Darla , Sarah

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The needle of the gas gauge was almost at empty. When Sarah noticed this she cursed under her breath.

“Goddamn it…”

Sighing resignedly, she took the next exit off Route 20, hoping she’d be able to find a gas station in the nearest town.

A few minutes after leaving the highway, Sarah was soon driving along an empty country road. It was a glorious September day and the sun was shining brightly through the trees, which were just starting to turn autumnal. Bonnie Raitt was on the stereo and she turned it up, silently mouthing the words to the song and tapping her fingers on the wheel, all the time keeping her eyes open for a gas station.

Before long, Sarah’s silver SUV arrived at a small town and she quickly spotted a place to fill up. As she jammed the nozzle of the pump into her car, the attendant came over to her and greeted her politely.

“Mornin’, missy.”


If her reply was curt it was because she hated being called that.

“You want me to check under the hood for you?”

“Sure, why not?”

Sarah popped the hood for him and he got to work while she finished filling up the car. Predictably he reported a problem.

“Looks like you could do with a new radiator hose.”

“Hmm, where have I heard that before?” Sarah said under her breath.


“Nothing.” She smiled. “Uh, I’ll get that looked at when I get to Bossier City.” She paused, then added, “Say, how far is it from here?”

“Bossier? ‘Bout twenty miles.”

“I’m that close, huh…”

“Hey, Darla!” the attendant called out. He was shouting towards the workshop attached to the gas station.

Sarah replaced the pump and screwed the fuel cap back on. She stopped what she was doing when she glanced up and saw her.

Darla was dressed in greasy overalls and heavy boots and a cap and was heading over to the pumps. She was drop-dead gorgeous: swarthy complexion, full, sensuous lips, striking ice-blue eyes — there was something of a Megan Fox about her. Sarah was disappointed when she didn’t return her fawning gaze, and tried to hide her own obvious attraction as Darla looked her up and down.

“Hey, Darla. The lady could use a new radiator hose. You think you could fit her in?”

Sarah smiled shyly and wondered if she was blushing. To her surprise, Darla held her gaze for quite a time before answering. Sarah noticed how the black smudges of oil on her face actually enhanced both the natural olive color of her skin and the ice-chip intensity of her eyes.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Great,” said Sarah, rather too enthusiastically.

Darla shrugged. “You got the keys?”

Sarah knew she was blushing this time; she couldn’t help it. And the brief contact of their fingers as she handed over the keys only made it worse.

“I’ll have it ready for you in about an hour.”

“Great,” Sarah said again, grinning stupidly.

She felt like she was walking on air as she went and paid for the gas while Darla took her car to the shop. She kept glancing over, imagining the sexy, mysterious girl bending over her engine as she got to work, her strong fingers gripping the wrench or ratchet or whatever tool she would be using. Sarah felt a sudden warmth between her legs and almost jumped out of her skin when the attendant spoke to her.

“That’ll be ninety-five dollars, miss.”

She smiled apologetically and paid for the gas.

There was a bar down the road and Sarah headed inside to wait while her car was being fixed. She had a beer and a tequila and tried to read her book but she was distracted by thoughts of Darla, thoughts that very quickly developed into fantasies; she became paranoid that other customers might be looking at her strangely and so she did her best to appear like she was reading.

An hour later, Sarah wandered into the workshop. Darla was busy on another car — or rather busy underneath it, since her legs were sticking out from beneath the front bumper. Sarah recognised the boots.

She coughed politely and Darla pushed herself out from under the car.

“Hi,” Sarah said.

“Oh, hi. Your car’s all finished. The keys are with Del.”

“Great.” She then added dumbly, “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Darla went to scoot back under the car.

“Oh, wait… Um… What time d’you get off?”

Damn it, Sarah, she thought to herself. Play it cool…

Darla smiled and sized Sarah up with those intense blue eyes.

“Are you askin’ me out?”


There was a teasing gap of silence while a sexual frisson poker oyna — or so Sarah hoped — passed between them.

“I get off at six.”

Sarah felt the buzz of excitement in her stomach. “Okay, then. Six it is.”

Darla smiled again, showing her beautiful white teeth. “Well, if it’s alright with you I’d like to get cleaned up first.”

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t,” replied Sarah, alarmed by her own forwardness.

Another silence, and Sarah felt the wetness forming between her legs again. She wondered if she was having the same effect on Darla.

“I’ll see you later, then,” Sarah said.

Darla grinned naughtily and hauled herself back under the car, and Sarah stood for a moment looking down at her dirty overalls and boots. Then she turned and dreamily wandered out to pay for the repairs.

Sarah was back promptly at six o’clock.

Darla, still in overalls and boots, was locking up, and after saying goodbye to Del she joined Sarah in the parking lot. She wasn’t wearing her cap and her long black hair was still pinned up, making the strong lines of her face more emphatic. Sarah was glad when she noticed that, although she had clearly washed up, Darla’s face and hands still bore faint traces of oil and grease.

“Okay, where shall we go?” Sarah asked, trying to sound as relaxed as possible.

“How ’bout Stella’s Place?” Darla replied. “It’s a bar down the –“

“I know it,” Sarah interrupted eagerly. “I was there this afternoon.”

The two women exchanged a warm look of anticipation. Then Darla said, “Well okay, honey; let’s go…”

The bar was busier now and Darla was obviously a regular. Sarah felt more comfortable now that she wasn’t drinking alone, which she found strange given the fact that she was out on a date with this girl and had no idea how these folks would feel about it. But Darla seemed to know everyone in the place and no one so much as raised an eyebrow at their being together. For all they knew they could have just been two friends going out for an innocent drink…

Darla bought a couple of beers and the two of them sat in a booth facing each other, where they talked amid flirtatious glances.

“So, you just passin’ through?” Darla asked.

“I’m on my way to Bossier City. I’ve got a big conference there tomorrow.”

“A conference, huh? That sounds impressive. What d’you do?”

“I’m a software designer,” Sarah said. “But it’s not as impressive as it sounds.”

“You stayin’ in the city?”

Sarah smiled suggestively. “That was the plan. Only, now I’ve gone and booked myself into a boarding house in town.”

A loaded silence. Darla gave Sarah a knowing look.

“I’ll drink to that.”

They clinked beer bottles and took a swig, then laughed together.

“Hey,” said Sarah excitedly. “How about some tequila shots?”

“You naughty girl,” Darla flirted. “What are you tryin’ to do to me?”

They stayed at the bar for a couple of hours, drinking, talking, flirting. They played a few games of pool. Played footsie under the table in their booth. Both of them were a little drunk but in control of it. Then, to Sarah’s surprise, Darla leaned forward unexpectedly and kissed her on the mouth.

“Hey,” Sarah panicked, breaking off the kiss. “What about –“

“They don’t care,” Darla replied, stroking Sarah’s cheek with the back of her fingers. “As long as we keep it decent. Why don’t you come and sit next to me?”

Sarah was unsure, but her attraction to Darla — not to mention the tequila shots — had loosened her inhibitions, and so she quietly switched seats. She then gave herself up to Darla’s kiss and let the girl’s tongue slip back into her mouth again. Nervously, she placed her hand on Darla’s shoulder and felt the shiver of excitement run through her body. She closed her eyes and lost herself in a deep, wet, sensual kiss that seemed to last for hours. God, how she wanted Darla to put her hand between her legs, to touch her over her jeans, but she knew that would be going too far. In here at least…

“What d’you say we get outta here?” Darla whispered breathlessly.

Sarah experienced a warm flush across her neck and chest. She could feel that her own nipples were hard under her clothes and that her pussy was dripping wet inside her panties.

“Yes,” she replied, dizzy with arousal. “Yes, please…”

When Sarah led Darla into her room at the boarding house, she closed and locked the door behind them. And when she turned around Darla was already standing right in front of her, gazing longingly into her canlı poker oyna eyes. She put both hands up to Sarah’s face and kissed her passionately.

“You’re so beautiful,” Darla whispered. “I love your eyes; your beautiful brown eyes…”

Sarah was flattered. To her, Darla was the far more attractive of the two of them, but she felt a glow of happiness at the complement nevertheless.

Slowly, Darla began unbuttoning Sarah’s checked shirt.

“I want to make love to you.”

Sarah gazed into those piercing blue eyes as the girl’s fingers worked their way downwards, popping each button, and then pushed the shirt from her shoulders. It dropped silently to the floor so that Sarah now stood in jeans, sneakers and a skimpy, dark green vest. And when Darla glanced down to check out Sarah’s breasts she smiled as she noticed the nipples were hard.

They kissed again, still standing by the door, and Darla fondled Sarah’s tits over her vest top. She then pushed Sarah back against the wall — not violently but firmly, so that they were pressed up close to each other as they kissed.

Their breasts made contact through their clothes and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Hands roamed, explored.

When she felt Darla tugging at her vest, Sarah intuitively raised her arms up and they reluctantly broke off the kiss so it could be pulled quickly off. They shared a light, girlish giggle as Sarah’s arms got caught up in it momentarily before it was discarded along with her shirt.

Darla’s eyes moved appreciatively over Sarah’s body, admiring her small but pert breasts as they sat cradled in her bra.

“God, you’re so beautiful…”

Sarah reached back to unhook her bra and immediately saw the look of pleasure on Darla’s face.

The bra was dropped to the floor.

“Wow…” Darla whispered, with genuine admiration. She cupped Sarah’s breasts in her hands, weighing them, caressing them, rubbed her thumbs over the erect nipples. “You have such wonderful tits, Sarah…”

Sarah laughed gently in response. “I’m glad you approve.”

Once again assuming the dominant role, Darla took the half-naked Sarah by the hand and led her over to the bed, pushing her back gently onto the freshly-laundered sheets. Kneeling on the floor between Sarah’s legs, she removed first one, then both of Sarah’s sneakers, followed by her socks. The removal of each item caused Sarah’s heart to pound against her chest, since it brought her closer and closer to the sexual intimacy she so badly craved. After removing Sarah’s socks and shoes, Darla moved upwards. Gazing up at Sarah with those naughty blue eyes and that seductive smile, she took her time popping each button of Sarah’s jeans, teasing her, drawing out the suspense. With the growing promise of Darla’s lips, tongue or fingers exploring her pussy Sarah became wetter and wetter, and wondered if she would come out of sheer anticipation.

By now Darla had fully opened Sarah’s fly to reveal white cotton panties beneath. She breathed in the lovely scent that rose up from inside her jeans: a totally feminine mixture of perfume, the natural, sweet odor of Sarah’s skin and the musky, unmistakeable smell of a very wet pussy. She tenderly kissed Sarah’s crotch over the panties, feeling the coarse pubic hair through the material, and after giving her a sly, sultry smile proceeded to pull Sarah’s jeans down.

“Oh God,” whispered Sarah as Darla eased down her denims; she helped her lover to remove them by raising her ass off the bed and then wriggling her legs a little. The insides of her upper thighs were practically awash with her juices, and she felt a little embarrassed by the fact that her underwear was absolutely saturated.

With a final tug, Darla got her jeans off and tossed them aside, leaving Sarah wearing only those little white panties. She knew her pussy must have been fully visible through the damp material and made to cover herself with both hands. Darla stopped her.

“No,” she whispered. “I love it that you’re so turned on. I’m feeling exactly the same way.”

She encountered no resistance now as she slipped Sarah’s panties down her legs and discarded them, gazing upon her lover’s completely naked body. This time, Sarah jettisoned all feelings of self-consciousness and opened her legs a little to show Darla her glistening vagina. Her gift.

Neither of them said a word but both were feeling that same intense rush of arousal at the thought of what was coming next. They shared one lingering glance of mutual gratitude before Darla plunged her internet casino face between Sarah’s legs to lose herself in the warm, wet grotto that awaited her.

“Oh my God,” Sarah groaned quietly. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as Darla’s tongue melted inside her. “That feels…amazing…”

There was no response from Darla, who was miles away down there between Sarah’s thighs, gently lapping and licking at her slit. Her eyes were closed, too, and she was concentrating on giving her lover pleasure. First she licked Sarah’s vagina, alternately sucking on the outer lips and tonguing her dripping hole, before turning her attention to the swollen clitoris which, when touched, made Sarah squirm with joy. It wasn’t long before Darla made her come two or three times in succession, and when this happened Sarah gripped the sheets and almost screamed in ecstasy.

Afterward she lay in an erotic haze on the bed, eyes still closed, legs spread, pussy glistening and tingling and throbbing. A big, dreamy smile of satisfaction played across her lips.

Darla stood up and pulled off her own heavy boots, which hit the floor loudly when she tossed them aside. She yanked her overalls open and Sarah thrilled at the sound of the poppers snapping apart, all at once, and she opened her eyes to watch Darla undress.

Under her greasy overalls Darla was wearing a little white vest and black lace panties — but no bra — and her body made Sarah’s stomach flutter with admiration and envy. From the sculpted definition of her arms and midriff, which was just visible beneath the hem of her short vest, Sarah could tell Darla worked out regularly; not so much that the muscles were overworked but enough to make them perfectly toned and supple beneath her lovely olive skin.

In just her vest and panties, Darla climbed onto the bed beside Sarah and they kissed some more, stroking each other’s faces and hair and exchanging longing looks and smiles. They ran their hands over each other’s bodies, fingers trailing and caressing.

Darla’s skin smelled wonderful. The smell of the garage was still strong on her — motor oil and grease and diesel — mixed with her own delicate, natural scent, a concoction that made Sarah’s head swim as they kissed.

Together they removed Darla’s vest, and Sarah moved on top of her so that their breasts squashed together whilst they resumed kissing.

Although Darla had been complementary about Sarah’s small but well-rounded tits, Sarah had to concede that Darla’s were much more impressive than her own. They were bigger, to be sure — probably a C cup compared to her modest 36B — but their shape and form were perfect, and she had beautiful brown nipples that were just the right size for her breasts. Sarah was thinking about this as she moved down to kiss them, taking each hard nipple into her mouth in turn and sucking gently on them.

“Harder…” moaned Darla. “Suck my nipples harder, honey…”

Sarah did as instructed, pulling each one harder into her mouth and using her teeth to stimulate the dimpled skin around them. This made Darla writhe with pleasure beneath her.

“Yeah, just like that, baby…”

After sucking on Darla’s nipples until they were small and stiff and swollen, Sarah removed Darla’s panties and went down on her, bringing her to orgasm quickly. Her pussy was dark and musky and sweet, and incredibly responsive to Sarah’s tongue, and she enjoyed lapping at its exquisite juices. At one point her tongue accidentally-on-purpose brushed Darla’s anus, making her gasp. They both paused and looked at each other, unsure if this was an area they should be exploring, before a naughty look flashed across Sarah’s eyes and she returned her tongue to Darla’s most intimate place.

“You bad girl,” Darla whispered, smiling and closing her eyes. “And so innocent looking, too…”

The two women made each other come over and over and over again that evening. The hours were spent alternately making love and holding each other while they talked freely and intimately, or drinking the wine that Sarah had bought at the liquor store in town earlier that afternoon. At two in the morning they watched a late-nite movie in bed, happy in each other’s arms. By three thirty they had both dozed off, exhausted, and slept soundly without moving apart.

In the morning Darla woke to find a note left by Sarah on the pillow. She smiled as she read it and thought of her pretty new lover, who promised to return after her conference had finished later that day. Then, before getting up for work herself, Darla let her hand stray underneath the sheet and she slipped a finger into her already moistened pussy. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the thought of making love again, whispering softly as she touched herself.


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