Granny goes on a Boat trip

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To be honest after the night in the club everybody – even those on the beach were very kind and respectful – the odd kiss on the lips or rub of her bum was a far as they went – even her bikini bottoms were returned to her after her morning shower and one of the girls appeared one morning with a tub of cold cream – ok granny I think that cunt of yours must be in need of some TLC and with that she creamed up her hands and applied a good helping hand to Sue’s cunt arse and clit – by the time she was finished Sue’s nether regions felt so much better – but to be truthful when she was massaging her clit Sue did have two small climaxes!

It was the Wednesday of the second week Sue had got up at 10 am showered and had breakfast when Brian the oldest of the two brothers walked in – glad you up granny how’s the cunt today – better I hope – fine said Sue – but looking at his tanned body and when he bent over the fridge to get the milk out Sues clit gave a throb – god since she meet the boys this was the longest she had not been fucked – she might be old enough to be their granny but since they seemed to like fucking her, she has become accustomed to her needs being satisfied.

When her husband was around there was never a day when her tits / cunt was not being fingered or rubbed and she was fucked daily – she had only been married a week when her husband had come home with a package which looked as if it had come from a fashion store – I have noticed he said – you are wearing these new tights things – well to be frank – I don’t approve – kindly go and get them – with that Sue went to her bedroom gathered all the offending garments and returned to the lounge and on handing over her clothes was asked what are you wearing my dear – Sue lifted her dress showing off her tights and white knickers – take them off my dear- from now on you will be wearing stockings and suspenders and I don’t like those white plain knickers its only French Knickers from now – strip – Sue not wanting to displease her new husband stripped naked – put on the suspender belt and the fully fashioned stockings with seams down the back – the real lace French Knickers fitted her cunt and arse like a glove – before she had chance to put on her dress she was bent over the table her new knickers were pushed to one side and a hard cock was pushed straight into her cunt – bang – bang – bang his balls hit her arse then emptied deep into her cunt.

Now looking over at this tanned body reminded her of her late husband – her cunt started to leek and her clit throbbed getting up from the table she walked over to sink and washed her dish – standing there naked she bent over to put the dish into the washer making sure Brian had a good view of her arse – what have we got planned to day she asked him – the hand between her legs made her turn her head – well if you’re not sore we could always start off with a fuck.

They both had a shower bye now it was 2.30 in the afternoon Sue was satisfied and Brian’s cock was soft so both were happy – Sam one of the girls who they had meet since being there walked in – Sue do you remember the two police officers you meet – Sue blushing said of course – well their having a boat trip and we are invited but only if you come along.

It was a very hot day when Sue walked onto the boat she was in a new bottom half of a bikini so for modesty she had put a shawl round her shoulders to cover her tits – a police captain was the first to great them – please come and have a drink – lunch will be served when we have got to our destination and anchored.

It was a very friendly crowed there was plenty of drink and every one mixed well – Sue was standing by the bar when a face she recognised said hello – smiling back she said hi how you are – very well he said I’m glad you accepted our invitation as he spoke Sue mind started to clear, the face become into focus now where had she seen it before!

The boat came to a halt the anchor went down – ok we have arrived the captain said food will be served soon anyone who would like to swim feel free – with that people started to leap off the boat into the sea most were fit bodied but all were younger than Sue.
After lunch had been eaten which has consisted of true Spanish food – fish chicken and a various types of salad – all was delicious. People started to relax and some went again for a swim – but laying on a sun bed letting her food go down Sue fell asleep what seemed like 5 minutes but to be truthful was a good hour when water was thrown over her and a hand took each one of hers – common granny come for a swim you sleepy head, for the next 20 minutes Sue swam, played volley ball and generally joined in with the fun and games in the sea.

On returning to the boat and climbing aboard the sight which greeted her was a world away from what she had left – all the food and tables had been removed from the deck and large blow up mattresses had taken their place – Sue had been educated since husband had died in ways she only dreamed of but nothing could have prepared her for the sight she now witnessed – boys were sucking cocks – girls with strap-on cocks were fucking boys arses and groups of 3 – 4 and more were enjoying themselves.

Sue stood their looking on wondering what she did next when all of a sudden strong arms lifted he up and carried her to the middle mattress and she was lowered onto the cock of a very nice young man – come on granny take your place looking into the eyes of the young man under her she looked into the young man she meet at the bar looking closely she recognised where she know him from he was the other Policeman on the beach when she was baton fucked – smiling he said Hi glad to meet you again – then a voice in her ear said rank does have its privilege the rose hole is mine – it was voice of the captain who welcomed her onto the boat – the next 3 hours were a blur of cocks and cunts but then a very large cock went deep into her arse as she kneeled to service a cock – we meet again my dear and on looking round the face of the female police officer who baton fucked smiled at her and slide a massive strap- on dildo deep into arse saying this time you old slut we both get pleasure from this fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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