Nicole’s Decent Ch. 09

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Three days later I was standing in my bedroom making sure my hair was in place.

My phone started ringing and I picked it up. “I’m here,” it was Gale.

“I think you’re the only person who ever calls me.”

“Let’s hope your parents don’t look at your phone records then.” I could hear him smiling over the phone.

“I’ll be down in a sec.”

I stared at myself in the mirror for a few more seconds. I had on a simple champagne colored dress and matching heels. Gale was taking me to the nicest restaurant in town for our first date and I was nervous.

I walked downstairs and opened the front door to see Gale standing at the bottom of the steps.

“You look beautiful,” he was smiling and holding tulips. He started to walk up the steps but quickly stopped when I pointed towards the camera.

We walked to his car and he opened the door for me before handing me the flowers.

“I thought roses might be too corny.”

“I love tulips.”

“I know.” Gale gave me a knowing smile before he closed the door.

The drive to the restaurant was uneventful and Gale seemed cool and collected unlike myself.

When we sat down at our table the waiter immediately came over to us.

“Shall I start you out with the usual Merlot Mr. Kinney?”

Gale didn’t take his eyes off the menu when he said, “No. We’ll start off with Cabernet Sauvignon.”

The waiter turned to me, “May I see your id ma’am?”

I was momentarily stunned. I grabbed at my clutch despite knowing I was underage.

Gale cleared his throat, “That won’t be necessary Henry.”

Without another word Henry left the table.

Gale put down his menu and looked over at me. “You really do look absolutely beautiful.”

“It’s nice to see your reaction to me with my clothes on for a change.”

“Well I’m hoping that won’t be an issue for too long.”

We ordered and before I knew it the meal was over. I was happy to see that Gale was just as nervous as me. I figured this out when he accidentally flipped his fork off his plate and it ended up on the table next to ours.

When we got in the car he pushed himself closer to me, “Your place or mine?”


We made it back to my house and he leaned in towards me again. Before I knew it his hands were outlining the zipper on the back of my dress.

I felt his mouth press against mine in the dark. My hands quickly found his shoulders and I drew him in closer to me.

He pulled me over the center console and I was on top of him. I felt his cock pressing against my thigh as his lips moved down my neck to my collar bone.

“Are you going to invite me in?” Gale looked up at me with a half grin. esenyurt escort

“No. I reached for the handle and climbed out of his car.

He was quickly on my heels. “Why not? Did you not have a good time? I thought we had fun.”

“We did.” I continued walking towards my house.

“Then why can’t I come in?”

I stopped and turned around. I pressed my lips against Gale’s ear and whispered, “Because I don’t fuck on the first date.” I turned around again but this time he grabbed my arm.

“Please tell me you’re kidding.”

“Or the second, or the third…” I let my voice trail off.


“Good night Gale.” I quickly pecked him on the cheek before scurrying up the steps and into my house.

On our next date Gale took me to the fair. It was kinda lame, but he did win me a stuffed animal. Actually I’m pretty sure he just paid the guy when I left to go get cotton candy.

On the third date we just stayed at his place and got Chinese.

“So it’s the third date,” Gale switched off the tv and turned towards me.

“I told you I don’t have sex on the third date either.” I leaned in towards him so we were only a few inches from each other.

Gale closed the small distance between us. He grabbed the back of my neck and the kiss deepened.

My fingers began to trace the veins on the inside of his wrists, slowly working my way up his arm.

I felt his fingers tangle in my hair as he lowered himself to the floor and brought me with him.

I felt something begin vibrating against my leg, then his annoying ringtone started playing.

“Just ignore it,” Gale had his lips against my cheek. His hands were gripping my hips when his phone started ringing again.

“Fuck.” He grabbed the phone and answered it. He brought his finger to his lips signaling for me to be quiet.

“Hey Keith.” I rolled my eyes when I heard my dad’s name. I started kissing Gales neck as he talked.

I was about to reach for his belt when I heard the most dreaded phrase for someone in my position, “No, it’s fine. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

Gale hung up his phone and looked at me. “I’m sorry.”

“Fuck you.”

“Your dad wants me to meet him at your house. I’m sorry.”

“Oh well in that case.” Gale stood up and extended his hand to help me. I rolled my eyes and got up on my own.

“Do you want me to drive you home?”


“Are you going to walk?”


“It’ll take you 20 minutes.”

“Whatever.” I grabbed my purse and walked towards the front door.

Gale grabbed my arm, “You’re being stubborn.”


“Just let me drive etiler escort you, okay?”

“No.” I walked out the door.

Within 3 minutes I was already cursing at myself. It was cold and all I was wearing a hot pink tube top and black shorts. I kept walking when I saw the lights from a car cast a shadow in front of me.

They slowed down and every muscle in my body tensed.

“Nicole get in the fucking car. Now.” I was actually glad to see Gale.

“Why should I?” I kept walking.

“Because if you don’t I’m going to get out of this car and put you in here myself.”

“You couldn’t catch me.”

“Will you please stop being dramatic?”

“I’m not getting in that car with you.”


I looked over at him. I could only see his silhouette in the dark. I grabbed the door handle and climbed into the car.

Neither of us said anything on the way there. When we pulled in the driveway Gale finally spoke, “Do you want to go in first?”

“We can go in together. It’s not like they’ll suspect anything.”


We walked into the house together and both of my parents were in the living room.

“Nicole where have you been dressed like that?” My mom was immediately on me. “You look like a hooker.”

“A high end hooker,” I mumbled under my breath.

Gale snickered next to me and I looked over at him. He was wearing a leather jacket I had never seen before and it looked really good on him.

“Do not encourage her,” my mom glared at Gale. He took his jacket off and slid it over my shoulders.

“Problem solved.” His hands lingered for a few seconds.

“Gale we have a problem.” My dad was already walking towards his office. “Calm down Lisa she looks fine.”

Gale immediately followed my dad ad my mom rolled her eyes. “So where were you?”

“On a date.”


“This guy I’ve known for a while.”

“Is he cute?”


I walked upstairs and tried to go to sleep. My dad’s office was right below me so I could hear my dad and Gale scurrying around. Finally the noise stopped and I went to go check it out.

When I walked in Gale was alone. He was wearing a T-shirt that showed off his arms well.

“Where’s my dad?”

“He went to the office to get some files.”

“Here’s your jacket back.” Gale took it from me and threw it over a chair. There was an awkward silence.

Gale walked over to me and gently grabbed my face so I would look up at him. “For the record I really am sorry work gets in the way all the time.”

“I’m used to it.”

“You shouldn’t be.”

He planted a soft, tender kiss on my lips. fatih escort He brought one hand to the back on my neck and I closed the space between our bodies.

He lightly tugged the bottom of my shirt up and pulled it over my head, I did the same to him.

I let my hands trace the outline of his abs that I knew he worked on hours per week to maintain. I unbuckled his belt as he unclasped my bra. His hands slid over my collar bone as he worked his way to my shorts.

Slowly we found our way to the floor for the second time that evening.

He was lying on top of me, our naked bodies pressed together.

He kept kissing the sweet spot on the side of my neck as I stayed quiet.

I could feel his cock pressing against my opening. I felt him dip a finger in me to check if I was wet enough yet. Then he looked down at me and stifled a small nod.

He pressed into me like it was our first time. I felt him stretching me as he pushed deeper and deeper. He slowly pulled out almost all the way and continued his slow rhythm.

He was propped up with one hand while the other was clawing at my hip. Both of my hands were on his hips pushing my nails into him.

He was staring down at me as he pushed in and out. I felt like my heart was about to burst out of my chest. I had to have him closer to me. I moved my hands to his back and pulled his upper body against mine. I felt him crushing my boobs but I didn’t care. His hands were on either side of me, just barely holding up his body weight. I still had my arms around him trying to bring him as close as possible to me.

I felt his arms snake their way between my back and the floor. He took the opportunity to kiss me again. I felt his tongue dancing across my teeth. My arms moved up his back so my hands were gripping his shoulders.

He fit inside me so perfectly. While he hit my g-spot my clit was also being stimulated by our bodies rubbing together. I felt my muscles clamp around him at the same time that my clit started twitching.

His lips started sucking on the sensitive part of my neck again.

He moved his pelvis up before my clit got too sensitive to continue. I felt my muscles begin to relax again but then I was immediately hit with another orgasm.

I interlaced my fingers through Gale’s hair at the base of his head as he moved to stifle my moans.

Suddenly his pace quickened. His strokes got shorter and quicker as I felt the muscles throughout his body begin to tense. I threw my legs around his hips.

I felt the first rope of his cum shoot inside me. He plunged deep inside me a few more times before pulling out.

We stayed entangled in the same position for a few minutes before I finally pushed Gale away from me. I moved to grab my clothes but he stopped me. He pulled his arms around me and kissed my shoulder. I looked back at him and smiled. I relaxed into his chest.

Finally it was Gale who broke the silence. “That was amazing.”

I turned and quickly kissed him. “It was.”

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