Going to the City with Mr. Garvey

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This is the second story from Garvey’s Farm. Read my other story, My Friend Joe, before reading this one.


The story, and I got this straight from his younger sister, Jenny, is that when Joe Garvey came home on the night of his 18th birthday, his old man confronted him at the door, demanding to know where he was and who he was with.

“Was it one of your cocksucker friends?” he asked.

“I’m 18,” Joe replied. “I no longer have to tell you anything.”

His enraged father, who towered over his son, and just about everybody else, drew his muscular arm back and launched his calloused fist toward his son’s face. Joe easily sidestepped his father’s drunken swing, then smashed his own fist into the man’s right temple, sending him crashing to the oaken floor of the old farm house.

By the time Mr. Garvey came to, his son had loaded the eighteen previous years of his life, or as much of it as he wanted to preserve, into his olive, green Plymouth Duster, kissed his long-suffering mother goodbye, and put nearly ten miles between himself and his father’s farm.

Flash forward three years to when I worked on Garvey’s farm. Joe’s sister, Jenny, was fresh off her first year of college, and apparently feeling very liberated. She spilled the family secrets while we spilled our come all over her sweet face and pert young tits. Alone or in groups. It was all the same to her. She seemed to have an insatiable appetite for cocks, and all the boys working on the farm that Summer were happy to oblige.

There were several close calls with Mr. Garvey. Sometimes it was like Jenny was trying to get caught. In fact, one time in the barn when she was on her hands and knees giving my cock a workout, I glanced toward the door to see her father quickly turn away and leave the barn.

“Of fuck!” I said. “Your dad saw us.”

She paused just for a moment. “Good.”

On another occasion, she told me Joe had been with another boy up on round top, and while not saying outright what they had been up to, she seemed to imply that her brother was gay. That would certainly explain her fathers “cocksucker friend” reference. Okay. Whatever, I thought. I hadn’t given my own sexuality much thought. Thus far, I’d been perfectly satisfied, feeling up teenage girls and getting head from this sophisticated “older” woman. Still, I wondered how it felt to have your cock in another man’s mouth. Or vice versa.

For guys like me, the quickest route out of Nowheresville often leads through the military. If nothing else, I’d be far from here. I contacted the recruiter on my 18th birthday and they very helpfully arranged for me to stay at the YMCA in the city the next night, so I’d be fresh for some exams the following day. First though, I had to get there.

As luck would have it, several times each week, Mr. Garvey would load up the truck with freshly picked vegetables, and with one of the boys accompanying him, make the long drive to the produce yards in poker oyna the city. Once the truck was unloaded and the produce auctioned off, they turned right around and headed back home, usually arriving well past midnight. Whichever guy was lucking enough to “go to the city” with Mr. Garvey always came home with an extra $20. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. When I asked if him I could ride along on the next-day’s trip, Mr. Garvey eyed me up and down.

“I guess it’s your turn,” he said.

Next evening, from the cab of Mr. Garvey’s truck, I watched the hills roll past and wondered if I would ever return to them. I did, by the way. You always do. My reverie was broken when Mr. Garvey’s large right hand came to rest on the inside of my left leg. As I’ve said, he was a big guy and the truck cab was a little narrow, so it was probably just more comfortable to have it there, I thought. Like an armrest. An armrest feeling the nascent stirrings of an erection.

A few moments later, he slid his hand up my leg until it rested against my crotch. I gasped slightly and froze in place. What the hell was going on here? Mr. Garvey was staring straight ahead as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, my cock stiffened even more.

“I gotta’ pee,” he suddenly said. A few minutes later he wheeled the truck off the road into a wide, gravel-covered pullout. Mr. Garvey positioned the truck beneath some low-hanging trees, about thirty yards from the highway. The sun had set and when he killed the engine and lights, it was pitch black.

“Be right back,” he said, then gave my crotch a firm squeeze, before climbing out and slamming the door. In the still surroundings, his belt buckle jingled and a moment later his piss splashed onto the gravel.

My hand instinctively went to the bulge at the front of my jeans. What the hell was going on down there?

When he opened the door, Mr. Garvey was naked from the waist down. Before I could react, he climbed up into the cab and slid his huge body across the bench seat pinning me against the door. His hand went straight to my crotch and this time there was no doubt about his intentions.

“What are you doing?!” I said, trying to push him away. “Stop it.” His strong hand remained locked on my crotch, his grip becoming uncomfortably tight.

“You owe me, boy,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“You took something of mine.”

“I didn’t take anything.”

“You think I didn’t see you with your pecker in my little girl’s mouth?” he asked. “You and all those other boys? It’s payback time.”

“I don’t understand,” I said. But, I did understand.

“You understand perfectly,” he said. “Trust me, I know a cocksucker when I see one. Hell, I raised two of them. You’re just like that fairy son of mine.”

I wondered if he was thinking that when his fairy son knocked him out.

“He’s probably sucked half the cocks in the city by now,” he went on.

He loosened his grip and began rubbing canlı poker oyna my cock through my jeans as he leaned close. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Honestly, I couldn’t argue with that, and neither could my cock. I didn’t protest when he unsnapped my pants and tugged down the zipper. Next, he slid his hand down into my tighty whities to wrap his hand around my cock. My aching erection throbbed inside his firm grasp.

He glanced down at his own dick and I immediately took his meaning. I gripped its wide circumference with both hands and began to slowly stroke up and down his rigid shaft. What it lacked in length, it more than made up for in girth. When it stiffened to its full length it resembled a small soup can.

“Suck it, Joey,” he breathed, after a few minutes. “Just like she sucked you.”

Whoa! Lot’s to unpack there. Did he mean for me to suck his cock the way Jenny did to me in the barn, or was I still Joe?

He gave me no time to ponder the question as he forced me to the floor of the truck, positioning me on my knees between his wide-spread legs. He placed one of his large hands on the back of my head and pulled me toward him until my lips touched the head of his cock. I breathed in his scent. Not sweaty, even though he’d worked all day, but masculine, the way my own father sometimes smelled after work.

“Lick it, you little cocksucker.”

Again, I wasn’t a cocksucker. At the same time, licking wasn’t sucking, was it? I ran my tongue around the head, tasting his tangy precum, then tentatively sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth. It’s hard to explain what I was feeling, but it went something like ‘if this is being a cocksucker, sign me up’.

At that moment, though, Mr. Garvey pulled my head off of his cock. “I only said to lick it. If you want to suck my cock, you have to beg for it, cocksucker.”

Okay, I was already on my knees, and just then, being a cocksucker was looking pretty good. That’s when all the pieces of the Garvey family puzzle fell into place, and in a moment of pure inspiration, I said, “Please, give me your cock, Daddy. Stick it down my throat. Fuck my face until you come in my cocksucker mouth.”

Mr Garvey stared at me for a moment as if he’d seen a ghost. Then he shook it off, placed both of his hands on the back my head and forced my mouth down onto his cock. He kept pushing until it would go no further. He held me there for a moment before withdrawing his cock, only to then shove it deeper into my mouth. I managed to catch my breath between thrusts as again and again he rammed his thick cock into my face. Gradually, his breathing quickened and his hips bucked until I felt the first jet of his hot come splash against the back of my throat. He held my head in place as several more gushes flooded my mouth. More in self-defense rather than anything else, I swallowed his entire load.

After a few minutes, Mr. Garvey motioned me back onto the seat. He pulled off my pants and underwear and spread my legs wide. internet casino My throbbing cock stood at attention. He grasped my balls, then leaned down and took my entire cock into his mouth. Who’s the cocksucker now, I thought. He raised and lowered his head a few times, before pulling off. Then, he pushed my knees toward the ceiling, until I was flat on my back with my anus right in front of his face. His tongue darting out and began tracing circles around my asshole, sending shivers through my entire body. Soon, his hard tongue pushed insistently at my sphincter.

When I could barely stand any more, Mr. Garvey sat up and stuck his finger in his mouth. He worked it around and when he took it back out, it glistened with his saliva. He leaned down and took my cock into his mouth once again, swirling his tongue around the tender flesh just below the head. At the same time, he began inserting his thick finger into my virgin asshole. The further my cock sunk into his mouth, the deeper he thrust his finger inside me, until he was about two knuckles deep.

It was a little uncomfortable, but in combination with the blowjob, I was about ready to go off. Soon enough, I felt my climax build. He plunged his finger in an out of my ass, as I thrust my cock as deeply as I could into his mouth.

“I’m gonna come,” I moaned. At that instant though, Mr. Garvy wrapped his hand so tightly around my cock that for a moment, I couldn’t ejaculate. He pulled his mouth off of me, aimed my cock at his face and loosened his grip so that my hot sperm, splashed across his forehead and cheeks, before running down his face. After a moment he pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the sticky goo away.

We dressed, and traveled the rest of the way to the city, in silence. A million thoughts raced through my mind, foremost of which was ‘I have to do that again. Soon!’ Periodically, Mr. Garvey would raise his hand to his face and take a big whiff of his sperm-filled handkerchief, as if savoring the scent, or some memory associated with it.

We pulled up in front of the downtown YMCA, and before I could exit the truck, Mr. Garvey pulled a crinkled $20 from his pocket and flung it in my direction.

I opened the door and stepped out, leaving the money on the seat.

“Take the money,” he said. “All the others did.”

I paused to let that sink in. I’d like to say I slammed the door and walked away, leaving the money there. Or that I offered some cutting rejoinder such as “fuck you!”

“There’s guys in this building who’ll blow you, or more, for a lot less,” he said.

I picked up the money, slammed the door, and watched until the truck’s taillights disappeared from sight. Then, I turned my attention to my lodgings for the night.


Many years later, I was speaking with my cousin at a family reunion. He knew I’d worked on Garvey’s farm and thought I’d be interested to know that several years after the farm had been sold off for strip mining, Mr. Garvey had been snagged blowing some guy at a rest stop out on I-79. Without his ready supply of cocksuckers, I guess he had to look elsewhere. I wondered how his son, Joe, took the news that his father was a cocksucker – or had he always known?

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