Jeanie’s Law Office Ch. 03

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Jeanie never enjoyed having to work on her weekend. In her mind she felt that she put everything she had into her job during the work week, and that the weekend should be hers. Even though she wasn’t happy about doing some work this weekend, she was still a team player. After enjoying a cup of coffee she started to get ready. While showering she started to wonder why Mike wanted to get together, and why had he chose to meet at the house and not the office. Part of her wanted to catch up on the latest gossip, changes, and she had to make sure that she stayed close to Mike. Her body started to become alive from the thought, what if he wanted her to be his right hand girl? After all Mike was a rising star in the company and he could take her places.

Jeanie decided to dress casual, but very sexy. She had the perfect black form fitting Capri pants, and red drape neck tank top that showed off her cleavage. More importantly if she leaned over she could give anyone a nice view of her bare breasts. She wondered how Mike would react when she would sit at the desk, and lean forward allowing him to view her cleavage. Maybe that is what she needed to seal the deal. She took her time getting ready, making sure that her makeup was perfect and that her perfume was placed in the right spot.

She then went to her kitchen to make a fresh pot of coffee. After all Mike should be at her home in ten minutes. Jeanie wanted to be the perfect hostess and charm Mike. Since he had taken a shine to her, maybe he was about to offer her a promotion? Jeanie sat down in her living room which had a perfect view of her driveway. Once the coffee had finished brewing she poured the coffee into a serving pot, grabbed two cups, and some cream and sugar. Carefully she placed everything perfectly on a handmade wooden serving tray.

As the meeting approached she started to become a little nervous. Maybe she should wear a bra, but before she could change her mind the doorbell rung. Right on queue, Mike pulled up into her driveway, walked out of his car, and rang her door bell.

Jeanie opened the door and enjoyed Mike’s smile. He then leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek which took her aback, “Jeanie thank you for allowing me to come over today; I know it’s your day off and I really appreciate your effort.”

All she could think about was that quick kiss. Would he give her a longer kiss later?

Mike wasn’t one to sit around idle, moved into her family room and took a seat. He then poured two cups of coffee and handed one to Jeanie. “Thank you, but we have a lot of work to do and I’m sure you can use some help.”

Jean took the cup of coffee, “Yes, I can help. So what’s today’s game plan?”

Mike’s facial expression changed to a serious look, “Well today I would like to go over some of the changes, the new company’s dress code, and then some of the employee’s.”

A rush came over Jeanie and he trusted her with the changes. Then she heard the doorbell ring, but thought it was just in her mind.

Mike cleared his throat, “Good, that must be Amy.”

With those words of his, that brought her back to reality. Jeanie looked up as she realized that someone was at her door, and from what Mike said he was expecting her. Jeanie stood up and went to her front door to let Amy in.

Jeanie immediately noticed what Amy was wearing, a sexy cotton sun dress that appeared to be a little on the thin side. Now, Jeanie was glad she was bra less as she would have to compete for Mike’s attention. Amy’s lacey bra showed through the thin dress which even though she wasn’t Mike, to herself she found herself also attracted to Amy.

Mike stood up and walked over to greet Amy. Amy had long dark brown hair and looked like she took great care of herself. Amy was two inches taller than Jeanie and had a larger bust than Amy did.

Mike looked at the ladies, “Jeanie this is Amy, and she is part of legal for the new company. I also asked her to come over today to go over the employee contract.”

Jeanie had noticed Amy around the office before. Amy was a beautiful woman with long dark hair and Jeanie had guessed a full D cup. What caught Jeanie’s eye were Amy’s beautiful lips. For the first time in Jeanie’s life she was thinking about a woman in a sexual manner. In fact she really wanted to kiss her. Part of her was aroused by Amy, but the other part Beylikdüzü escort was jealous. After all this was Jeanie’s time alone with him!

Amy reached into her briefcase and pulled out some contracts, “Yes I have copies with me and we can finalize the contracts today.” She then passed out the contracts.

Each of them took a few minutes to skip over the contracts. Basically the company was being dissolved and everyone was about to be terminated. Then, a new company would be formed that would purchase the company’s assets and hire employees. Amy was careful to hand new employee contracts to the respected person that basically confirmed Amy, Jeanie and Mike had offer letters from the new company. The next step after a quick review of the contracts was to go through the employee file to pick and chose who would come on board with the new company.

Mike smiled and looked at Jeanie, “Okay, so tell me what you think about the new employee contract?”

Jeanie looked at Mike then Amy, “Well, I think that the dress code is very sexy.”

Mike looked at Amy, “Short skirts?”

Amy reached out and touched Mike’s hand, “Yeah, and we will encourage short skirts.”

Mike smiled, “Okay that will be great. I think having a sexy office is important. We need our employees to feel good about themselves and that will provide some energy in the office. Girls, you like it when you feel good about how you’re dressed and others notice?”

Jeanie smiled, “Ah yeah I guess so.”

Amy perked in, “Please, we love it.”

Mike smiled, “The board also approved to hire personal trainers and aerobics instructors to help everyone get into shape. We are taking over the bankrupt gym on the third floor.”

That comment caught Jeanie’s ear. She always wanted to work out, but never had the time, or never made the time. Now she would have access to a gym at work that her company would pay for and they were going to have trainers.

Amy added, “Great, and Mike one other thing that the board feels is that bare legs are unprofessional therefore all women will wear hosiery.”

When Jeanie thought about it, wearing hosiery wasn’t that bad, “Well sure, and since I’m always cold in the office I don’t mind wearing pantyhose.”

“Jeanie, I’m really impressed by your positive attitude.”

Mike wasn’t sure what it was about hose that aroused him, “I love the way a woman looks in a short skirt and black pantyhose. Something so sexy about that look.” Jeanie appreciated Mike being so honest, but wanted to know more, “Oh really?”

“Yeah, I’m not sure why, but take for instance that skirt you wore to work last Friday. You looked so sexy. I was having a bad day, having to deal with the board. Then you came into my office in your short skirt and black hose and it was like a weight was taken off my chest.”

Jeanie smiled, “Oh thank you.”

Amy decided to tease Mike a little, “Interesting, so what is that you really like, my short skirt or black pantyhose?”

“Well I…”

Amy piped back, “So would you prefer that we wear short skirts with bare legs, or just pantyhose?”

“Oh now that would be interesting.”

Jeanie chuckled, “Would we have to have a company shaving policy?”

“Good idea.”

Amy laughed and blurted out, “Yeah; I bet and you want to be the head inspector?”

“Oh, that would be so hot. I would love it if all the women would only wear pantyhose in the office. Talk about a fantasy come true. To see all you women and who shaved, who had a landing strip, and who had a full bush. Also, if during meetings, to have you sit on my thigh that would make my day.”

Both women enjoyed listening to Mike talk; the passion in his voice, aroused both women. They liked how he loved women and knew that he would be a great lover. Just the fact that he loved women, they could tell he would be delicious in bed. Now, just that they loved his attention, didn’t mean that they had the confidence to walk around being so exposed. Amy had a bi streak that was being aroused by all this talk.

Jeanie looked at Mike, “What about you men?”

Mike smirked at Jeanie, “Silly woman, we don’t look good in pantyhose.”

Amy touched Jeanie’s arm, “So true. I have to say that you do look good at work.”

“Really? Thank you.” Amy blushed as she accepted Amy’s compliment.

Amy smiled and looked over at Jeanie, “Jeanie, I hope that this doesn’t offend you, but I had a fantasy about you walking into my office. You come in wearing a short skirt, blouse, jacket, white hosiery, and killer pumps. When you sit down I noticed that you were wearing stockings. Then, you remove your jacket and I see that your blouse is sheer and you’re not wearing a bra.”

Jeanie was taken back a little, “Oh my.” Jeanie noticed that Amy was a little flushed and her nipples were hard.

Mike felt the heat between the two women, “Oh, I like how you are thinking.”

Amy moved next to Jeanie and put her hand on her thigh, “Well admit it, don’t you like looking at sexy women?”

“Well sure I do, but what about you, Jeanie?”

Mike cleared his throat Beylikdüzü escort to get the girls attention, “Well ladies, I think we need to take a look at the employees and figure out who we want to keep.”

Amy opened her briefcase and turned on her laptop; And after logging in she started the human resources application. Mike moved to Amy’s left while Jeanie moved to the right.

Jeanie pointed at Stephanie’s picture, “What do you think about her?”

Amy looked at the screen, “I like her.”

Mike smiled, “So do I, she’s pretty and petite.”

“For women with her body type, they should be bra less in the office.”


Mike smiled, “Oh, I like that.”

“Really, Jeanie do you have a little bi streak in you?”

“Well, sure I’ve thought about it, but have never been with a woman before. It might be sexy.”

Amy smiled, “Well, you noticed in the contract about the exposed skin clause. What that means is that you will be allowed to touch any other employee’s skin without fear of sexual harassment.

Mike smiled, “Yes, and I would love to watch that!”

Amy slapped Mike’s arm, “Mike you dog.”

Jeanie flipped though a couple of personal files on Amy’s computer till Stephanie’s picture came up, “How about her?”

Amy smiled and placed her hand on Jeanie’s arm, “She’s just as sexy as Nicole with the same body type. Oh, and I heard that she is bi.”

“Okay Mike how do you feel about Pam?”

“Well she can be a little stubborn.”

Jeanie smiled, “True.”

Amy looked at Jeanie, “But will she go along with the new dress code policy?”

“You know I’m not sure. Come to think about it, I’ve never seen her in a skirt.”

Amy gave Mike a wink, “Oh, if you look at paragraph 32 you will see that in the contract there is a clause for that.”

“Oh, well it seems that you two have thought about everything.”

“Well I hope so.”

“Oh, can you imagine what Pam would do? She is pretty head strong.”

“Well, we can talk about this on Monday.”

Amy opened up the file on Karen, “So what do we think about Karen?”

“Oh she’s a hottie.”

Jeanie gave Mike a strange look, “Okay I guess so. She is a beautiful woman.”

Mike looked at Amy, “Yeah and the rumor on the street is that she is dating one of our clients.”

“What!” Jeanie gasped.

Amy looked at Mike, “But she’s married.”

Mike raised his shoulders playing innocent, “I’m just telling you what I heard.”

Jeanie looked at Amy, “Well, that is interesting news.”

“But I think he’s jealous.”

Mike shot a smirk at Amy, “So what if I was.” Amy looked at Jeanie, “Well then, so what if you are.”

Jeanie wanted to get them back on track, “Okay, so we have some people that we all want to bring to the new company. We all know that Pam might be a problem, but there is a clause in the contract to address the issue.”

Amy had one more thing to add, “Well I want to be there when you talk to Pam.”

Mike noticed the little flirting going on between the two women, more importantly he noticed that both women’s nipples were hard, “Interesting, I’ll have to keep that in mind. Are you ladies cold?”

Amy had a puzzled look on her face, “Ah no why?”

Jeanie smirked at Mike then looked at Amy, “Oh, just look.”

“Hey, I’m just an observant man.”

“Yeah right, you’re just a horny man.”

Mike called their bluff, “Is that wrong? Like the both of you don’t get aroused?”

Amy took a deep breath and leaned over against Jeanie, “Mike is this, what you want.” She gave Jeanie a sexy soft kiss, while with her free hand reached up and started to tease Jeanie’s breasts. Course Amy knew that she had his full attention, but quickly forgot about Mike when her lips touched Jeanie’s. Jeanie didn’t back away and kissed her back which kind of shocked Amy as she was expecting Jeanie to protest.

Since Jeanie didn’t stop Amy’s advance, Amy decided to turn the heat up a notch. Jeanie clearly wasn’t wearing a bra and Amy decided to exploit that. Amy opened her eyes to gauge her reaction as she started to pull the swoop to the side exposing Jeanie’s breast. When Jeanie didn’t open her eyes, Amy slipped her hand to cup Jeanie’s breast. Amy loved feeling Jeanie’s breasts and missed the feeling of being with a woman. The last time Amy slept with a woman was when she was in college.

Jeanie had never been with a woman, let alone kissed one. She was raised very conservative, but with the changes coming she decided to go with the flow. Amy lips were very soft and was a great kisser peaking Jeanie’s interest. When she felt Amy expose her breasts butterflies shot through her body. Jeanie knew that Mike and Amy would be great allies and felt that she could trust them. She just went with the moment and hoped that Mike was enjoying the show.

Amy broke the kiss to move closer to Jeanie. She leaned forward to kiss Jeanie’s exposed breasts. But before she took Jeanie’s nipple into her mouth she looked at Mike, “Is this the type of company spirit you want?” Amy turned the heat up another notch Escort Beylikdüzü by pulling up her dress and exposing her thong to him.

Never in Mike’s wildest fantasy did he ever dream that he would be watching Amy and Jeanie getting it on. He liked both women and wanted to bed each of them. Five feet in front of him was the show of a lifetime. Amy had kissed Jeanie and then exposed her breast. Now Amy was pulling on the sides of Jeanie’s blouse exposing both of Jeanie’s breasts. And if that wasn’t enough, he watched Amy take Jeanie’s nipple into her mouth. He loved the way her nipple looked with Amy’s saliva. He had to wonder how far the ladies would take this little show, but by no means was he going to stop them.

Jeanie found her body responding to Amy’s touch. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the sofa.

Before Amy could kiss her again, Jeanie whispered, “Amy, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Amy reached down and unbuttoned Jeanie’s pants. Together they worked Jeanie’s pants down her hips and off her legs. Neither woman gave much thought about Mike watching even though they knew he was watching. In a way both women were doing this for him as they both wanted him in her own corner. In today’s economic down turn, neither wanted to take a chance.

Jeanie focused on the pleasure that Amy was giving her. She tried to block out the fact that Mike was watching them. When Amy touched Jeanie’s panties and felt how wet she was she knew Jeanie was ready. Amy pulled her legs down so that her butt rested at the end of the cushion allowing her easy access to her charms.

Amy knelt down between Jeanie’s legs, pulled her thong to the side and taking Jeanie’s wet clit into her mouth. Her tongue lapped at her clit while her mind savored how Jeanie tasted.

Jeanie reached down to touch Amy’s head like she would with any man going down on her and when she felt the long hair; that touch brought Jeanie back into the moment. Not in a bad way, but in a more erotic way. A woman was giving her pleasure and she was totally enjoying the moment. Amy really knew how to alternate between sucking, licking, sucking and to alternate the pressure sending Jeanie right up to the edge.

She couldn’t take it and Amy knew it. Her chin was wet from Jeanie’s arousal and from the way Jeanie was breathing Amy knew she was getting close.

Jeanie dug her fingers into Amy’s head, “Oh god, oh god, Amy!”

When Jeanie pulled her in, Amy knew her orgasm was about to hit. Her face became a little wetter from Jeanie’s arousal. Amy looked up as Jeanie gasped with one last deep breath, then held her breath as it started, then her body started to shake as her orgasm took over her body. Her stomach rippled as pleasure waves thrashed through Jeanie’s body.

Mike was stunned with what he had just witnessed. Never in his wildest fantasy would he dream that he would have watched Amy having sex. Let alone watching her going down on another woman! Jeanie looked so sexy lying on her back with her wet pussy exposed and her little slim lined landing strip. He figured that Jeanie would have had a full trimmed bush.

Amy watched and waited for Jeanie to open her eyes. Once Jeanie rejoined them, Amy stood up and pulled her dress up over her head. Both Jeanie and Mike waited with anticipation on what Amy would remove next. Neither was disappointed when she removed her bra exposing her breasts. Jeanie was taken aback by the thickness of Amy’s nipples. Mike never realized Amy’s larger nipples and now knew that Amy wore bra’s that concealed those erotic nipples.

Amy decided to show off a little. She pulled down her thong and then stepped out of her panties. She turned so that Mike could see her, “What do you think of my pussy?”

Mike smiled with approval, “Oh very nicely shaved.”

Seeing Amy being so bold Jeanie stepped her game up, “Well Mike?”

Mike knew what she wanted. He stood up and started to undress. He moved his shirt first while both women watched, next came his pants, and finally his boxers. Both women liked what they were seeing and like how he was nicely hung. Both wanted him to do her.

Amy mounted Jeanie’s lap and Mike moved behind her. Jeanie looked up and into Amy’s eyes. Amy smiled and then her mouth opened which told Jeanie that Mike was entering her. Jeanie was jealous, she wanted him.

This was something so new and so wild for Amy. She went down on her coworker and now her boss was doing her while her coworker watched!

Oh mike you feel so good.” Amy grabbed Jeanie’s hand and guided it to her filled pussy. “Jeanie feel me.”

Jeanie was in shock, never before had she watched someone have sex and now she was feeling another woman. Her fingers found Mike’s cock and Amy’s arousal coating his cock. She wasn’t sure what to do though. Should she squeeze his cock or maybe Amy’s clit to get her to cum so that Mike could do her?

When Amy tossed her head back, Jeanie knew what she had to do. She had to get Amy to cum so that she could enjoy Mike’s cock. With her fingers wet, Jeanie found Amy’s clit and started to tease her. She slipped Amy between her index and middle finger to squeeze her clit. Amy started to moan and moved her head on to Jeanie’s shoulder. Jeanie knew that she had her! Jeanie then started to rub circles around Amy’s clit hoping to get her to cum soon.

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