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I woke up Thursday morning still cuddled with Denise. As I moved to get up, she moaned lightly and said to not leave her. Fortunately we did not have to go to meetings till after lunch, so we had time to spend at the hotel in the morning. I snuggled up closer to her.

I could feel her wedding rings still on her ring finger as Naughty had ordered. We lay like that for awhile. Finally she turned her head to face me and kissed me full on the lips.

“I have to go pee,” I stated and she let me get up and use the bathroom. She was waiting at the door when I got out and did the same. She left the door open though. I watched as this dark haired goddess sat on the toilet.

Afterwards she got up and I took her in my arms.

“I feel so sore still,” she said as she embraced me and lay her head on my shoulder. “I told Naughty that I was likely ovulating, why did he/she send so many men with big cocks and not allow any condoms?” I could sense her emotions beginning to well up inside her.

“I don’t know, I think that Roger brought the extra guys and went bareback on his own,” I replied. I caressed her back as we held each other. “Naughty has forced us to do stuff but not endangered us,” I added. But that endangerment was bringing up feelings of anger in me once again.

“Why would he/she want you pregnant? If anything that would take you out of this kinky sex loop for awhile and give you responsibilities that would limit your participation in the future. That would not make sense. Roger had to have acted on his own,” I concluded.

“I know you were angry at him,” said Denise. “I could see it in your eyes. You even tried to defend me,” Denise added as she hugged me tighter.

“Yeah, I did want to kick Roger’s ass, but being held then tied up kind of made that impossible. Not that I could expect to beat him one on one, even if he didn’t have seven muscular friends with him.”

“I appreciate that you wanted to,” she said in a quiet voice.

“And I had to suppress those feelings afterwards so that I could take care of you. You needed me after they left. Maybe we should do a video chat with Naughty and find out what happened,” I suggested as she planted some light kisses on my neck.

“You think?” Denise replied.

“Yeah, I think we have to. We do need to know why.”

As if Naughty were listening in on our conversation, and likely he/she was since the room was under constant video and audio surveillance, my phone pinged. It was Naughty.

“Log in to video chat on your laptop,” was all that it said.

Denise and I went into the living room and set the laptop on the coffee table in front of the couch. We both were still in our sleeping clothes. We each had a chemise and a pair of panties on. Nothing on our legs.

Once the video chat fired up it was like we were back in my office talking to Naughty. He/she did not give us a video feed, he/she only typed for that end of the conversation. We were free to talk as he/she was watching the video feed from our position.

Since Denise was feeling more fiery and emotional than me, she immediately began the conversation.

“Did you tell Roger to bring seven friends and fuck me without condoms so that I could be impregnated like he said?” asked Denise.

“Yes I did,” came Naughty’s curt response.

Denise wore a face of disbelief that turned redder than it already was and she burst into tears.

Anger welled up in me.

“Why did you have me gang banged, unprotected, by eight black me with big cocks last night when you knew I was likely ovulating?” Denise half cried out as she sobbed while asking the question. “I thought you said we had done great the past couple of nights, so why do that to us? To me?”

“Lets get things straight. Yes you did do very well, had you not, I would have been tougher on you,” replied Naughty.

“I still don’t get it,” sobbed Denise. “Why would you do that to me? I have done everything you have ever asked of me,” she added still sobbing profusely.

“Three reasons,” began Naughty.

Then there was a pause.

“First of all because you love him. And secondly because he loves you.”

Denise turned and looked at me with a soft look, tears still coming out of her eyes. We both knew it was true. Her left hand instinctively found mine. I could feel her rings as we held hands with locked fingers. My mind flashed back to us picking out the rings together, to our passionate kisses, to falling asleep cuddled with one another. I squeezed her hand and cracked a little smile for her. Her face brightened immediately. She was tearing up less. We both looked back at the screen.

“Because of that I knew it would hurt Shauna to see you fucked like that, especially if you were ovulating. If you were you should have a black baby growing in you soon. Shauna has become my favourite project. But I still have to hurt her.”

“Project? Hurt me?” I interjected immediately. My voice was laced with anger.

“Yes project. You have done well up mahmutbey escort to now. You have almost completed your training. I did not expect it but you have become my favourite project.

“Training? I am being trained? Why? For what?” I asked just as fast and as angrily as last time. I was trying to piece together what was really going on. Who was Naughty? Why was he/she doing this to us?

“That I cannot tell you now. I will when it is time. Be happy that for now you are doing well,” came a response after a pause.

“It feels like being your project really means being punished,” I candidly stated in disbelief of what I was reading. I wanted to punch my laptop. Not that that would do any good.

“You don’t want to be in my bad books. If you keep pushing me like you two are right now, you will be. You will then know what real punishment is like. I have not begun to really hurt you. Yet.”

I was stunned. Project. Training. Hurt.

I thought about Emma. I loved her too. Was she on Naughty’s radar as well? I knew not to say anything, lest he/she target her as well if that was not going to happen.

I needed to calm down.

“Why then are you punishing me?” Chimed in Denise, not crying anymore but angry still. “What did I do to you?”

There was a pause again.

“Hmmm, how to phrase it,” there was a long pause.

“Nothing. And a great deal,” Naughty finally typed.

“Huh?” exclaimed Denise, her mouth hanging slightly open.

“I can’t explain it now. When I do you will understand what you will have to atone for,” continued Naughty.

“Atone for? Huh?” stated Denise in disbelief. “What have I or will I do that needs atoning for?”

Naughty did not answer. Instead he/she continued.

“And third, I had to put you in your place. You are not Shauna’s, you are mine. Mine to do with as I like. Shauna is just your lover. Got it?”

Denise paused. She too was still trying to comprehend what we were finding out from Naughty.

“I know that Shauna will do anything I ask. I had to show you who the boss is here. Who makes the decisions. If I want you bred, you will be bred. Got that?”

I squeezed Denise’s hand and she looked at back at me. I nodded slightly to the screen.

“Yes,” Denise finally replied hesitantly.

“Do we need anther round with Roger and friends tonight?” Naughty added, seemingly not convinced.

“No.” This time Denise replied immediately, her face turning pale. She must have also realized that we could try to figure this out later We did not have to get Naughty angry now.

“Now that’s better. Now no more telling me about condoms or buying any without permission, got that?” Naughty typed as a response. Naughty seemed less intense.

None of our anger was gone though. We both were suppressing it. We had too.

“Yes Naughty,” replied Denise dutifully, much like a child that was told to say sorry to a bully even though the bully was in the wrong.

“So I am now thinking that tonight we will play a little game,” began Naughty.

“Shauna will go to a club for girls like her and pickup a guy, bring him back and let him have his way with her. She needs to bring back the biggest cock she can find, and the nastier and more wantonly lustful she can be in bed the better,” began Naughty.

“If I am not satisfied that she has brought back the biggest cock or if I feel she was not nasty enough, Roger and his boys will immediately pay Denise a visit in her room alone. I will have them wait at a nearby bar. They will be really disappointed if they are not needed,” added Naughty.

My eyes opened in shock, and the anger I was trying to suppress welled up inside me again. I surprised myself that I still could be shocked after all that had transpired. Neither of us answered. I looked at Denise. Her face had turned even paler. A look of fear was on her face. I should have felt fear for myself. I was to go outside in public, likely dressed as a woman, and pick up a man to bring back and be fucked by. I was too angry to feel that though.

“As I said, I will have Roger and his boys on call. They will be hanging out in a nearby bar. If you are not back by 10 pm with a very very well hung man, I call them. Denise will then have to service them with her mouth, her ass and especially her unprotected pussy. Understand?”

This time we both answered immediately. “Yes Naughty.”

“Good. So Shauna will show you how much she loves you by the man she picks up and how well she satisfies his carnal desires. I will give you the details when you get back from your meetings. Don’t be late. Oh, and by the way. From now on you wear your wedding rings whenever you are alone with Shauna for any length of time. Talk later.”

With that, the video chat ended. Denise immediately wrapped both arms around me and buried her head in my chest and began sobbing.

“Please, please, please do what Naughty asks tonight. I cannot have Roger fucking me again. maltepe escort I don’t want anymore big black cocks in me, ever,” Denise said in a plaintive, childlike voice in between sobs.

I wrapped my arms around her. “It will be ok, I will make it happen. You will be left alone,” I stated firmly. “I will always do whatever I can to protect you.”

Denise looked up into my eyes. Hers were pools of neediness. “Will you?”

“I will,” I replied confidently. I had to. She was visibly shaken by the thought of repeating last night. She had been through an emotional roller coaster. A week ago she was gung-ho for big black cock, now she was traumatized by it.

“Thank-you, you are so good to me, too good to me. Better to me than my boyfriend.” Denise cooed softly as she clung more tightly to me still sobbing.

We cuddled on the couch for what must have been 20 minutes. No words were spoken between us. We just held each other close. She had calmed down and was not crying anymore.

“You take the first shower,” I suggested to Denise. She kissed me full on the lips and nodded yes before rising and heading back to our room. Her face was still flushed and her lips still wet from crying. I did not mind at all.

As soon as I heard the shower begin I texted Naughty. I got an immediate reply.

“Naughty,” I then said out loud. “Please do not hurt Denise anymore. No, I beg you. Please don’t,” I said in my most pleading voice. Even though I was very angry I knew that I was in no position to make demands.

“Hmmmm,” replied Naughty.

“I implore you. Please do not hurt Denise anymore,” I repeated.

“Why should I do as you ask?” Naughty replied.

“Because I am begging you not to,” I came back with.

“And what does that do for me?” replied Naughty.

How was I going to get through to him/her?

“Denise should not have to go through this. Had she not stumbled upon me, kneeling in front of Mike, clad in lacy lingerie with his cock in my mouth, she would not be involved in this,” I had to try reason.

“How do you know I would not have told you to involve her? Hmmm?” Naughty typed in reply.

Naughty was right.

“Look,” I began again. I had to try another angle. “It seems as though you think I have done wrong by you somehow,” I continued.

“You could say that,” came while I was formulating how best to say what I had to say.

“If you would just tell me what I have done, or what you think I have done, we can just work this out, no need to involve Denise,” I added in a matter of fact voice.

“Oh but there is a need, and no, I can’t tell you now. You will know in good time and you will understand,” Naughty typed.

This was not getting me anywhere, nor was it getting Denise out of his/her sights. I had to go for broke. I saw no other way. And perhaps it would afford protection to Emma too.

“Ok, I see that you still want to keep up the mystery. Why don’t you just hurt me. Directly. Just me alone. Keep Denise involved if you like but just hurt me.”

“And why would I do that? I can do both and hurt you more as it is,” replied Naughty.

“Because I will truly do whatever you say, without question, without hesitation, if you don’t hurt Denise anymore,” I laid my cards out on the table. What else did I have to bargain with except me?

“I already own your ass. You know it. Maybe I will take you up on it. Maybe I will just keep getting you to do exactly as I want without taking your offer. But to see you plead and to willingly offer this, is an interesting development. I will consider your request.”

“Now tell me, be blunt. I want to hear it. Do you love Denise?”

I hesitated. Naughty knows it. Denise knows it. I know it.

“Yes, I love Denise,” I stated firmly.

“Ok. Don’t ask this again. When I am done considering your request I will let you know. You have a day to get ready for. I will chat later about tonight. Bye.”

“Talk later Naughty,” I replied.

I wondered what I was really getting myself into. What I would be in for. But it did not matter as long as my Denise was safe. Or so I told myself.

As I looked up from the computer screen I was sure that on the picture on the wall I had seen a reflection of someone in the doorway to our room. I spun around to see if Denise had been listening in on us. The door was open a crack, as I had seen in the reflection, but by the time I had turned, no one was there.

I immediately got up and opened the door. There was no one in our room. The bathroom door was ajar and I heard the shower going.

If Denise had been there, how much did she hear? I could not bring this up with her. I was not ready yet to talk to her about my feelings for her. Where would that take us?

Soon we were dressed and headed out to the meetings. Both of us lost deep in thought. Naughty had texted what lingerie we should wear and how my butt plug and Denise’ egg should be set. Even had he/she not, I maslak escort would have assumed that and would have dressed in lingerie to ensure we did not get in trouble. Denise almost forgot to take off her rings. How she paid for them really bothered her she told me but they still meant something to her since I was the one who ‘gave’ them to her.

On the way we hit up a local pharmacy and bought her some morning after pills. She felt so relieved when I suggested that. She hugged me and kissed me so passionately. Her life would be ruined if she had a black baby. Her very traditional family and friends would disown her. We had to hope it would work. Neither of us were going to tell Naughty.

Our afternoon went smoothly, in fact too smoothly. Our final meetings only ran from 1 pm to 2:45 pm. Our client was pleased. We had time to take a stroll in a nearby park as we knew Naughty did not expect us back yet. Nor did we want to go back so soon.

I told her to put the rings back on.

“Why do I have to wear my rings? Part of me loves them and now part of me hates them as they are a symbol of last night,” she said with emotion to me.

I looked her squarely in the eye and stated firmly, “These rings are a symbol of us. Yes they were initially bought for last night, but Naughty wants you to keep wearing them, and so do I. Associate them with me, not last night.” I then kissed her full on the lips.

She complied and let me put her rings on her finger.

I needed her to associate the rings with me and having a good time with me. That would help remove the association with last night from them. Undoutbably Naughty would force her to wear them whenever possible from now on. I did not want Denise to have to keep thinking about her gang bang.

Denise had a warm smile for me as we walked hand in hand. She even was a bit playful, which had us both forgetting about our lives, our work, about last night and about Naughty. We were able to just concentrate on having fun together. It was a breath of fresh air. Literally. We felt so carefree and lived in the moment. I had not had a break like that since the whole ordeal with Naughty had begun over a month ago.

We were able to just be us.

By 4:30, reality sunk in and we headed back to our hotel room.

Shortly after we arrived, we received a text from Naughty saying to doll me up like on Tuesday except that I was to wear a white blouse and my short pink pleated skirt with pink heels. Pink was to be my lingerie colour today too. Denise took me into the bathroom and worked her magic once again. Eye liner, mascara, foundation, blush, lipstick, fake lashes, red nails and my brunette wig.

After she was done with my makeup and my lingerie was on, I looked in the mirror again. Once more, a hot looking brunette was staring back at me. When some people look into the mirror, they feel as though they are looking into their soul. That thought made me shudder.

I was really getting nervous about tonight. I was going out in public dressed as a woman. Me. For all to see. I was already feeling humiliated and oddly enough a slight bit excited by the thought of it. I wanted to look as girly as I could. Was it so that I blended in or so that I could attract a good lover better? I was searching my feelings as I looked at this hot looking woman who kept staring back at me from the mirror.

Denise came into the bathroom and dropped to her knees while I was looking in the mirror. I turned to face her. She pulled my panties down to my ankles and began to stroke my penis with her left hand. Her rings glittered in the light.

“I love this part, I love playing with your penis. It’s so nice,” she said with a smile.

Her comments made me smile. Seeing her rings on her fingers as she licked and stroked on my shaft heightened my feelings of arousal. I knew that they were not real but still they made me feel like she was mine. All mine.

I looked back into the mirror. As my penis grew and I was being manually and orally stimulated by Denise I kept looking at the hot woman looking back at me. I hoped I was not associating sexual stimulation with being made up as a woman. I found it hard not to take my eyes off the mirror.

Denise was lightly tugging on my ball sac with her right hand. Her red nails dragging across my hair covered, sensitive skin. She squeezed my smallish balls lightly and playfully.

“I so want your cum,” she said in between licks from under the head of my penis. “Now more than ever.” She had been licking the underside like a lollipop for some time now. “But Naughty won’t let me have any. Yet,” she added with hope in her lusty voice.

She then engulfed the tip with her mouth. I looked down at this goddess giving me an expert blow job. I looked into her eyes, only breaking our contact when I noticed the rings on her finger glimmer in the light again.

She got me so close I almost lost it. I almost blew my load all over her tonsils. Then she stopped.

I looked at the woman in the mirror. She stared back nervously. Was she ready for going out in public?

We ordered room service as I put on my white blouse, pink skirt and pink heels. I had a light salad and Denise the same.

Afterwards I brushed my teeth and she had me fix my lipstick in front of her and commented on how to do it better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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