. Especially one that tells me you are lying in bed yourself, naked and horny. As I roll over to reach for my phone, my morning wood slides against the soft sheets and I feel a jolt of pleasure course through my body. When I see your text, I grind into the sheets a little harder, luxuriating in the pleasant sensations.

“Good morning lover, are you thinking of me?” is what I read followed by a bunch of emojis.

“You know that I am. I am wishing your soft body was here for me to cuddle up with and to grind against as we both wake up together slowly and sensually,” I reply.

“Oooh, I really wish I could feel your HARD body rubbing against mine, baby.”

“Me too Babygirl, but for now the only rubbing going on is between me and these expensive hotel sheets. I am dripping so much thinking of you, that the maid is going to have a hard time cleaning it.”

“MMMM, if I were there, I would be licking up all that delicious cream for you. You know how much I LOVE the taste of you. You are so delicious, I can’t get enough.”

” I do know how much you love it. It is so hot watching you lick and taste me.”

“It’s because you taste SOO good baby. I can’t get enough. If only you knew how good you taste and feel in my mouth. You should try it, you’d be hooked too.”

“Um, maybe someday.”

“Oooh Baby, that would be soo hot to see.”

I don’t know what was getting into you. You were really getting into this, so I just played along.

“Whatever makes my Babygirl hot, I am all for it. Because when you get hot, you get soo wet, and I love to savor your taste too.”

“You always treat me right Baby.”

Just then, my phone alarm chimed. Dammit, that meant I only had 30 minutes to get ready for my last important meeting on this business trip.

“Sorry Baby, I really have to get up and get going. This last meeting is crucial and I can’t be late. I will be distracted thinking of your lovely body though. But, if I get this taken care of, I can be on the road headed back home to you and we can continue this later this evening.”

“Oh, If you must.” Pouty emoji.

“I guess I will just have to lay in this big bed all alone waiting for your big, hard cock. I probably won’t be able to keep my hands to myself tho. Just saying.”

This last one really got to me as I walked naked to the shower. I really wanted to continue with you and maybe play with myself in the shower, but I really needed to get ready and get to that meeting.

“Damn. You gotta do what you gotta do Baby. But, I will see you tonight so save some of that passion for me.”

“I will Lover. I’ve got all day to prepare for you and might even have a surprise for you.”

“Big kiss and ttyl.”

I managed to rush quickly enough to get ready and make it to the meeting on time. It was a little unnerving though, standing in front of that group of people to give my presentation with my hard-on just barely under control. There were a few times when one of the female associates would lean back in her chair and cross her legs and I had no control over my cock. I tried to move around and conceal myself as best I could, but I swear miss flirty legs was deliberately trying to entice me and I know I caught her staring at the bulge in my pants more than once.

Once the meeting was over, I raced out of the building and to my car for the 2 hour drive back home to my lovely wife. Once in my car, I was able to relieve poker oyna the pressure on my straining cock by unbuttoning my pants and releasing my erection. I often enjoyed long drives like this. Hard cock out, exposed to the air, lazily stroking and just enjoying the sensations. I was tempted to make myself cum right there, but knowing there was a surprise waiting at home, I behaved myself.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of dinner and some Sinatra wafting through the house. I set down my bag and crept into the kitchen to surprise you. The sight that greeted me, brought me back to full hardness in the blink of an eye.

Standing at the stove, I watched your cute little, bare behind sway to the music as tour breasts swung from side to side as you stirred on the stove. Wearing nothing but an apron, you were a vision of my erotic dreams. I just watched your lovely form sway seductively for a few minutes.

“You are the most delicious thing I have ever seen.”

You swung around in surprise at the sound of my voice, but quickly smiled and made your way toward me.

“I just hope your dinner is just as delicious,” you said.

“I don’t think anything can compare to you.”

I proceeded to kiss you and pull you tighter to me, feeling your soft, warm body against mine. My hands roamed freely along your luscious curves trying to feel and squeeze every inch of you.

You pulled from my grasp and said, “I have to finish dinner, why don’t you go shower and meet me in the kitchen in 15 minutes.” With that you swayed your cute little butt back to the stove. I couldn’t help myself as I followed and stood behind you reaching between your thighs and finding a very warm, very wet treasure waiting to be explored. My fingers slid along the moist lips and pushed inside with little resistance. A low moan escaped your lips.

“Fuck dinner, I just want to eat you.”

Your knees buckled slightly and you leaned your warm, wet pussy further into my fingers before pulling yourself free.

“Shower, now mister.”

I pulled free from you and just stood there staring at my goddess. To emphasize your point, you aggressively pointed toward the stairs with a stern expression. I reluctantly headed for the shower so knowing that the sooner I got done the sooner I could be with you.

Once in the shower, under the warm cascading water, my mind filled with your lovely body in the kitchen. As I soaped my body from head to toe, I couldn’t resist a long slow caress of my hard cock one more. It felt so good, and I was so ready to cum from the day’s frustrations, but I knew I had to control myself and reluctantly finished my shower so I could head down to dinner.

Little did I know, that you were furiously rubbing your clit at the stove and succumbing to a trembling orgasm right there in the kitchen as I cleaned the day away from my body. Had I known what I was missing, I would have rushed downstairs to take you bent over the kitchen counter. It is not often I get to witness your self-pleasure, and just the thought of it gets me so turned on I can hardly control myself.

Soon I came downstairs, smelling and looking fresh and clean. I was torn between my usual casual attire of comfy shorts and a t-shirt, or something a little dressier since you were going to the trouble of fixing a romantic dinner. In the end, I settled on just a towel since you had set the precedent for the evening by covering your luscious body in nothing more than an apron.

I strolled up behind you and grabbed your hips, pulling you close. My lips found your canlı poker oyna neck and you responded by pushing your butt against me. I loved the slow grinding and reached up under your apron, searching out your swollen nipples.

“Hold on Lover, dinner is almost ready and I want it to be warm for you.”

“I would rather have a warm dessert right now,” I said as I tried to get control of your sexy body.

You squirmed from my grasp like a stealthy lioness.

“Trust me, you will get a very creamy, satisfying dessert. And you will appreciate it better if it is warm,” you said.

“Whatever you say my love.”

I must admit, dinner was delicious and worth the wait. I especially liked having your sexy toes occasionally slip beneath my towel flirting with my thighs. You never cease to keep me aroused for your luscious body and deviant mind.

“And now for the next course, just before dessert.”

I watched as you slipped to your knees onto the soft carpet and crawled underneath the table. I was mesmerized by the sight of you crawling closer and closer, eyes focused on mine. I jumped when your hand snaked its way under the towel and crept higher and higher up my legs. I was getting lost in the feeling of your fingers massaging my thighs and just barely brushing my balls.

I was lost in watching you as you teased me and the feelings that you were causing. Your fingers were so light and gentle, just tickling my balls. I was hard as a rock and tenting the towel. Your hand made its way higher and higher but so slowly I could hardly stand it. When you finally made contact with my hard shaft, a low moan escaped my lips.

Again, your touch was oh so soft. I was screaming in my head hoping you would finally grasp it firmly and pump it hard to put me out of my misery. But you just continued with the slow tease. Fingers lightly brushing up and down my cock. Stopping just before you reached the tip, then lightly sliding back down all the way to my balls. Finally, your fingers went all the way up the shaft and closed over the swollen head of my cock. The head of my cock was covered in slick pre-cum. Your fingers played with the very sensitive tip for a few moments before they withdrew.

I watched in fascination as you brought your cum coated fingers to your lips and smeared the slick goo all over your lips and tongue. Your impish smile and your slick lips caused my cock to twitch in mid-air. You surprised me by leaning forward and brought your face close to mine, still smiling. Then you kissed me hard. I could feel and taste myself on your lips. I was taken by surprise, but didn’t pull away.

I was happy to watch your head descend into my lap. Was able to look down on the top of your head as it hovered over my straining erection. I wanted to thrust it between your lips and deep into your mouth, but I got the message that this was your show tonight.

After what seemed an eternity, I finally felt your tongue lick circles around the head of my cock. I could feel what you were doing to me, and I could hear what you were doing to me but I could not see it.

I leaned my head back and arched my back when your lips opened and took me into your mouth. I watched the top of your head dip down further as I felt your warm, wet mouth take me in. Your tongue caused the most intense feelings as it slithered and slide across every inch of me. When your lips clamped tight around the shaft as you pulled up, A guttural moan escaped me.

Then you repeated your actions over and over. Slowly down the shaft, tongue swirling about until you reached bottom internet casino and sucked hard on your way back up. You had me so worked up today, that I knew this wasn’t going to last as long as I hoped it would. Somehow, I knew you were gonna be alright with it too.

Every flick of your tongue, every suction motion on my dick was like a thousand firecrackers going off in my groin. Up and down you went, both of us moaning to the rhythm of your sweet mouth making love to my rock hard cock.

All too soon, I felt my balls constrict. I felt the huge pressure start deep down in my groin as I knew the incredible release is mere seconds away. I couldn’t contain myself when the first waves of pleasure began their journey through my body. I swear it felt like a freight train of cum was about to erupt from my body.

“Holy Fuck, Aaarghhh!!,” was all I managed to get out before my cum blasted into your mouth. I could tell it had taken you by surprise, but you handled yourself like a pro as my balls emptied into your waiting mouth over and over. My hands were clamped to the chair so hard, I though it surely break apart in my hands. Sounds of swallowing and moans from both you and I.

After what might possibly have been the longest orgasm of my life, I finally settled to a few spasming jerks of pleasure as you expertly held my throbbing member tightly in your mouth. I looked and expected to see the angelic face of my wife. What I saw was the lust ridden, cum stained face of my dirty girl. My cock twitched as I saw a long strand of pearly white cum dribble from the corner of your mouth to land in your cleavage.

A wide smile spread across your cum covered face as you leaned back on your heels.

“Was it worth the wait?” you said.

“Absofuckinglutely!” I replied.

“Good, because now you can have your creamy dessert.”


She cut off my response because at that moment her cum covered lips were pressed tightly against my lips and her tongue forced its way inside my mouth as she used it to transfer more of the creamy surprised into my mouth.

You moaned as you pushed your creamy tongue deep in my mouth. I moaned as you surprised me with my own treat. I moaned back at the sensual act over took me and I kissed you back fiercely. For long moments, our tongues swapped my creamy treasure between us before finally breaking free.

You sat on my lap just staring at me waiting to see how I would react.

“That was unusual but so sexy baby,” I finally said.

“I’m glad you liked it. I wasn’t sure how you would react. I’ve wanted to do that with you for sooo long, and you got me so turned on this morning that I couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m glad you had the courage to do it. I wouldn’t mind doing that again,”

“Oh baby I’m so glad to hear you say that. I can’t tell you many times I had to make myself cum today just thinking about doing that with you.”

“Really?” I said with curious interest.

“Oh yes, I think I set a record. I played with my wet pussy all day today thinking of kissing you after your beautiful cock shot all your creamy cum in my mouth. I did it in bed after you hung up this morning. Then I did it again as I was in the kitchen thinking up my little plan. In fact I believe it was in this very chair.”

My dick twitched when she told me that.

“Then, I did it in the car on the way to the store and I even did it in the dressing room at the store I was buying lingerie in.”

“Fuuckk!” was all I could say.

“I certainly was a naughty girl with such dirty naughty thoughts today. And when I did all those dirty things today, I knew I was being bad. So bad that you should probably take me upstairs this very minute and spank me.”

I think we both broke a speed record rushing upstairs.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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