Friendly Breast Exam

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It all seemed so innocent and not sexual in any way.

I am married and have many married female friends. One of my closest friends, also in her mid-40’s called me at work last Wednesday saying she needed me to come by her house; she had something she needed to talk to me about. She sounded upset but would not elaborate over the phone. She stressed that she didn’t want her husband to be home at the time of my visit so we agreed to meet at her house around 3:30 Thursday afternoon.

I kept playing the conversation over and over in my head. What was making Kerri so upset and why did she not want her husband home when we talked?

I nervously arrived just after 3 pm and she opened the door and let me in. Kerri was in a silk bathrobe and had a clean smell. I could tell she had been crying but she quickly turned and walked into the house, her body language told me to follow her.

We walked into the family room and she sat on a chair and I sat opposite her on a small couch. I asked her what was wrong and she paused before speaking.

“I think I’ve found a lump in my right breast” Kerri said. I was stunned.

“I’m sure it’s nothing Kerri, have you been to a doctor?” I asked.

“No, I just found it yesterday in the shower and I’m scared to death.”

Kerri knew that I had had a similar scare a few years earlier and it turned out to be a benign cyst that later went away on it own, she thought of me as soon as she found the lump. She told me she didn’t know who else to call. After several minutes of me trying to calm her fears there was a pause in the discussion. I didn’t actually know what else to say. I was not ready for what she asked me next:

“Can I ask you to do me a favor?”; “Sure”, I said.

“Will you feel of the lump and tell me if you think it’s like yours was?”

All I could see in her eyes was fear and although I had never felt of another woman’s breast it seemed as natural as rain to do what I could to take away her fears.

Because the situation was a bit awkward I said “Are you sure?” Kerri had a one word reply: “Please”.

Kerri stood and walked toward me. She looked down and unfastened her robe and pulled the shiny material to the side to reveal her right breast.

I’m no prude, and in fact, my husband often suggests the idea of me being with another woman, and I had often fantasized about an innocent afternoon of lovemaking with Kerri, but it’s always been a fantasy that helps me get off while masturbating or while my husband fingers me, but it was just that, a fantasy.

Kerri’s breast was the perfect shape. I would guess that she wears a C or D cup bra but I’m not sure. I remained seated and she stood close enough that her bare breast was only a few inches from my face. I could feel the heat in my face as I blushed but I didn’t want her to know of my feelings so I quickly poker oyna reached up and put one hand on each side of her breast. I suddenly got lost in what I was doing and for a few seconds I realized I was caressing her breast and not feeling for the lump.

I was brought out of my stupor when Kerri took my right hand and pushed it harder into her breast flesh just above her nipple. “There, do you feel that lump?” she asked.

I pushed a bit harder and she removed her hand. I moved my fingertips in a slow circle, trying to detect a lump and trying to keep my mind on what I was doing. My mind wandered to all of the mental pictures of me stroking Kerri in my dreams.

I rubbed my fingers in a wider circle now and stroked across her nipple. I kept pushing as the circle went across her nipple which was quickly getting harder and harder. I then heard a soft moan and looking up to her I saw she had her eyes closed. Oh how badly I wanted to lean forward and take her nipple in-between my lips and suck. I could tell my own nipples were hard and I was very wet as what started out as an innocent, clinical touching was turning quickly into a groping session.

She broke my sexual thoughts by speaking: “Do you feel anything?”

“No, I don’t”, I had to tell her.

“Compare it to my other breast” Kerri said as she let the other shoulder of her robe slip down, exposing the other half of the perfect pair. I felt a throb between my legs and could tell my clitoris needed to be touched.

I put a hand on each breast now and massaged them in an identical circular pattern. Around and around each nipple till each was very firm. I wondered if Kerri was turned on at all or was I totally misreading the signals.

Suddenly I felt something wet on my fingers and realized her right nipple was leaking milk. Kerri felt the change in the way I was touching and opened her eyes and apologized: “Sorry about that, I still produce milk when I massage them.”

It was one of the sexiest things I ever saw and told her not to apologize. I never breast fed my children so seeing the milk was a new experience. A few more drops coated her nipple and I kept up my circular massaging.

Kerri moaned after a few more strokes. I apologized, asking if I was hurting her. She said “no.. it doesn’t hurt at all, in fact, it feels really good.” She didn’t open her eyes when she talked but she did blush.

I started to squeeze her breasts with each hand now, turning my touching from less clinical to more sexual. I was very turned on and was not afraid of my feelings.

A few more drops of milk leaked from her right breast and I watched as it ran down her breast and partially down her stomach. I wanted to taste it but didn’t want to remove my hands from each of her warm breasts.

I massaged harder now, using my hands to make love to her breasts. She moaned canlı poker oyna again and I asked her if I was squeezing too hard. She again told me how good it felt.

Out of the blue Kerri volunteers some information: “Chris and I have not been intimate for about 2 months. I might be enjoying this too much”.

I looked up at her and saw her eyes were open and fear had been replaced by passion.

I told Kerri that I too was enjoying what I was doing and was glad I could make her feel better.

She stepped a bit closer and I took that as my cue to include my mouth in the pleasure I was giving. I pulled her left breast closer to my mouth and very softly I took her hard left nipple between my lips. It seemed to be an eternity and I was totally taken back by all the sensations that flowed over my body. I could hear my own heartbeat in my ears and I was extremely turned on at this point.

Another moan came from Kerri’s lips and I sucked harder. I used my tongue to make quick laps around her left nipple and then I would suck the wetness. Kerri slowly let her hands wander down her robe and as I sucked her left breast I watched her fingers slowly stroke across her panty covered pubic mound. Her robe was hanging from her bend arms and did little to cover her now.

I watched as she rubbed herself and could see her grind her pelvis to add pressure to her moist fingers. Her white lacy panties showed a wet slit. I slid my head to the left and opened my mouth to accept her milk coated nipple. The milk was sweeter than I imagined and I sucked eagerly.

Her right breast seeped more milk as I suckled her and she moaned now with each breath. There she stood, masturbating on top of her panties as I sucked on each of her breasts. Back and forth I went, trying in my own way to push her closer to an orgasm if that was what she wanted.

Her hand rubbed vigorously now and then she slid her hand up her body and back down inside her panties. I got a bit of her scent and it just increased the passion of the moment.

I sucked like there was no tomorrow, sometimes with my eyes closed, other times with them open as I watched her finger motion inside her panties. She was rubbing up and down her slit and then she would occasionally make circles directly over where I thought her clit might be.

I moved my hands down to her knees and started stroking her thighs as I kept her boob in my mouth. The extra touching caused her to moan loudly now with each exhaled breath.

I knew she wasn’t far away so I stroked my hand up and down her thighs and then reaching around her, up and over her panty covered ass. This pushed her higher and I knew she was only a few strokes from cumming. I brought my hands back to her breasts and massaged them firmly as I sucked on her left nipple. This was the final stroke she needed and her knees buckled slightly internet casino as she started the familiar moans of an orgasm.

I lost track of time briefly as I was consumed in touching as many sensitive parts of her body as possible to make her orgasm the best she’d ever had. I suddenly wanted to be her only lover and be a better lover than she had ever experienced. My emotions took over and I began to cry. I don’t know why but me bringing her to an orgasm that way had a tremendous emotional impact on me.

Her fingers gradually moved slower and her loud moaning turned to softer sighing. I slowed my touching to match hers and then removed my hands and mouth from her breasts as she slid her slick fingers up and out of her panties.

“Whew! I wasn’t expecting that!” Kerri said.

“Neither was I”, I said.

After another awkward moment of silence Kerri backed up and sat on the chair where she started. She didn’t look at me but kept her eyes closed as she laid back and relaxed. I tried to drink in as much of the picture in front of me.

I laid back on my own couch and pulled up my skirt and began to slowly stroke my own wet panties. I knew I’d not have any problems cumming and I had no reservations. My hormones had totally taken over and it seemed so natural to masturbate in front of Kerri, especially after what she had just done in front of me.

I was extremely horny and watched as Kerri laid back on the chair, she opened her eyes and smiled as I stroked myself.

I pushed my right hand down inside my panties and ran my fingertip between my very slick and wet lips. My clit was hard and needing my attention.

I stroked up and down my wetness, looking at Kerri’s nude body, wishing I could taste her, wishing she would taste me, wishing she and I would ravish each others body, and as each of these mental pictures flew through my mind I got closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.

I closed my eyes, remembering the image of her fingers under the slick material of her panties and I felt my body slide over the top of my sexual tension and begin to release it all as I was washed with wave after wave of orgasm convulsions.

I laid very still for several minutes, my eyes closed now, until I opened them to find Kerri’s soft smile and warm eyes looking at me. We both composed ourselves and talked as if nothing had happened. Kerri said she was going to make a doctor’s appointment.

We put on a pot of water to have tea and a few minutes later her husband arrived from work. I felt very out of place and told them I must be on my way. Kerri walked me to the door and after the normal goodbyes she said “Thanks for everything. We’ll have to get together again soon”.

As the door closed behind me and I turned to walk away I thought of the possibilities and said out loud: “yes we will, we certainly will.”

I went home and masturbated to another intense orgasm and then made love to my husband that night and had two more. I have no desire to let him know of mine and Kerri’s secret and I can only hope it all happens again, very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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