National Nude Day Cancelled Ch. 02

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As we stood looking around at the crowd, the television crews arrived. Out they came from their mobile cocoons. Pushing, shoving and literally stampeding anyone that got in their way or treading on couples that were otherwise engaged on the ground.

They arrived as one and pushed the microphones in my face.

“What have you done?”

“Who are you?”

“What is your next plan?”

The questions came thick and fast. Everyone seemed to talk over each other as they tried to get the best question across or to get next to me.

“Are you going to be arrested?” A blonde reporter asked.

“No, we were given a permit to march.” I replied to her.

“What about all the nudity and debauchery, will the police let you keep going?” She asked as her second question.

I looked around at the crowd that was engaged in various sexual activities and then turned to her, “I think that they will if you look around. They have joined in the fun as well.”

“Will National Nude Day be here to stay?” She asked in earnest.

“I hope so and my name is Simon.” I said as I looked at my own nakedness.

She glanced down and saw that I had an erection. Her face lifted, flushed from her quick appraisal of my manhood. She looked at me and licked her lips.

I felt a hand grip my penis and turned to look at Nathan, who had come to stand beside me.

“Yes, we believe that it will be here to stay, if the politicians don’t get on their moral high horse.” Nathan told her. The message getting across was not what he said, but rather that I was his, so keep your hands off sister.

She smiled and turned away to say something to another reporter. They both laughed and I took a mental note not to be nice to them.

“Will you talk to the city hall officials?” She asked, turning around to face me again.

“Next question.” I said as I gave her a big smile, which read “Shove that up your twat and smoke it.”

She frowned and turned away in a huff.

Some one else then asked the same question and I answered this time, “If they want to see me they can, but it will be on my terms and not theirs.”

They seemed happy at this and took more photographs and more television footage.

I kissed Nathan on the lips, hoping that that would be in the paper or at least on television.

The reporters laughed and chatted some more to the both of us. Just getting run of the mill background junk. Suddenly the cameras came up again and the lights lit up. Not facing us, but rather to the steps behind us leading to the double doors of the hall.

I turned and saw some people coming our way. Talking as they surveyed the crowd and the television crews. As they neared, they slowed, taking in our nudity. Seeing that we were unashamed of it. They seemed nervous and did not speak for a short time. Finally one of them coughed, I think it was more from küçükçekmece escort nerves than from anything else.

“The Mayor would like to see you inside.” The lead person said, as he blushed.

“Do I have to bend over so that he can do it?” I laughed in return.

“No!” He shouted, as he misunderstood my little joke, while others stifled a small laugh with their hands across their mouths.

“So, what does our glorious Mayor want of me?” I asked him.

“He has a proposition for you. I can’t say anything further until you see him.” He replied.

“Okay. Is that for both of us?” Indicating Nathan.

He looked at him and nodded, “Okay, you can both come in.”

“Do we need to dress?” I asked.

“It would be better.” He said.

“Well, that’s a shame.” I answered, “Since we don’t have any clothes around.”

“Humph.” Came the reply, “You better come as you are then.”

I smiled at that comment, because I had no intention of wearing any clothes as that would defeat our purpose of being here today.

People were watching this exchange from the crowd and I turned back to shout to them, “I go inside to meet our salubrious Mayor and to give him some of this1”, as I held my cock.

The crowd whistled and clapped as one, enjoying my little light humor, but knowing that I would give him a hard time on this issue.

“Can we come as well?” asked some reporters.

“No. We will let you know what happens.” Said the main man.

With that he turned and headed towards the doors and Nathan and I followed them.

They led us through the foyer and up the large spiral staircase that was left over from a forgotten period. Money oozed from some of the offices that we passed. Sumptuous leather chairs, expensive desks, oil paintings dotted on the walls. No wonder they didn’t let the public into the offices, they liked to hide their wealth or was that the wealth of the people?

Walking along we spotted some pieces of clothing scattered here and there. Obviously some of the inhabitants decided to have their own “National Nude Day.” I smiled as I pointed this out to Nathan and we both laughed.

One office with the door slightly ajar had a bloke on top of his secretary, on the desk humping away, oblivious to the outside world. Judging by the noise she was making, he was doing a good job.

We finally arrived where a secretary was waiting and then buzzed through into another room.

“Mr. Mayor, let me introduce.” He began, but then he remembered he didn’t know our names.

I moved forward and said, “I’m Simon and this is my boyfriend Nathan.”

He took in our nudity and said, “Welcome, take a seat and tell me what this is all about.”

I had a feeling that he already had a good idea, but it couldn’t hurt to give him our side of the story, so levent escort we sat and started, “Why we should have a National Nude Day; what people wanted, especially the ones out the front of the building; and a few other ideas that I had.” He listened to what I had to say only interrupting now and then to give a constructive comment or question.

After I had finished he sat there with his fingers pointed together as his thought processes went to work. Every now and then he would glance at us and look at our bodies and faces.

“Okay, I see that you have a good reason for doing this and for organizing this rally. Can the rest of you leave while I talk to these two gentlemen.” You told the others, “I wish to speak privately to them both.

The lead guy looked aghast, but did as he was told. When they had all left, it just left us three alone.

“Simon.” The Mayor began, “You know that the President and his wife are coming here tonight for a gala dinner?”

I nodded, but had no idea where this was leading.

“Well, I would like to invite the two of you to meet with him and tell your story, so that he might change his stance on this “Day of Nudity.”” He said.

Nathan and I looked at each other dumb founded. Meet the President of the United States and have dinner with him. I must admit that it blew my mind.

“There is just one thing though.” The Mayor began.

I thought, “Oh-Oh, here it comes.” As I imagined that there would be any number of conditions.

“I want to suck Nathan’s cock.” He told us both, as he gazed at his crotch.

I wasn’t expecting that and it showed on my face. Although it gave my cock a rush of blood, increasing its size. I looked at Nathan and he looked back, we had never been with any one else while we were together.

“I don’t know.” I began.

“Then, no deal.” The Mayor returned.

Nathan reached over and squeezed my hand, “It’s okay. If it makes us meet the President I’m game.”

I nodded to him as he leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

“Good that’s settled then.” The Mayor stood and came around the desk the bulge evident in his trousers.

I moved my chair slightly away as Nathan spread his legs out from him. His erection was jutting out in front of him, 8 inches of meat.

The mayor approached and licked his lips as he kneeled down in front of him. “Hmm, that looks very nice.” He said as he licked the head and rotated his lips, alternating between taking it deeper into his mouth and then back to the top of his lips.

Nathan lent back in the chair and held onto the armrests as the Mayor went to work on him. A look of pleasure on his face as his cock was sucked.

I was rubbing my own erection as I watched. I had never been a voyeur as such before and I was turned by it.

The Mayor increased his bobbing up and kurtköy escort down on Nathan’s manhood, going faster and faster as his mouth was fucked. Nathan’s hands were on the back of his Mayor’s head as he forced his cock further in.

I could see the strain on his face and knew that he was going to cum pretty soon. I increased my own hand in response and I blew suddenly and violently. Spraying cum over me and into the air to land on the carpet and the back of the Mayors clothes.

Nathan’s hips were jerking as he too came in the Mayor’s mouth.

All I heard from the Mayor was small slurping sounds as he swallowed the cum. Finally Nathan’s thrusts slowed and the Mayor slowed his sucking. After about a minute the Mayor removed his lips from the cock and swallowed and licked his lips, “I enjoyed that.” He smiled at us, “I haven’t tasted cock since I was at University. Sitting here looking at the two of you naked, really turned me on, but you do realize that you can never mention this because I will just deny it.” He reiterated as he wiped his mouth with his hanker chief and returned to sit at his desk.

I moved my chair back and reached across and placed my hand over Nathan’s cock, slowly rubbing it to feel the cum that was residing in his base hairs.

“Now.” The Mayor continued, “Dinner is at 8pm, so you have to be here by 7 at the latest. It’s normally black tie, but you can come in neat casual dress. I’ll seat you at the Presidents table with his wife, myself and a few other important guests. Oh, you have to behave as well, otherwise you may get kicked out.”

“Okay we can do that.” I said as I smiled at Nathan.

“Sure, no problems.” He answered as well, as he returned my smile.

“So, why did the President want us there?” I asked.

“He heard about what was happening and he decided to find out first hand. So consider yourselves very lucky.”

With that he pressed a buzzer and the doors behind us opened and in walked his secretary, “Show these two gentlemen out. See you tonight.”

“Okay, we’ll see you about 7pm.” I said, as I grabbed Nathan’s hand and we walked out of the office.

“So, who was the lucky guy the Mayor sucked off?” The girl asked.

We both looked at each other, “I was.” Nathan replied.

“He’s always sucking off some one, in his office and then he tells them he hasn’t done it since University, but he usually does it 3-4 times a week.” She continued, as she smiled at us, “I’ll see you both tonight at the dinner.” as she squeezed both of our penis’s. With that she turned away and pointed us to the exit.

“Well that was different.” Nathan said.

“It sure was. It really turned me on to see you get sucked in front of me.” I said.

“It turned me on too. I could see you jacking off on your chair and the Mayor really new his business.” He said.

“Do you want to fuck?” I asked.

“That would be nice.” You said as we both kissed passionately, “How about out front on the steps.”

“You’re on.” I said as I pulled him after me, “Then we can tell the crowd who we will get to meet tonight and then go and get ready. I think that this will be the biggest night of our lives.”

To be continued…

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