Friendly Gathering Ch. 02

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(Part 1 – alternate ending)

René and I were less than halfway home, when René said, “Do you think they were ready for everyone to leave?”

I looked at her, she looked back at me, then I turned the car around. Though their living room light was still on, we sat in the car for a minute. Fifteen minutes had passed since we left.

“We’ll just play it cool,” René said.

“I am curious about how they felt about what happened, and having it happen in their house.”

“Me too,” René nodded, then waited for my lead in getting out of the car. We slightly heard some moving around as I knocked. A minute later, Mark peeked out the window to see who was there, then another minute passed. We were starting to feel we had made a mistake in returning when Mark opened the door and stood back for us to come in. He was still in just his boxers. “We just wanted to make sure you guys were cool with tonight,” I said noticing Rochelle in just her panties, leaning in a doorway to the kitchen.

“Were you?” Mark closed the door with a grin.

“With each step we took further, I couldn’t believe what we were doing,” René laughed, “and that everybody was so cool about it.”

“By the way,” I had to ask, “we didn’t interrupt, did we?”

Carla came from behind Rochelle with a digital camera, still naked, “Actually, you can help us out.”


(Part 2)

“Help you out how?” I raised an eyebrow. I really didn’t care if Carla answered the question or not, as long as she kept standing there. A smile slid across my face, looking at her 38D breasts stood firm. Her slim, hourglass figure was stirring another erection. Given the events to this point, there was no need to hide it.

Mark left the door, and walked over to the couch, “Have you guys ever taken pictures of each other?”

“Freaky pictures?” René asked.

“Not necessarily freaky, but at least nude,” Rochelle took Mark’s arms and sat on the couch.

I saw René blush before I answered, “We snap a few pictures.”

“What did you do with them?” Carla sat on the ottoman she had been sitting on before, with a big smile.

I shrugged my shoulders, “We saved them.”

“Y’all sit down,” Rochelle urged. “Do you want some more to drink?”

“Rum and Coke, please,” René sat on the loveseat.

I sat beside her, “I’m fine right now.”

Rochelle went to the kitchen. A gorgeous ass capped off the toned legs Mark showed off to the group. Her cheeks were almost perfectly round, and they swayed with each step.

Mark clinked the ice cubes in his glass after taking a drink, “I found a website a while ago. It’s for amateurs to post nude pictures of themselves. Rochelle and I looked at it for a while, then we got into posting. It’s been a lot of fun.”

“I had been posting on the site for a while,” Carla smiled as she crossed her legs. “Rochelle and I had been working out together, and she was looking at me strange one time when we got out of the shower. She didn’t want to say what was up, but I keep pressuring her. Finally she said that someone that looks like me was posting pictures on a site Mark found. I was scared to death,” she laughed. “I never posted my face, and I never thought one of my friends would find out about the site.”

Rochelle came back and handed René her drink, “I got scared too, because if it wasn’t her I had some serious explaining to do.”

“Truth be told,” Mark joined in, “Rochelle and I had some nice moments in front of the computer with her pictures on the screen.”

Rochelle nudged his side, “But I didn’t want to come out and tell her that!”

“We dance and skirt our way to admitting that we both had posted on the site, and then have a good laugh about it.”

“Since then we had been talking about either doing pictures together, or having Mark take pictures of her.”

Carla said, “I was always using my camera phone, or the self-timer.”

“After everything that went down tonight,” Mark said, “we said why not go for it now?”

Rochelle smiled, “Part of me was hoping you would come back, René, since you started the whole thing.”

“Don’t put it on me!” René swallowed a sip.

“You flashed the men in the kitchen!”

“Yeah, but I’m still not taking responsibility for what happened,” René laughed. “Lately I’ve flashed Deron while in public, but I never thought I’d do it around people I know.”

“It was so organic, y’know?” Carla smiled, “It was like everyone was looking for something like this to happen, and hopped on once it started rolling.”

“It was wild,” I shook my head. “Definitely fun.”

“Then every body left so quick. Think we’ve damaged the group?” Mark asked.

“I don’t think so – they came back for more?” Rochelle smiled, as Mark puts his arm around her and enveloped her left breast in his hand.

“When folks started leaving, I thought you had a sad look on your face for a second,” said Mark.

“I did, but I didn’t expect anyone to come back,” Rochelle said with a bit of a drawl as Mark’s fingers were having an affect on her. “You poker oyna must have been kind of sad about the evening coming to an end too.”

René and I were both hesitant to spill our business, but we did come back for a reason. René spoke up just before I did, “We’ve been exploring little by little. Deron had asked me to dress sexier and sexier the last few times we’ve gone out, and I’ve enjoyed the attention I’ve gotten. Rochelle, you know I’ve never been one for tight or revealing clothes.”

“No, you haven’t.”

“But it’s been fun, and I feel safe doing it with Deron around.”

I laughed, “And she loves how it turns me on.”

“We’ve had some fantastic nights after we’ve gotten back home.”

Rochelle grinned, “You enjoy putting your wife out there as a hoochie that much?”

“You made him blush!” Carla laughed.

“Not as a hoochie! just a little more risqué than usual,” I explained.

“Relax, my husband gets off on a lot worse,” she kissed his lips

“Yeah, let’s flip this around to what we walked in on.”

“I was about to take some pictures of Rochelle and Mark together, and then get a few taken of my own.”

“Wait; first things first,” Mark waved his hand. “If you are going to stay, you are awfully overdressed.”

“Are we going to stay, baby?” René looked at me.

I shrugged, “Why turn back now?”

René grinned, and slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I unbuttoned my shirt, and unfastened my pants. René stood up and lifted her dress over her head. She sat back down in just her panties.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm,” Mark shook his head.

“I agree,” Carla smiled.

“Hurry it up over there,” Rochelle chided me.

I laughed, kicking off my shoes and standing up. “So impatient,” I slid my pants down, and gave her a peek at my half-hard dick.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” she curled her body to Mark’s.

Mark smiled, “We can take some of you two too.”

“Sounds good to me,” I looked at René.

“Me too,” she smiled.

Carla got up, “We were going to take them in the dining room.”

Rochelle and Mark got up after her, and we followed them. There was a bowl of vanilla pudding, and a bottle of chocolate syrup on the dining room table. There were also a few hand towels on the table. I pulled a chair away from the table and sat down.

“My idea was to have Mark eat pudding off Rochelle’s body,” Carla smiled. “I thought that would be hot.”

“That is hot,” René sat on my lap.

Mark helped Rochelle lay back on the table. “Are you ready?” he asked getting the bowl of pudding.

“That stuff is still warm, right?”

Mark poured the pudding from the bowl onto her breasts. He set the bowl aside, and began licking it off. Carla moved in for closer shots. René and I could hear the sounds of Mark eating the pudding off Rochelle, and soon we could hear Rochelle moaning. René’s hand began moving over my back.

“Lean back just a little, so I can get a good shot of her nipple,” Carla instructed, then kept snapping pictures of Mark’s tongue slowly circling her nipples.

From where René and I were sitting, we could see Rochelle’s legs opening wider as she moaned the more Mark licked off the pudding. Carla told him to switch sides.

“Are you doing all right?” René asked.

Rochelle laughed, “Girl, I am so good.”

Mark squeezed the syrup in a spiral onto Rochelle’s breast. He set the bottle down, and pinches her other nipple as he starts licking. The sensations made Rochelle shudder, then open her legs wider.

I looked at René’s face, and she was paying real close attention to what was going on. I noticed her areolas had drawn up, and her nipples were hard. I rub my palm over her nipples, and she digs her nails into my back a little. I lick the nipple closest to my mouth. She moaned, and turned a little so I could suck it.

“What are you to doing over there?” Carla looked away from the camera for a second.

“This is so hot,” René sighed, not really answering her question.

Carla went back to giving periodic instructions to Mark, and snapping pictures. With René’s nipple in my mouth, I could still hear and see what was happening on the table. Mark had licked about half of his spiral off. Rochelle’s body was responding to Mark’s tongue and fingers, and she put her hands on her thighs.

“Look how wet she is,” René whispered to me.

Rochelle’s pussy was clearly glistening, and her clit was starting to poke from under her hood. I moved my hand from René’s breast, and rub her leg.

Carla moved around to get pictures, and saw Rochelle’s fingers moving closer to her pussy. “Go ahead girl, touch it,” she softly directed.

Mark looked up to see what Carla was talking about. We all saw two of her fingers start making slow circles on her clit.

Carla snaped away, “These pictures are going to be great, aren’t they?”

“You’re really going to post these?”

Mark smiled, “We may save some for our private collection.” He lowers his head back to her nipple, and Rochelle canlı poker oyna let out a loud moan.

“We should have a video camera for this!” Carla said, standing on a chair for an aerial angle.

I moved my hand up René’s leg, and she parted them so I could reach her pussy. I felt her wetness through her panties, and looked at her. She cracked a smile, and laid a deep kiss on me. I rubbed up and down along her lips, and went back to sucking her nipple.

Rochelle was using both hands on herself now. With one hand she was holding her hood back, and with the other she was increasing the speed of the delicate circles on her clit. Her moans were getting louder and louder. Carla put the camera down, and leaned over the table between Rochelle’s legs. She moved Rochelle’s hands from her thighs, and lowered her head to her pussy. Rochelle’s body immediately drew up. She bent her knees to put her feet on the table as Carla’s head moved slightly. We couldn’t see what Carla was doing, but Rochelle’s reaction to it was getting stronger and stronger. Mark’s attention to her nipples and Carla’s attention to her pussy pushed Rochelle into a loud orgasm. Carla stood up and wiped her mouth on a towel, “Okay, lets get some shots of her sucking your dick.”

René and I were in a small state of shock. For them it seemed normal, but we’d never seen – or thought we’d see – a woman licking another woman like that.

Mark cleaned all the syrup off her breast, and stood up. His boxers were tented, and there was a wet spot where the tip of his dick was. He pulled down his waistband, and Rochelle turned her head to kiss his tip. He took a step back to pull his boxers off, then laid back on the table.

I actually felt René get wetter. While still watching the table, she began rubbing her other nipple.

Rochelle gripped the base of Mark’s dick, then held the bottle up high to pour a stream of chocolate over it. She kept pouring as she moved her hand up and down a few times, then put the bottle aside. Her hand and his dick were covered in syrup. She leaned over and began tasting it. Every time Rochelle’s lips touched Mark’s tip, he shuddered a little.

“Oh shit,” Carla said as she shifted positions to take the picture. Then she grabbed one of the hand towels, and dabbed it between her legs. “You two got me leaking like crazy!”

“There’s a flood over here!” I rubbed René’s pussy faster.

“We’re a hit, baby!” Mark smiled at Rochelle.

She responded by washing her tongue over his chocolate-coated nuts, and sliding her fingers inside her pussy. She ran her lips and tongue along the bottom of his dick. Carla snaped pictures of Rochelle as she shook and jerked, but never took her hands off her pussy. When her body calmed down, she let out a laugh.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Mark clapped. “I love seeing that shit!”

“I don’t believe I just did that in front of an audience. I guess I’m officially a freak now,” she laughed harder.

“Welcome to the dark side,” Carla laughed, “Make yourself at home!”

Rochelle turned her head back to Mark’s dick. “Let me take care of this wonderful piece of mahogany while I still have some strength.” She kissed the tip a few times, then shifted to take him in her mouth. Mark put his hands on the table to brace himself, and fucked Rochelle’s lips. He smoothly moveed his dick in and out of her mouth. With each thrust it came out wetter and wetter.

“Suck that dick, girl!” René cheered her on.

Carla snapped a few pictures, then told Mark to grab her hair. “Now take your dick and tap it on her lips,” she said snapping a few more

Mark grabbed his dick close to his nuts, and hit Rochelle’s lips with his shaft. She pouted her lips to exaggerate the act, and Carla had to stop to dab herself again. “We’re going to need to wrap this up soon.”

“As good as her mouth was feeling, that won’t be a problem,” Mark turned Rochelle’s head, and pushed his dick back into her mouth. He began moving his hips again, but this time Rochelle moved her head to meet his strokes. She also started rubbing her clit again. Mark put his knee on the table, and leaned over Rochelle a little to give her an easier angle to suck his dick.

“Damn, why can’t we have a video camera for this?” Carla snapped more pictures.

Mark’s groans, and Rochelle’s moans grew louder, until Mark stiffened. His body jerked, then shook, then jerked again. Rochelle squeezed her legs together as she had another orgasm.

René grabbed my head, and drove her tongue into my mouth.

“Put some on her lips,” I heard Carla instruct. “Oh yeah, that’s hot!”

René turned her body to me more, and our kiss grew deeper. I guided her to shift so that she was straddling my lap, then I grabbed two handfuls of her ass.

She broke the kiss and moaned in my ear, “I need you to fuck me, right now!”

“I’m going to fuck you hard.”

“You’d’ better!” she got off my lap, and whipped off her panties. Behind her I could see Rochelle and Mark watching, and Carla snapping pictures. René either internet casino didn’t know, or didn’t care, as she pulled my boxer briefs down to my ankles. I kicked them off as she got in position to sit on my dick.

“Wait a second,” Carla rushed to the side of us to get pictures of her hovering pussy.

I grabbed my dick, and tapped her clit, “You like that don’t you?”

René flinched with each tap, “You’d better stop messing with me,” she moaned.

I slapped her cheek, “Why?”


“Why should I stop?” I slapped her other cheek.

Carla moved from beside us to kneel behind René, “Let him have it, girl?”

René snatched my hand off my dick, and slid down to my nuts, “Yessss!”

I never get tired of how her pussy felt when I first penetrate it. It was like a whole new world opening up to me – a soft, wet, warm world. She was so wet, I heard the squish of her juices as she grinded on me. I thought she might bounce up and down a few times, but she put her head to my shoulder and grinded harder.

“Fuck that dick!” Rochelle told her.

I slapped her cheeks and taunted her, “Yeah, fuck this dick! Fuck it hard, René! C’mon, fuck it hard!”

Each slap spurred her on. Soon she was going so hard, the chair started creaking. “I told you to stop fucking with me,” she panted. “I . . . told you . . . to . . . stop,” she came, hard. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she was biting her lip trying not to scream. Carla was over my shoulder capturing it all.

René released her lip and opened her eyes, “Damn,” she panted.

“Girl, you put it on him!”

“I never thought I would do that in front of other people,” René wiped her forehead.

“Amazing, ain’t it?”

As René and Rochelle traded nods, I felt her cum working its way down my nuts and told Carla to get some pictures of that. When she got in position, I spread René’s cheeks. Carla asked her to rise up a little, and snaps a few more. René started to get off me, but I pulled her back down, “Where you think you’re going?”

She groaned, “Nowhere.”

“That’s right,” I helped her rise a little, and pumped into her.

“Mark, we need to change cards,” Carla got up to hand the camera to him.

Mark left the room with the camera, and Carla sat beside Rochelle. They were watching us intently, and talking to each other.

“Damn, I love your nipples,” I said before taking one in my mouth. I heard René moan, and felt her hand on the back of my head. René and I were short-stroking, just to keep the fire going until we were ready for it to blaze again. I alternated between the two about four times, and was going back to her left one for the fifth time when I felt fingers blocking that nipple. I opened my eyes, and the fingers weren’t René’s. I recognized the burgundy nail polish from Carla’s hands, and leaned back.

René looked like she was in complete shock, but we didn’t stop stroking. I had to concentrate on not blowing my load at the sight of Carla’s hand on René’s titties.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Carla asked us. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“Hell naw, I don’t mind!” I damn near drool.

Carla steps closer, so René’s back slides up and down across her nipples. “Do you mind, René?” she slowly cups her right titty.

René’s shocked expression morphs into pleasure. She turns her head, “I don’t mind.”

Carla caresses René’s titties while looking right at me. “Your wife is beautiful. Honestly, I wanted to rub her girlfriends all night.”

“I can’t get enough of them either,” I clasped my hands on my head to enjoy the show. Carla was three shades lighter than my wife’s brown complexion. The contrast alone was intoxicating, and the circumstance only added more excitement to it.

“What th’ hell?” Mark’s mouth drops open when he came back.

“Shut up, and take the pictures,” Rochelle slaps at him.

Mark went around the chair, getting us from all angles. I asked him to make sure he got a close-up of Carla’s handfuls, and he told me not to worry.

Carla turns up the heat on René by licking her back and nibbling her shoulder. When her lips touch René’s neck and ears, René increases the speed on my dick as she hisses and groans.

“Have mercy on her, Carla!” Rochelle laughed.

René’s head was to the side, and her eyes shut, so I told her to look at me. She lifts her head, but her eyes were still closed. “Look at me!” She opens her eyes, and I saw a wonderful look of lust. I gave her a sudden pump, and she let out a scream. Carla intensifies her attention to René’s titties and neck. When I pump her again she covers Carla’s hands with hers, but does not take her eyes off me.

“Oh shit,” Mark stood over my shoulders and snap pictures. “Baby, you’ve got to see this!”

“Uh, I’m a little busy over here,” Rochelle answer.

“Busy with what?” Mark looked over from the camera.

“Busy with me! You just take their pictures, and I’ll see them later.”

I wanted to laugh at that exchange, but I had other issues to handle. “I’m about to fill you up, baby. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” she urgently nodded her head.

I truly couldn’t hold back any longer, and announce my release with a primal groan. René had me as far in her as I could go when she stopped moving.

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