Fascination Drives Me Wild

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You are my friend. We had our first children together. But we’ve always, even before the kids, had mad sexual friction. You’ve always been in love with your man, and I’ve had several. But we’ve always joked and poked about running away with each other.

It doesn’t help that you are beautiful. And I’ve been fascinated by you for a long time. I’ve often thought about caressing and rubbing your small round breasts, as they peep through low cut t-shirts.

I’ve thought about your random sexual connotations through touch or words. I’ve felt you lightly pat my pussy mound through a dress when I teasingly said my new baby was lower.

I’ve also thought about ramming your body up against a wall somewhere quiet, unzipping your pants or lifting up your skirt just enough to slide one eager finger down your pussy and right onto your labia.

I’ve thought of you trying to resist just little and needing to hold your hands behind your head as I gently stroke you side to side. You’re so wet showing me that deep down you like it.

Your restrain relaxes and you start wiggling your hips against my pointer finger. I slowly slide it down your inner lips and right into you wet pussy. Oh god it feels soo good.

In and out a few times and you moan with pleasure. Out of nowhere you reach down and grab my face kissing me ferociously. I slip my finger back onto your hard clit and I rub up and down. During a long kiss I move a hand up and down your side and cup the bottom of your breast.

You put your hands willingly back above your head and arch your neck back in ecstasy. I slide my hand quickly over your breast and hard nipple I can feel through your shirt, and up and down your gorgeous neck, pulsing with the rhythm of your hump. I take my finger and swirl your clit once or twice slowing things down as I take to your breasts.

I gently move both my hand up and down your body, meeting at your round breasts, still under a tightly fitted shirt. You move your hand gently down my stomach and deep into my pants where my dripping wet panties cling to my damp slit. poker oyna You press my panties up into my wet pussy, holding my mound, in your hand.

I squeeze your breasts with my thumb and pointer, edging up the circumference to your areola, and start humping your hand. You use most of your fingers just rubbing the outside of my pussy lips in slow circles forcing me to back off, while you anticipation of your hardening nipples. You want me to touch them but I don’t. I slide your shirt up and your breasts fall into my hands. I massage them kissing your chest. I lightly brush a finger over one of your nipples and you shudder with surprise. You pull my panties aside and just as quick insert a finger right up my ready pussy. You use your thumb to start masturbating my clit. I lightly brush your other nipple. And you shudder again. You’re fingering starts getting more intense. I leave one breast hanging and slip my fingers down your pants and over your clit again. I start tossing it side to side gently and you start pumping your hips toward me. I start pumping my hips too and inadvertently start using your leg thigh to help you rub me.

You are shaking with the desire to cum at my re-established touching of your swollen clit. I pinch your nipple and your arch your back again. I move my hand quickly to your other breast and pinch that one. I move my hand back to your other nipple and start stroking your nipple with my thumb and finger as if I’m jacking you off.

Then I start on your clit and with my finger and thumb roll your clits hardness between my fingers and start slowly moving in and out. I’m humping your flat hand. Your other hand reaches around and grabs my breast kneading it and pumping it. You’ve got your eyes closed and I’m ready to cum. I moan a bit as things get rowdier and you slip your fingers inside my pussy, fucking me.

I do the same and we’re pounding each other’s holes and pumping each other’s breasts and we both breath hard and cum in unison, shuddering with delight and slumping onto each other up against the wall, maybe a wall around the canlı poker oyna back of your house, while everyone is inside casually chatting over after-dinner party drinks.

Sometimes I imagine a scene where we’re lying in a bed after the girls have gone to sleep for nap time, just casually chatting, and I just roll on top of you. I straddle your beautiful hips and rip your shirt off before you even know what’s going on.

Your eyes understand as I rub your upper torso sliding my hands unassumingly up and over and then down over your breasts. Your nipples stand up at sensation. And you buck your hips ever so gently. I squeeze your nipples between my fingers and massage your breasts with my hands. You close your eyes and smile.

You reach forward and unbutton my shirt and cup my breasts as they come tumbling out into the air. You gently squeeze them like I’m squeezing yours. You tickle them too, so I start tickling your breasts and you giggle. I move my hands down your body and simultaneously my breasts away from your grasp.

I start slipping down your sweat pants and find out you’re not wearing panties. You grab one of your tits without thinking and stroke it. Your mound of hair and bone just sits there, rocking up and down ever-so-slightly, waiting. I slip off my pants and you notice I didn’t wear panties either. I climb slowly back up your legs rubbing your calves and thighs, sliding my fingers so close to your pussy that I tickle your hairs.

I climb right up so that my pussy hovers just above yours. I slide a finger down and feel my own pussy lips, already wet as can be. I curve my back and grab a breast and start moaning quietly. You’re shocked to see me start to masturbate right on top of you.

You want to feel too so you slide a finger down and slip it into my wet pussy. That drives me wild and I start pumping up and down. Our pussies touch once or twice each time sending such chills up and down our bodies. You’re massaging your other tit. And I’ve got mine.

I stop out of nowhere and remove your hand to your side holding it there. internet casino I look down at your mound pumping up and down ever so slightly and kiss it with my pussy lips. You arch up. I kiss it again and slowly settle right down so we can feel each other’s wetness all over each other. I start humping you and you start humping me and we’re grinding pussies together.

And I start massaging your nipples and you’re grabbing the sheets. And I’m humping your pussy bone and I’m about to come. We’re moving faster and faster and you reach a finger down under my thigh, and stick it in your own pussy. How exhilarating to feel you masturbating yourself while we hump pussies.

I sit up, you take over on your breast, and I stop pumping. I slide my finger down and start masturbating myself. We are pussy to pussy and can feel each other’s hands masturbating our own throbbing clits. I roll off of you before I come and ask you to sit up and face me. So we face each other and spread our legs and resume rubbing. We lean back and both arch our necks in delight. We look up only to gaze into each other’s wet pussies.

I love watching you masturbate, to see you find your spots, and tease them. I also love you watching me and watch as you get turned on as I rub a little faster. We both know we’re turning each other on and it stimulates us even more.

You start circling your clit with your one finger while looking me in the eye now, and you slap it a few times. I slap my clit in return and hump my pointer. We’re both on the verge, eyes locked watching mouths, shuddering jaws. I suddenly sit upright and come in really close so that our masturbation is all intertwined.

I wrap my legs over yours and our pussies are so close together. We switch without even thinking of it and are holding each other’s bodies close together as we finger each other in and out, faster and faster.

We can hear the slosh and squish of each other’s juices and almost touch pussy lips. Sooo hot. I reach around and grab your breast squeezing. You arch and cum immediately. I follow along, and we both collapse back onto the maybe its hotel bed we rented while on vacation somewhere normal, like maybe on a business trip as we sometimes collaborate on projects. My fascination toward you is driving me wild, as you can see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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