Let’s Dance Ch. 01

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Kathy was a 39 year old single mother who really only had time in her lift for work. She sold insurance and was great at her job, but it kept her on the road all the time. Being so into her job made it hard for kathy to find someone to date. She had been divorced for almost 3 years and had only dated one guy for a few months since then.

Kathy had a 18 year old son named Bill who lived in a frat house close to the college he went to. The college was about 3 hours away so she really did not get to see her son that often. One weekend Kathy found out that her job was going to take her only about 30 minutes from were her son lived, so she decided to drop by and pay him a surprise visit.

It was late Friday night when Kathy finished up with her clients and made her way to the college frat house were her son lived. As soon as she drove up she realized that a party was going on. Kathy was happy to know her son was having fun in college, she remembered back in her college days she enjoyed getting a little wild. Kathy was always pretty sexy and back in college she had many guys after her. Kathy was still very hot and very well built, and she really missed the thought of guys throwing themselves at her.

Kathy shook her head and tried to cast off the thoughts of being lonely, she was hear to see her son and have a nice night. As Kathy pushed her way through the partying crowd she was hoping she would not be messing up her son’s weekend with her surprised visit. For 20 Minutes Kathy made her way through the crowd and could not find her son. Finally she spotted Mike, Mike was Bills best friend. Mike was a very attractive 19 year old who Kathy had met several times and was always impressed my his manners. Mike was on the college swim team and was very well built. Kathy remembered how last summer Bill had brought Mike over to her house to swim and she got caught a few times staring at his body. It was a little embarrassing but she could not help it.

Mike was standing next to another one of her son’s friends name Nick, she had met güvenilir bahis Nick only once and he also seemed like a good guy. Kathy was happy to see two people in this large crowd that she actually knew. She made her way across the room towards Mike and Nick hoping they would be able to tell her were Bill was. Mike and Nick were surprised to see Kathy but greeted her with smiles and hugs. Both guys had picked on Bill before talking about how hot his mom was. When Kathy asked them were Bill was they apologized and told her that he had left that morning with his girlfriend to the beach.

It was easy to see how disappointed Kathy was at hearing this news. She now had a 3 hour drive ahead of her and was feeling more lonely that ever. Mike senced that Kathy was upset and offered her a mixed drink. Now Kathy was not much of a drinker but after this day she was grateful for some kind of stress release. Kathy smiled and took the drink. It was strong but she downed it quickly.

Several drinks later Kathy was sitting on the coach with Mike and Nick talking about school and work. Kathy could tell she was really getting drunk but she was finally relaxing and did not really care. Kathy’s attention turned to a few couples dancing in the middle of the room. She was amazed how these young kids danced these days. It looked like they were fucking with their cloths on. One guy had a girl bent over smacking her ass as he ground his hips into her. As Kathy watched she found herself really getting turned on.

Mike noticed Kathy’s intense stare at the couples dancing, he also noticed she was getting drunk. This gave Mike a good Idea. Mike smiled at Kathy and asked her to get up and dance with him. Kathy blushed at the thought and said she was too old to get out there and dance like that. She said she would not know how anyway. Mike gave her another smile and said he would teach her, after saying this he handed her a shot for courage. Kathy took the shot and decided to go for it. As she stood she could really feel the alcohol hitting her. Everything türkçe bahis was spinning and she was light headed, but she did not care she wanted to dance.

It had become very hot in the room and most of the guys dancing had their shirts off, too Kathy’s pleasant surprise Mike took his off as they walked onto the floor. Mike wrapped his arm around Kathy’s waist and pulled her tight into him. Their faces were only inches apart. Kathy could not believe she was pressed against this 19 year old stud. She felt his rock hard chest against hers and she knew her nipples were hard. As they danced Mike put his right leg in between her legs. As they danced her crotch moved up and down his thigh. The pants she was wearing were thin and she could feel the pressure on here pussy. Kathy could feel her pussy started to get wet, she could not believe how turned on she was getting. The more her pussy rubbed his leg the more she felt as if she was going to have an orgasm.

As they ground their bodies together Mike moved his other hand in between her armpit and she could feel his thumb softly squeezing the side of her breast. Mike pulled her closer and she buried her face into his chest, her lips on his collar bone and her breath had become heavy. Mikes hand moved down from her armpit and to her waist. With their bodies pressed together she felt him slip his hand under her shirt. Kathy could not believe what was happing. She had both arms around his neck and did not try to stop Mike as he moved his hand beneath her shirt and then under her bra. Mike now had his hand cupping Kathy’s breast squeezing it. Both of them were getting soaked in sweat, she was still grinding her pussy on Mikes leg with her face on his chest.

Then to Kathy’s surprise she felt a new set of hands grab her hips from behind. She lifted her head from Mike’s muscular chest and turned to see who was there. She saw it was Nick, he hand both his hands on her hips and was grinding his cock into her ass. She saw Mike and Nick trade smiles. At this point Kathy was drunk and güvenilir bahis siteleri the room was spinning more than before, but she did not care. At this point all that she wanted was to be taken by these too young studs young enough to be her sons.

Kathy closed her eyes and buried her head back into Mikes chest licking her tongue out to taste his sweat. Mike looked down and noticed her eyes were closed and her breathing hand become very heavy. While Mike was playing with Kathy’s nipple now with one hand he let his other hand moved down her her waist line. Mike was very happy to find that Kathy’s pant’s were made of a very stretchy material that allowed him to slip his hand down below her pants. Mike was amazed by the heat coming from Kathy’s crotch. His fingers quickly found Kathy’s pubic hair which seemed light. Mike’s hand quickly found the prize that he was looking for, Kathy’s hot wet pussy.

As Mike’s fingers found Kathy’s clit her knees buckled and she almost fell from the pleasure. Kathy’s eyes were still closed and her mouth was open sucking on Mike’s neck now. Nick noticed what Mike was doing and decided to join in. Nick let his right hand slip down the back of Kathy’s pants. To Nick’s thrill he found that Kathy was wearing a thong. His fingers quickly moved the tiny piece of cloth out of the way and he let his fingers slide between her ass cheeks. Nick let his other hand move under Kathy’s shirt and find her other breast.

As Mike’s hand started making fast circular motions on Kathy’s clit, Nick’s fingers found the tight hot opening to her pussy and pushed their way in. Both guys were now finger fucking the shit out of Kathy. Kathy was no longer aware of anyone else in the room but herself and her two lovers. Her heavy breathing had become heavy loud moans. Soon Kathy’s cunt was throbbing around Nick’s fingers. Suddenly she let out a cry as she busted into orgasmic bliss! Kathy could stand no longer and fell to the floor.

As the people around stopped dancing, Mike and Nick helped Kathy back to her feet. Mike and Nick were both now horny as hell. As they traded sly smiled they annoced that Kathy had had too much to drink and they were going to put her to bed. The two horny sex crazed teens picked Kathy up and headed for the upstairs bed room.

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