Educating Katy

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I couldn’t believe my luck when my next door neighbour Jan disturbed me one day when I was working from home and asked me if I could help her daughter Katy fix a puncture in her bicycle tyre. Jan explained that her husband was out at work, she had to go out shopping and neither she nor Katy had a clue what to do with a puncture.

I was only to keen to help. I welcomed every opportunity to run my lustful eyes over sexy young Katy. She’s a leggy little beauty with shoulder length dark hair who’d just turned 19, young enough to be my own daughter. Her mother Jan was worth running a lustful eye over too. She’s a mature beauty about my age who’d kept a good figure. Since my partner walked out on me a couple of months back my ever faithful right hand had often worked hard in my lonely bed as I thought about what I’d like to do with sweet young Katy or her mother, either alone or both together.

Katy wheeled her bicycle into their back yard. Katy and her mum stood watching with interest as I went through the routine of turning it upside down, pulling out the inner tube and immersing it in a bowl of water, producing a stream of bubbles from the puncture. But I was far more interested in Katy. She was in her usual demure length just on the knee skirt, in brown corduroy, and a cream blouse. Her glasses gave her a look of young innocence, which combined with her skirt clinging to the curves of her bottom and the way she filled blouse very nicely made her an absolute sex bomb. I’d picked up from Katy’s father that he was very protective of his innocent young daughter, disapproved of boy friends and forbade her from wearing anything too revealing.

I hadn’t gotten far with fixing the puncture when Jan said she had to go shopping and that she expected to be back late. Jan went, leaving me with Katy.

Katy continued to watch me fixing her puncture, but this time she squatted down to be at my level. As she squatted she didn’t seem to realise she was treating me to a good upskirt view of her bare thighs and a glimpse of white knickers. As I worked on fitting a patch, to my amazement her legs steadily swung wider and wider, revealing more and more of her white knickers. At first I thought it was accidental and she was unaware she was showing me her underwear. Then she spoke.

“You keep looking up my skirt at my knickers.”

I felt my face go red, but then, still squatting in front of me Katy gave me a mischievous little smile and swung her legs as wide as she could get them. As I stared at the full frontal upskirt display of her white knickers taut over the bulge of her sex mound, showing a cameltoe line of her vagina slit and the dark shadow of her cunt bush through the thin white cotton, she spoke.

“If I take all my clothes off for you, will you show me your cock? I’ve never seen a naked man. Mum won’t be back for ages. Go on. Touch me if you want to.”

I was incredulous at what I’d just heard.

“Go on … Touch me between my legs.”

Almost involuntarily I reached down between her spread legs and stroked her soft sex mound through the cotton of her knickers, running my fingertips along the line of her vagina. She gasped with excitement and arousal. Then I hooked my finger over the top hem of her knickers and pulled the front down far enough to see her vagina pulled wide open by her spread legs, with her labia peeping out pink and wet with juice, and surrounded by a ring of almost black pubic hair.

“I don’t shave my bush off,” she said as I gazed at her cunt. “I’m a big girl now.”

A couple of minutes later, leaving a patch drying on her bicycle tyre, we were up in Katy’s bedroom, a typical teenage girl’s bedroom with a girly pink bed cover and matching curtains, and pastel painted walls. We were scarcely in her room before Katy undid the clasp and zip of her skirt, let it drop and stepped out of it. The thin almost translucent white cotton tightly outlining her young bottom looked even sexier than a thong. I fondled her bottom and bakırköy escort tickled her along her bum crack through her knickers as she took off her blouse. I’d always thought her a big girl for her age and her breasts slung in the lacy white cups of her bra were every bit as appetising as I’d dreamed in my masturbation fantasies.

“Your turn now,” she said, grinning at me as she stood there in her underwear. “Remember our bargain.”

I stripped to my dark blue briefs. My straining boner was forcing them out far from my body in a huge taut cone. I pulled them down and let them drop. Released from constraint and with an all but nude 19 year old girl with me my muscle sprung up to its full erect length with my nozzle pointing at the ceiling. Katy gasped.

“It’s so big! Are you having an erection? Would you stick all that up my vagina?”

I’d decided I wasn’t going to take this little minx’s virginity even if she wanted me to, but if a hand job or a suck off or even wanking over her while she posed nude and let me run my spare hand over her naked body was on offer I was certainly up for that.

In a flash Katy was snuggled against me exploring my straining penis and my balls with her excited hand ruffling my pubic hair. While she was playing with my sex kit I slid my hand up her back and fumbled with her bra clasp. She let me get behind her and I unclipped her bra from behind, tickling the soft flesh of her bottom with the head of my penis. I let her bra drop then I ran my hands down her sides and pulled her knickers down. She gasped with pleasure as I fondled her soft well rounded cheeky bottom and slid my hand between her legs to tease her pussy from behind. She turned to stand facing me, spread her legs wide and arched her back to thrust her hips forward and swing her breasts up and out, and she rocked sensuously on her bare feet.

“Do you think my body’s sexy? I’ve never shown myself nude to a man before,” she said excitedly, followed by “Ooooh! lets play together!”

She took me by the hand and pulled me onto her bed. As I knelt there with my legs wide she knelt beside me playing with my straining hard boner, running her light fingertips over it as if she was feeling it’s size and stiffness, and fondling my backside, all the time excitedly asking questions like:

“Are those your balls? Is that your knob at the end? What’s the nicest part to touch? Do men masturbate? Is that nice?”

I guess my grunts of pleasure and the way I thrust my cock into her exploring hand answered her last question! While she steadily drove me wild I did the same for her running my hands over her naked virgin body, fondling her breasts, bottom, her soft smooth thighs and her cunt, getting her gasping with excitement.

Then it happened.

I had my one hand between Katy’s legs stroking her vagina lips and my other on her breasts, and Katy’s fingers were playing between my legs. The bedroom door, which had been ajar, opened wide and in walked Katy’s mum Jan. I froze and stared at her paralysed and speechless with shock. Then I realised incredulously that Jan was just in a tiny black lace bra and thong set.

“There you are, girl.” Jan said. “I told you he couldn’t resist the bait.”

“Oooooooh mum! Are they the sexy undies you wear for daddy?”

I got the message straight away. Daddy was so protective of his sweet little girl, but mummy was making sure her daughter was learning about what mattered! Jan’s entry was no accident. I guessed the puncture was a deliberate pin hole too. It was all a set up. But I certainly wasn’t complaining! I’m always only too pleased to help a young lady with her education, either about fixing bicycles or about anything else!

Jan joined me and Katy on the bed. Kneeling beside me she fondled my bum and hairy chest and had a good long feel of my sex kit, purring as she was impressed with what I’d got. I relieved her of her bra and thong. Her bra was front fastening başakşehir escort between her breasts and her thong had a clasp at each hip so I could drop it while she was kneeling with her knees wide, making the task easy. Her breasts were bigger than her daughter’s and not as firm but nicely well rounded and with big deep pink nipples, and her bush was a neat little “landing strip” above her slit. Jan purred as I fondled her boobs and reached down to fondle her sex mound and vagina.

“Is his cock as big as daddy’s, mum?” Katy asked, followed by “Mum. Don’t forget. You said you’d show me how to give a man a hand job.”

“Right girl, let’s get started,” said Jan, with a big grin. Then she pushed me down me onto my back. I didn’t resist! “Get nice and close to him to give him something to play with.”

Katy knelt next to me so her legs were against me. I spread my legs in readiness, stroked her thighs with one hand and reached up to play with her breasts swinging above me.

“That’s right girl. Now play with him to get him wild and his cock as hard as you can get it. It’s not difficult! Like this.”

Jan got next to me on my other side and lightly fingered my balls, the inside tops of my thighs and round my arse and ran her fingertip lightly up my shaft, catching that exquisite spot under its head. She lightly stroked my hairy chest and bent to lick the head of my cock. I grunted with sudden sex pleasure and my shaft strained hard.

Jan got Katy to lube her hand with some hand cream, telling her that was the way to give a deluxe hand job feeling just like a juicy vagina. Following Jan’s instructions Katy wrapped her hand round my shaft, squeezing just right, then she began the exquisite stroking and tugging, catching the big soft head of my penis just like her mother told her.

As Katy knelt next to me stroking me off her young breasts bobbed above me with the rhythm of her stroking hand. Kneeling like that put her in just the right position for me to fondle her bottom and thighs and for me to slide my hand between her legs to fondle her cunt and reach right up to her bottom and tickle her between her cheeks – she liked that! Katy’s petite hand, her soft young body to play with and knowing it was her first time added an edge of excitement, and adding to my sex pleasure Jan carried on lightly stroking my balls, my inner thighs and my arse. I made sure I put on a good show for Katy, showing my appreciation with lots of gasping, grunting, thrusting and squirming!

“Mum!” Katy cried after she’d treated me to exquisite long minutes of pleasure. “He’s gone really stiff! Is he coming?”

“Slow down girl. Just with your thumb and forefinger across the base of his head … that’s right!”

Katy’s thumb and forefinger stroking across the base of my knob took me through real slow. I clutched Katy’s bottom and thrust my hips up involuntarily in the fuck reflex as my orgasm rose. Katy squealed with excitement as I spurted my load deliciously right up my chest.

“Oooooh! Is that semen? Mum I’ve done a hand job!”

As I lay there panting Jan picked up Katy’s white cotton knickers and used them to wipe my semen off my belly before it trickled down onto Katy’s bed cover.

“Men are so messy, dear. Sex is always best with no clothes on.”

But Katy was too excited to leave it at that, and my fingers between her legs had done their job.

“Mum. I’ve got to … I’ve got to, now. I’m so excited.”

As Katy spoke her hand slid down between her legs and through her bush, and she began to play with her pussy. She gave a moan of pleasure, flopped back on her bed and spread and folded up her legs, then she started pleasuring herself. Few things turn me on more than watching a woman masturbate, and watching Katy’s breasts bounce and her bum cheeks quiver as her hand worked her labia and clitoris was starting to get my erection up again even though I’d just jerked a load. As she played with bayrampaşa escort herself it was her turn to grunt, gasp, squeal and squirm with sex pleasure. Katy’s eyes had been closed but suddenly she looked straight at me.

“Touch me! Touch me! My pussy! My tits!”

I knelt on the bed next to Katy as she masturbated and tickled the inside tops of her thighs, between her legs, round her arse and along the juice soaked flesh between her arse and vagina. I bent over Katy to lick, kiss and suck her nipples and as I did I felt Jan’s hand tickling its way down the valley between my bum cheeks and reaching under me from behind to fondle my balls and shaft from underneath, putting the final touches to stiffening up my cock again.

Katy was so aroused she came quickly. She thrust her hips up spasmodically, her legs folded up as if she was trying to pull a guy fucking her deeper into her, and she shrieked out a loud orgasm cry. When I’d discovered masturbation as a boy I’d stifled my grunts and worried about the sound of my bed rattling in case my parents heard and knew I was wanking. If Katy shrieked like that every time she masturbated to a climaxed her parents must have guessed what she was up to. I like women who’re noisy during sex and I could imagine the effect hearing his daughter masturbate had on her father! After her orgasm Katy lay on her back breathing hard, holding both her hands cupped over her cunt.

“Oh Mum! You were so right. It’s so much better pleasuring myself when a man’s playing with me”

“Mummy knows all about sex, dear. Now shall I show you something else daddy likes that won’t get you pregnant.”

I was standing next to Katy’s bed with my newly hard up cock sticking straight out in front of me. Jan got on all fours on the bed, bent forward and began licking the head of my penis, flicking her tongue across my nozzle. Katy gasped.

“Oooooh Mum! Is that what they call sucking off? I can’t imagine you licking daddy’s cock like that!”

“You’ d be surprised what daddy likes, girl! Watch this!”

Jan licked my penis head and took my knob into her mouth to massage it with her lips and tongue. Katy got off the bed, stood next to me to watch her mum, and snuggled against me so her juice sodden bush brushed against my thigh and her soft breasts pressed against my arm. I fondled her soft smooth bottom and her breasts.

“Is it nice if I touch you while my mum sucks you?”

Without waiting for my reply Katy reached down to lightly stroke my balls and to fondle my backside. Then my hands explored daughter’s exquisite young naked body and mother’s bare shoulders and back and I ran my fingers through her hair, while Katy’s fingers tickled my bum, thighs and balls. Jan rocked rhythmically back and forth with her big heavy breasts swinging just above the bed cover and her wet lips sliding smoothly and tightly up and down the length of my shaft. Jan’s nose touched my pubes at one end of her strokes and her lips just kissed the tip of my shaft at the other. And as Jan’s lips slid up and down her daughter’s fingers followed her mum’s lips stroking the taut skin of my shaft. Katy was a fast learner!

After ages of exquisite sex pleasure my load spurted into Jan’s mouth. I let out a grunt every bit as loud as Katy’s orgasm shriek as I came, and Katy squealed as I dug my fingers into her bottom to pull her against me. I pushed Jan backwards in my orgasm thrust as I involuntarily tried to shove my penis as far down her throat as I could as I filled Jan’s mouth with fresh spurted semen. Finally I let Katy’s bottom go and stepped back with my penis swinging limp as I pulled it out of Jan’s mouth.

“Will you wank over me?” asked Katy, getting back onto the bed. “I’ll do dirty poses for you like in those pictures daddy looks at. Oh please! I’ve never watched a man masturbate.” But regretfully Jan reminded her daughter it was getting close to when her father might be back from work. “Oh mum! Perhaps next time?”

Katy was so aroused I think if it hadn’t been for her mum she would have spent the whole of the rest of the day pleasuring herself and hand-jobbing and sucking off my cock. I left Katy just before her father arrived home, with a fully repaired bicycle, as a wiser young lady, and with a well satisfied smile on her sweet young face!

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