DJ Pt. 23

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IN Part 23

DJ and Jamie identify the guy making the threat

The four young men have some sexy fun in the Park

DJ comes too close to an emotional breakdown

Jamal is taken into custody

DJ and Jamie drop the charges against Jamal

From the tail end of Part 22

Jones, “Jennings, run through the tape for, I can’t think which camera that is, four I think, the camera that would cover where that Tracker is, and see if you can spot anyone around his Tracker between 0900 and 1200 today.”

Jones, “Do you or Jamie know of any enemies you might have made, any time since you started classes here?”

DJ answered, “Sir, I can’t think of anyone, Jamie?”

“I didn’t know we had any enemies, until today,” Jamie said.

Jennings said, “Captain Jones, I think we may have something.”

DJ Part 23

“What have you got, Jennings?” Captain Jones asked.

Jennings explained, “Right here, at 1035, this guy walked out of the Main entrance, and he’s looking around, like to see if anyone is watching him. He walks directly toward the Tracker, and he’s constantly looking around, but there is nobody else around.”

“Here, at 1036 you can see him placing the note under the wiper on the Tracker, he’s still nervously looking around, and at 1037 he’s walking toward the other side of the parking lot, still looking around, and then he is out of range of the camera.”

“Guys, come look at this,” Jones said, “Jennings, play that over for the boys to watch.” All three of them walked over and watched it.

Jones spoke, “We know he’s the one that put that note on your windshield, do any of you guys recognize him?” All three shook their heads.

“Can we get a better look at his face?” DJ asked.

“Not from that distance,” Jones answered, “but maybe from the lobby camera, Jenkins, try to get a look at him from the lobby camera, from about 1030 to 1035, just before he walked out.”

The lobby camera showed a much better close up, now the boys, at least DJ and Jamie, could recognize the face.

“I know who that is,” DJ stated, “Jamie, remember the black dude that sat with you, Matt and me at the Club Christmas Party?”

“I sure do, and that is him, his name is Jamal,” Jamie remarked.

“He said his name was Jamal, we didn’t hear a last name, and he doesn’t take any classes that we are in, but he is a member of the Rainbow Alliance,” DJ stated, “and he is racist.”

“It kind of looks that way,” Jones said, “Did you have an altercation with him?”

“I wouldn’t call it an altercation,” DJ replied, “he told me he wanted to speak to me, privately. When the party was over, and we were cleaning up, I took a bag of trash to the Dumpster, and Jamal grabbed another one and followed me outside.”

“He cornered me by the Dumpster, and tried to feed me some racial crap, about how we were brothers, and we needed to stick together, how white and black don’t go together, and that black and black do, that we belong together, and how much he wanted me.” DJ’s phone rang, it was me.

DJ spoke, “Sir can I take this—it’s my Dad!” Jones nodded.

“DJ, are you OK? We expected you home around 12:30 and it’s 1:00 PM.”

“Dad, something happened here on campus, and we’re still involved with security. Jamie and I should be leaving here, probably in the next 15 or 20 minutes. We’ll tell you about it when we get home, it’s a bit complicated, Dad, I love you!”

“It’s ok son, we were just concerned, see you soon.” We hung up.

“Sorry about that Sir,” DJ apologized, “Loving parents sometimes tend to worry—too much.”

“I understand,” Jones replied, “back to your encounter with Jamal?”

“I told him I was already involved with someone I cared deeply for, and that I wasn’t interested, then he said he would wait for me to change my mind, and I told him not to hold his breath. That was it, and we haven’t spoken since, unless maybe ‘hi’ in the hallway.”

“OK,” Jones stated, “We know the guys first name is Jamal, and he’s a member of the Alliance. Have you ever had a sexual relation with Jamal, even a kiss?”

“No sir, I don’t even really like the guy,” DJ responded.

“Guys,” Jones stated, “we’re going to investigate this, and see what we can learn about this ‘Jamal’. I want you guys to stick together like glue, and be ready to defend yourselves. I mean, if one of you needs to poop, then the other one goes to the rest room with you.”

“Be wary, if you think you’re being followed on the road out of this parking lot, drive to the police station, or at least near a patrol officer, and likely the follower will go another way. When you guys come and go from the buildings to the parking lot, try to come in and leave with other students, there’s safety in numbers, and this jerk doesn’t want witnesses.”

“Guys, here is my card, and I have your numbers, If I learn anything, I’ll keep you posted.

“Thank you sir,” DJ remarked, “Even with your advice, in all honesty, I’m still scared shitless!”

Captain Jones, smiling, “You have every right to be!”

Captain Jones, giving all poker oyna three boys a hug, “Bryan, keep your eyes on your buddies, and you all stay safe.”

All three headed to the parking lot, Jamie and DJ to the Tracker, and Bryan to his Pontiac.

“Guys,” Bryan said, “I’m going to hold back for a couple minutes, just to make sure nobody follows you out of the parking lot.”

DJ and Jamie headed out to our home, and Bryan headed to Jamie’s house a couple minutes later.

Just a couple of minutes on the road, and Jamie had an urge to call Bryan, and placed the call, of course Bryan answered.

“Bryan,” Jamie said, “Please don’t say anything to Mom and Dad about what happened this morning. I know they’d be terribly upset, and they don’t need to have this to worry about, Okay?”

“Okay, Jamie, I’ll keep it hushed.” They hung up.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Earlier that morning, while the coffee was brewing, Joe and I rearranged the kitchen table, placing two chairs on each long side of the table, instead of a chair on all four sides. While we and our guests had coffee and breakfast, Joe and I sat on one side, Todd and Ryan sat on the opposite side.

After I had called DJ, and we had hung up, I informed Joe that the boys had been involved in an incident at school, and that they would tell us about it when they got here, but DJ didn’t say a word as to what it was about. I brewed another pot of coffee and we all chatted some more.

“Doug,” Todd stated, “I think we might adopt your habit, and take it back to Cleveland. Ryan and I have never considered not getting dressed when we get up, but you’re right, being openly naked does feel quite nice, and natural.”

Ryan added, “It’s not like we’re not used to seeing each other naked, but it’s quite—enjoyable to be—openly naked like this,” then, grinning, he placed his hand around Todd’s easily accessible penis, “and to be able to touch my boyfriend without clothing in the way!” Todd grinned.

Todd responded, returning the favor, “Careful baby, you’re gonna give me a boner!”

The two young lovers grinned at each other, it was about 1:45 PM and I heard DJ’s tracker pull into the driveway, and the doors slam.

“The boys are here,” I remarked. Todd and Ryan immediately stood up,

“I guess we’d better get dressed!” Ryan exclaimed.

“No hurry,” I said, “the boys would probably enjoy seeing you dressed, or should I say undressed, like you are, relax.” They sat back down.

DJ and Jamie walked in the back door, and Joe and I arose to greet and hug them. DJ and Jamie both grinned, noticing that we were all still naked.

“Todd, Ryan,” I said, “this is our Son, DJ, and his boyfriend Jamie, boys, these are our friends we met on the cruise, (pointing) Todd, and Ryan, they’re from Cleveland.”

Todd and Ryan stood up, extending their hands, and DJ and Jamie both grabbed one, and then swapped to the other giving both of our friends a warm and affectionate hug.

“Jamie,” DJ said, “let’s get the chairs from our desk, so we can all sit at the table, Dad, I could use a cup of coffee!”

The boys retrieved the chairs from their room and sat with us at the ends of the table, and I poured DJ a mug of coffee, and Jamie grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge.

“Guys,” Joe spoke, “you four have all afternoon to get to learn about each other, Doug and I are both scheduled to work at 3:00 PM. You need to tell us what happened at school!”

While Todd, Ryan, Joe and I listened intently, DJ and Jamie told us the details of their ordeal, beginning with the note. We all found the story almost impossible to assimilate. While DJ and Jamie explained, Ryan reached to hold Jamie’s hand, and Todd grasped DJ’s hand. All four of us had tears forming, and a few drops escaping our eyes. None of us could really comprehend the fear that these two beautiful young men were experiencing.

I made a quick call to the store and told Randy that we had a situation at home and I would likely be about half an hour late.

Joe spoke, “I know Captain Jones, he’s retired from the Police Department, and was one of the best investigators we had, he won’t leave a stone unturned. It helps that you were able to identify the suspect. When this goes to court, that young man will likely face some serious time behind bars. Do you have the Captains number?” DJ, nodding, handed the card to Joe, and Joe made a phone call.

“Security, Captain Jones speaking.”

“Jones, this is Officer Joe Reynolds, I knew you when you were on the police department, as an investigative officer.”

“I remember you, Reynolds, are you still on the force?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a couple more years to go before I can retire, I wanted to touch base with you, about the threat a couple of the students received today.”

“How do you know about that?” Jones asked.

“The students that received that threat, are my step-son, and his boyfriend. It would tear the heart out of me, if anything should happen to either of them!”

“Joe, working security, it’s a little difficult to get some kinds of information, canlı poker oyna but if you’re still an active officer, you might be able to help me. I’ve been able to get some info from the school records, but some info I don’t have access to.”

“I’ll help you any way I can, Jones, what do you need?”

“We know his name is Jamal Robinson, he is a black male, 21 years old, and started classes here last fall. He is an average student, and there are no records of any problems here, prior to this infraction. I’d like to know if he has a rap sheet, and if he has any affiliations, such as gangs. It would be nice to know what he drives, and if that address is correct. He always seems to park away from the buildings, and out of range of the cams.”

“Jones, I will need his social, and the address you have for him, and when I can get a few minutes in the precinct I can see what I can find, and I will get back to you as soon as I have any info.”

Jones gave Joe the social, and the known address, and Joe wrote the information down. He told Jones his partner would be picking him up about 3:00 PM and he hoped he could get the desired information sometime today. They said goodbye and hung up.

“Guys,” I said, “Joe and I have to get ready for work, and I’m already going to be a bit late, I’m going to let our Sons entertain you guys this afternoon, and maybe show you around town. I’ll be home around 9:30, and Joe should be back here about 11:00

I got dressed for work and stopped back into the kitchen before leaving.

“DJ, Jamie,” I said, drawing them close to me,” “Be strong, and be safe! Show our friends a good time.”

I kissed both of them and hugged them, and left. Am I worried about them? Damn straight I am!

“Todd, Ryan,” DJ spoke, motioning them to follow Jamie and himself to their bedroom, “you may want to cover your birthday suits, if we’re going to show you around town.” Todd and Ryan snickered.

While DJ and Jamie changed out of their school clothes, Todd and Ryan pulled on boxers, and finished dressing in tee shirts, jeans and sneakers, and pulled on hoodies, and so did the younger boys. When they returned to the kitchen, Mike was standing inside waiting on Joe, DJ introduced Todd and Ryan to Joe’s patrol partner, Joe came out in full uniform and he and Mike left.

After they hit the road, Joe told Mike about the school incident, and that he needed to get into the system and see what he could learn about Jamal Robinson.

The four young men left the house and Todd and Ryan climbed into the back seat of DJ’s Tracker, while Jamie took the front passenger seat, and DJ drove them away. He and Jamie took them around, showed them where they both worked, the Senior Community where Granny was moving into, they drove past the community college where they both were students, and even where the Tracker was parked, when they discovered the threat note.

Ryan asked if there were any parks around, where they could maybe stroll around and enjoy some nature. Jamie directed DJ to the park, where he and DJ had ridden their bike to, many months ago. Jamie started snickering, and the Cleveland boys asked him what was funny.

Jamie told them the story, about the time he and DJ had ridden there on their bikes, and got caught in a 69 by those two bears. The Cleveland boys nearly lost it, laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh, stop!” Todd blurted, “you’re gonna make me piss my pants, I drank too much coffee, and I need to go really bad.”

“Is there a tea room there?” Ryan asked, “I gotta go too.”

“No, no restaurants of any kind,” Jamie replied, ” just some hiking trails, and plenty of secluded spots where one can take a leak.”

“I suspect,” Todd suggested, “that our southern boys don’t know what a tea room is.”

“I would think it to be like a small restaurant, where they serve tea, coffee and pastries,” DJ remarked, innocently.

“A tea room,” Ryan explained, “is a men’s rest room, where gay guys hang out, usually looking for some anonymous sex, and even some straight guys go, looking to get a blowjob. I doubt you guys ever looked for a place like that, since, like us, you have your own sex partner.”

“You’re absolutely right,” Jamie responded, “the only cock I ever want in my mouth is DJ’s, and boy, do I love that beautiful black cock of his, I can never get too much of it! Damn, just thinking of it makes me hungry for a snack.”

“Jamie,” DJ snickered, “you’re fucking crazy!”

“Yeah,” Jamie replied, “crazy in love with you!”

DJ pulled into a parking space, and theirs was the only car around. The four young men climbed out, looking around the area.

“Shall we hit that hiking trail?” Jamie suggested.

Ryan and Todd didn’t respond, verbally, they just started to walk up the trail, and stopped, about 50 feet up the trail. Both guys unzipped and watered the foliage to the side of the trail, letting out sighs of relief. DJ followed suit, and watered his own piece of ground, about 10 feet up the trail from the other two. The four guys then meandered on up the trail, enjoying the natural surroundings.

About internet casino 1000 feet up the trail they came upon a circular clearing, just off the trail, probably about fifty feet in diameter, with a large log across it, the log was about two feet in diameter.

“God,” Ryan said, “this is so awesomely beautiful, and somehow so romantic.”

He and Todd shared a passionate kiss and hug, holding each other tightly, their cocks getting hard in their pants. DJ and Jamie weren’t to be outdone, and they too shared a passionate kiss and hug.

Ryan sat on the log and motioned Todd to come over in front of him. He reached out and started to unbuckle Todd’s jeans, pulling them down to Todd’s knees, then pulled Todd’s boxers down, allowing Todd’s excited boner to spring out. In seconds, Ryan had Todd’s very hard penis in his mouth, and his hands were wrapped around Todd’s body, holding him close, seemingly oblivious that Jamie and DJ were watching in awe.

Todd, pulling out of Ryan’s mouth, “Jamie, please come over here a minute.”

Jamie walked over to Todd, and noticed a thread of precum dripping off the tip of Todd’s quite handsome cock. Todd reached into his jean pocket and pulled out his phone, setting it up for photos, and handed it to Jamie.

“Can you please get some snapshots of this?” Todd asked.

“Jamie, startled, “You want me to take pictures of Ryan giving you a blowjob?”

“That’s exactly what we want, try to get a couple that shows our surrounding, and a couple that show the expression on Ryan’s face.”

“OK,” Jamie said, adjusting the bulge in his own boxer-briefs. DJ is watching this exchange from about 5 feet away, also adjusting himself. Ryan took that gorgeous cock back into his mouth, and Jamie photographed the event.

DJ, coming next to Jamie, “This is so hot! I’m as hard as a rock!”

Jamie, grinning, “I know, you’re not doing too well at hiding it!”

DJ responded, “Baby you’re not doing any better!” Jamie grinned.

After about half a dozen photos, Jamie set the phone down next to Ryan, took a seat on the log next to Ryan, but with his legs in the opposite direction, and pulled DJ close, and started working DJ’s pants toward the earth.

“Jamie, we’re not alone,” DJ complained, but Jamie continued, and in seconds DJ’s BBC sprung out, and Jamie tried to swallow it whole. Jamie knew better than to even try to adjust himself at this point, touching it would likely cause him to cream his own jeans.

Todd and DJ were standing on opposite sides of the log, and their eyes made contact, and they grinned at each other, both reveling in the pleasure their boyfriends were giving them. Todd tapped Ryan on the shoulder and pointed to the phone, Ryan handed it to him and Todd shot 3 or 4 of Jamie doing DJ, then bellowed, as he climaxed into Ryan’s hungry mouth.

About a minute later, DJ stiffened, and ejected his tasty load into Jamie’s waiting mouth, to no surprise, as Jamie was very used to how DJ shoots, and Jamie swallowed every drop. Now what?

Ryan and Jamie were both still hot, and had a need to get release. They did the most logical thing, swapped places with their partners. Todd and DJ sat down, pulled their lovers pants down and went to work on those two remaining hot erections. Todd grabbed his phone and got a couple shots of DJ working Jamie’s ready to explode cock, which DJ took that load quickly as Jamie likely had never been quite this hot before. As soon as DJ milked Jamie out, Jamie took the phone and got a couple of good shots of Todd nursing Ryan’s cock, and then Ryan finished into Todd’s mouth.

The four guys sat there for about five minutes, their pants all down around their knees, and then they started to laugh.

“I think we got some memorable photos,” Todd said, “would you guys want copies of them?”

Jamie and DJ looked at each other, and simultaneously came up with an affirmative.

“I’ll send them to you in mpeg format, on a cd.”

DJ commented, “We’ve never had any kind of sex before with witnesses, that was pretty wild, have you?”

“Yes,” Todd replied, “we’ve gotten together with another couple, back in Cleveland, that we are close friends with, and we’ve done similar with them three or four times. It’s always been in our apartment though, the surroundings here are so much more—I don’t know, natural, might be the right word.”

“We don’t have anyplace,” Ryan said, “like this, where we could go, and have sex in the woods. You guys are fortunate to have a park like this.”

“It’s probably a little riskier,” Jamie commented, “in the summer, when more people wander in the park, not many come here in cooler weather.”

“Speaking of cooler,” Todd remarked, “my ass is about to freeze,” He stood up and pulled his boxers and jeans up, and the other three guys followed suit.

“DJ,” Jamie remarked, “we need to get moving, Anthony wants me in to work by at least 6:00 and it’s 5:15 now.”

The guys hurried back to the Tracker, DJ drove them all to Jamie’s house so he could get his work shirt on, and pick up his car. He asked Jamie to tell his Mom that they would not be in until around midnight, as we were spending the rest of the evening with Todd and Ryan. When Jamie got out, Todd took the front seat. DJ started to drive them to our home.

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