Early Morning Fuck Ch. 04

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I was lying on my side, while Chris lay fully stretched out with his legs crossed, obviously to prevent any leakage from his arse onto the couch. So thoughtful. I had lit up another fag and we lay there chit chatting about nothing. I then asked him if he was ok and when he had last had two cocks up him. He told me he was ok and that he has never had two cocks up him. I looked at him puzzled.

“Then what was that?” I asked.

He says to me,

“Ok.. you’re big, but I’m sorry .. not that big.”

I was confused. I told him to wait there. I got up and went to Lu’s bedroom. The door was slightly ajar. I pushed it open. He was lying there, headphones on, and the smell of dope in the room. He had on some porn on his TV and was stroking his cock. He saw me and screamed and pulled the covers over him.

“What the fuck are you doing in here? Give me some privacy like I am you!”

“So what do you call what you just did?” I said to him.

He looked at me and says that he had done as he said he would. Shower, joint, bed.

“I think you’d better ask boy wonder what you’ve taken before you start blaming me for anything.”

I went back into the lounge and lay back next to Chris. He had obviously overheard the noise from down the hall. He told me that the pills were a bit trippy and asked what I had experienced. I told him everything. He smiled, told me it was horny but he only did 1 on 1. He then slapped my thigh and told me he wanted me in bed.

He told me to get on my knees with my arse güvenilir bahis in the air. He produced a bottle of poppers (so I wasn’t imagining everything)and told me to have a large sniff. He got on the bed behind me and had a snort too. I felt my head rushing and my face all hot and my heart pounding. I then felt his hands on my arse cheeks, gently easing them apart. I felt him put his nose against my crack and inhale my manly smell. His hand went to my cock and took hold of it, and gently slid the foreskin around the head.

I felt his tongue seek out my hole. He licked all around it, then up and down my crack and down to my balls. He gently took each one into his mouth, making them all wet. He then went back to licking up to my hole and started to lick into it. He was pulling my cheeks further apart and was able to get more of his tongue into me. I was loving every minute of it.

I was pushing back onto his mouth and could feel his tongue licking around in me. It was driving me wild. The next thing I felt was one of his slender fingers sliding up next to his tongue and into my hole. Even though I don’t mind getting fucked, it happens very rarely, so this felt like it was happening for the first time again. When he could feel me relaxing onto his finger, I felt another slipping into me. He had gotten me so wet, that he has no problem with the second one. I felt his tongue on me again. His fingers were moving in and out and getting coated with his spit with each thrust. I was now pushing back for more.

He türkçe bahis released the grip on my cock, so he could guide his cock home. I felt the tip of it next to his fingers. As he pulled his fingers out, he was sliding his cock in. In a few seconds, I could feel the head oh his cock in me and his hands on my hips. He slowly pushed more of his cock in. I felt him reach that muscle that was going to get bruised. He was so tender. He edged ever so slowly until he was all the way in me and I never felt any pain. His cock felt so big in me. I felt full!

Chris then began a gentle rocking back and forth. His cock was rock hard and it was beginning to slide in and out of me. I felt him slide it almost all the way out, leaving in just the head. He then plunged in, in one movement.


That was sore but fucking good at the same time. He could tell from the sound I made that I liked it. He gently fucked back and forth again and again pulled out to just his head. This time he pulled my hips back hard and impaled me on his cock, while he pushed forward. I felt his cock brush against my prostrate and it sent me wild.

I begged for him to fuck me hard and deep. Chris built up speed. He was now ramming into me and I could feel his balls slapping against my arse. He stopped and repositioned himself. He was up on his feet, knees bent and his cock driving down into me. He then went back to hard deep fucking me, drilling me with his cock. I swear he was getting deeper with each thrust. Not only was this boy good güvenilir bahis siteleri at taking it, he knew how to give it good too.

My hole was tight around his cock and I could feel every ridge on it as it slid in and out of me. He was then back on his knees and was going for gold. He was getting faster and harder and deeper. I felt his cock tense in me and I knew I was going to get his juice. He pulled his cock out, I felt his cum hit my hole, and then I felt him slip the head in and another shot then he pushed all the way in and another shot. He knelt still while his cock emptied into me.

I felt his cock going soft and slip out. Then I felt his tongue at my hole licking up his cum and darting into my hole and licking it out. Then he had my cheeks apart and I could feel him sucking at my hole. What a horny fucker.

Chris then lay next to me. We kissed. I could taste and smell my hole and my cum on his breath and tongue. I was rampant. I needed to cum again. I turned him onto his side, lifted his leg and slid my cock into him. There was no resistance at all. His limp cock flapped against his balls as I fucked him. From this angle I could only get about half my cock into him. I perched up on my arm and could see my rock hard cock sliding in and out of his hole. It looked so fucking horny. I didn’t last long. I bucked a little while more and finally shot what little cum I had left into him.

I collapsed back onto the bed. Pulled him close and we both chuckled in that self contented way. I told him that I wanted to see more of him and get to know him. He gave a positive response. I pulled the cover up and snuggled as close as I could. My dick was still in him and it stayed there as we drifted off for a well-earned rest.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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