Jenna the Sub Ch. 01

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I suppose it all started with Bee-Line novels back in the late 1970’s and on into the ’80’s. Back then it was easy enough to stroll into any shop, corner store or bodega and find one or two of these erotic fiction novels hidden amongst the King’s and Clancy’s on one of those tall, spinning book racks made of thin wire.

I was fascinated with these books, these long drawn out sex stories with real plot lines and believable characters who were all getting off with one and other from one scene to the next. I loved them so much that the only thing I ever had trouble with was trying to look inconspicuous while perusing the racks and then later when standing at the check-out counter wanting to make my purchase. Well… This and also trying to find a good enough hiding spot in the house once I had squirreled my prise home, safely tucked under my jacket.

That’s where this all began for me, this love affair that I’ve had with erotica in print, This addiction that has lasted these decades, and it continues to grow unabated and undeterred now that I’m here on this computer, in this bottomless pit of porn and carnal sin…


This story (my first) is at its heart somewhat different to where my true tastes lie. However, in remembering my Bee-Line novels, remembering the nights spent huddled exploring and discovering these tawdry-tales of sex and lust. I have written this story how I would like to read it myself. Long indeed, yes… Yet the story is only drawn out by its attention to detail, scene settings and back story, which in my eye lends towards a certain amount of realism, truth and believability – which also in my eye, are the back bone of any good story – fiction or otherwise.

Lastly, as per the genre of this story, it was in fact created with someone in mind. Someone I knew a long time ago in another life. Someone who I always thought would fit perfectly into this lifestyle, or role. Someone I knew to be willing, willing to take chances, willing to explore their true nature. Someone willing enough to let go – someone special – someone submissive…

Please note –All comments good, bad or ugly are all greatly appreciated. But please, if you do choose to throw any of the ugly around – Remember, it was you who searched for this website and it was also you who clicked on this story…

Chapter 1

Jenna the Sub


Janice Golding wasn’t what one would call a self-made woman, well not entirely anyway. At least not from the start…

It was through a small but still tidy inheritance received from somewhere down her father’s side of the family that had enabled her to open the first of her gyms, the rest was all down to Janice and her unyielding dedication to the want of success. It was Janice who had put in all of the hard work and sacrifice that had enabled her to watch her empire grow, and as small as it was at 5 locations, for now – her glory came from knowing that she had created this business, it was all hers and there was no person alive that could take it from her – and nor should they dare try.

Being of Nordic heritage had made Janice a formidably robust woman. Standing at a tall height of 5’11”, Janice still possessed the same trim, yet muscular body she had been blessed with and had fought hard to maintain over years.

Even at age52yrs her long, strong legs, thick muscular thighs and calves maintained to the same chiselled form of a Greek statue carried her with a recognised prominence that couldn’t be missed. Her wide, flared hips and a well rounded, rock-hard ass only continued the display of her unyielding, ultra-womanly charms.

On upward through her slim waist line to her ample, full and ripe 38C sized breasts, Janice was seen by many as a force, a Nordic-Amazonian-like-Goddess, if there ever was such a thing.

With her eyes of icy blue, high cheek bones and with a soft but sweeping jaw line, framed with her hair, that had been until recent years the blackest of black, now flecked with the subtle signs of grey being the only indicator giving away to her true age, Janice still had what it takes in the looks department and at 52yrs of age she was still hot and then some…

Having been with her share of suitors, Janice however had still chosen to never marry, she also did not carrying the burden for the want of children either. This of course left her able to concentrate the majority of her efforts towards the building and growing of her business, without the inconvenience of a relationship or as a care-giver, there in the way to slow her down.

For the better part of her life, Janice had always considered herself as being straight and did date men when either the need or the occasion struck. However for Janice, the outcome always seemed to be the same, with him not being able to cope, not being able to put up with her strong will.

They always bailed out when things became too intense, they said that she wanted too much control, which made her smile because she knew they were poker oyna right in that respect. That really was all that she wanted, she wanted to be in control. She wanted to run things and be in charge and their being what they were – being men – they could never follow through for longer than a month, maybe two at best.

To Janice what mattered most was her business and as such, this was how too she wanted her relationships, yet in the end, no matter how captivated they had become with her looks and her blunt, straightforward way of saying what was on her mind… None of them ever seemed to measure up…

This lasted for a while, but in time she began to realize that even doing this, teaching the men in her life how she wanted them to act and behave, it too became a tiresome chore that she was no longer going to be a party to… She was beginning to care less about men and relationships in general until one day a thought crossed her mind…

For a time, Janice had no trouble handling the day to day operations of her business but as things progressed and with 5 different gym/spas to manage, she was starting to feel the pinch and wisely decided to hire someone other than her usual staff of trainers, recruiters and cleaners.

She needed someone to help run the business side; she needed someone to take care of the more menial tasks like payroll and such, someone to do her bidding and running around… What she needed was a secretary.


It was during one of their business lunches where Courtney had as usual, ordered lunch in for the two of them to eat while going over the weekly reports. That’s when it happened. It was here during one of these lunches where the idea came to Janice, where the thought first registered in her mind…


Courtney Wayne had been hired about six months prior – and in that time she had proven herself to be everything she had claimed to be during her interview there in the same office where she and Janice were having lunch on that fateful day.

Janice had become rather impressed with Courtney pretty much from the start. She was as of yet to miss a single days work, was obedient to the core and had no trouble putting in the long hours Janice had been demanding of her in the early goings “Just to get her up to speed” as Janice had put it during their initial meeting.

While listening to the young, pretty, brown eyed girl with her-dish-water-blond hair reciting monthly numbers on profit margins, income vs. out goings, Janice began to study the girl as she never had before. Looking at her and seeing the pretty young thing trying as hard as she always does, it put a smile on older woman’s face.

“Why can’t they be more like Courtney..?” Janice pondered to herself, thinking of the men in her life. “Why can’t they be as good as she is? Why can’t they be this obedient and willing to please..?”

Suddenly the idea went off in her head like the blinding light of a flashbulb, it caught her that much off guard.

“Why indeed can’t they be like Courtney? In fact why does the ‘it’ have to be a ‘he’ at all? Why can it not in fact be a ‘she’ or a ‘Courtney’ instead? Who says it had to be a ‘man’ at all..?”

The revelation was huge to Janice and the idea of it, the idea of taking a woman as her lover, or in this case a ‘Courtney’ instead of a man, it sent a body-rocking shiver down her spine. It was as if something had awakened in her, giving her an answer that had been sitting right in front of her this whole time.

Adding to this, it was the first time in a long time since Janice had felt herself go flush with that certain sexual energy people get when first being turned on. When that chemical switch in the brain is flipped, turning on the synapses connected to sexual pleasure.

With a lusty smile coming across her face, she began to look a Courtney in a completely different light. Seeing her there, looking small and demur, her dirty-blond hair neatly parted to one side, kept at shoulder length, her make-up light as usual.

“Courtney, how come I never see you using any of the gym equipment here? You do know that part of your job is to stay fit so that you can keep up with the schedule I keep don’t you..?”

Janice suddenly interrupted the girl mid-way through giving her report…

“I…I do work out Ma’am, just not here… Here in this gym I mean” Courtney replied sounding confident which puzzled Janice some.

“What do you mean you don’t work out here? You’re not out moonlighting on me now are you dear? Using another gym..?” Janice queried believing it wasn’t true but still wanting to prod and question the girl a little bit, put her on edge.

“Oh no Ma’am… It’s not like that at all…” Courtney explained.

” it’s just that I live in the north end so I use the location up there two or three times a week – once I’m finished working here. It’s just easier for me to head back up town to work out so that I’m closer to home when I’m finished. Besides, it usually pretty canlı poker oyna late and I feel safer waking the short distance back to my apartment…”

“Oh so you work out after hours? I guess it’s a good thing I keep the north-end location open late. But you know Courtney; you don’t have to do this…” Janice said, leaving the young girl to turn her head to one side in a look of question.

“What I mean is…” Janice began again, thinking on the spot of how she should handle this…

“I think you’ve been doing good job here with me Courtney so what I’m willing to do is to let you finish up an hour early, say… Three days per week?” Janice explained in a question of her own but then went on. “That way you can get your work out in while you’re here – which will allow you to get home earlier on those nights. I mean, as much as I want to keep you in shape so that you can continue to work with me, I also need you properly rested as well.”

“So what do you think? Does that sound good to you..?” Janice added asking, know the girl couldn’t refuse.

“Wow! Yeah… Yeah that sounds great Ma’am… Thank you, thank you soooo much…” Courtney began, perking up in her chair sat opposite her boss, separated by the large, darkly stained oak desk.

“Good… I’m glad you’re happy. I’m happy too, because now I can keep a closer eye on you…” Janice added with a flirty, glancing smile, leaving Courtney to feel unsure and on edge once again.

“You’ve become a great value to me Courtney, and because of this I need you fit and healthy… I have too much invested in you to have you let me down by becoming too tired to keep up with your workouts, so if it’s okay with you dear, I’m going to mentor you for a while…”

Janice reckoned that If she wanted to seduce this girl, she was going to have to get closer to her and what better way than to have the young girl work out alongside her, teach her and put her into positions where her seduction would work best. She already had the girl at the disadvantage of being her boss, and along with knowing and seeing how well she complied and did as she was told, Janice knew that she wasn’t going to have too much trouble turning the young Courtney and leading her into what would prove to be a first for them both…

Also, seduction wasn’t something entirely new to Janice. Knowing the qualities that she liked in a suitor, she never had any trouble reeling one of her favourite types with her stunning looks, stature and the fit body of a an ageless Goddess. And of all the men she liked, the ones she loved to lure in the most were the ones who believed that they were way out of her league, never standing a chance.

She loved playing with them and seeing the looks of utter surprise on their faces if she were to flirt from across the room, buy them drinks like a man hitting on a woman would normally do in a bar. The looks she would get back were absolutely priceless.

True though, not all of them were the brawny, he-man types one might expect to see in the company of a woman such as Janice. Yet in truth, most were not. Most of the men Janice would date and then subsequently bed, all tended to be much shorter, much smaller and thus, much weaker than her, but to Janice, a lot of it never really mattered.

Their size in body and therefore in their pants, it wasn’t what concerned her entirely. What she like most was when they gave in, when they let go, let her win and take control. In the beginning she would let them flail around on top of her trying to fuck her with all of their might. She found it cute at first but would soon tire of their useless efforts to satisfy her with the meagre cocks, and soon enough they would be relegated to learning at great lengths the finer arts of going down on a woman.

As sweet as these men may have been and as hard as some did try to live up to her standards, trying to survive the rigors, the ending could almost write its self… She was too much for them; they couldn’t give her what she wanted because after all – they were men, and men have egos that won’t let them concede defeat. Not even the wimpy ones…


“Tonight is the first night of our workout Courtney, it’s getting late in the day, why don’t you finish up what you’re doing, get changed and meet me out on the floor.”Janice remarked as she made her way out from her office to where the young Courtney had been working at the front desk.

Passing the girl, Janice turned the door lock and flipped the little sign on a string from “Open” to “Closed”

“I think we’ll start with some Yoga to get you stretched out properly before you hit any of the weights or machines…” Janice finished, making her point rather matter-of-fact by walking back into her office. “Oh… Ummm – okay Ma’am… I’ll be right…” Was all Courtney could get out before her boss was gone from the room, her older employers statement sounding more like of a directive – one that didn’t need a reply.

Janice had never liked it when her internet casino employees called her by her first name and neither did she like the un-married title of ‘Ms. Golding’. So after hearing one of her short term lovers call her “Ma’am” in a moment of obedience, and liking the name right away, it was from then on that she had all of her staff addressing her as such, this including of course a few of her later male conquests no doubt. But now, hearing Courtney say the word “Ma’am”… It gave her a feeling of a different kind altogether…

Each of the gym/spa’s Janice had opened were indeed of a smaller size to that of the bigger market chains, yet what set Janice apart and had helped to keep her going, was all down to how she had set up each of the establishments.

This particular outlet, which was the first gym Janice had opened, wasn’t the largest with the full spa like that of her up-town location which catered to a higher-income client. No this – her first, was one of her smaller gyms, set in a trendier, more affordable area of town and catered to a lot of Yoga enthusiast, or “New aged-hippy-moms” as Janice had thought of them sometimes.

Several smaller rooms ran adjunct to the main gym floor area had been built for the purpose of Yoga instruction as well as for meditation. Each with padded flooring and three mirrored walls, except for the last room near the back, that was the small but efficient locker room with a few showers.

Near the front sat the chest-high reception desk and the door leading to Janice’s office which was surprisingly large, considering the smaller size of the rooms in this location. But that’s how Janice wanted things; she wanted a large office so she had one, it was no different from everything else in her life- through her determination and perseverance, Janice always tended to get what she wanted.

Changing as quickly as she could, Courtney donned her skin tight, black leggings and a loose T’-shirt, her thin cotton sports bra laying beneath providing support for her and perky, young 34B sized titties. Young and still budding, her breasts untouched by the ravages of time and even at 24yrs she was still filling out a little more with each of her passing years into maturity.


Stepping out of the change room, Courtney was surprisingly greeted with the sight of Janice, her boss doubled over in front of her, stretching to touch her toes dressed in similar leggings as hers, save for the more pant-like look, flared from calf to ankle. The girl couldn’t help but stare as her boss presented to her the large, shapely ass not more than a few feet away. Seeing her stunning, older employer’s big, beautifully round behind sitting high up in the air, legs held at a stance wide enough for Courtney to see just about everything laying under the tight leggings, it left her feeling the warm blushes that suddenly cross her cheeks.

“Oh good, you didn’t dawdle so we can get right to it…”

Janice then quipped while righting herself, turning to face Courtney where she would for the first time get a better look at the young girl’s body through the tight workout clothes. Ogling would be a better word used to describe how the older woman looked at her while taking in her young charms.

Courtney could by all rights be called skinny, yet she was developing into quite a stunner herself with a trim, tight ass, a thin, wasp-like waistline capped off with her ever developing, perky – young girl tits that would one day evolve into a beautiful set of womanly tits to be admired and too ogled by all – as Courtney was finding herself doing here with her very hot and much older boss.

Janice liked what she was seeing in her pretty, dirty-blond haired 5ft 4-inch tall assistant. This lovely girl before her, the girl she was going to use as many a means as necessary to get from her what she wanted…

“Alright young lady lets you and me head into one of the Yoga studios so we can use the floor mats to get some stretching in before we hit any of the machines.” Janice directed next, leading Courtney forward with her hand placed at the small of the girl’s back like a man might do while ushering his date into a restaurant of theatre. It gave Courtney a tingling shiver.

Entering the small studio and standing side by side facing one of the mirrored walls, Janice paused once more to let herself drink in just how lovely a body the young girl had, while like-wise, Courtney too was admiring her boss’s strong, full and muscular form. Never the less, as each had shared in this lingering look, their intent however differed greatly.

“Okay, let’s start out with some toe touches…” Janice directed as she then effortlessly folder herself in half at the waist and having no trouble touching her toes as she had moments earlier to the view of Courtney’s wide, surprised eyes. Yet in trying to do the same in replicating her boss’s fluid movement, Courtney struggle in her want to please. By bending too quickly she lost her centre of balance, the resulting momentum sending her forward in a clumsy display.

“Oooh..!” The girl gasped as she her body lurched forward, causing her to catching herself with her hands landing hard with a dull thud on the padded flooring.

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