Early Morning Neighbor

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Early Morning Neighbor
It had been a most incredible day! From start to finish, everything seemed to be going my way. An early riser, I had awoken well before dawn. As is my habit, I climb from bed, pull my terrycloth robe over my naked skin and head for the back porch.

I stepped out into the cool morning air. Still dark I wait for the sunrise to appear in the east. The robe was warm, and I like the feel of the cool air, so I untied my robe belt, and let the robe hang open. Many a morning I’ve spent walking in the back yard in near darkness walking with my robe open and my breasts and pussy, clearly visible due to it’s starkly white color against my robe. An occasionally car might pass by on the nearby highway, but I was well out of range for moving drivers. Reaching down, I begin fingering my pussy and watch the steam surrounding my hot pussy in the cool air.

I had not ever noticed that the trees, as naked as I was on the spring morning before the leaves were fully out, I saw light streaming from my neighbor’s garage door. There, sitting on their porch, was Chris, my neighbor’s husband. He too was wearing a robe; open, with his cock out, stiffly exposed in the cool breeze.

I could see that he was watching me play with myself, and saw that his hands were busy stroking his cock, with his chair facing in my direction in the yard.

I knew he could see my milky white thighs and the contours of my breasts in the dim light and realized that he was enjoying watching me. I turned towards him, and sat in a lawn chair, pulled my robe wide open and spread my legs. As my fingers were rapidly moving in and out of my cunt, I smiled coyly, and moved my fingers from my cunt to my lips and sucked on them.

His robe was fully open and he was wildly jerking his cock up and down, watching me in my chair with my fingers moving from my cunt to my mouth, then back to my cunt again. I waved at him, beaconing him to come on over and waited for him to step down from his porch into the back yard.

Without a word being spoken, I grabbed his pecker and eagerly guided it into my mouth, sucking his full length down my throat in one motion while my hands played gently with his balls. I took his hands, placed them to my breasts and nipples, and moaned as he tweaked the nubs with his fingertips.

I began pumping mightily on his rod with each moan savoring the long cock in my mouth going deeply down my throat. I felt his cock stiffen and stopped sucking it. I turned around, putting my ass high up in the air, and bent over the chair. I guided his dick into my sticky cunt hole, pulling my buttocks open wide, giving him an excellent view of my pussy. As his cock touched my pussy lips, it was incredible, and I started thrusting and squirming against him like a wildcat. Almost unc0nciously I began rocking back and forth on him, stuffing his cock deeper and deeper into my love hole.

He reached around and grabbed a firm hold on my breasts to make sure out two entwined bodies did not come apart and bucked hard against my ass. Suddenly, the lights in my bathroom flashed on and I saw my dad’s profile in the bathroom window, taking a shower. Chris started to pull out and cover himself up but I grunted loudly at him.

“NO, keep fucking me. He’s taking a shower,” and I could clearly see my dad merely two feet from us. I began humping against Chris’s cock, moaning and groaning louder and louder, as I watched my dad washing in the opaque window. I was so turned on having Chris fuck me as my dad showered so close to me that my pussy was quivering in anticipation.

Unbelievably, he seemed even more into fucking me so close to my dad in the window, that he began humping even more rapidly before as I moaned and whimpered even more.
Within a few moments, I felt myself cum again, this time gushing so much, that the cum shot from around his cock and ran in a stream down my thighs and legs.

I pumped harder and faster in time with him until I could tell he was about to blow his load in my pussy. I pulled off his stiff cock

“I want you to come in my mouth,” I said as I turned and let his cum slick cock slip into my mouth. He pumped a couple of times, and promptly shot his load deep down my throat. Not a single drop spilled from my lips, as I sucked for several long seconds capturing all his semen in my mouth. When I pulled off him, I smiled, opened my mouth showing him his cum and swallowed it.

I leapt up, kissed him on the lips and ran into my house, smiling and waving. I can hardly wait for the next early cool morning to see if I can get a repeat performance from Chris.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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