My DOM CL Hookup

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My DOM CL Hookup
White Male seeks Sissy CD playtoy – m4t
“White male here. 35 years old. On the huskier side. Very dominant minded male. And a total top. I am looking for a total sissy type. Someone who likes to dress up and play the girly part. You should be a total bottom. I expect you to love to suck cock on command. You should be ok with some BDSM play as well. I want someone who has their own clothes, makeup, hair…etc…I am ok with semi passable, but truly prefer passable. I want someone younger than me. Any race is ok with me, so long as you fill the requirements I am looking for. I know this is a pretty particular posting…but I know what I want and like. Something few seem to be able to say. I prefer to chat via KiK. And I’ll exchange my KiK info once I receive a photo of you showing off at the very least you dressed up. I am DDF, and expect the same. I am a non-smoker and also prefer the same in that. I am able to host usually during the day time. So please also be able to travel. I can travel as well on occasion during the daytime hours”.

I had seen the above ad posted on Craigslist more than a few times, and more than a few times I moved on. For several reasons, generally someone that specific is not willing to sway away from that type. That is not a slam; to be honest we all have a “type” that really does it for us. I’m semi-passable best on a good day. Hell I know it, so I own it!! I don’t wear make-up (never could/can get the hang of it), no fake breast … etc. I’m also 19 years his senior, and he was looking for younger. But I also have some positives going for me. I am a total bottom cocksuking cum slut; I will drop to me knees and suck cock on demand. I live to dress up and play the gurly part. So I thought what the hell he worst that could happen he says FUCK NO YOU OLD BASTARD. I sent him the following message along with 3 very sexy pics.

I know I’m older then what you are looking for I’m 54, but I’ve been sucking cock for over 40 yrs, and LUV LUV LUV doing it.
I am a complete and total cock pleasing slut, BTW all pics are of me and less than a year old, top pic is from Feb. I luv being told how much if cocksuking slut I am. Smack my ass before shoving a couple of fingers up pussy, getting me ready for a real fucking. I’m good with sum light bondage, I luv extreme verbal abuse, I will obey your commands; you can even share me if you want.
No-Go’s: piss, shit, blood, face smacking (unless it’s a cock), permanent marks/bruises, hand-cuffs … etc. We can talk about anything, I don’t have many limits. My stats I’m XX / tuzla escort bayan 5’6″ (5’10” in my fuck me heels) / 190 / VERY smooth clitty, balls, and boi-pussy / I have several outfits / a couple of wigs, I don’t wear make-up.
I am unfortunately semi-passable at best, but I’ve been told I’m VERY sexy, and DAMN fun in the sack!!
I WILL SUCK AND/OR FUCK ON COMMAND!! My whole purpose in make cocks happy, by whatever means necessary… I’m HIV/STD free tested 19 Apr 2017 / I’m a non-smoker / d**g and Drama free
I can travel or host during the day, I’m in XXXX area.
I hope to hear back from you and we can play. If not I wish you luck with your search.

Well to my surprise he answered back and wanted to meet. After a few e-mails back forth getting schedules worked out we decided on a date. He told me is trailer was off the road and very private, I like that. Maybe get something off my CD bucket list “sex outside”. So he tells me I will present myself at his door fully dressed, I’ve never done that before. I’ve always wore it under street clothes and finish getting ready in bathroom after I arrive. Again, he tells I WILL arrive at his door fully dressed. OK I will figure out how I will, I’m actually VERY excited about this. He then tells me the door will be open cum on in turn to the left, thru the kitchen, and into his bedroom. He will be on the bed naked; I need to wake him up with a blow job, after that he will direct my actions. He sent the last message at 8:15 telling I had best beat his 9:00 alarm if I wanted any cock. Hoping he would want to fuck me that AM I had already shaved, very smooth and my outfit laid out. So, I cleaned my boi-pussy, NEVER want a shitty experience, then I jumped in the showered, and douched. Still the whole time trying work out how I would arrive fully dressed. I get dressed in a VERY short school gurl mini skirt, open crotch/assless string back butterfly panties, and front tied crop top and black thigh high nylon stockings. I pick out my black 4” heels, and my short bobbed hair wig, I cannot wear them out to my truck my neighbors would freak if they saw me. I slip on a XXL t-shirt, and some loose fitting sweat pants, check the mirror, and out the door. I get in my truck and I as gracefully as possible I remove the sweat pants. I pull out of my driveway and when I get the exit of the neighborhood I remove the t-shirt. MMMMM I feel so sexy right know, I’ve never drove around like this. At the next stop sign I got VERY brave and put my wig on, WOW so damn sexy, luvin the thrill. 3 minutes later I arrive orhanlı escort bayan at his trailer, he no k**ding lives less than 10 minutes from me. He is right his trailer sits off the road and is hard to see, but my walk to his door is still visible for the house next door, across the road and from the road. I slid off my sandals and buckle on my black heels, check my wig in the rear view, swallow hard and step out into the world.
I actually stood there for minute checking myself, and hoping someone might see me, or maybe someone would drive by. I know my ass cheeks are hanging out so I really swing my hips as I walk to his door (again hoping I’m being watched). I push the door open and oh my this place is a mess, not dirty, just cluttered. Anyway I do as instructed and turn thru the kitchen, and into the bedroom. At first I can’t see him because my eyes had not adjusted to dark bedroom. Then slowly a naked body starts to cum into view, I crawl into the bed and make my way to his limp cock. I start by kissing around on his belly he keeps his pubes trimmed very close, I like that!!! He starts moving and moaning sum, I take his cock in my mouth and start working it with my tongue, rolling it in my mouth. I start to feel it grow in my mouth, I start feverishly sucking licking and kissing his cock, feeling it grow larger and larger. His cock was cut about 6.5” to 7” and a little thicker than average, a really nice cock. He is fully erect and moaning like crazy, hearing his moaning makes me even hornier, I’m REALLY working his cock and balls. He grabs my head is using my mouth to jack his cock, suddenly he turns us over so I’m on my back and he on top of me cock stuffed in my mouth. He pins me down on the bed his knees on my arms straddled my face with his cock down my throat. He starts just fucking the ever living hell out of my mouth. He is pounding my face so hard I thought he was going to leave bruises. I’m choking and gagging and he is luvin it, telling me how much of a slut I am. Pulling his cock and rubbing his balls all over my face telling me to lick them. After what seemed like an hour of face pounding and ball licking, he released my arms. He slaps my hip and commands for me to roll over and get that ass in the air. My arms had fallen asleep from my elbows to hands, from being pinned to the bed. He is getting frustrated, because I’m not obeying him fast enough. I’m really trying but my feel like 1,000 needles are sticking them, I finally manage to at least get turn over.
He grabs my hips and manhandles me into aydınlı escort bayan position, and yells “get your ass up here bitch, what the fuck is wrong with you” and gives it a real good smack. I feel the cold slick ooze of lube, as he slides a couple of fingers in my ass-pussy, I immediately feel an even harder smack. “You said you would cum to me plugged” SMACK “LYING FUCKING BITCH” then he shoves his cock balls deep in my ass-pussy, the pain was so fucking intense, I actually thought my ass was on fire it burned so bad. I let him pound me for a few more strokes and I had to stop him, he was about to yell when I explained if we would use a little more lube I would give a ride he wouldn’t forget. He grabs the lube and really lubes me up and puts some on his cock, then SMACK, and then … OMG he slammed his cock balls deep. This time I feel nothing but pleasure, and I start rocking back into his thrust. He understands that the lube is good and starts to really just pound my ass-pussy with anything he can muster. I answer every ass pounding thrust with my own thrust back into him. I’m also in my very best sissy voice whimpering with every thrust, with an occasional “fuck me SIR”!!! He has hold of my hips and is completely and totaling just grudge fucking me, I’ve honestly NEVER been fucked with such a****listic feeling. I’m just streaming pre-cum steadily out of my cock, knowing he is going to explode his load at any moment. OH SHIT!!! Did he put a condom on I told him I only play safe, but when did he have time. OH, FUCK that feels so damn good, I’ve never been fucked liked this my GOD I’m cumming and I can’t stop. He just keeps jackhammering my ass-pussy every stroke I shoot cum from my cock. I can’t believe he has not shot his load, about that time he tells me to turn around and suck my cock. I do as commanded just has I touch his cock he explodes all over my face. Stream after stream he keeps pumping salty sweet cum onto my open mouth and face.
He gets up grabs a towel cleans off his cock first, wipes his ass then tosses it to me. Clean your ass first, he commands; of course I do as I’m told. After I clean my ass-pussy, I ask permission to clean my face, he walks over and says suck my cock first. He is standing at the edge of the bed so I lay back so he can feed his cock. He starts to get hard then goes soft, he pulls out and tells me “You can go, now” I still have the towel and attempt to clean my face and he screams “NOW” I just say “Yes Sir” and leave the bedroom, I have strings of cum hanging from my nose, chin, and just laying on my face. I stumble thru his trailer and out the door, I’m standing on his front porch in a very sexy schoolgurl outfit panties around my knees, oh yeah cum dripping from my face. I stood there for a minute thinking “Damn I’m truly a cock pleasing cum drenched sissy bitch” 

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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