Introduction to Womanly Love

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Some years back, Mithu (wife of my hubby’s cousin brother) came to stay with us. The day she came, three of us went to a party in the evening. There was a lot of drinking Mithu also danced a lot. Music was not fast and we mostly had close dance – men had gala time, so did women.

Mithu and I once danced together, she made it close. I felt it was getting too close. Both of us were high and I felt her body closely. She was dark, had very smooth skin, nice breasts, and excellent rounded hips. I rather drunkenly touched her breasts and felt the profile of her hips over her tight skirt; I felt there was nothing under her skirt. As I was tipsy, I was not sure if I felt right.

When three of us came back home, my hubby went straight to bed. I was sleeping with Mithu in the other bedroom, as my hubby did not want her to sleep alone. I was very sleepy. I took off my sari and blouse, pulled my nightgown over my head, pulled out my bra, took out my petticoat and went to bed. As I did not know Mithu all that well I avoided being naked in her presence.

She was a bit care free and started undressing with lights on without any hesitation She took off her top, her bra, and the skirt – my guess was right; she had nothing under her skirt. She stood stark naked and did not bother to put on something. She took her own time to take care of her face and I could see her naked body for quite some time. But I was too drunk & sleepy to notice her body well. Only thing I noticed was her very shapely figure.

By the time she came to bed, I was fully asleep. But in my drunken sleep I felt her body close to mine, touching me at my breasts, my private parts and probably kissing me also. But honestly, I am not sure if this was real or I was dreaming.

Next morning, my husband left for work early. He made his tea and breakfast without disturbing us. We got up rather late. We took it easy, had late breakfast and later chatted for a long time and drank plenty of beer. By that time, I did not remember anything of last night. While chatting Mithu said that I had a very fair skin but it should be much smoother. She suggested that I should regularly apply almond oil on my body. I realised that since my masseuse was gone I was missing the oil. I told her so and she offered to apply oil on me. I said it was not necessary and ignored it.

After some time, I went for my bath and asked her to use the other bathroom. I heard a knock on the bathroom door and after opening the door a little I saw Mithu standing with a bottle of oil.

I told her,” I have already undressed and cannot let you in.”

I wanted to avoid nudity with her, as I did not know her well.

She said, ” So what? After all, we are both women why can’t I see you naked?”

I had to relent and she came in. I took a towel, which was not large enough and covered the front part of my body as much as possible. She held me by the upper arm and poker oyna turned me around. My back was fully exposed, top to bottom, and I felt a little shy. She started oiling my back, my legs, thighs and finally she started with my buttocks. She fondled them for a long time and went in the parting of the ass and very lightly oiled me there. I was about to protest but I was feeling so nice with her caressing touch that I could not. I remembered the days of my youth when I enjoyed this kind of pleasure from massage by other women.

She took off my towel, which I was still holding and started massaging my front from behind. She was very close to my body and when she was pressing my boobs I started getting sensual pleasure.

She told me, ” My nightgown is getting spoilt with oil. I should take this off but can’t as my hands are very oily. Will you please help?”

I untied the two strings on her shoulder and the nightgown dropped off exposing her beautiful dark body. With this, a fire sparked off and I was fully in the mood to enjoy a woman’s nudity. Just to say that Mithu was beautiful is the biggest understatement. She had a wonderful carved body, with the breasts and hips shaped in excellent rounded form. She, I guess, was 34c-26-39. She was on the dark side but with a lovely shine on her skin.

Her nipples were chocolate coloured and perfect in shape – they looked so nice on her dark skin. Her face was also very sweet with sharp nose, large & bright eyes, thick curved perfectly kissable lips. She had no fat on her waist and her deep bellybutton looked lovely on her well shaped belly, which went down to a rich bush of silky triangle of pubic hair. The triangle was fairly large and extended. She had the body of a model (she was 5′ 7″ tall) but if she ever tried a bikini a good part of her pubic hair would be out. She also had lot of under arm hair, thick & dense.

In my bathroom, there is a large mirror over a counter top in which the full human body could be seen. As she was standing behind me and massaging my front (I was facing the mirror) I was seeing her partly but she was seeing my naked body in full. When I untied her nightgown we were both facing the mirror. Her tall and dark body was in great contrast with mine. I have a very fair skin with a pinkish glow – at least couple of inches shorter than her – 36c-29-39 in shape – my body hair is not as black as her – it is slightly on the golden side – I have shoulder length hair but her hair reached her hips – my nipples are pinkish on a golden brown base – her ones were chocolate coloured. We were amazed at the reflection of our bodies in the mirror and kept on silently admiring each other for a long time.

After we came to our senses, she started with the massage on my breasts and I was getting a heavenly sensation. She pressed my breasts and played with my nipples, which stood erect. Gradually she increased the pressure on my canlı poker oyna breasts and I felt wonderful. She massaged my belly and thighs. She was going round my pubic hair, touching the borders but she distinctly hesitated to have a go at it. I was dying for her touch in my pussy but was still a little shy to tell her to go ahead.

I was getting wet and wet as she went back to my ass and then to my breasts. I was actually dripping wet and she noticed my pubic hair was moist She finally overcame her hesitation, took some fresh oil in her hand and started massaging my hairy pussy. I was unaware that I had spread my legs a little and she took the opportunity to put her fingers in and circled around my fleshy clitoris. I cannot describe the sensual pleasure I was having.

Realising that I would climax soon she stopped. She opened the bathroom door, brought me out and made me lie down on the bed over a towel and started real sex action – she held me close and kissed my lips for very long with her hands pressing my breasts she shifted her lips to my nipples sucking it hard, biting very lightly, and playing with my pussy with her fingers. When my body was shaking with excitement she went down on my pussy and sucked it really well. I had almost climaxed in the bathroom. Now I climaxed like as if I was going down along the Niagara Falls. In so many years of my sex life I never climaxed like this. I finally cooled down and was in deepest embrace with her.

I told her that I would like to give her a massage now. She readily agreed. I first wrapped her naked body in a large towel (I wanted to see her nude body getting exposed in stages) and took her to a covered balcony and made her lie down on a small cot. I told her to lie on her stomach. I loosened her towel and exposed only her back; there was only a glimpse of her ample breasts from the side. I did her back affectionately but professionally (a Swedish man had taught me relaxation massage). When I finished her back, shoulders, neck and the arms (including her rich hairy armpits) I folded the towel to expose her thighs. Her thighs had no hair at all. I did her thighs up & down from the end of the curve of her buttocks to her knees. I said, ” It is time to take the towel off.”

She said, “hmm.”

I threw the towel away and started working on her smooth buttocks. I reached her asshole and made my fingers play there. She was apparently enjoying and making humming sound.

I said, “Now the back is over, please turn around.”

She got up and I made her sit up at the edge of the cot as I realised that her breasts would not be in best form if she lies down. I climbed up the cot and knelt down behind her and started massaging her breasts. It was a wonderful feeling as I fondled her amazingly well formed breasts. Her breasts were very soft and I was getting excited. She was also responding as I could feel her nipples getting erect internet casino under my hands.

As she was getting more and more charged up, she suddenly got up and embraced me; we started kissing. She held me in her arms and brought my face close to her breasts. I put my lips on her nipples and sucked her nipples. Her large well shaped soft nipples felt wonderful in my mouth. I gave her light bites and she responded by squeezing my naked buttocks.

I took my head away and said,” It is not right to have too much distraction during a massage.”

I made her lie down on her back and started on her fat less tummy. I was going down to her thighs through the two sides and touched her pubic bush only at the borders. Her body except for her pubic area and under arms was totally hairless. This was a little unusual. All the hairy women I saw naked, including Mom and her sister, had body hair – in the thighs, legs, lower arms and also on buttocks. I also have light golden hair on my legs and lower arms (which I remove) and on my thighs and buttocks (which my hubby and also a few other men appreciate) also a little in my lower abdomen (extension of my pubic hair). But Mithu was entirely hairless except pubic area and underarms, which were very hairy. I asked her if she waxed her body but she said no.

I made her fold her legs and spread them a little so as to get full access to her pubic area and also her ass. I generously poured oil on her pubic hair and massaged the skin below. I then moved a little lower and accessed her ass hole, which was somewhat hairy. I very lightly massaged her ass hole and she showed her appreciation by shaking her hips in rhythm. After a while my fingers finally entered her pussy lips and encircled her clitoris. She was getting excited and made sounds. I ultimately withdrew my fingers and put my lips & tongue in her cunt. That was the final stage of her climax and she came with screams of ecstasy. We entered the bath for having shower. Under the shower we kissed and soaped each other. Mithu showed me how she shampoos her pussy hair and told me to practice the same to keep the pubic hair rich and glossy. We licked and sucked each other at every corner including armpits and the pussy. I knelt down and tongued her asshole. She almost screamed. Finally, we lied down on the floor in ‘ sixty nine’ position and sucked each other’s cunt. Ultimately we climaxed together.

We came out of the bathroom after toweling each other dry. We stood in front of the dressing mirror, combed each other and applied talcum powder on each other. I took my perfume and sprayed in her underarms, pubic area, buttocks and belly. She also reciprocated. When we went to the dining table for lunch, we were looking at each other in silent admiration and love. We suddenly realised that both of us completely forgot to put on any clothes. We laughed but never bothered to look for clothes. After lunch we slept holding each other very close.

When we woke up some body was pressing the doorbell. I jumped out of the bed and hurriedly put on a housecoat. Mithu pulled up a pair of denim shorts and slipped over a t-shirt. We opened the door; it was my hubby.

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